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Dreaming Of Your Past (back home, school, job or test) And Background Powers

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Retrogressive dreams are evidence that you're dealing with limiting and destiny demoting powers of your father's house. You must deal with these powers before you move forward in life and ministry to fulfill your call and do exploits. These powers work with domestic witchcraft, marine powers, and occultism in concert or conspiracy to cause delays or ruin glorious destinies. These ancestral family altars can cry out to cause people who started well to end poorly. Some of the pointer dreams are: seeing yourself in old family home, back in the countryside, back in old school with old classmates or job colleagues or old bosses back in the day. Or, seeing dead family members, progenitors or neighbors. They are responsible for slumbering spirit--sleeping sickness or excessive snoring like an old man (if a child).
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Juliana Chirwa (4 days ago)
Thank you Dr Uzo. Is it the same foundational powers that cause dreams where you have a funeral and the funeral is for someone who already died in real life
God bless you dr uzo
Monica Mordi (27 days ago)
please pray for me pastor, because of the set back, I have gone from church for prayers to no solution . 90 percent of message is happening to me.
Cymantha Chandler (1 month ago)
I dreamt of being followed in the shops buy a old bald blue man blue skinned silent and then suddenly me and my boyfriend walking down the street and got hit by a car that pushed us over a fence and fell into a blue kids shell pool and then woke up I never seen the man with the blue skin ever in my life was very strange
Uzo Geoff Media (1 month ago)
The old blue bald man is ancestral evil spirit. Being pulled down is near escape from accident. Pray against any form of accident programmed by ancestral idols in disguise.
Rufaro Mundenda (1 month ago)
This video has helped me and and opened my eyes. Please pray for me. I really need deliverance
Keith Allen (1 month ago)
I had a great dream jan 28th 2019.A very tall angel.about 16 feet.yellow clothes.beautiful orangy pink environment.evil attacks stopped after the angel picked me up.he had arched nose blond hair.maybe Uriel.
shauni p (1 month ago)
I keep having dreams about being in college and being absent from history class and not being able to pass the test. I wake up very sad. I also keep dreaming about places I used to live with my exhusband. I dream of my deceased grandmother's house often or will see her in a dream. I also dream about my aunt who's alive. She was trying to give me tuna but I didn't want any. My life is upside down and I'm a Christian. Why am I understand such a furious attack? My life is not going how it should. I had a promising future.
michelle white (1 month ago)
How many days to fast and what kind of fast to do pastor. what Bible verse to pray.
Melanie Leath (2 months ago)
I am experiencing all this. It's frustrating to me because I have listened over and over. I don't know where to start, where do I begin?
Sam Henderson (1 month ago)
You should listen to a man named Kevin Ewing on this topic. He explains how we need to use Scripture in our prayers, specific scriptures that match what we’re dealing with , coupled with fasting against the enemy and the altars set up in your life
Joyce Kurgat (3 months ago)
Thank you Dr.Uz for the teaching, God bless you
Princess Ebusetala (3 months ago)
This are the dreams I always dream about every night God please deliver me 🙏🙏. I see myself in my old school days, spiritual husband every night 😭. Jesus christ I need you in my life
Lovely Babes (3 months ago)
The devil and his cohorts are wicked and most be dealt with accordingly. The blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus is a sure weapon. #MYGODISFAITHFUL
Isabel Jam (3 months ago)
God this is what is happening to me right now for over 12 years
Joanne Lindsay (3 months ago)
Years now.I.dreaming. a move into a house I used to.live in.just.last week I.dream it again and my life is.just stagnant working.and have.nothing pls.pray.for.me
Carol Byfield (3 months ago)
Thank you please pray for me in Jesus name amen
Cynthia Gwanfogbe (4 months ago)
I dreamed thrice about the town I was born and grew up in. Once I dreamed I went there with my whole family...I told my husband to stay at where we were lodging while I go for a walk with the kids...Another time, I dreamed I went back to the place I worked 4 years ago...and they were saying they are so happy to have me back and they miss my talent...they said straightaway I must go on and present the news (I worked as a journalist).I will pray...next, man of God...prayer points in this light
Cynthia Gwanfogbe (4 months ago)
+Uzo Geoff Media Thank you Sir...prayer guidance please
Uzo Geoff Media (4 months ago)
It's dream of setbacks of ancestral altars regardless of how pleasant it looks. Three times means it's no longer pending in the spirit but it's manifesting already in your life, career and cashlow as if your yesteryears is far better than the present.
Aksah SofiYah W. (5 months ago)
Prosperity Edwards (5 months ago)
High School was the happiest time of my life. I love to dream about this time and I get to see my first love and I feel happy again. Maybe something wrong with me. Please for your prayers
Soul tie
Neo Thamae (5 months ago)
thank you for an eye opener, I used to dream of solders when I was young they would have sex with me a lot.even today I dream of being back home everyday,school taking a test and being afraid I have not finished it dreaming of my late mother and holding foreign money.Im from Africa country called Lesotho please pray for me so that I progress and stop having money problems I fight a lot with my husband about money.
