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MLB Worst Calls

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John Schmelzinger (5 days ago)
infield fly not a terrible call really
Big Mac (7 days ago)
Wtf happened at 1:30 that over turned that call?
hatfez (7 days ago)
There are no "bad calls", just calls. These are judgment calls. Right or wrong after replay, review, whatever, this is the human aspect of the game. Umpires are human, with human senses. The will not always get it right, but if in their judgement they make a call, accept it & move on. Or you're gone!
Thomas Butler (8 days ago)
You know I have wondered since the 90s even why they still have umps in any game to make official calls. They are always under review anyway. Video proof is better than any call an ump can make. Just saying they have had instant replays for how long now?
Robert Jones (9 days ago)
I hate Atlanta and their officiating crew
rwg1949yt (9 days ago)
these umpire calls are like the way democrats count votes, erroneously.
Wayne Ermine (11 days ago)
how do they become umpires wow they are blind
Jaqen H'ghar (12 days ago)
A lot of these umps are on the take, no doubt
EntertainmentUniverse (12 days ago)
Am I the only one that thinks that he wasnt gonna catch it anyway on the fan interference. I mean, by the time the fan touched it the fielder hadnt even jumped. It would have hit off the wall and Jeter getsa double anyway
Chukwillard (13 days ago)
We can review plays now you fucking dirty umpires.
Captain Nwalps (13 days ago)
Gee if only there was some technology we could use to rewatch plays and make sure the play was called right. I guess that’s just a dream.
Art Gutierrez (13 days ago)
Criminal charges should be filed for the ump that called that first pitch a strike. It's so blatantly wrong, that it's suspect.
Matt O (13 days ago)
U ended video on weird note. That's an incredibly close call to make. Not really a blown, obvious call like rest.
Matt O (13 days ago)
1:42 did he even touch home plate??!?
for toby (15 days ago)
The david ortiz one make me really mad
Bill Konyha (16 days ago)
Announcers should have to take a Rules test. As a retired minor league and NCAA Division I umpire I assure you that they got it right.
jOSE Cant SEE (19 days ago)
Why couldn’t they go to replay on the no hitter ?
Sir Halftime (17 days ago)
jOSE Cant SEE I’m assuming it was before the replay
Logan W (20 days ago)
I would not be so calm if David Ortiz was screaming in my face. That ump made a crappy call but he has guts
Jivan Scarano (20 days ago)
MLB -Worst Calls- Some bad calls, and some announcers who don't understand rules
Strife Lee Simpson (20 days ago)
Are we gonna ignore the guy falling on the ground before at 9:51?
Matt Bowen (21 days ago)
MLB stay being the league with the worst officiating in North America
joeashbubemma (21 days ago)
This is why I don't bet sports.....it's all rigged.
Jacquelyn Rodriguez (23 days ago)
We pay these umps to much to give us this kind of bs
temporarysanity (25 days ago)
I've never understood how an umpire who's lined up on the inside of the plate can possibly make a call from a pitch on the outside of the plate.
Dustin Crisci (27 days ago)
First Call (0:00) - I wish viewers could see the box, but it looked like ball four to me. Its break was getting lower and more outside, but it depends on where it ended up right when it hit the catchers glove. The umpire also took a while to call it. BAD Second Call (0:16) - It was playable for the shortstop AND left fielder, shortstop had to be at least 15-20 feet off the infield dirt, didn't look like they had an intent to drop the ball and turn a double play, so that isn't right. Plus it's the playoffs with an extra umpire. Cmon. BAD Third Call (0:55) - He was obviously still showing bunt, the up close replay and freeze shows. Not much to say on this one. BAD Fourth Call (1:22) - I watched a separate video on this, apparently the catcher broke an interference rule, but I don't see how he could have been doing so. They could say he's blocking the plate, but I didn't think he was doing that enough. The throw beat the runner by a lot, so as long as the catcher doesn't miss the tag (which he didn't) he should be out. BAD Fifth Call (2:06) - I don't think that type of play is reviewable, even today. It did look like he was pulled off the bag though. One could argue that his momentum was going off the bag anyway but the fielder pulled him off anyhow. The umpires should have overturned this. BAD Sixth Call (2:39) - It obviously goes off his foot. Another strange play, that I don't think can be reviewed today. But it obviously goes off his foot. Although there wasn't replay, there are four umpires there who ALL didn't see it go off his foot. Seriously... BAD Seventh Call (3:03) - From the side view it looked that the runner never hit the grass, which means he's not out of the baseline, and the fielder clearly missed the tag, so that shouldn't be a double play. One might argue the ball hit the runner on the hit before it got to the fielder, but it clearly didn't there either. Oh, a Yankees-Red Sox blown call is the best. BAD Eighth Call (3:32) - Like the first call, I wish viewers could see the box. It looked like ball two to me. Its break was getting lower