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Peter Crouch’s ‘Incident’ With Prince Harry | The Graham Norton Show

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Text Comments (104)
&510 (6 days ago)
Crouchys 10 times funnier than Walliams
Joe King (9 days ago)
Peter ain't even bad looking. He's just really really tall.
rontenn1 (21 days ago)
One of my all time fave footballers is Peter Crouch.
Jim Crow (23 days ago)
Damn that horse has a really hot wife.
SaltyBoi UWU (26 days ago)
Something's suspicious about graham in this video
David Blott (27 days ago)
I love Crouchy
Vamanos Ninja (28 days ago)
It's cool everyone is British/European. More authentic with no Americans.
Vamanos Ninja (28 days ago)
He didn't seem tall on the couch but in the pic he does. Yum
Mohit Dhuppad (29 days ago)
Is that Sire Brienne ?
K Fam Adventures (29 days ago)
I can see Jack being a great Talk Show Host
deaser92 (29 days ago)
Walliams looks a bit salty. What's up with him?
AJ 1998 (27 days ago)
He's probably salty that Crouchie is banging Abbie 😂😂
mike brown (29 days ago)
Berra Saral (29 days ago)
"There goes Crouchy's knighthood" ahahha
tim greenbank (29 days ago)
Just realised the length of this video is crouch's height......... Bloody hell.
v t (21 days ago)
Wow that was probably intentional.
Luca (27 days ago)
LOL that’s true
Where is my Norton?! Like ‘’where are my dragons😆’?
Gordon Freeman (30 days ago)
Perfect example on how money bag you a hot wife
Joe Greet (30 days ago)
Was that waiter Will Mellor lmao
Rlemskfkwlfkggm Emily (30 days ago)
I love David Walliams ♥️♥️♥️
Nice Person (30 days ago)
Let's be honest we all wondering how he bagged abbey clancy. Fair play to the guy. Bagged an absolute hottie
kirch (29 days ago)
Nice Person no worries
Nice Person (29 days ago)
@kirch I'm sorry I just used the same language as Prince Harry. No disrespect
kirch (29 days ago)
Nice Person “bagged”? she’s a person not a supermarket product
Specter017 (29 days ago)
fishy (30 days ago)
Give Jack his own show lol
Feris Yunos (30 days ago)
For a moment, I thought Crouch was Thomas Middleditch.
Susie Dupuy (30 days ago)
same here
Sean Brown (30 days ago)
Abbey is hot!
Ashley Muirhead (30 days ago)
Jack: if you weren’t a footballer and you replied.... Peter: A virgin. HAHAHA
SORIYA'S KITCHEN (30 days ago)
Hal (30 days ago)
Well now we know Alex Turner has taken up a new career choice as a waiter!!
kronos (30 days ago)
Crouchy should be an English national treasure!
IamFirtyDucker (30 days ago)
David Walliams never likes other people being funny.
Jahmarley Kauhi (9 days ago)
Gilfoyle Shanks (30 days ago)
Upstaged by a footballer
SRL (30 days ago)
Except for Lee Evans
Curtis (30 days ago)
Why is David Walliams so miserable in these clips?
MrCrockaG (30 days ago)
I always get the feeling that David thinks he has to be the funniest person everywhere he is. I hardly ever see him laughing at other people's jokes, but he finds his own hilarious.
Junaid Akram (30 days ago)
crouch needs to EAT
Panda Penguin (30 days ago)
i love his accent
anti-corruption Nepal (30 days ago)
Subtitle plz
Eric Burkheimer (30 days ago)
Wait! Where's Graham!?
ScottishStark240 (30 days ago)
DoubleBounce (30 days ago)
Jack Whitehall is literally the split image of Isco Alarcon.
Denzel Washington (30 days ago)
@DoubleBounce No he doesn't.
DoubleBounce (30 days ago)
Faraz Junaid Yes
Faraz Junaid (30 days ago)
The real Madrid guy?
WyddyBomb (30 days ago)
Had to google him but yep
PC Henderson (30 days ago)
Is Graham okay? I hope he's not hosting this episode for a positive reason not an unfortunate one.
