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Besides Bama | Best Uniforms in The SEC | Comedian FunnyMaine: Episode 4

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One of Bama's biggest fans has to rank SEC superlatives. The only catch is, he cannot include the Alabama Crimson Tide. This week Jermaine gives you his 10 best uniforms in the conference. Agree or Disagree?
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Cain Oz Man (12 days ago)
That’s not even a big change. We mean stuff like “ Design, Patterns and look”
BriefAmoeba (6 months ago)
Vandy has sick helmets
Bob D (6 months ago)
I'm a Bama fan so of course I love the traditional uniform they have been wearing forever. I would like to see the numbers on the helmets replaced with the script A but that's the only change I would make. That said, Missouri has the best logo hands down. Best uniform in SEC and maybe all of college football is . . . Auburn.
Faruq Amichuchi (7 months ago)
My list 1:ole miss 2:ole miss 3:ole miss 4:ole miss 5:Bama Everyone else’s urnifroms suck
Tommylee (7 months ago)
Ole Miss is his second favorite team he also picked them for best campus lol RollTide
Vulcan Merit (7 months ago)
Missouri should be in there in the Top 3. Miss State and SCarolina were under ranked, especially since Carolina has that script Carolina helmet
Jeremy Dyke (7 months ago)
Man, saying something nice about Bama will be like battery acid in my mouth, but I will say that I like the uniforms. I like simple and traditional yet iconic uniforms. The simple crimson with white numbers is good. I know a lot of my fellow Vols fans were nuts about the Smokey uniforms but they weren’t for me, simple orange and white is all you need.
Doc Holliday (7 months ago)
After Georgia's loss to Alabama in which they wore the black uniforms they have worn them a few times never losing again even wearing them during the '08 Sugar Bowl when Georgia trounced Hawaii
RWR (7 months ago)
this shouldnt be a besides bama vid, bamas unis are ass
Roo (7 months ago)
James Byrum (8 months ago)
MTL (8 months ago)
What about mizzou?
Jy Gilliard (8 months ago)
So traditional is better? Noted
TotesMcGoats (8 months ago)
Funnymaine out here acting like there is more than 14 teams in the sec and like half their uniforms are not red and white. Smh Vanderbilt has super nice uniforms and I’m i big fan of the Alabama whites and the auburn darks.
Josh Dykes (8 months ago)
I think vandy has the best
Landon Hamilton (8 months ago)
Ole Miss is pretty good I guess! They got the best campus and best unis (besides bama)
Landon Hamilton (8 months ago)
Arkansas is better than that
brad (8 months ago)
Gotta give some love to Kentucky. That blue on their helmets is so beautiful. LSU in the seldom worn purple jerseys is high on my list, but the regular whites wouldn't make my top 10. Have to agree with Georgia. Simple and classy. While I'm one to like old school, simple, traditional unis like Bama, Tennessee's smoke gray unis are better than those "picking up trash on side of the road to fulfill their community service" orange things they normally wear.
Barrett Granger (8 months ago)
#2 I’ll take it
Jedi Master Ezio (8 months ago)
Kentucky, EASILY, has the BEST jerseys. That metallic blue and white with the silver included sometimes, is the most bad ass jerseys in the SEC, if not the country...
Ronnie L (9 months ago)
I know alot of people don't like them, but I like my VOLS Smokey gray uniform
Eddie Jeffries (9 months ago)
Somebody is a closet Rebel/Land Shark/Black Bear fan...
Tyler Stokes (9 months ago)
Really? No Kentucky?
Scott mccollum (9 months ago)
Kentucky got the best ones they so slick
Chris S. (9 months ago)
I'd trade Vandy for Tennessee. The black & gold looks better than that bright orange to me.
Sportsgod34 -_- (9 months ago)
Mizzou instead of Carolina
Ellis Edwards (9 months ago)
Wht bout vandy
Colten Hoehns (9 months ago)
I like their helmets. The anchor stripe is a nice touch but other than that they aren't really impressive.
Jack Vlogz (1 year ago)
Roll Tide
Nathan Long (1 year ago)
LSU has the best uniform not only in the SEC, but college football.
Gilitar (1 year ago)
Pretty much dead on
Ty Calvert (1 year ago)
Kentucky. Their number one hands down.
Ty Calvert (1 year ago)
Louden Cupp (1 year ago)
Kentucky’s jerseys are pretty nice though
Ethan Tha GOAT (1 year ago)
We’re was Kentucky 😂😂😂 all black w chrome helmets come on man #1
Dev Man (1 year ago)
Lsu & Ole Miss
Gypsy Spirit (1 year ago)
I’m a Razorback. The truth kills.