Izevbuwa cynthia (6 months ago)
I had a dream that someone was sharing money to a group of people, when it get to my turn , the person stoped giving, sir please I don’t no what to do .
Uzo Geoff Media (6 months ago)
It's a motion picture that the enemy (ancestral spirit) is stopping your cash flow or. blockage of your finances. Reject, cancel the dream, renounce it to remove the impediments to your finances. Destroy every financial barricades from the root. Destroy the spirit of the devourer or financial ruin and cause your financial blessing to manifest as you release your angel of money to bless you abundantly in Jesus name (John 10:10).
Thomas Targbe (6 months ago)
i will fight that demons with the blood of Jesus, now i know that the power form my father house is active in my life,Jesus blood with set me free,i will fight this demons with the blood of jesus
Thomas Targbe (6 months ago)
please pray for me man of God,i keep dreaming about my past school,now i know now that the power of my father house is still active in my life, i will not give off i will fight that demon through the blood of Jesus
Herald Loshi (6 months ago)
Please pray for me and my family.This dreams are a reality.
pikani swu (6 months ago)
Please pray for my deliverance
rita agaba (6 months ago)
Thank you man of God! I have been dreaming about these dreams and now my life is on a hold
Faniyi Olusola (6 months ago)
You have really taught the nitty-gritty of this topic
Sujit Varma (6 months ago)
Please pray for me I m facing this dream and causing failure
Miss Elmyra (6 months ago)
Thank you for this word! I've had many dreams of past jobs and being with a past husband I'm no longer married to. I've prayed for these spirits to be destroyed and I've fasted but even as soon as last night I had another dream about being with my former husband! I'm exhausted! Will you please pray? Thank you in advance and God bless you!!
Miss Elmyra (6 months ago)
+Uzo Geoff Media I understand. What about dreaming of an old boss from a job in the 80's?
Uzo Geoff Media (6 months ago)
You're divorce but still has soul ties with your ex-husband. That's why familiar spirits are infiltrating and manipulating your dreams.
Wk Online (7 months ago)
What if i have dreams of people in my past i use to be friends i keep having these dreams of relationships i cut off
Yes that's right soul tie I had dreams consistently with a boy from my childhood school it was a soultie and God broke it thank God I got set free. It took me a while to understand it cause the enemy used it to his advantage. God bless you
Dawn Goodman (3 months ago)
I woke up rebuking demonic entities and spirits in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I dreamt of two people I lived with for a short time. I was asked in a dream about horoscopes, witchcraft, I said I do not believe in those things, I rebuke you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Just kept repeating and woke up in pain, continuing prayers! Looked at the time and it 3:13 am
Cynthia Gwanfogbe (4 months ago)
+Uzo Geoff Media Thank you Sir
Wayne Kirk TV (7 months ago)
+Uzo Geoff Media my name is Dewayne Kirkham
Wayne Kirk TV (7 months ago)
+Uzo Geoff Media sir thank you i will follow these instructions i ask may you pray for me in my relationship with Christ also my marriage ive been without work and it came to point where my wife wants divorce sort of and eviction in my home. And lack. I do not idolize you sir but know in word it say a wise man walks in the counsel of the godly . i receive as you pray.
Mary blinks (7 months ago)
Please pray for me.. I have been having all this dreams. Thanks
Benjamin Agyemang (7 months ago)
+Uzo Geoff Media Ministries please my name is Yaw Ayisi and have been experiencing this type of this dream especially in my village, at school and give me simple exams but I will sitting there till the time is up this dream is affecting my daily life please prophet pray for me
Uzo Geoff Media (7 months ago)
My father my fighter, as I pray for Mary, I set ablaze every power fighting her destiny behind the scenes. In the name of Jesus Christ, I destroy every strange altar, shrines, oracles, powers and idols or entities manipulating your dreams, career, cash flow, job, marriage, health and relationships. I destroy the yoke of delay, stagnation, disappointments and rejection. I break every curse and empowering covenant and extricate you from your natural bloodline. I release the blood of Jesus into your background and silence every evil altar crying against your life and destiny. I release the fire of the Holy Spirit against.
Eritrea Smith (7 months ago)
God bless you MOG this’s my first time I enjoyed it
Nkululeko Mshenxa (8 months ago)
Mary Makau (8 months ago)
Thank you man of God For this enlightenment I have been having this dreams ever since i was a little girl Now i know i will pray and battle with them in the name of Jesus they will be defeated Thank you for sharing this Pray for me too man of God I am Mary living in Lebanon
marcel guimgo (4 months ago)
Uzo Geoff Media how can we pray against this backwardness dreams I have these dreams every time I am after a business deal and usually the deal will fail I need your help please guide me how can I contact you ? Thank you 🙏
Mary Makau (8 months ago)
Pray for me please man of God
Uzo Geoff Media (8 months ago)
Your dealing with limiting ancestral forces causing your setbacks. They are manipulating your destiny through these familiar spirit dreams.
