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Craziest Endings In Baseball History!

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elizabethanndomino (11 hours ago)
That's boi likes the sstros
eric tze (19 hours ago)
He dropped the ball!!
sirmolio (1 day ago)
7:50 thought he was gonna say "What an a--hole!"
Rob Burnett (1 day ago)
Pixelated PEKKA (1 day ago)
5:23 The ump probably wanted to go home.
19Harakiri76 (2 days ago)
nearly 2:10 why is the game ending? It was 6.:6 after the run
Cristian Jaramillo (3 days ago)
Frank Cohen (3 days ago)
You're missing Fred "Bonehead" Merkle's base running gaffe (or ump's bad decision, depending on the interpretation) that ended what should've been a walk-off win for the Giants to win the 1908 NL pennant. Instead, the game was ended as a tie game. That led to a makeup the Cubs won to win the pennant. Now, that's a crazy ending! Yes, it wasn't televised, obviously. Heh heh. But I felt the need to add it here.
Miriam Vidal (3 days ago)
Loved the pick off out
Gumbo72203 (4 days ago)
I watched that Mets - Braves game live. Soul-crushing.
I’mAries :P (7 days ago)
Imagine if this got updated!
Mike Garber (8 days ago)
Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is skill.
Mike Garber (13 hours ago)
+Zoom Good to hear from a fellow Yogi fan!
Zoom (1 day ago)
Sesh Gremlin fuckin bitch
Zoom (1 day ago)
Sesh Gremlin your the fool for not knowing that quote
Zoom (1 day ago)
Sesh Gremlin fucking idiot trying to be a little smart ass fuddy dud
Mike Garber (7 days ago)
+Sesh Gremlin It's a Yogi Berra quote, rookie.
Evangelos (8 days ago)
4:12 He looks out to me. Plus the throw and the tag obviously had a beat on the runner. Very close call though.
Granville Friel (8 days ago)
Where's Sids slide?
Kashif Iqbal (9 days ago)
Hit like if you dont know the rules but still enjoying it .
ruminni rogers (9 days ago)
Where is the diamondbacks walk off hit on Yankees to win the series?
W829 L (10 days ago)
I think if a runner gets hit by a ball that's hit it should still be a live ball.. fuck that... change that rule.
팥빙수 (12 days ago)
2:40 What a catch!?
home run (12 days ago)
Malik Johnson (12 days ago)
I love how Inciarte caught it and then the crowd silenced lmao
Lil Cheddar (12 days ago)
Hey I don’t know much about baseball so can someone explain what happened at 6:43 ? Thank you
m min (12 days ago)
Monmon Castro (12 days ago)
Miss q and a show time
crzy9310 (13 days ago)
I was there for the naquin inside the park with my dad! Incredible moment, my dad says it's the best thing he's ever seen live!
L.Pasteur (14 days ago)
5:19 - The home plate umpire, Jerry Meals, admitted he missed this call. This 19-inning loss was a turning point in the Pirates season. They went from being in the playoffs by their then record to a sub-500 team by the end. It's one thing to play a 19-inning game, win and have that momentum and positive energy going forward. It's another to have a 19-inning loss, a tired team, a gassed bull pen and a defeated mind-set as you approach another game. The MLB needs to start fining umpires for missed calls like this. People like Angel Hernandez would do a better job or just quit altogether because of diminished paychecks.
thunderfoot11 (3 days ago)
That's one reason they instituted the replay rule.
Jim Maloney (14 days ago)
Oh, the life of a Pirates fan 🙄
Piscean Sith (14 days ago)
can anyone of my peeps states side help me with this one....at 5:08 Phillies vs Mets a triple play is called by the announcer, but how, the batsman hits a line drive over the pitcher, but the 2nd basemen catches it 1 out, the runner from 1st is tagged out running from 1st, that's 2 out, where is the third out....please show me....... Thanks
Jean v (13 days ago)
There were "runners" on. At the very beginning you see the guy take off for 3rd. Once the ball was caught, you see the 2nd baseman step on the bag - so the guy going to 3rd is out. The runner was caught off and could not retag before running.
F3ARx Unuc (14 days ago)
9:15 isnt a ground rule double what a fucken ree
DerpydaBers (14 days ago)
The guard at 5:45
Scott Aznavourian (14 days ago)
10:45 lol wong
Scott Aznavourian (14 days ago)
Wow a no hitter on a wild pitch
Scott Aznavourian (14 days ago)
2:25 wow what a half assed effort
Scott Aznavourian (14 days ago)
1:27 2 comsecutive game 3 red sox world series losses made irrelevemt
Satya Pratap Nayak (15 days ago)
cricket is the best
Mariah Martinez (15 days ago)
6:46 why does he come home?
thunderfoot11 (3 days ago)
The pitcher balked - the runner on third faked a motion to go home and the pitcher stopped his forward motion of pitch to change direction - you cannot do that. When this occurs all runners advance one base with runners on third scoring a run. In this case the game winner.