Andrew Warren (1 year ago)
Why not Mizzou
Ontario Nagasaki (1 year ago)
Whew, I just knew he was gonna say Vanderbilt at #1.
Matthew Reynolds (1 year ago)
I love the Arkansas uniform, and even more so the Arkansas mascot, but he does nail the problem - they don't trust it and they keep changing it.   Folks, people in Arkansas are going to buy stuff with a hog on it regardless.  You don't need to change the uniform.  Stick to some classic look and just go with it. We got the best cheer and the best fight song in the SEC though.  "Roll Tide" is good, and it has a laconic greatness that lets it be used as more than a cheer, but as a cheer nothing beats calling the hogs.
Adam Otto (1 year ago)
And no Missouri? They're probably second only to LSU
Devin Casey (1 year ago)
Kentucky's Black unis with chrome helmet should've cracked the top ten
Keaton (1 year ago)
Emily Kira (1 year ago)
I really need a "Struggle Win" gif in my life. Just sayin.'
Carl Ivey IV (1 year ago)
As an Aggie, I approve of the name "Yell guys" for our Yell Leaders lol
Nickky G (1 year ago)
If you got Orange in your heart, let it out. Repent, God will forgive you.
Congo Dandy (1 year ago)
now who's the worst 3 -Missouri/Vandy/Kentucky
Paul Broom (1 year ago)
Hotty Toddy!!! Love your channel.
it's just - in news (1 year ago)
I would put Florida at first
Marta Stahlfeld (1 year ago)
Most of those look exactly the same.
Ben Meyer (1 year ago)
You did kentucky dirty.
Ontario Nagasaki (1 year ago)
Ben Meyer hope you're not talking about the blae and white checker style, 100% hideous... football n hoops
Ben Coker (1 year ago)
Swap number one and number ten around and you’re good to go. Ain’t nothing about that team from Oxford that’s good.
Tim Marsh (1 year ago)
What about Florida's "Asparagus tops" that they wore vs A&M last year!
Nate Harris (1 year ago)
Michael Moore (1 year ago)
Hey Funnymaine, when u coming to Mobile Al for your comedy tour? Roll Tide
Andrew Bowen (1 year ago)
The Arkansas Cowboys uniforms they wore this past year were probably my favorite uniforms out there
CamTheMan (1 year ago)
hotty toddy, 2 weeks in a row #1
Tee_Why 74 (1 year ago)
I might have stop watching your videos now..... how are you putting Tennessee any where in this list with their bright orange convict looking ugly#$%# uniforms other then that uk should have made the list somewhere rtr
Luka Mernik (1 year ago)
Are we really doing top 10 when there is 13 teams available to pick?
Matthew Freeman (1 year ago)
Top 5 Besides Tennessee 1. Texas A&M 2. UGA 3. Arkansas 4. Bama 5. South Carolina I guess I just like red and white uniforms.
MetallicA AlabamA (1 year ago)
10. Kentucky 9. Tennessee 8. Vanderbilt 7. Miss St 6. Georgia 5. S. Carolina 4. Ole Miss 3. LSU 2. Auburn 1. Florida
Will Frasier (1 year ago)
Missouri??? Kentucky????
The_Evergrey_Toa (1 year ago)
Do a video of the best SEC Marching Bands besides Bama
Robin Prestridge (1 year ago)
The_Evergrey_Toa yes!!!!!!
William Maurice (1 year ago)
Vanderbilt= best uni in the game
Dorothy Strickland (1 year ago)
I personally like Louisville uniforms and helmets especially the black and red uniforms 2nd favorite color combination
trails4all (1 year ago)
Ole miss? Powder blue? Well Maine's a comedian not a fashion consultant
Rustopher (1 year ago)
You should do mascots next
JDJones22 (1 year ago)
I didn’t realize how many SEC teams have some type of red as one of their colors until now
Super Nintendo (1 year ago)
Wow no Kentucky really? That blue and white? I know they are a basketball school but still
JPizzle33 (1 year ago)
No vandy or Kentucky?
DaReal Broome (1 year ago)
Come on... you showed Tennessee old Adidas, orange on orange uniforms. Why not the new Nike Smokey greys??
Tate (1 year ago)
KingNicholson (1 year ago)
Kentucky got the cleanest
RJ Old (1 year ago)
Given Ole Miss some love here on these videos.
Joseph Viselli (1 year ago)
Vandy with the chain of the anchor on the helmet.
