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Top 10 Male Actors with Iconic Voices

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With these voices, it'd be hard for these gentlemen to prank call anyone. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the top 10 male actors with iconic voices. Check us out at http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo and http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo Special thanks to our users Damian_L, Dimple2rite, Jeremy Owen, nneptune, David Hobbs, Siamang48, mzakrajsek, BigChris2777, reganlammas101, rstephen, Chance Ellison, Andrew A. Dennison, Luke McGowan, Will Osman, Andy Roehl, mindfulshrimp, Jack Milburn, mariannebossu, lbchef, slackerman, zmpeters21, MaJaMaMojo, erick palacios, andrews23, LilRayRagin, Karjiana Cadet, moetsikwe, Charlie Wittke, James Gibson, Forrest Robinson, Conor Trent Oades, tom dray, MattStarChief, ThaAhmedLafouine, Thekampersquadron, PowerCosmic901, BustaJ, NeonRelics, cijevasti, Sean Hooper, Rhythm19, Fathil Shahab, Thomas Mitchell Friend, Ryan Lemenager, CCSenf, Ronna-Laine Flowers, LordJeffries, Testsubject666 and KingDingDong for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.com/suggest Check out the voting page here, http://watchmojo.com/suggest/Top%20Ten%20Male%20Actors%20with%20Iconic%20Voices If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :) We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out http://www.WatchMojo.com/store for more info.
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Text Comments (18895)
Unknown (1 hour ago)
I came here for Tom Hiddleston. He has the best voice and beauty ever!!!! I would give him the first place.
Hafiz Mustapha (2 hours ago)
John Malkovich and Sir Anthony Hopkins should be in the list 😞
J Chors (2 hours ago)
Gary Busey
Jesse Franklin (2 hours ago)
Where tf is Sam Elliott and Bill Nighy
kiran kiran (5 hours ago)
Where the F is Sam Elliot?? 😒
joachimkazmaier (6 hours ago)
Where is John Malkovich^
Garrison Kleinman (8 hours ago)
I think that John Wayne had a more distinctive voice than a couple of your choices for the top 10 and he didn't even get an honorable mention. I don't think any of your top 10 have as many films under their belts as John Wayne.
gareth bruce (15 hours ago)
I was going to say Christopher Walken should have this in the bag before watching this clip to the end but then Morgan Freeman has been the voice of God so who else could pip that?
_You can know who they all are with your eyes👀 closed_ . English and French accents🖤they're sooo sexy to me.
Battle Forever (17 hours ago)
What about heath ledger
Saurabh Sharma (19 hours ago)
Where is Tywin Lannister for God sake??? do you ever heard his deep voice???
Eternal Sorrow ​ (19 hours ago)
without J. K. Simmons this top is a bullshit
Dwayne Martin (1 day ago)
You guys wrong for this, idk if you were doing actors that are alive. But EVERYONE, EVEN THE COMMENTS, FORGOT ROBIN WILLIAMS!?!? 🖕🖕🖕 he would be 2nd
Ichiro Fakename (1 day ago)
Real #1: Sam Elliott.
Gijoe215062056 Ham (1 day ago)
I also need a peace treats with you guys I don't know .
Jay Perez (1 day ago)
The dad from the horror movie "the witch " anybody know who I'm talking about.
Clip Art (1 day ago)
Clip Art (1 day ago)
Clip Art (1 day ago)
sAM the mAN
Juraj Kadassy (1 day ago)
For me is Sly Stallone first voice.
Clip Art (1 day ago)
Aaadrrriiiannn!!! ..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKtcV5EgstM
Monica Brown (1 day ago)
Love the list, but I'd have James Earl Jones #1 and Morgan #2.... Jones was the voice of news Network! Lol
Jason Voorhees (1 day ago)
Michael Emerson!
Heritage Defender (1 day ago)
Richard Burton
Tom Brooks (1 day ago)
You missed Michael Caine
And you forgot Gregory Peck and Marlon Brando!!!!!!
Rose on All Sides (1 day ago)
You did very well, but I think Jeremy Irons should be your Number 3 and Anthony Hopkins number 4! Number 1 and 2 are spots on! Love your work! Keep it up!
James ! (1 day ago)
Ray romano should be on this list he is best comedian voice i ever heard.
Jim Carrey, Jackie Chan, Sean Bean William Scott
Farhan Yar Khan (1 day ago)
I predicted Morgan Freeman will be first and why not
Heavenly Man (1 day ago)
Alec Guinness
Kark Shah (1 day ago)
You also missed Jon Voight. He's also great actor
Mariano Sesdoyro (2 days ago)
Steve Buscemi, Jimmy Stewart and Robert Deniro
endrizo (2 days ago)
la gran voz de MURRAY ABRAHAM - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImOWkFev9lY
Lastkingof33 (2 days ago)
John Candy. His laugh alone is epic
uffort kingsley (2 days ago)
I am disappointed Liam Neeson only stayed on the sidelines instead of the list. Liam has better voice than Sean so called James Bond
Mirkko De Maio (2 days ago)
What about Christopher Lee?
Ode (2 days ago)
What about Robert Knepper, the T-Bag
Tibor Sallai (2 days ago)
Leonard Nimoy... a bit missing him...
Croatoan (2 days ago)
Max Von Sydow
Tony DeLia (2 days ago)
Orson Welles
Ricardo Murillo (2 days ago)
Agreed. Morgan Freeman is the best and Darth Vader became iconic because of the voice. Maybe you forgot Gary Oldman in the honorable mentions.
SorrowGoodchild (3 days ago)
Do eet, do eet nauuuuu!
