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MLB Avoiding Tags

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strykeback24 (3 hours ago)
New Balance....
Keondre 542 (2 months ago)
Crowd at 2:56 yeah 3:00 nooo
Gabriel Guerrero (4 months ago)
Can anyone explain to me why whoever has the baseball doesn't just fucking wait for the player to come to them???? They keep trying to go to the runner when they fucking know the runner has to come to them because they have to be safe at the motherfucking base. It makes me angry because that's part of the reason tags are avoided when it shouldn't happen. Look at 1:00 he moves his hand to the runners knee, WHY? just leave it there low
Bronco (5 months ago)
4:25 no he didn’t lol Joe Maddon reviewed it and he was out I remember watching it
edgary martinez (5 months ago)
Increíbles jugadas 😲😲😲🙀🙀
Mateo Sobb (6 months ago)
Ur critical
Umpire is amazing
YOLINEITO77 (6 months ago)
Home Zoo (6 months ago)
I swear some were off the base path
Alex Cho (7 months ago)
megakirbyx (7 months ago)
1:53 rare moment of Odor actually trying to avoid the defender
Mike Peter (7 months ago)
How are there no clips of Javy Baez?
Adda (7 months ago)
It’s a game of freakin tag I’m dying XD (I kno it isn’t a game a tag ok so don’t come over talking me how dumb I am. I kno how this game works...) but it looks like they’re playing tag a little XD
Dominick Sabatino (7 months ago)
This video should be called "Out of the baseline"
Tom Faron (7 months ago)
3:35 beastmode
1MANARMY (7 months ago)
Kipnis with the spin
Umpire is amazing
XxTheGreatOutdoors xX (8 months ago)
U forgot like mailes jump over bat catcher
dmect2207 (8 months ago)
How did you possibly not include the famous Ichiro play at the plate?
Kevin Gadea (8 months ago)
buenas burla pero mencanta😀😀😀
Kim Bridgeman (8 months ago)
Do I need to go get you glasses
chrisplayyt :p (8 months ago)
B n ok
The Olive Tree (8 months ago)
Might I ask where the HECK is Javy Baez???
Joseph Kang (8 months ago)
1:30 lmao i cant believe thats real
Snow Web (8 months ago)
you forgot the Donaldson jumping over the catcher.
Franky Valdebenito (8 months ago)
3:09 he's out, can't go out on the grass
Ryan Altfillisch (8 months ago)
False. You can absolutely run on the grass on the fair side of the 1st base line as you have 3 feet to either side and the grass is within 3 feet.
FSC Bulletz (8 months ago)
Where was Baez from cubs
One Buffalo (8 months ago)
3:47 how is that not out of the baseline? he's literally 2 feet into the grass lmao terrible no call.
Ryan Altfillisch (8 months ago)
The correct termination is determining if the runner is out of the base path and not the baseline. Baseline and base path are two different things in baseball, and the baseline is not used in plays like that. The definition of the baseline is the straight line from one base to the next (like the foul line from home to 1st). The definition of the base path is a straight line from the runner to the base that is established when a tag attempt occurs. To be called out, a runner must go more than 3 feet away from his base path. So on that play, the tag attempt occurs when he is pretty close to the infield grass already, so I'd say they called that correctly.
Felix and MLG Films (9 months ago)
I think mlb isn't that fun to watch, but this compilation is great
Roddin and Racin (9 months ago)
Rizzo had the best I think
Cameron (10 months ago)
I do this shit in high school and they still call me out because the throw beats me
Elisha Willis (10 months ago)
What's you favorite MLB team My is the Chicago Cubs
xxCheetahKinzxx (7 months ago)
Pittsburgh Pirates
Luke Duke (8 months ago)
Elisha Willis mine is the Houston Astros
E K (1 year ago)
Yeah like big papi
MattMatt 111505 (1 year ago)
3:51 Harrison was clearly out of the baseline but I guess he is still safe
Sol cubano (1 year ago)
Monica Jackson (1 year ago)
3:18-3:51 hilarious and awesome, I died
Landen Mcclure (9 months ago)
Monica Jackson I
Nicholas Wall (1 year ago)
i love coco crisp
BPPIERCE (1 year ago)
Gotta give these umps a lot of credit
T Williams (1 year ago)
Is it me or was billy hamilton out because it was a where none of his body was on the base and dont say he already touch the bag because there is something called overslide
Ryan Altfillisch (8 months ago)
Tinick Williams - You do know that the overrunning 1st base rule applies to sliding right? So you can slide past 1st base and be safe, so no, Hamilton wasn't out.
Ian Kelly (1 year ago)
Tanicholas Williams his foot stayed on the bag.
Dax Bush (1 year ago)
He's out at 3:07
Nolan Gleason (1 year ago)
first one was awesome
Mike Quintanilla (1 year ago)
Albert Belle didn't try to avoid Fernando Vina's tag.......