and more outside as well, and once again, it depends on where it ended up right when it hit the catchers glove. Damn, Joe Girardi got his money's worth. As a Yankees fan, I like to see that. He had a nice 10 years. And if that umpire had missed calls in the same game before, that gives Girardi even more of a reason. BAD Ninth Call (4:33) - First baseman clearly off the base, umpire right there, replay shows it, nothing else really to say. BAD Tenth Call (5:06) - That is obviously bad. The pitchers foot got on the base before the runner. And that play ruined the pitcher's perfect game with two outs in the ninth inning. But everyone makes mistakes, and I like how Jim Joyce admitted to his blown call afterwards. Still a bad call and a disappointment, and I hated Jim Joyce in the moment. BAD Eleventh Call (5:45) - It looked as if he was out. Foot on the base from the first baseman, and even though the throw was bad, the first baseman still got it. One could argue that there was interference because the runner went flying, but it looked like he tripped on the bag trying to beat the throw (which he didn't). So I don't think that was the right call. BAD Twelfth Call (5:59) - It's actually pretty close, and the Angels shouldn't have assumed it didn't hit the ground and go straight to the dugout. I like the heads up play by the hitter running to first as well. Keep in mind the umpire had an opposite direction view of it as well. To me it looked like the ball didn't hit the ground, but because of everything going on and how close it was, I'll say it wasn't completely bad. Like 50-60% bad. Thirteenth Call (6:54) - Announcers pretty much took the words right out of me. Fair ball, off tip of glove and then lands fair. There are extra umps in the playoffs how you you miss that one. BAD Fourteenth Call (7:35) - The Jeffery Mayer incident is one of the first blown calls I ever watched and once again with extra playoff umps how is this one missed. Mayer clearly reached over the wall to catch it. Should be no homer, although I'll take it as a yankees fan. BAD Fifteenth Call (8:10) - Another one for the Yankees. This time with a strike/ball call we do have the box, and the first pitch is in the box, and it's breaking low and away once again. But because of the box and what I see, I'll say it's a strike, so ump got that one right. The second pitch is where he should have walked. That pitch was low according to the box and my eyes and David didn't even swing. Wow. But again, as a Yankees fan, I will take this. Yankees got so many their way in this video. I'll say this is 75% bad.  Sixteenth Call (9:07) - This one is very close. I personally think he's safe. It doesn't matter if the throw beats the runner by a mile, the catcher still has to tag the runner. It was close, but I'm saying he didn't. It looked like he just swept air. Cmon Pirates bias announcers, say something about that. This could go either way though. Another consider the game was in the 19th inning, 7 hours long, umpires wanted to wrap things up. But that shouldn't play a role. I'm saying this call was a good one though.  Seventeenth Call (10:04) - Another one that goes in favor of the Yankees that I'll take. But Cano and Posada are clearly off of 3rd base when they are tagged by the catcher, Posada could even be ruled out of the baseline. There is also the concept of Cano passing Posada on the base paths, but I don't think that happened. Still, they are both out. BAD Eighteenth Call (10:46) - I think that's too much of a bang bang play to be considered bad, but I'll say it is because replay shows he's out. It's like 90% bad. Personally, that's one of the most bang bang plays at first I've ever see. Wow, what a video.
JR McFarland (28 days ago)
1:52 thats my birthday
JR McFarland (28 days ago)
Just the july 31 part not the year
Ben Donaghy (28 days ago)
What happened at 150? Why was it overturned?
Jivan Scarano (20 days ago)
The runner wasn't able to touch home plate, because the catcher obstructed him without the ball, so he was awarded home plate due to obstruction
BJ Stone (29 days ago)
Every infielder who has ever played the game is taught to apply the tag and hold on to it until the play is over. Ron Gant's momentum took him off the bag, Hrbek's fundamentals were perfect. And here is how you KNOW it was a good call: Tim McCarver thinks it was a bad one. That's all you need to know. Poor NL homer Timmy didn't get things his way and said on TV it was a bad call. It was not.
wingmanalive (30 days ago)
You can call it corrupt but sometimes it's just a bad call. They HAVE to stick to their decision or it shows their incompetency. Kinda like getting married in the 70's. Today every marriage goes through instant replay.
Victorlex (30 days ago)
Can’t blame the ump for taking the bribe from team they call in favour for.
Jimi Workhorse (1 month ago)
JIM Joyce is a Fucking Joke..Straight out of a Comic book
Kevin Lake (1 month ago)
I'm a life long Braves fan and that infield fly call almost caused me to kick my tv in.
Michael Mcardle (1 month ago)
UMPS suck. We all know sports are fixed. And now Nation wide sports gambling. So sad to see all the games die.
Phatooine (1 month ago)
How is it that the Yankees are the beneficiary of so many shitty calls? I smell fix.