Mary Makau (8 months ago)
I have been seeing myself in my primary school with my former class mates many times Other times in my secondary school Sometimes I'm doing an exam I'll see myself helping others with the exam I left school 7 years ago This happens when I'm expecting something or i decide to do something to move forward i see my self in school Ever since i was a little girl At times I've had sensual experiences in the dreams and i noticed that every time I see this If I'm working I'll lose the job or its something i was expecting it won't happen or i will just stop like that Please pray for me man of God I've been struggling with this for many years I'm convinced that I'm not where God meant be to now Pray for I will pray too and now serious than ever
Uzo Geoff Media (8 months ago)
What exactly is the nature of the reoccurring dreams? You must start with the description of the dream, then I can interpret the meaning or significance before the applications or timing.
David Mubita (8 months ago)
God bless you Man of God.... What you just mentioned here..former school like still in primary school or high school .in my former classes writing a test.or sometimes in my high school hostel.not finishing the test... Back in my old house where i grew up..driving cars but in the dream i do not know how to drive or the car am driving moves backwards in reverse... Graves...Tombs... I also have one problem... I only eat once a day in the evening after work but am not losing weight(this is in reality)... back in the dream..i see soldiers and police man hunting me or sometimes the police or army have made a curfew say maybe at a certain hour in the dream before i make it back to my residence...i live in Africa Namibia by the way
Yes definitely your under attack read psalm 91, 23, and 27 and see the salvation of the lord pray and fasting is good too.
Taofeeqah A (4 months ago)
David Mubita that is a huge witchcraft activities. Stand ur ground bro, and resist the works of the devil. Read the book of Luke 10 vrs 19, and James 4 vrs 7. Take care and be strong in the Lord🙏🏽
Ojo Opeyemi Dorcas (8 months ago)
I do pray of my old university doing exams as if I haven't graduated Please I need your serious prayers.
Jocelyn Akinyi (2 months ago)
I keep having this dream as well. I mostly dream that I am in a maths exam but am usually not prepared and never finish the exam. I finished high school ten years ago and was top in maths. So I don't fear maths.
Uzo Geoff Media (8 months ago)
You're dealing with strong background powers causing setbacks or retrogression in life. Ordinary or empty prayers will not cut it. You need first to repent of ancestral sins and ask for forgiveness. Also for your own entanglements. Dismantle and Destroy the ancient altars of wickedness after three days fasting. Give your own sacrifice to God to activate, connect my network with my altar. Then the Lord takes over the battle against evil altars manipulating your destiny through backward dreams.
Deborah Nambuya (8 months ago)
I dream of loosing phone.
Christine Faith (7 months ago)
I had a dream where my phone was almost stolen. I was sitting in class and the girl behind me tried to steal my phone from my back pocket but I caught her. Later, I received a video call on this phone from an old family friend I haven't seen in years asking me have I sent or received his mail which I replied no. And later that night, this same girl was near my front door with her friend, and I opened my door and tried to befriend them but they jumped on me and tried to attack me. Please what does this mean?
Uzo Geoff Media (8 months ago)
This dream may have different explanation and interpretation. 1. That means loss of communication or contact from an important person in your life. 2. Some of your unfriendly friends will sudden stop calling or change number without warning or notice. 3. Your hearing from the Holy Spirit of God may be lost or blocked by the enemy if you're a spiritual person. Solution: Cancel and refuse this dream manipulation. Pray to regain and retain your phone. Destroy sponsoring altar of the enemy who comes to steal (loss), kill and destroy.
Mel Charis (8 months ago)
What about jumping off a high building and never landing? My heart keeps racing until I wake up. Secondly, since childhood, I keep vomiting some white stuff like coconut chaff. It never stops coming out of my throat until I wake up. Please help!!
Uzo Geoff Media (8 months ago)
This is evil spirit dream manipulation of incompleted task. The dream interpretation is that you jump into a project or program but never completes it or get to the end of it. It's the work of ancestral altars to limit your destiny. The white coconut chaff-like substance is also the work of familiar spirit from the ancestry who may have offered coconut sacrifices to the evil altar and are making their presence known to present generation. You need hands-on deliverance to disconnect you from the manifestations of these evil forces. You can't do it on your own by self-deliverance prayers; you need higher grace and anointing that breaks the yoke.
Violet Sawyers (10 months ago)
I needed this pray for me in jamaica thank you
Sunil Kumar (10 months ago)
Kindly pray for deliverance from seeing dead relatives... Eating in dreams, my late daddy fighting with me,,, in Jesus name Amen
Uzo Geoff Media (8 months ago)
7028841334 or Send email: [email protected]
St. Michael Anthony (8 months ago)
Uzo Geoff Media Ministries How may I get in touch with you directly?
Uzo Geoff Media (8 months ago)
You're dealing with ancestral and transgenerational altars. They are making their presence felt and can cut short your lifestyle if you don't fast, pray and disconnect yourself. The spirit of death works with coffin, grave and hell spirit.
Ernie Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Question Today I was in the bus thinking about the church closing doors because of theft and low budget church issues. As I was pondering this in my mind this black rock hit the bus floor near my view another passenger and myself heard it hit the floor but No clue where it came far. Amen.

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