Fredrik Paulsen (1 year ago)
stop discovery education abroad enforcement star.
youngdaggerkid x (1 year ago)
2:26 why Justin Turner plays 3rd now
Luke Duke (8 months ago)
That wasn't there that was first base
Bulk _Beast (1 year ago)
The pedroia is the best one
Rose Panetta (1 year ago)
I love how Tulowitzki jumped over the catcher
Mark Hoadley (1 year ago)
thats Rizzo for you
HENRY RIZZO (1 year ago)
Mark Hoadley dang right it is
Mr.Squeaker (1 year ago)
what is happening to puig it looks like his pants are too tite
Santiago Guerra (1 year ago)
4:05 that face though
Jordan Johnson (1 year ago)
Jordan Johnson (1 year ago)
Santiago Guerra
Husker Bros (1 year ago)
These guys should've been running backs in football
matt mastalir (1 year ago)
Husker Eric m
Christy Kreft (1 year ago)
hi love baseball game cubs
JOZZLYN Hall (1 year ago)
Lakken I love baseball game
Bozo the Mume (1 year ago)
John Schwartz (1 year ago)
Holden Mallock (1 year ago)
3:18 is funny because the talker is like and that's an easy play and Billy's Hamilton jukes the heck out of the firstbasemen
SavageWarriors 33 (1 year ago)
Half of these plays should be in The Worst UMP Calls
Security Shark (1 year ago)
Uhhh nope
MeRKz290 Gaming (1 year ago)
Fuck you
El Joelo (1 year ago)
Rizzo at third was epic
El Joelo ikr
Exix - Gaming (1 year ago)
They got the jooks
moesgymmom (1 year ago)
Rizzo is awesome
Futuro Futuro (10 months ago)
Henry Rizzo 407-223-1581
Futuro Futuro (10 months ago)
moesgymmom 8
Futuro Futuro (10 months ago)
moesgymmom .
HENRY RIZZO (1 year ago)
moesgymmom dang right he is
David Hutcheson (1 year ago)
3:51 how is that not running outside the base path?
Ian Passmore (1 year ago)
So when are runners called out for being outside the base path?
Soto Irie (1 year ago)
Ian Passmore they're called out for the base path when the tags is attempted, and none of the tries to tag the runners before they jump out of the base path
Briza Navarro (1 year ago)
oh man, on some of them I just couldn't stop laughing and rewinding
Geoffrey Groh (1 year ago)
3:00 anyone know who that is?
G.k Nation (1 year ago)
Geoffrey Groh I
Tim Burke (1 year ago)
Billy Hamilton
Rose Panetta (1 year ago)
If you love baseball like this comment
connor _ marchi (1 year ago)
Rose Panetta if you love fishing for likes. Like this comment. That's what ur saying
Mitchell Regnas (1 year ago)
The Rogers Family (1 year ago)
Rose Panetta i love baseball
Nick Sir (1 year ago)
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Practically Stupid (1 year ago)
I've done this in baseballl
1:43 tagged in the Gooch. lol
BloodPups (1 year ago)
Corey Bell dropped the ball, so he was safe
Corey Bell (1 year ago)
CSX Florida Funnel Railfan dude was definitely out lol
DAVID ZARATE (1 year ago)
la que mas me gusto fue la de anthony rizzo
Dale Gibson (1 year ago)
Not hate your awesome but can you make HD videos its 2017
Charlie Penoza (1 year ago)
D3AN6ER5 SH00TZ and a little bit better sound
This is an exact copy of another avoiding tag video
noticiero mundial (1 year ago)
world sports predictions, predictions MLB,NHL,NBA, Estados unidos, new york. pic.twitter.com/qz6XsZcnX3
Tobias Harris (1 year ago)
So the going out of the base path rule doesnt apply to josh Harrison? Okay
andrea r. (1 year ago)
-Facts Only STOP his just saying something and u dont have to answer !
Joshua Fetter (1 year ago)
Actually, base paths in baseball are defined differently than a lot of people think when a tag is being applied. For one, it isn't a fixed line in between each base and actually is only established when a tag attempt is initiated. Additionally, it extends 3 feet to either side of the original base path.
littledale5 (1 year ago)
Yeah Stay out of grown folk business and it's not a beef I'm stating facts. I'm currently polishing the draco
Derek Rojas (1 year ago)
littledale5 ya know what I won't get in this beef
littledale5 (1 year ago)
24 savage what's good then fam? Had to pause my runescape video to address your goofy ass.
rlbarney2 (1 year ago)
There were at least 3 noteworthy plays where Baez alone avoided the tag, but there is only one for the cubs? Also, several of these baserunners should have been out for going out of the base path (and on to the grass) but I guess the umps were too lenient.
4Gfoley (1 year ago)
Which specific plays are you talking about? I don't really see a case for any of these to be considered running out of the basepath. Remember, the 3 feet rule is only in place when a fielder is attempting a tag. The grass really has nothing to do with it as well.
Willingly Killing (1 year ago)
The one we're puig was safe against the cubs madden reviewed that and he was out
Stephen DeGrenier (1 year ago)
You should do a video on no hitters broken up (8th inning or later!)
Shadow (1 year ago)
Umpires try to make the right call. Here there are 3 or more outs. Not really safe. Call was different.
StayClem (1 year ago)
Maravi Yoso (6 months ago)
Kool Kids (1 year ago)
I've seen this vid b4 i swear
Demintele (1 year ago)
Kool Kids EXE-Edits did this video about 7 months ago
Jack Squat (1 year ago)
great compilation... you should add Beltre running into the outfield for the last one... for the cherry on top
reezy W (1 year ago)
do slow mlb players stealing
Cayden Adley (7 months ago)
reezy W is dumb
Kahlil Robinson (9 months ago)
reezy W 🤣
Kahlil Robinson (9 months ago)
Devin Calandriello he is talking about doing a video
Kahlil Robinson (9 months ago)
reezy W cubs are the best team in baseball
Kahlil Robinson (9 months ago)
reezy W yes
BLAKE SUMMERS (1 year ago)
That was really cool how they avoid the players so they could get to the base they were going to
Gavin Free (6 months ago)
Michael Connelly (1 year ago)
you suck
Michael Connelly (1 year ago)
Teddy Taylor (1 year ago)
How high were u when u wrote this
kelly Gustin (1 year ago)

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