Nate Peterson (1 month ago)
If you consider the Infield Fly play to be a bad call simply because "the ball was in the outfield, not the infield," you don't know the rules. If you want to argue that the ball couldn't be caught with "ordinary effort" by the fielder, and that's why the call was wrong, that's at least somewhat reasonable.
Michael Horsey (1 month ago)
The first call is the right call
seabrook1976 (1 month ago)
3:47 Laz Diaz don’t put up with sheeeeit.
edwards house (1 month ago)
I like how the pitcher at 0:05 is even shocked
ZSxWafflez ッ (1 month ago)
edwards house I would’ve
David Wilson (1 month ago)
Everyone knows when you hear "...and the Yankees catch a break..." that we know what the score is $$$
zachery alderton (1 month ago)
Austin Mosley (1 month ago)
0:17 This is what made me stop watching baseball for like 5 years
Yevgeny Dodzin (2 months ago)
1:42 shows why video review is the shit that came out of the MLBs ass. They need to get rid of it
JDeppFan2272 (2 months ago)
Can we please please, pretty please with sugar on top, get rid of ALL human officials across sports? It's 20freaking19!!!!!! Computers can do the job 100% accurately 100% of the time in nanoseconds.
smarterthanyous (2 months ago)
Ken hrbeck is a piece of shit.
Same Differences (2 months ago)
seems like the Angels showed up a lot in this compilation..lol..the kid in the 1996 ALCS is by far one of the worst blown calls of all time.
kenwes69 (2 months ago)
Infield fly rule in the outfield
Nate Peterson (1 month ago)
Infield fly only relies on an infielder's ability to catch the ball with ordinary effort. It doesn't actually matter where the ball is hit, other than it having to be a fair fly ball.
A Llama (2 months ago)
baseball players get really angry lol
Paul Buonviaggio (2 months ago)
some ass on that Jeter guy
5891lopez (2 months ago)
Umpires abuse their power they can yell curse and stare down a players & coaches which is perfectly ok. But the players and and coaches do it they get ejected and fined. I'm not a MLB fan by no means but come on please tell me they are held accountable. the umpires
Erik Weiss (2 months ago)
Can we stop putting the IFF on all these “worst calls” videos?!? It’s the correct call!!!!
R J (2 months ago)
How long is Scioscia gonna be manager for the Angels?!?
Iosue þe Fyrd (2 months ago)
I cannot begin to describe my anger at watching these.
MrSimmies (2 months ago)
Most MLB umpires are straight up dog shit. That left field umpire which they use in all-star and playoff games was only 20 feet away and still couldn't see that it was fair. Jim Joyce's blown call at first screwed that young Tigers pitcher out of a perfect game!!! That was the final out of the ninth inning. But the biggest joke of an ump is Crawford That arrogant buffoon was on Bryant Dumbo's HBO show a few years back on an episode examining the use of a computer to call balls and strikes. He actually said MLB doesn't need it because he has seen home-plate umps call perfect games. I am still laughing at that. Do you know that more than half of calls that managers challenge are overturned!!!???? And those are gimmie calls that Stevie Wonder gets right. And I recently read that balls and strikes are correctly called only 89% of the time. They flat out suck!
Jacob Rudy (2 months ago)
The first strike to Ortiz wasn’t terrible. But as a Yankees fan I can say the second one was pitiful
All out F150 (2 months ago)
These guys should be replaced and fired
Albert Belle's Mugshot (2 months ago)
When even the pitcher to the other team is saying "Wow" to a strike call, you know you've made a shitty call as an ump.
Jack Peters (3 months ago)
9:09 That was the most dogshit call out of all of these
savage ninja (3 months ago)
Boycott mlb umpires
daniel block (3 months ago)
Infield fly rule was called correctly
bigchief2472000 (3 months ago)
1:31 The catcher has possession of the ball and the runner is approximately 10 ft from the plate. He definitely didn't impede the runner from getting to the plate before he had possession of the ball. Clearly not a violation of 7.13.
Julian B (3 months ago)
9:08 wasn't a bad call. Still impossible to tell if the catcher made the tag
Teh 1999 Spartan / Brian (3 months ago)
1:48 look at the guy with the glasses and neck tie. He does not care about the call at all lol
a456987 (3 months ago)
Umpires have too much power
Teh 1999 Spartan / Brian (4 months ago)
3:00 That guy did not even feel the pain. He handled it really well.
Teh 1999 Spartan / Brian (4 months ago)
Teh 1999 Spartan / Brian (4 months ago)
9:13 I have a feeling that the umpire was blind :\
Teh 1999 Spartan / Brian (4 months ago)
CFSVA14 None (4 months ago)
Some of these were legit misses and not necessarily "bad" calls.
George Ramirez (4 months ago)
If ballplayers wouldn't cheat u wouldn't need replay!!
