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NFL uniforms have one main purpose: to sell jerseys. Then there are some that are put out there that are terrible. Im no fashion expert, but these are the five ugliest jerseys in NFL history. Can we get 10000000 likes? (we can't) Twitter: https://twitter.com/FivePointsVids Don't forget to like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fivepointsgaming/ Subscribe for more funny EA Sports NHL 17, NHL Hockey, Sports Commentary and EA Sports Madden 17 Videos. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Baseball's Mission Impossible: You have to hear about the night Jason Grimsley went COVERT OPS" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPhEDLKdBbU -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Alex Carrera (5 hours ago)
49rs jersey is cool
AvsAstros (6 hours ago)
The 49ers color rush is lit
Sondra Murphy (1 day ago)
Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey is the best
Doop (1 day ago)
You are fucking retarded for saying that the only jerseys that are ugly are the eagles
Eduardo Gutierrez (1 day ago)
The stellers unoforms are not ugly
Jon Powell (2 days ago)
I think the San Fran was one of the best color rush
Zach Hutson (2 days ago)
I dont like the Steelers but I them they are lit
Sergio Morin Jr (3 days ago)
Stupid Video Bucs Uniforms look tight
Shannon Payne (4 days ago)
Ohio black/ red will forever rule
Fortnite God (4 days ago)
You guys trippin.. Steelers throwback is awesome
THUNDER PLAYZ Vlog (4 days ago)
Five points five there not even ugly you know what's ugly your face I'm sick looking at your YouTube channel you suck at making YouTube vids you suck.
Darleen Armstrong (4 days ago)
First of all the 49ers Jersey's ore fricken dope and the browns ones are eh good enough for me actually I would put the 49ers at 5 and the browns at 4
BrixForce (4 days ago)
Cmon man the niners jersey is good. Although I might be a little biased but still.
the black 49ers jersey is amazing!
Matthew Laird (7 days ago)
Buffalo Bills 2000s dark blue is pretty bad.
MOBN Elixir (7 days ago)
The throwback jerseys are sick tho like green bays and steelers lions ect.
Vumi Manseka (7 days ago)
How dare u be mean to the Steelers that’s it DISLIKED 😡😡
Licensed Contractor (11 days ago)
Can we mention the all green seattle uniform
Marquis De Sade (11 days ago)
Bucs creamsicles are awesome.
Glenda Peterson (12 days ago)
The 49ers color rush jerseys is not hard to read the numbers
Glenda Peterson (12 days ago)
The buccaneers uniform is cool
Tristan Smith (15 days ago)
I always loved the creamsicles.
Seamus Aindriu O'Coran (15 days ago)
I genuinely don't dislike any of these exept for the Ravens fucking yellow pants. Lol
Seamus Aindriu O'Coran (15 days ago)
Holy fuck, I did NOT expect anyone to notice this comment, let alone the man himself! 😀
I’m a packs fan but they really need to fix their throwback
Blacklist's World (15 days ago)
Being a huge Steelers fan, even I really hate the 1930's throwback uniforms. The 75th anniversary alternate doesn't look much better.
Thomas III Laird (18 days ago)
1.The bumble bee is one of the worst Steelers Jersey 2.Dont talk about my home team they have nice color rush jerseys and home jersey
LivyLikesChicken (19 days ago)
It's hard to read the niner's bright red numbers on the black jersey how? Plus, the bucs jersey it awesome
Dame (19 days ago)
Wow fuck you😂 had to do it to the jags
onyx ダチ (22 days ago)
Bullshit Browns have the cleanest uniforms in the leauge, don't @ me
lil cash (22 days ago)
This bitch need to shut up and stop talking trash about the Buccaneers
Alge Borusas (25 days ago)
Throwback uniforms in general are ugly.
Scott Rhoads (25 days ago)
I love the browns uniform
Pokemon Man (28 days ago)
The black 9niners isn't that bad
Pokemon Man (28 days ago)
I love the bucs uniforms you fuk
Patrick Kennedy (28 days ago)
I actually have that blue and yellow eagles Jersey
Savage life 101 (28 days ago)
This video really sucked tbh
Mark Browne (1 month ago)
This man has no taste with uniforms
Mark Browne (1 month ago)
What the he'll is wrong with the bucs uniform
Kent Boys (1 month ago)
Tanner Schmidt (1 month ago)
I like the buckeners jersey
bucs uniforms are lit
peterwoollen (1 month ago)
I actually really like the Stealers throwback uniforms.
zgerch123 (1 month ago)
Bucs browns and niners alts are all pretty nice
lilkhalim (1 month ago)
Number 1, new jersey.
James Hussey (1 month ago)
i like all these uniforms except for the steelers one
Mr. Prestigious (1 month ago)
I loved all the uniforms exept for the browns
king boberd (1 month ago)
Tampa bays uniform is awesome I like you but you have no taste.