Jose Ramirez (15 days ago)
The first one hits me in the heart 😥
Andrew Ocean (15 days ago)
You know what? Ten minutes after these games ended nobody gave a shit.
sheila aguirre (15 days ago)
que cull esos juegos
Zachary Villard (15 days ago)
It would be really cool if they set up some runners with a go pro and if they end up doing something really good, they can post in on YouTube.
Ramon B (16 days ago)
How Boston Fans really are     https://youtu.be/gXnLk37-9EM
Jose Lico Matozo (16 days ago)
Joselico gracias 🇺🇸⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪🏻
Charles Alvarez (16 days ago)
6:01 LOL!
FINALFORMULA (16 days ago)
Houston must be the luckiest team ever
Ragin' Ronic (17 days ago)
9:31 THE greatest finish AND biggest play in MLB history...and that's a cultural honour that Canada stole out of the hands of the U.S. forever..the 1st ever come-from-behind walk off home run to win a World Series happened in Canada First! And, as of Nov. 2, 2018, it's STILL the only time that's happened, with Joe Carter still the only one who gets to say he did that. And not for a pro sports team based in the U.S. =)
RJ Brow (17 days ago)
fuck the ump at 5:23
Bruce Mills (17 days ago)
The only reason I give it a Thumbs down is because I live in Cleveland and seeing the Marlins win the World Series... say no more...
SparrowMusic (17 days ago)
5:20 holy shit that isn't even close.
Aidan Charde (18 days ago)
Ok good video but a few you're missing: 1-Bill Buckner in the 1986 world series 2-Matt Holliday didn't touch the plate in the 2007 NL Wild Card Game 3-(I know this and #4 were this year, but it needs to be updated just to add these tbh) 2018 ALDS Game 4 when Kimbrel nearly blew the Sox's lead but struck whoever out to end it 4-World Series 2018 Game 3 (18 innings, 7h20 minutes, ended with a homer)
ianwestc (18 days ago)
I would have added Angel Pagan's walk-off inside-the-park home run.
조현민 (18 days ago)
1:13 That's an out!!
David Tingwald (19 days ago)
What's the rarest feat in baseball?  A walk-off inside the park homerun, a triple play to end the game or a homerun to win the World Series?
thunderfoot11 (3 days ago)
I believe it's the walk-off inside the park HR - inside the park HRs are rare enough, a walk-off to boot are as rare a bird's teeth - XD
David Tingwald (19 days ago)
That Pirates/Braves game in the 19th inning...You know the umpire just wanted to go home. lol
Brolaire (19 days ago)
1:15 was safe, ump's call was total bs
tracy Smith (19 days ago)
Just trying to understand how you could leave off Bobby Thompson’s game winning HR & the ‘86 Mets wining on Buckner’s error 🤔
tracy Smith (19 days ago)
I’m a Met fan & we got 3 on the losing end on this list, none hurts more than the Castillo drop, though.
Jake Cheney (19 days ago)
5:22 He was clearly tagged before he hit home plate...
Flyguy Fam (19 days ago)
86 Mets game 6?
Aaliyah Peralta (19 days ago)
1:18 I'm sorry but he was out. You can clearly see the catcher tag him out WAY before the runner made it to base !
Zenific Arts (19 days ago)
I was already disappointed with the first clip since Houston *FOCKED UP!*
Nick Hawdon (21 days ago)
No Bill Buckner?
Efren Almao (21 days ago)
5:00. Triple play sin asistencia. Magic.
ItzSaltex9 9 (21 days ago)
I was at the second clip My family went wild
Manuel DeAbreu (21 days ago)
I was about to say how does Kolten Wong getting picked off not make it with pairing with the interference from the same World Series. That may be the only time that the final play happened off direct camera.
Tony Taveras (21 days ago)
Maglio Ordoñez is missing
Kyle Marrone_17 (21 days ago)
1984 cough cough red Sox In the world Series
sockington1 (22 days ago)
ha ha ha ha hosmer stupid looking ugly tosser
letsgomets07 (22 days ago)
It’s rough being a Mets fan
EXpoSIN DemBabylonians (22 days ago)
Great Vid! Thanx upper
OzzyOscy (22 days ago)
2:25 - **intense glaring**
Bill Blaze (22 days ago)
This is comical. Some of the stuff is funny, interesting and weird. But, "Craziest Endings In Baseball History!' Baseball history? Really? Anything here from pre-2000? Pre-1980? Ever hear of Bobby Tomson? Why not call it "Greatest Moments In The History Of The World!!!!" Typical Internet millenial hype.