None of that sick punkin orange
Avory Nelson (1 year ago)
Are you reday for week one of the college football games of 2018 season Alabama vs lousiviel cardinal
The Tyler Diggin (1 year ago)
Tennessee’s uniforms looked better before they put the checkerboard on them. Don’t like the helmet checkerboard or the pants one. Smokey Grey are 👎🏼. GO VOLS🍊
pwilsonlf3 (1 year ago)
The gray Tennessee uniform, and black Kentucky uniform with the chrome blue helmet.
Joseph Meade (1 year ago)
Kentucky has some pretty sweet uni’s if I say so myself.
Richie Reeves (1 year ago)
Tennessee has the ugliest uniforms ever, they deserve to lose
I like Vanderbilt
Cain Oz Man (1 year ago)
OleMiss as #1 best looking jersey besides your real thought? That’s a big 🤮
Cain Oz Man (1 year ago)
dawgsfan1196 their jerseys are ok but don’t care for those Jerseys. They are ok in my book but I just don’t see those toping Georgia Red or White jerseys
dawgsfan1196 (1 year ago)
Cain Man tbh I like their dark blue jersey better than the red ones
Jared Gober (1 year ago)
Ole Miss at number 1? I would put Georgia at 1 then Ole Miss. Another great video! Roll Tide!!
Ade Oredin (1 year ago)
Vanderbilt Uniforms look better than Arkansas to me but that's my opinion
Ade Oredin (1 year ago)
Austin Blansett (1 year ago)
I appreciate the Love shown to Ole Miss brother thank you.
Edog554 (1 year ago)
Tennessee’s orange and gray are by far the best in the sec
SW Productions (1 year ago)
Missouri, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky should be on here
Kyle K (7 months ago)
Seth Wright exactly!!!
Congo Dandy (1 year ago)
haha nothing man
SW Productions (1 year ago)
Allen Rader The fuck does that mean?
Congo Dandy (1 year ago)
Seth Wright ok captain morose
SW Productions (1 year ago)
Allen Rader Nope
Randall Moye (1 year ago)
Just realized how much red is in the SEC
Funnymaine did u froget about Kentucky
Disagree my Kentucky wildcats have the best uniforms in sec
I like Tennessee but not the ugly smoke grey
SaleenDriver (1 year ago)
Wow.....said something nice about my Gators. Shocking.
I'm an Alabama fan but no Mizzou?
Holten Smith (1 year ago)
I hate ole miss light blue helmets but the red jersey are reall cool and the dark blue
Buck McAntlerson (1 year ago)
Could there be any more red-based uniforms? Good lord. At least TN is original. The Smokey Gray unis are the best in SEC hands-down.
Joe Laton (1 year ago)
Well, they throw that ugly behind orange in there. I would not have put Florida's or Auburn's up there because of the orange as well. But they are traditional so they do have that. I do not like all the off the wall uniform combination's that teams do now. Any school with a good tradition should not have to resort to such childish tactics.
Buck McAntlerson (1 year ago)
I kinda love these videos. Very unique interesting and funny.
Tim Marsh (1 year ago)
Besides Bama's (I'm a big fan of Bama's road uniforms!), here are mine: 1. LSU's "road" uniforms, that they also wear at home. 2. Georgia's home uniforms 3. Auburn's home and away 4. Ole Miss' home red and away white (with red numbers and trim) with the powder blue helmets, gray pants 5. Tennessee's away with the white pants 6. Florida's away with the white pants, with either the orange or white helmet (see 2009 and 2015 SEC Championship games vs. Bama) 7. Florida's home blue, orange helmet, white pants 8. LSU's all-white alternates (white helmet and pants). 9. Georgia's road uniforms 10. Texas A&M's all-white uniform
KVProduction92 (1 year ago)
Sad, no Kentucky :( think you are just partial to red and a lot of those uniforms look pretty much the same lol
thart61611 (1 year ago)
Please don't ever stop doing videos. I always look forward to watching these. GO DAWGS!
t rEEpEr (1 year ago)
Can you do conferences other than the SEC
Henry G (1 year ago)
No Mizzou?
WeShowYou39071319 (8 months ago)
So why do you remember Texas a&m? Is it because they beat Alabama in 2012
Marilyn Whirlwind (1 year ago)
Yeah, I would have put Mizzou's uniforms No. 1 on the list.
fishing with jake (1 year ago)
Henry G yeah everybody doesn't even feel like there in the sec
Link (1 year ago)
Henry G most lifelong sec fans forget Mizzu is in the sec until somebody mentions them.... Or maybe that's just me

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