FCG foxy (1 month ago)
Fuck you buccaneers are the best
II zNo Chill II (1 month ago)
I already know Steelers jersey are in here
Landon Houston (1 month ago)
What about the broncos yellow and brown jerseys those are ugly as heck
Kingscooter Bucs (1 month ago)
Your stupid
Michelle Odell (1 month ago)
You are a asshole
Kyler Lara (1 month ago)
The packers home jerseys are worse than the jags color rush
Kyler Lara (1 month ago)
And the jags🔥those are dope asf
Kyler Lara (1 month ago)
Ur fuckin stupid😂im sorry but these jerseys are dope asf😂🔥the bucs the steelers the 49ers all have dope jerseys😂
WeairedMango 34 (1 month ago)
Half of the Unix’s were dope
Moco cats (1 month ago)
Gaming withQueYT (1 month ago)
Twinkie Dinkie2 (1 month ago)
You forgot the greenbay afl throwbacks
Jarod Parker (1 month ago)
Don't disrespect the bucs
Joey Cole (1 month ago)
The browns uni’s are high key sick so idk what this dudes talking about
Andrew Winters (1 month ago)
I like the 49ers jersey
Andrew Winters (1 month ago)
I l
BearsFanSince2004. (1 month ago)
THOSE 49ers jerseys are the best.
Deadly Dinosaur 101 (1 month ago)
Your trash for judging these teams
Sergei Barrett (1 month ago)
I’m a ravens fan and I agree 😂😂😂
Andy Little (1 month ago)
1:16 As a Falcons fan, if like to personally say, got em!!!
CTM ATM (1 month ago)
What about packers throw backs
Michelle Odell (1 month ago)
Fuck you guys
Flo_ grown (1 month ago)
Chandler 101 (1 month ago)
call me weird but the pit and niners jerseys are cool
Sean Jacobson (1 month ago)
I am surprised you didn’t pick the cream sickles (Bright Dolphins orange)
Jaxson Maass (1 month ago)
Number 5 is bull shit
Stuart Reid (1 month ago)
Mall brake is the best
M the Ninja (1 month ago)
But the Buccaneers logo...!
Tom Martin (1 month ago)
That 49ers jersey is beautiful
Tyler Kelley (2 months ago)
Ok I may be a Broncos fan but why on earth are their brown and yellow 60s jerseys not on here? Like for real it looks like some little kid smeared shit into a puddle of mustard
Evan Weiss (2 months ago)
I actually dig the Bucs jerseys
GrocMax (2 months ago)
I can't watch Thursday Night Football because of the risk of my eyeballs exploding.
John Idan (2 months ago)
l like jagers unform
DDS029 (2 months ago)
Nike is the worst offender at telling you what looks good, and just because it's Nike everyone sucks it up like mothers milk. The fonts have no rhyme or reason, no consistency. The Lions jersey's designer should be taken out back and shot, like all the other useless animals. He/She likely also did the 49'ers Black and Reds, and the Browns Orange and Black (or Brown, what is that?). If you are only going to have two colors, they had better be the right colors. I'm a casual fan. Being from SE Michigan I see the Lions a lot. During a play I have no idea who is who! The recent Honolulu Blue, Silver numbers, WITH the narrow White outline and heavier Black outline worked. Silver and Gold take on the lighting around it. They look dark indoors, and bright outdoors in the sun. But the Blue is a mid-tone, so it does the same thing! Simple designer logic for readability. Dark background, light lettering or outline. Light backround, dark lettering or outline. Mid-tone background, both. I lettered race cars for 40 years and it's the same principle.
David Lafleche (2 months ago)
1993 New England Patriots. #1 draft pick Drew Bledsoe modeled the new design. During a Red Sox game, Sean McDonough said, "Those new Patriots uniforms are absolutely hideous!"
Krytac (2 months ago)
I like the 49ers jersey 😢😢
Paul Madkow (2 months ago)
I agree with a lot of these comments. The current bucs unis are pretty cool. As a Packers fan, the packers acme throwbacks are ugly. Finally, Steelers jail breaks are the worst.
Stephanie B (2 months ago)
as a Steelers fan I HATE the throwback uniforms. Why stripes? why white blocks with the. number, do we really need to resurrect these things?
AY15 Gaming (2 months ago)
Love your vids but I love everyone of these jerseys you said I respect your opinion though and I hope you respect mine
Nick Pallante (2 months ago)
Bucs current is not that bad
A1zWestcoast (2 months ago)
I smoke the kush and i think the black niners jersey is gangsta lol replace it with the oldest retro packers or bears jersey...
Owen Tonery (2 months ago)
I feel like I’m the only person who likes the jags color rush
James Sorrells (2 months ago)
Shoot, pay me like that I will wear whatever they want me to wear 🤣! Nah good vid man there are some awful jerseys out there. I also would love to see some of these helmet ideas implemented from some of these videos about NFL helmet designs. Very nice designs all of the them in these helmet videos.
Chris W (2 months ago)
You should do Top 10 Ugliest NHL jerseys.
chessmaster704 (3 months ago)
The Steelers are 5-0 in those gems dating back to 2012 I think.
My Thoughts (3 months ago)
The bucs current uniform is dope
Lleython Lopez (3 months ago)
like 1
Lleython Lopez (3 months ago)
I like Tampa heresy now
Michael (3 months ago)
The powder blue Chargers jerseys 🔥
Shady Scizor (4 months ago)
The mustard pants were amazing 😂 I lowkey miss them as a Ravens fan
Aryaveer Suri (4 months ago)
Hey, the Steelers throwback jerseys are nice
Kitchener Leslie (4 months ago)
Dawg I had to re visit this video for old times sake and you left out the 1960’s Broncos poo and pee uni’s
kingfish4242 (4 months ago)
The 1960-61 Denver Broncos has to be top 5

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