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Am I Dreaming?

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Left speechless by the beauty of the Big Island of Hawaii. Add Me On SNAPCHAT!!: @govegan_gytis For by donation health coaching email me! Email: [email protected] My Instagram: govegan_gytis My Strava: govegan gytis My Facebook: Gytis Litvaitis Music Featured: Ivan B - Edge Of The World (ft. Niykee Heaton) (Prod. Tido Vegas) • Ivan B - https://twitter.com/IvanBnw https://www.facebook.com/IvanBnw http://www.youtube.com/officialBreadn... https://soundcloud.com/ivanbnw • Niykee Heaton - https://www.facebook.com/niykeeheaton https://twitter.com/NiykeeHeaton https://www.youtube.com/user/niykeehe... • Tido Vegas - https://twitter.com/TidoVegas https://soundcloud.com/tidovegas http://www.tidovegas.com/ Anna Of The North - Sway (Lightfoot Edit) | | provided by CopyrightFreeNetwork
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Text Comments (105)
kai kafka (2 years ago)
inner silence
Cj & Lindsey Land (2 years ago)
so im headed to the big island in july ...i went vegetarian 2+yrs ago and my husband and i are super excited to experience the fresh fruit of the island your expression when you ate the persim is what we talk abut that ahh moment when you get to eat tropical fruit 'ripe" where it grows..just like a tomato from your own garden it just blows away the one from a store that arrived green.i bought a guide book for the island and found like 7 farmers markets in different ares so it was cool to see this one. id love to know which market is your fav. prob be a great video to make comparing the markets. best of luck out there!
Dylan T (2 years ago)
you have to try a black sapote (a kind of persimmon)
Lucie Vece (2 years ago)
Keep going...Great vlog
Mallory Cerkleski (2 years ago)
Gytis! youre the best, so happy you're happy. can you please tell me how to pronounce your name?
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Mallory Cerkleski Yeah Jackson mispronounces it. But I don't really mind.
Mallory Cerkleski (2 years ago)
haha thats what i thought, but then jackson (plantriotic) pronounced it differently in his video and i was confused, thanks for the clarification
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Hey! Thank you for your support! My name is pronunced ghee-tis.
cary chen (2 years ago)
Love your videos :) keep up the good work
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Thanks so much! Will certainly keep bangin out the vids!
Eddy j. Photography (2 years ago)
you said are you dreaming, i said no....where are the Guavas... its a fruit which grows in Malaysia, and tropical climates such as Hawaii
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
I've seen some Guavas here in HI. To be honest I don't really like Guava. I like passion fruit more.
Czarina Jean Añonuevo (2 years ago)
I'm so happy for you 😊 you're living ur dream Gytis ✨ enjoyed watching ur vlog 🙌🏻
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Thanks Czarina! I feel that this is possibly one of my favorite vlogs I've made.
avocadogs (2 years ago)
Keep it up man. You're doing extremely well juggling the new job and quality of video. Don't lose that sight! Much love my man
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
For sure brother. It's a struggle to focus on productivity for me. But I'm gonna master it. Thanks so much for the love!
Colin Matassa (2 years ago)
Hi Gytis, I recently discovered your channel and have to say you have hooked me with your videos. I went back and started watching some of your older videos! I really love your content and I feel your vlogs are getting better and better every time! Love your editing and choice of music too!
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Thanks so much man. The vlogs have came a long way. Just recently I decided to rewatch my vlogs from the Woodstock Fruit Festival, which I made 4 months ago. At that time I taught I was making really good vlogs. But I watched it now and I'm like this is so bad lolololol But yeah I'm trying to master the craft. Thank you again for the support!
VeganVlogs (2 years ago)
Yo man I get so happy hearing you talk about Hawaii! I totally feel it
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Awesome! This place is divine. I truly feel that way.
perla escamilla (2 years ago)
New subscriber! And so happy I found your channel! Love the positivity!:)
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Wicked! Thanks so much for subbing! More videos to come!
Lift Vegan (2 years ago)
Literally eating bananas and persimmons right now and laughed so much when you showed your post work out meal xD !! You aren't dreaming :) its reality and you deserve this beautiful reality you've built for yourself!
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Haha that is wild! Thanks so much for the support!
Lifer V (2 years ago)
You mofo!! Your vlogs are getting better and better and that is a truly magestic place my friend. I can see how you deserve it, congrats!
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Haha thanks brother! I am doing my best on these vlogs! I appreciate your support. Aloha!
