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Paint FX: Photo Effects Editor on the iPhone and iPad

10 ratings | 14182 views
★Apply filters, effects, colors on photos any way you want with the swipe of a finger★ ★ Featured as "New and Noteworthy" app overall and "Staff Favorite" ★ ★★ Now natively supported on iPad as a Universal version★★ With Paint FX you have a possibility to let your photos express your emotions and tell your own story. Choose from ton of effects and filters and apply them at any part of the image with a simple touch of your finger. Indulge your creativity and share it with the world! Paint FX is the first app ever that gives you the ability to decide whether you want to adjust your whole picture, or just a certain part of it. And don't just stop at one effect - Paint FX also allows you to apply multiple effects on top of each other. Whether you are looking to add just a little bit of flair or completely re-imagine what's possible with your photos, Paint FX is for you. Features ★THE LARGE COLLECTION OF FILTERS AND PHOTO EFFECTS★ Loads of filters and effects, including Sketch, Hue, Cartoonize, and Threshold to easily turn your photos into professional looking pieces. ★100% CUSTOMIZABLE EFFECTS★ Customize each effect and apply as many effects as you want on the one picture. Control Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation with pinpoint accuracy. ★COLOR SPLASH★ Fully customizable brush and powerful zoom to work with details. Give your photos a catchy look by converting them in white and black and highlighting the particular parts in color. ★MASKING TOOL★ Apply effects to the whole image or just to the chosen part of it. ★EDITING★ Undo any number of accidental brush strokes or completely erase backgrounds for a brilliant studio-style portrait photo. ★RICH SHARING CAPABILITIES★ Share your images on Facebook, send via email or submit to Paint FX Community ★SIMPLICITY★ Create amazing photos with a few taps. Have fun, by giving yourself a tan or changing the color of your hair and clothes. No special knowledge required. ★iPAD SUPPORT★ High-resolution photos support. Work in landscape or portrait orientation. Give your photos a splash with just a few taps! ★ Watch a video demo at: bit.ly/paintfx-demo ★ ★★ What users are saying ★★ - "Color Splash on Steroids" - "I've tried SOOO many different photo effects apps - this one is just awesome, really leaves the other apps in the dust! .... This is DEFINITELY my new favorite app" by Carlos Laurel - "I've downloaded 100's of apps on my iPhone and iPad and I've never felt compelled to write a review until now. This app is outstanding. By far the most user friendly and fun app of this kind out there" by Amy Christopher
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oita neagra (5 years ago)
a new photoshop tutorial with effects & nice background without textures EDITPHOTOONLINE.NETAU.NET
vimal tom (6 years ago)
nice song which one is it ?
Daniel Rolnik (6 years ago)
Great app but I want higher output rezolution!

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