Samson Ihemekwele (3 days ago)
Sam Elliot, Anthony Hopkins, Ian Mckellen, Anthony Hopkins, Denzel Washington...not to mention Chris Lee
richmariahemancipate (3 days ago)
Jeremy Irons!!
Joshua David (3 days ago)
How did you not mention Marlon Brando?
Dorothy Allspice (3 days ago)
I am SO glad you mentioned Tim Curry on your Honorable Mentions! But honestly, he deserves a spot on the list. I mean, that voice of his has enough sexual energy to fuel an entire continent!
sanch Sanchayan (3 days ago)
christopher lee and ian mckellen
TheBrownsBrother (3 days ago)
Johnny depp should’ve been on this list
PudaSB (3 days ago)
Peter cullen!!!!
Jill V (3 days ago)
Jack Nicholson and Denzel Washington are missing.
Beverly Crowder (3 days ago)
Donald and Kiefer Sutherland
Kimi Chan (3 days ago)
Vincent Price is number 1 imo
MalnourishedGoat (3 days ago)
More than a little ridiculous... I get that this is a WatchMojo youtube video and so it will cater to the internet generations, but nevertheless: Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, James Cagney, Cary Grant, Edward G. Robinson and Jack Nicholson. That none of these guys made the list, specifically Stewart (a surefire number 1 spot), Wayne and Nicholson, is downright kooky. Honorable mention for Humphrey Bogart.
Burhanettin Hasdemir (3 days ago)
Tobin Bell should be on this list.
Abhijith S (3 days ago)
Where is William Defoe and J.K Simmons William's narration in Mr beans holiday and Simmons voice in spiderman was amazing
Georgia L (3 days ago)
Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Georgia L (3 days ago)
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Prabh Simran (3 days ago)
Benedict cumberbatch has the best voice
Hồng Nguyen (12 hours ago)
Prabh Simran one of the best voices, he deserves a spot in here
A. K. (3 days ago)
johnny depp
Hidans Otsuki (3 days ago)
Great list,but you forgot peter cullen(optimus prime)
Redbilly Hillneck (4 days ago)
Vincent Price would've been the perfect Molag Bal
Drew Peterson (4 days ago)
The fuck is this list no Christofer Lee , James Stewart or Harrison Fucking Ford!!! Especially when he's angry!!!
bhf4u (4 days ago)
no sam eliot ? wtf
Robert L (4 days ago)
Freeman #1 for sure. I thought Anthony Hopkins should have been on the list. Those two are my favorites
Issam Taweel (4 days ago)
You also forgot hugo weaving
Rebecca Graves (4 days ago)
Michael Wincott need I say more. Sexiest voice ever
jules8480 (4 days ago)
Love Morgan Freeman's voice
Hazbojangles _RL (4 days ago)
What about Adam sander?
Jordan Greenway (4 days ago)
Why is Tim Curry only a motherf**king honorable mention?
Jordan Greenway (4 days ago)
Why is Alan Rickman only at number 7? And Jeremy Irons only at number 8? This list has already disappointed me.
Colin McLean (4 days ago)
James Mason, George Sanders, George Zucco, Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi to name a few that you deliberately missed out, either that or you numpties never heard of these greats.
Jay Jerman (4 days ago)
What happened to Sam Elliott?
We all know Morgan Freeman is a god just taking a break in a human voice
Hagen Fishing (4 days ago)
Where tf is Sam Elliot
Clip Art (1 day ago)
The Stranger (Big Lebowski)
Samuel Nasri (4 days ago)
David Attenborough?
Pooja T (4 days ago)
Alan Rickman 💗 he deserves higher rating
-=(KAAS)=- (5 days ago)
What about Ian Mckellen ?
mursare (5 days ago)
And where is Lance Henriksen???????
m ms (5 days ago)
No Malcolm McDowell?
no way that you didn't mention JAMES SPADER or TOM HARDY
Jacob Sylvester (5 days ago)
how about Nick Nolte... you can't mistake his voice for anyone else's
How about C.Thomas Howell??
Rick Woeckener (5 days ago)
Michael ironside
Alex Georgieva (5 days ago)
John Rhys Davis
Phanidhar H (5 days ago)
Benedict cumberbatch..definitely
merlin Green (5 days ago)
John Hurt? Denzel? Where are they? 😅
MOJOE (5 days ago)
How on earth did Robert de niro get completely ignored for this 🤦‍♂️
Kevin Sinclair (5 days ago)
You forgot Bill Nighy.
gozer gozerian (5 days ago)
Samuel Jackson nr.1. Period.
Sushan M (6 days ago)
Where's Marlon Brando or Chuck Bass🤣
HARPO ! (6 days ago)
Michael Caine? Hello?
Eric B (6 days ago)
Bernie Mac ?
Andreea Schiopu (6 days ago)
No Christopher Lee?Oh man...And I was really enjoying this..
Ben Downs (6 days ago)
Christopher Lee????
Zachary Helios (6 days ago)
Ryan rynolds
quetzal coatl (6 days ago)
In my opinion! Pacino,Jones,Morgan F!
The Chosen One (6 days ago)
Penguins. Hehe 😆😂😂
Tapello Sogoni (6 days ago)
Javier Bardem
Tapello Sogoni (6 days ago)
You pic Arnold over Taken guy.
Kurt Cobain (6 days ago)
benedict cumberbatch!!!
Shell Belle (6 days ago)
What about John Malchovic and Jack Nichalson? And Samuel L. Jackson should have been on the list, not an honorable mention.
Georgia Smith (6 days ago)
Ed mc man...Rod Roddy (the price is right announcer)

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