Ness Scott (2 years ago)
Awesome Gytis 🌴
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Thanks Ness, how have you been? What have you been up to?
Eddy j. Photography (2 years ago)
No.....just enjoy the beauty of that part of the universe...
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
no to what? Will definitely enjoy this place :)
Heather Smith (2 years ago)
love the sounds! roosters and insects!
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Me too... I'm glad you like the sounds! It's a love or hate for some people.
Tania Babetji (2 years ago)
Love this channel! Would be great to see some longer videos, vlogs, what I eat in a day, that kinda thing! You seem like a very kind gentle human, very inspiring to watch :)
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
for sure for sure. Sometimes I'm in conflict of long I should make my videos. This one I ended up making in two parts. Now watching this video I should avoided doing that. Ideally I do want to make more of 10 minute vlogs. Next vid is close to eight minutes and features what I ate. Thanks for the kind words Tania! See you next vid!
shizukashiawase (2 years ago)
I love persimmons too, but I like to eat it w/o the skin ^^
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
I feel ya :) I use to eat them that way too!
One of my favorite videos from you so far. Love the sweet shots of the island!
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
This is one of my favorite videos as well. The lighting was just so on!
Pax Grey (2 years ago)
Hey Gytis, awesome vlog! Nice to see you're doing good in Hawaii :)
Pax Grey (2 years ago)
Good! Patiently waiting for my wife to birth our son :) (about 5 more weeks) Enjoy the island, much love!
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Hey Dani! Thanks so much! How are you doing?
Gone with the Kale (2 years ago)
Persimmons are my fav too. Just finished the last of mine for the season😪 And $3 a pound? Nice! They are 3$ each here in Austin.
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Woah. I got lucky! I taught fruit in Hawaii was suppose to be expensive!
andreamoboe (2 years ago)
Such a stunning place! Wow! 😀🌿🌱🌲🌳🏃
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Truly Gorgeous!
Eva Rivers (2 years ago)
One of my friends always says "expect the worst and you'll always be surprised" which seems really backwards and dark but it works really well. Reminded me of that when you were eating your persimmon!
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
haha too funny! Yeah sometimes it's good to not have high expectations of someone or something. Once you make up your mind on what the outcome will, it's hard to truly enjoy whatever you are experiencing in the moment. You tend to appreciate it more!
molly flynn (2 years ago)
Smiling from ear to ear from beginning to end!
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Haha I love this comment. The phrase has a nice ring to it. Is that a lyric in a song? Trevor Hall?
Clarisse Huteau (2 years ago)
You did a great job ! loving to see all of those exotic plant with their amazing colors 🌿🌿 It's nice when you say some fact about the place ( learned that Hawaii had 11 different climats )
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Oh cool that's really good to know. I'll try to slip in more facts there and there about Hawaii! Thanks so much for watching and commenting by the way. Means the world to me. Have a great day :)
SeventiesGirl (2 years ago)
I ate persimmons off a tree we had on the farm I grew up on in sub tropical Australia. I could practically taste that persimmon! It would make me look forward to winter, but I'm working my way through a case of sweeet mangoes and juicy sweet plums right now, so I'll just enjoy summer some more. So happy for you, Gytis. xo 💚✌
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Enjoy! Happy for ya! Gotta love the fruits of mother nature. Just divine food. See you next video!
Eelke Aptroot (2 years ago)
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Yeah! It's gorgeous here!
forest greenwald (2 years ago)
most papayas in hawaii are gmo... especially the good deal ones...
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Yeah I've learned that... I have to research more about it. But man they taste so good and make feel great as well!
Brenda Sanchez (2 years ago)
Gytis I am so thankful for your videos! I get so motivated by watching them so much that me and my boyfriend are planning on moving there after getting married! I cannot wait, I am an Esthetician and hear that skincare is very popular there. Hopefully I can find a job with a vegan company or create my own. Keep it up, hope to meet you in the near future!
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Rad! I'm so glad this video is inspiring you to make the move. It will certainly be worthwhile. You'll love it :) Hope to meet you too!
great vibs from this vid man. you're so blessed
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Haha thanks so much for the comment! I'm glad you got positive energy from this video. Blessings!
ChungSiu Poon (2 years ago)
now i run 10km every day 👌
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Rad! That's whats up! Good on you!
whysosirius (2 years ago)
That plant is called "makahiya" here in the philippines. Means "shy plant" 👍👍👍
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
oh nice, thanks for sharing! That is so good to know!
ozoneic that's really cool 🤔
Mara More (2 years ago)
Beautiful! :) I love persimmons! <3
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Persimmons are Bliss! Thanks for the comment and watching. Means a lot to me. Blessings!
