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This video presents the 10 best actors of HOLLYWOOD.Enjoy it.
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Vash20 (5 months ago)
What about anthony hopkins
Arun Singh (9 months ago)
Tom cruise
AlphaDeltaXray (9 months ago)
In my personal opinion, some of the best actors ever (by ever I mean modern times, mainly 1980's-present. Females not included in this list) are as follows, 10-1 with #1 being best: 10.) Sylvester Stallone 9.) AL Pacino 8.) Arnold Schwarzenegger 7.) Robert Downey Jr. 6.) Leonardo DiCaprio 5.) Johnny Depp 4.) Tom Cruise 3.) Jack Nicholson 2.) Robert DeNiro 1.) Tom Hanks Here's a few honorable mentions of some fantastic actors that almost made the top ten list: Harrison Ford, Josh Brolin, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Cuba Gooding Jr, Jim Carey, Michael Keaton, Sean Penn, Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Robin Williams, Robert Duvall. Bam!
Dabangg Pandey (1 year ago)
Johny depp should be number 1 with pachino
harshal narvekar (1 year ago)
no sean Penn , Mark rufallo,RDJ,samuel l jackson
Pronob Chetry (1 year ago)
james macvoy
Deepak Yeshwanth (1 year ago)
christian bale and johnny depp?
vin diesal
A.K K (1 year ago)
where is arnold Schwarzenegger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jarhead Martin (1 year ago)
A.K K are u serious? hahaha... dumb.
some guy (2 years ago)
no tom hanks and u say best actors of hollywood? according to whom?
munisha De la queen (2 years ago)
where's fuck is van diesel and depp,
John Ude (1 year ago)
Vin diesel is no where ner being one of the best actor's dude.
Yasser Yazid (2 years ago)
will smith should have been somewhere in the top 10
1saltangler (3 years ago)
Morgan Freeman?
كلمني kalmne (3 years ago)
very nice like was pressed.
p strobery (3 years ago)
vin deisel is not there but he has got lots off fans in the world arnold scwrznagar,hugh jackman,wilsmith ,jonny depp,jason statham,adam sandler as a comedy actor, russel crowe , sean connery
john smith (3 years ago)
Cruise is overrated , average actor. Same goes for Brad Pit. Clooney , all average. Pachino. Washington, yes above average.
gotim (1 year ago)
Damn straight. Only one God and that is Robert De Niro.
Adilsha Rahman (3 years ago)
wheres jackie chan  for gods sake
V Sathish (3 years ago)
Johnny depp Hugh jackman Jason statham
Inzmam Ul Haq (3 years ago)
i  want robert denerro and johny depp at num 2 and 3 respectively
gotim (1 year ago)
Fo . De Niro is number one.
Abdul Naseer (4 years ago)
Where is Robert De Nero, Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks, Sean Penn, Joe Pesci...
damien jones (4 years ago)
1. Jimmy Stewart, 2.Robert Ne Nero 3.Jack Nicholson 4.Gary Oldman 5.Christian Bale 6. Al Pacino 7.Leonardo Dicaprio 8.Harrison Ford 9. Gregory Peck 10.Daniel Day Lewis
gotim (1 year ago)
Have you ever been to India?
gotim (1 year ago)
Wow. Hitchcock was also one of its kind. Psycho is timeless.
damien jones (1 year ago)
aman gajraj seen all of them I got 3 boxsets so I own the majority
gotim (1 year ago)
Glad I started watching hollywood movies and as a result got introduced to this phenomenal actor otherwise I would have never understood what real acting is. Would have been trapped in bollywood always :p. U must have a seen a lot of hitchcock movies too, I reckon.
damien jones (1 year ago)
aman gajraj keep the love dude he's awesome
Zhen0726 (4 years ago)
Johnny Depp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vanja schneider (5 years ago)
where is johnny depp?????????????
Albania Kosova (5 years ago)
Where Is Jean Reno , Sylveste Stallone , Vin Diesel
luka lokmer (5 years ago)
omg i woud put jim carrey on 1. place thumbs up if you think same as i
therealvarunv (5 years ago)
al pacino's best film ocean's 13? haha.. for a while i thought scarface. and where's de niro?
Sanket Naman (5 years ago)
where the fuck is Jhonney Depp
Giannis Pieris (6 years ago)
Ahhaah! It's just my rankings. But I belive the video its fantastic!
annace sampson (6 years ago)
While I love many of the actors on your list, i think you confused the best 10 actors with the 10 best blockbuster actors or best blockbuster draws...
Juliet Kor (6 years ago)
I love Leonardo DiCaprio <3
ally sage (6 years ago)
leonardo di caprio 8?
Fakhrudin ALI AHAMED (6 years ago)
where is depp ????????????
imane jolie (6 years ago)
great vidio i love it
Scat Man (6 years ago)
I think either Born on The Fourth of July, The Last Samurai or Rain Man
poopan2 (6 years ago)
Wanted to rape the like button all day.
Kane McEvoy (6 years ago)
@aragenn fight club all day
aragenn (7 years ago)
brat pitt best movie oceans 13? i gotta disagree on that 1 for me it has to be interview with a vampire..
caposton (7 years ago)
My top 10 - #10 Edward Norton; #9 Brad Pitt; #8 Arnold Schwarzenegger; #7 Morgan Freeman; #6 Johnny Depp; #5 Samuel L. Jackson; #4 Tom Cruise; #3 Jack Nicholson; #2 Leonardo DiCaprio; #1 Robert Dinero. I probably should pull Norton and put Al Pacino at #10. I do love Jim Carrey, but don't think he deserves to make Top 10 List. I really disagree with the Will Smith people. I don't even think he deserves to be mentioned in a Top 20 list.
gotim (1 year ago)
U got that number one goddamn riht and rest I dont care .
Jamie Lauren (7 years ago)
jim carrey #1 he is the best sorry you got the list wrong but good song
Ale93crespo (7 years ago)
Al Pacino the best, i agree....but.... ocean 13??? The godfather?? Carlito's way?? Scent of woman?? heat??? And the others!!??
tjroxxy (7 years ago)
i think will smith should have been on that list
world top design (7 years ago)
Good ranking but number 2 should be Robert De Niro, 3 Denzel Washignton and 4 Johnny Depp
gotim (1 year ago)
No 1 De Niro , stfu.
rebel guy (7 years ago)
Alexandra Ioana (7 years ago)
you forget jhonny depp!!!!In my opinion he is the sexiest and better actor!
TheRounder1980 (7 years ago)
@TheGatorfan93 Brando overrated but i agree with most. I would put norton. Depp and smith
stefan96268 (7 years ago)
Jim Carrey best
Dimitrios Dedes. (7 years ago)
@selimyarga you are in my mind....hahahhaa...when i saw this list i said that he picked the worst movies........brad pitt:ocean eleven???he has fight club,seven.....al pacino:ocean eleven??he has scent of woman,scarface....
surferdudette19 (8 years ago)
@Bataja706 thumbs up to first two <3
Elle (8 years ago)
Johnny Depp?!?!?
Safiya (8 years ago)
but where is my hero #1 COLLIN FARREL?????????????????. without him nothing is possible.
Safiya (8 years ago)

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