Mauricio T (22 days ago)
6:50 what just happened ?!
JW (22 days ago)
8:00 The while birds.. never seen before like this.
Maaike Ogink (22 days ago)
At 0:24 the batter takes a step back towards homeplate. I thought it's a dead ball then and the batter is out
HAIHUA CHEN (22 days ago)
Meta at Yankees ( 8:9 final ), I saw Wang chien-ming ( the pitcher from Taiwan ) , now he's a coach ( Oct-2018 ) in Taiwan. Believe it or not, many many Yankees fans in that small island, but if in China, nobody really cares ( baseball no hit in Chins ! ).
fredo garcia (23 days ago)
So did barry bonds have more hrs or more intentional walks in his career?
almostfm (2 days ago)
70 more HRs than intentional walks
Those damn birds lol
kam and david kalish (23 days ago)
This one belongs here too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofU4UjFgIOM
milkandmeat (23 days ago)
10:46 "GOD DANGIT"
LeBlanc HipHop (23 days ago)
Can someone explain 5:00 to me????
thunderfoot11 (3 days ago)
The ball was hit into the air (line drive) there were runners on first and second - the second baseman caught the ball in the air (1 out) tagged second base getting the runner that was going to third (2 outs) and then tagged the runner coming from first to second (3 outs) - unassisted triple play. The second out seems to confuse people because they either forget that there was a guy on second or that runners that leave the bag when a ball is caught before coming into contact with the ground have to go back to the base they occupied before proceeding. IOW the guy on second was forced out when the second basemen stepped on the bag because the runner didn't get back to second in time.
Ian Armbruster (24 days ago)
8:01 a Flock-off win perhaps?
Christopher Berroa (24 days ago)
0:44 "im big al and i hit dingers" first thing that came to mind 😂😂
Mafia (24 days ago)
5:21 bottom of the 19th, that ump just wanted to go home.
JCgamerboy (13 days ago)
I know he was tired after 19 inning, he was like I had a date with me wife 2 hours ago
Friday Left Us (24 days ago)
oi what about angel pagans walk off two run inside the park homerun
Andrew Jacobs (24 days ago)
What a bitchen assortment of plays, super cool! I played as a catcher into college years and always batted third in the line-up. It is from that perspective that I view anything associated with baseball. From the untimeliness of a pitchers bock, the heads-up base running and smart thinking of every individual, all the way down to the possibility of making an error that is "back to basics" kind of a play . My hat is off to everyone who had to be in the spotlight at the wrong moment because chances are, that if you played from little trough high school you have probably shined at one time or another, and for both good as well as not so good. Thanks for such an awesome assortments of memorable moments.
Beau LaPlume (25 days ago)
What, was there like three that weren’t from the last 15 years? C’mon kid. Your recency bias is showing.
Radical Met fan (25 days ago)
Little roller up alongside first...
kaikwong lok (25 days ago)
Aaron Judgefan (25 days ago)
Why is Travis Snider in a lot of them
Jurassic man (26 days ago)
I hate joe carter, go Phillies
luis angel (26 days ago)
0:06 que falta de respeto el negro vio el el otro iba a atrapar la pelota pero por culpa de el perdieron
Exp3rt Cosmic (26 days ago)
Exp3rt Cosmic (26 days ago)
_Omg this is unbelievable_
Matthew Bradley (26 days ago)
Love me some baseball. Go Red Sox!
jstrahan2 (26 days ago)
Great endings, but doesn't deserve the appellation 'craziest'.
Krumple Themal (27 days ago)
That catcher play to first base, if a gun had been fired at that same moment from the same spot toward first the ball would have gotten to first first.
Seemsayin (27 days ago)
Craziest Endings In Baseball History? Don't you mean RECENT history, Dope? Major League baseball was founded in 1869. There are a lot of games you missed. The title to this video can be considered "click-bait". Please re-title the video, Dope.
Jb Entertainment (27 days ago)
7:09 who sniped polanco
Markus Engfelt (28 days ago)
angels vs SF was dope !
Markus Engfelt (28 days ago)
that sucked !
Marlon Dieguez (28 days ago)
SAved the best for last ! I was at that Dodger game when Puig walked off.

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