Candace Suessmilch (2 years ago)
AWWWW, your joy is infectious Gytis! On a trip to the Cook Islands I fell in love with those little 'sensitive plants' and would play with them all the time!
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
I know!! Those plants are amazing! Thank you for the lovely comment Candace, see you next video!
Chris LaPlante (2 years ago)
That plant that you like is called a sensitive plant (mimosa). They are amazing :)
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
They are so many names for that plant! Already two other people have gave a different name for them. It's an awesome plant!
Kristin S. (2 years ago)
Love your videos and channel so so much! You are so inspiring! You have something special and I hope your YouTube really explodes! You've made a big fan out of me!
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
awww what a lovely comment! I'm really going to try to work hard to make this happen on Youtube! Thanks for watching. I'm really glad you are digging the videos :)
Bkupz (2 years ago)
Vlogs are getting better and better every time! Love the content Gytis, keep it up!
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Bkupzz! Thanks brother. Can't stop, won't stop. Hope you do the same.
Adventurous mtbiker (2 years ago)
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!
VeganBenjiBoy (2 years ago)
your vids are epic dude. just one thing i have to say , why the plastic bag for the persimmons? cant you bring a reusable one? great channel keep it up!
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
For sure man... I can do better than that. Thanks for the constructive criticism, those are my fav comments. Helps me grow! Will keep the vlogs coming!
Jayson Morin (2 years ago)
Wow looks amazing over there!! And papaya over here in Texas runs about .98 cents a pound so $8 for a box wow!!! Lol.
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
I know! I always thought that Hawaii was expensive!
Raw LawGirl (2 years ago)
The lush landscape is AMAZING. BTW, "Ceased means to stop", but "Seized, which you said, means to confiscate or take". Thus, the rain ceased. Love the fruit in Hawaii. I am surprised that Fuyu persimmons are as expensive there as here in Los Angeles at $3 a pound.
Raw LawGirl (2 years ago)
+GoVegan! Gytis The pronunciation is similar, but not the same. It is sort of hard to describe here in writing. Think of "seize" as "seez" and "cease" as "sees" and the same when you add "ed" at the end. Anyway, I am no linguist and this is not that important compared to the beautiful imagery of Hawaii you are sharing. I have not been to Hawaii in 18 years. A trip is past due! Maybe this year! Thanks for the inspiration.  
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Oh weird. I did mean cease. But I always thought the s is prounced like a z. Is that not correct?
kimmyjeans2 (2 years ago)
I am new subscriber and I am loving the videos . wow it is so pretty there and the fruit looks amazing
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Welcome aboard! I'm glad you like the videos :) Blessings from Hawaii!
Sheila Howard (2 years ago)
Your vlogs are fantastic! Thank you for doing them. My family and I keep debating moving to Hawaii.
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
It's my pleasure Sheila! Thanks for watching and commenting. The Big Island of Hawaii is an amazing place. If you guys prefer nature over city life then this is the place for you.
Anna Lam (2 years ago)
What was the name of that plant that you touched? that was so cool. Another great vid dude!
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
According to another person in the comment section, they are called 'makahiya in the Philippines. AKA "shy plant"
Anna Lam (2 years ago)
Aw I love that! They look so cute!
KwaiFong Tham (2 years ago)
Anna Lam, as kids (in Singapore) we call them 'touch me not'
Fred Shampine (2 years ago)
I do like the high quality shots you are capturing in your videos.The Big Island is a special place.I noticed you are picking up lots of new subscribers.You could end up with quite a following🌴
Raymond Taveras (2 years ago)
I second that!
Alexis Salazar (2 years ago)
GoVegan! Gytis hahah if you think Twitter is dying, it's bc you aren't using it correctly 😉 aka GET ON IT YO!
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
+tenstwensfids hmm sounds interesting
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
+Alexis Salazar Dude Twitter is dieing off...Instagram and Snapchat are on the come up. I create a lot of stories on Snap, I'm glad you added me there!
avocadogs (2 years ago)
+Alexis Salazar I'm with Alexis. No FB, IG or Snap. Get on Vegan Amino Social Media. It's starting to thrive, trust. Such an amazing community
Katherine Martinez (2 years ago)
Dope song dude!! Can you make a vid on spirituality? And what are the things that motivate you. Much love & stay + :)
Love The Climb VLOG (2 years ago)
Oh I know I love that song! Two vids from now will have some of that inspo! Much love :)

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