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Cadillac Records - I'd Rather Go Blind

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Sara Griffith (53 minutes ago)
damn Beyonce is GOOD!!! After this I see her talent!!! wow!!!
Seni Sand (1 hour ago)
Je préfère Etta James
luz Colon (5 hours ago)
Randa Smith (5 hours ago)
It don't get no better
Soso Kadem (7 hours ago)
19/December/2018watching this video and crying
Weight Outreach (11 hours ago)
That's a Black thing, remember?
MzMocha989 (14 hours ago)
I felt this frfr
nancy torres (17 hours ago)
I like to speak a New Year's coming right however my question is why do men fall in love with me and furthermore why they have a position and also married what is going on United States I don't get it I'm aware about my life but I'm questioning all those who I'm married why you care to fall in love with someone different we know you can't be with her God Bless America America's crazy it's just my perspective Ness is just how I feel I know falling in love however I always wish find a good man that is single that can understand my life this reason I generally speak of it I believe I'm not the only one out there in the world however that's why I can say and justify the world's crazy I'm spreading the word never fall in love with a married man cuz I didn't he actually got ill for not having me like he wanted me
Nick Ergas (18 hours ago)
sing it girl your talking to my Heart o ya
Kudakwashe Roland (21 hours ago)
Beyonce versional= emotional. Ettas version= soulful. Unless you sold your soul, Ettas version will go the distance.
charles nowell (22 hours ago)
Made me cry too many times...
Emmadaline Oneal (1 day ago)
So what was ej mad about????
Pedro (1 day ago)
Ayriss Sikes (1 day ago)
In the thumbnail it didn't look like beonce
Pamela Noble (1 day ago)
Thomas Beauchman (1 day ago)
who the fuck are the 20k that didn't like this ?
fjfks111 (1 day ago)
My boyfriend sent this 2 me after I left him I cryed
Jody Strong (1 day ago)
And I see why Jay z married her
rashell r (1 day ago)
Anybody else like to play Beyonce when nobody home but your um voice just don't wanna cooperate!
rashell r (1 day ago)
Rip Ms Etta James but I see why she said Beyonce " Gon get her ass whipped singing peoples song like that " Strangely I think ,I hope that was a compliment, Lol!! Beehive don't come for me y'all go Google it!
Yo Co (1 day ago)
Could be a blessing. Love really hurts!
Naif Bin Essa (1 day ago)
Here where I realized that Beyonce is really a Queen 😴
Theresa Pirini (2 days ago)
Such a powerful song
Queen Robin (2 days ago)
Etta James really went through some thangs. 2018
Kalija Beck (2 days ago)
Dec. 2018 who else? I love this song
Destiny Molina (2 days ago)
Frolian Moreno (2 days ago)
You going to be missing out ! You don't think I dont know that (wow)
Sue Smith (2 days ago)
Wow this song reminds of a person deep down inside my soul
Raquel Cardenas (2 days ago)
idk how she did it. i sing and as i cry to this shit my voice sounds like a fuckin fork scratching against a black board lol i love her and this song if u dont cry then u never had to say goodbye to someone u love to let them go so they can be happy without u.. smfh
Jazmin Wallace (2 days ago)
Etta James has the original but beyonce put in more soul
Alikhan Green (2 days ago)
Me...in the house breaking all my shit cause I love you just as the words of this song...wwwhhhhhhyyyyy lawd yyyyy
Andrew Anderson (2 days ago)
This song makes a grown man cry
Deshaun Hawkins (3 days ago)
Talisha Brown (3 days ago)
This is one of the most amazing songs ever
donna merchant (3 days ago)
I love this song!! 👍 B !!
Sharon Jones (3 days ago)
Ummm I love her🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍
David Amaya (3 days ago)
End of 2018
Latoya Wayne (3 days ago)
Y is beyonce flirting!! Is he your man lol!!!! Jus kidddinggg
K.S J16 (3 days ago)
I have only just found this and Beyoncé has been my life for years like wth
spyros k (4 days ago)
This song always breaks my heart. 💔 An awesome movie scene, an awesome cover by Beyonce!
Lisa Singletary (4 days ago)
Beyonce ain't kill nothing bitch
Regina Hayes (2 days ago)
who lick the red off of your lollipop? because you obviously don't know talent.
neil (4 days ago)
Jeez, she absolutely murdered this song... Etta James is the only one who can sing this with soul. Beyoncé can’t sing or act to save her life but the 10 year olds will love her or any ignorant person for that matter, lol.
Ronald Jacks (4 days ago)
Rather go blind no law against an act of Faith!