MissSomerhalderLover (28 days ago)
An unfortunate reason!! He was hosting or commenting on the eurovision for the non existent and genocidal isreal.
Magnus Husemoen (30 days ago)
Jon Z If you are fan of Eurovision and Graham Norton, then it is positive reason.
Jon Z (30 days ago)
So is that a positive or unfortunate reason?
00000 (30 days ago)
PC Henderson he's doing Eurovision commentary
Jim Rustle (30 days ago)
I thought Asmongold was on the Beta
Wizyakuza (24 days ago)
VoxGothica (30 days ago)
Crouchie is an absolute legend. He also has the biggest teeth I‘ve ever seen. I mean, look at the size of those chompers
1346crecy (20 days ago)
Yes he could eat an apple through a tennis racket.
Vendrix (21 days ago)
his grandfather is a horse
Alisper N (26 days ago)
John Bishop has quite big teeth as well 😁
Amie Sherman (28 days ago)
Shadow Heart (29 days ago)
Rob Beckett says hi.
Tshiring Pemba (30 days ago)
244 likes no dislike. Everyone likes crouchy
Sambhav Bhandari (30 days ago)
What is he saying at 1:32 ?? 😂
Bob Stephens (30 days ago)
"...and that was obviously pre-Meghan, so I could have had go back at him." Referring to Harry's wife Meghan who is a tad out of his league.
Egor Zvorykin (30 days ago)
"and that was obviously pre-Megan", referring to prince Harry's wife
Kidd Clutch (30 days ago)
That was pre-Megan Markhle
Floppy Bird (30 days ago)
Graham looks different today. He has a new haircut, right? 😂😂🍆
linae (22 days ago)
Maresa Askew woooosh
Maresa Askew (29 days ago)
Just mention it's Jack Whitehall helping Graham Norton out as Graham Norton has got to present tonight's Eurovision song contest
Richard Richard. (30 days ago)
Grahams slipped off the radar. Where are you graham. No One ones
HollyBlueAgitated (30 days ago)
@Richard Richard. there's literally three comments above you including mine telling you where he is
Richard Richard. (30 days ago)
We may never know.
HollyBlueAgitated (30 days ago)
he's in Tel Aviv for Eurovision
Carsten Friis (30 days ago)
Yeah, I think he's covering the Eurovision, like he usually does
Untainted Indigo (30 days ago)
He’s hilarious 🤣
Untainted Indigo (30 days ago)
He’s hilarious 🤣
Juboraj Paul (30 days ago)
Peter Crouch looks like a malnourished Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Gazmus (16 days ago)
@Luca lol Christ dude...Im never going to be able to look at him the same way and I already thought of Stephen Merchant as the concentration camp version of John Krasinski :)
Vendrix (21 days ago)
??? they look nothing alike. Wrong hair color, skin tone, teeth, etc.
Steven Cassidy (29 days ago)
He looks nothing like Dwayne Johnson
Juboraj Paul (29 days ago)
@Armen Dell thank you for pointing that out. I wanted to write the word that you said but I guess I made a spelling error. I think I'll edit it
Jon Z (30 days ago)
@Juboraj What???
Oladapo Okunlola (30 days ago)
Huh? What is Jack Whitehall doing here? What happened to Graham?
Eli L. Hnamte (30 days ago)
Hosting Eurovision
Abraham Arthemius (30 days ago)
He's getting younger! What kind of sorcery is this?!
InstantChinese Noodles (30 days ago)
Pre Meghan. I'm dead.
waalex11 (30 days ago)
Where's Graham?
Laylla's Locker (30 days ago)
Jack Whitehall will be hosting this week while Graham Norton hosts Eurovision! Says on some of the videos in description.
HollyBlueAgitated (30 days ago)
is this Jack's dream couch
Gazmus (16 days ago)
Not in a million years dude...theres no Kriss Akabusi for a start.
Amiel Moodley (30 days ago)
Graham looks a whole lot younger hey...
Shadow Heart (29 days ago)
It's the white wine.
Fujinox (30 days ago)
GDI (30 days ago)
@hariprasad ramanathan You obviously care
Fujinox (30 days ago)
@hariprasad ramanathan Well u replied didn't u?
hariprasad ramanathan (30 days ago)
Nobody cares

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