PabloCruise91 (4 months ago)
So if you bunt and foul it's the same as a swing-and-a-miss?
chris camardelle (4 months ago)
I bet if umpires would get hit by a bat ever now and then, they'd call better games :)
chris camardelle (4 months ago)
Tis is why EVERY call made by an umpire should be able to be reviewed. I know it will extend the game, but as a player, Id prefer a fairly called game vs. getting it over quicker.
Dream Big (4 months ago)
Hi random person scrolling through the comments
The Saminater (5 months ago)
this makes me so angry XD
ZMHighlights (5 months ago)
this is why 40+ year old men should not be umpires
캡틴연개소문 (5 months ago)
It is unbelievable ump judgement
Steven Stallings (5 months ago)
I don't like wishing harm on someone but I hope that guy at 2:00 fuckin steps on a Lego
Mega Knight (3 months ago)
Steven Stallings Jerry Meals?
Steven Stallings (3 months ago)
+Mega Knight ok that guy needs to step on a Lego
Mega Knight (3 months ago)
Steven Stallings Look at 9:08 that call
Steven Stallings (3 months ago)
+Mega Knight starts at 1:23
Mega Knight (3 months ago)
Steven Stallings Ok btw which call in the video u think was the worst?
JRedBoss (5 months ago)
10:50 the play is extremely close that isn’t bad at all
Kyle Millard (5 months ago)
I dont watch baseball much but are they not allowed to challenge these calls? seems like too much power in the game is in the home plate umpires hands. interesting.
Michele McDaniel (5 months ago)
Back the there was no instant replay rule
Joel Pinnell (5 months ago)
I thought it would be funny to watch this until I did. Atlanta Braves Fan
Cole Koopmans (5 months ago)
Michele McDaniel (5 months ago)
And Tim McCarver
Paul Lagasse (6 months ago)
It's funny and scary at the same time at how bad some of theses calls are I get it its a tough job and it's easy to make the right call watching it in super slow mo but come on some of theses guys should be fired
notta3d (6 months ago)
Every call was terrible. Shockingly bad. The last one probably shouldn't have made the list as it was fairly close.
Bobby Gray (6 months ago)
When in doubt call em out...
TheBigGuy3380 (6 months ago)
Last one looked safe
Lil Xtra (6 months ago)
For the life of me i've never understood how Galarraga finished that game. I would have gotten thrown out. I honestly think I might have attacked him. You know how many perfect games have been thrown? 210'000 plus games played, 23 perfect ones. 23. I actually end up in tears if I talk about this moment with someone in real life because it bothers me so much that he doesn't have that on his record. At least we all know...
Steven Kramer (6 months ago)
My kids little league has pitchers constantly throwing wild pitches and NOT letting the baserunners advanced. SUCH BS!!!! 😏
ThatHoosierGuy (6 months ago)
I'm a Yankees fan but even I'll admit Ortiz got screwed bad.
Emerald Boy921 (6 months ago)
That Angel's game in the playoffs still stings
Skyler McGrath (7 months ago)
The pirate 19 inning game call was so bad I don’t know how that umpire still has a job my dude 🤦‍♀️
Mike C. (7 months ago)
Theres a LOT of MLB umpires who cant call balls and strikes. These dumb-ass attention-starved umpires would much rather be demonstrative and show-off their YERRR...OUTTTT!!! than make the correct call. Managers should go off on them much more than they do ---
ThatManWebby (7 months ago)
Inrule fly rule is a terrible rule
Ken Bley (7 months ago)
Joe Mauer's hit was in the playoffs... In NY...easily the worst call ever..
Nikolich lives (7 months ago)
Umps dirty like nba refs
H-Account (7 months ago)
8:11 I mean, the catcher's glove it's confusing, but it was a good call, the strike zone in the bottom-right corner shows it, the pitch was the number 5 and it's actually in the corner, it's not a bad call
Dale Fever (7 months ago)
well these umpires must be getting paid under the table because ive watch alot of these holy shit wish i was getting their pay
Mega Knight (7 months ago)
3:52 lol
Hank Murphy (8 months ago)
The fix was in in 1985. Gamblers must have paid the umps off to make sure the Royals won the WS. The umps gave the Royals the win over Toronto and then they really, really cheated the Cards. The most illegitimate World Series since the 1919. Most of the calls in this video are inexcusable and the umps who made them were either on the take or incompetent, and either way they should be fired.
Michele McDaniel (5 months ago)
I dunno when the red Sox won the series for the 1st time since the End of the Ottoman empire, the home plate ump stole every game
midnighter64 (8 months ago)
The Gallaraga/Jim Joyce call still haunts me to this day. A perfect game taken away and not overturned by Selig even though Joyce admitted to it. Awful.
jacob (8 months ago)
last ones a tough call to make in action

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