Candy Caine (4 days ago)
KittyLewinsky7 (5 days ago)
I don’t like Beyoncé but this was s authentic emotional scene 👏🏾
Jorge Ochoa (5 days ago)
Stay with me
Maggie Goins (5 days ago)
Beyonce was singing this to Jay-Z
calvin t (5 days ago)
I’d rather listen to Beyoncé’s version
Jerry Nicholson (5 days ago)
Ok we got the dolphins in at least three of us to go to see them and we can have him go back begi morning Hey has been his day for a long next year and a cruise next bjxvxjzjphkz
Dineo Khupe (5 days ago)
nomthandazo ncube (5 days ago)
Wuz here in 2018?so perfect 💯✨
Skye (5 days ago)
One of my favorite movies. Beyonce's performance was outstanding in this movie, as well as her vocals.
Samantha Jackson (5 days ago)
Still a classic
mikita minky (5 days ago)
iv been there believe me
Kobe Day (6 days ago)
'He had a heart attack before he turned the corner' 😂😂😂
Howard Sterling (6 days ago)
She is. Laying it down. Would u........e. ?
kit xandre (6 days ago)
Angelina Brunko (6 days ago)
Omg this is literally my love life
ondrej pompa (6 days ago)
I love you Beyonce
Noelia Moran (6 days ago)
2018 😘😍
Glenn Thompson (6 days ago)
I wanna see her do this live
DeAngelo Mayes (6 days ago)
I love to hear Beyonce sing this song,this song will make the hardest nigga on earth cry hands down
Whitney McGhee (7 days ago)
This scene is iconic af !!!!
Vanessa Gibson Mackey (7 days ago)
I love this song
Tyson Guillory (7 days ago)
This song makes a grown man want to cry 😢
Katrina Gardner (6 days ago)
Tyson Guillory 😢😢😘❤
Grace (7 days ago)
Beyonce your beautiful inside and out😊
Kotandi Adams (7 days ago)
The original singer of the song, song it best!
Selina Pociask (8 days ago)
whos watching in 2018?
Keisha Areaiti (8 days ago)
Beyoncé who ?? 😍🤤
1000 φορές να περνάω χωρισμό έτσι παρά με τα μαλακισμένα καψουροτραγουδα που κυκλοφορούν τώρα στην Ελλάδα
Kandi B (7 days ago)
Sounds funny when the song's play back speed is the slowest
EDDIE_ Perez (8 days ago)
"Revealed These tears that are on my face.." Omg the queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nissa Jackson (8 days ago)
This songs has me thinking of my ex Nd it killz me😓, she said it all I’ve been listening to this since the movie came out😍. I’ve had 3 boyfriends but my recent one that left me it hurts I’ve never felt this much pain in my life and it hurts, like damn I feel like I’ve been shot Nd my soul has left my body☹️💔
Jose Beltran (7 days ago)
Nissa Jackson I know the feeling..
Reinis Talla (8 days ago)
gives me chills every single time
Dedrick Robinson (8 days ago)
Man B will make a grown man cry when she start singing
Jr619LiFTED (8 days ago)
Use me as the replay button 1:12
Andrew Brown (8 days ago)
Beyonce BEST song ever
Erlangga ID (8 days ago)
Jasmine Garner (9 days ago)
This song will make everybody cry
astokes747 (9 days ago)
Beyonce is the most beautiful person on this planet.
John McKenna (9 days ago)
Amal el-bahry (9 days ago)
im in tears
issaa lauu (9 days ago)
anyone else thought it sounded like rhianna?
Ja-Brasia Cunningham (8 days ago)
issaa lauu no
Ncamsile Lynette (9 days ago)
syanda king rango shezi I mean those words that Beyonce says 'I'd rather go blind boy'
Carlos Cazar (9 days ago)
I felt this song from the bottom and depth of my heart
Davina Cruz (10 days ago)
is this beyonce
Amanda Sagar (10 days ago)
RASHIYDA J (10 days ago)
Rather be blind🙏💜🙏
Sheena Coles (10 days ago)
When I saw you and that girl walking....😥😥😥😥😥
Katrina Hand (10 days ago)
Sing it to me .half blind but now I see .I ready to be free
Patricia Mims (10 days ago)
She really put tears in my eyes
Rashad White (10 days ago)
"...a reflection in a glass that I held to my face, now baby, revealed these tears that are on my face..."
danielle harjo (10 days ago)
She is so pretty
freelightway (10 days ago)
This so bad.... If I was Miss Etta James the REAL QUEEN OF SOUL. I will be mad too.😡😡😡
Autumn Leaves (11 days ago)
She song the fuck outta this song🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
Linda Jacox (11 days ago)
Tiffany Brown (11 days ago)
I love this song
M Johnson (11 days ago)
https://youtu.be/uZt1xKtPbUQ The Real! Beyonce gave it a good go! But this is at another level.
Mohamed Lamine DIALLO (11 days ago)
Jonathan Martinez (12 days ago)
I must admit,not a big fan of Beyoncé,but she absolutely perfected this. Even better then the original

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