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Top 10 Male Actors with Iconic Voices

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With these voices, it'd be hard for these gentlemen to prank call anyone. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the top 10 male actors with iconic voices. Check us out at http://www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo and http://www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo Special thanks to our users Damian_L, Dimple2rite, Jeremy Owen, nneptune, David Hobbs, Siamang48, mzakrajsek, BigChris2777, reganlammas101, rstephen, Chance Ellison, Andrew A. Dennison, Luke McGowan, Will Osman, Andy Roehl, mindfulshrimp, Jack Milburn, mariannebossu, lbchef, slackerman, zmpeters21, MaJaMaMojo, erick palacios, andrews23, LilRayRagin, Karjiana Cadet, moetsikwe, Charlie Wittke, James Gibson, Forrest Robinson, Conor Trent Oades, tom dray, MattStarChief, ThaAhmedLafouine, Thekampersquadron, PowerCosmic901, BustaJ, NeonRelics, cijevasti, Sean Hooper, Rhythm19, Fathil Shahab, Thomas Mitchell Friend, Ryan Lemenager, CCSenf, Ronna-Laine Flowers, LordJeffries, Testsubject666 and KingDingDong for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.com/suggest Check out the voting page here, http://watchmojo.com/suggest/Top%20Ten%20Male%20Actors%20with%20Iconic%20Voices If you want to suggest an idea for a WatchMojo video, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at http://www.WatchMojo.com/suggest :) We have T-Shirts! Be sure to check out http://www.WatchMojo.com/store for more info.
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Text Comments (18650)
Abhishek Choudhury (26 minutes ago)
Amitabh Bachchan?
Franziska sofie (15 hours ago)
Where's the interesting voice of Christopher Waltz ?
L Lawliet (16 hours ago)
No Marlon Brando I see.
rueban thomas (17 hours ago)
Powers Boothe Eliot Gould Charles Dance Jeremy Irons Ritman
randy capia (19 hours ago)
i would say steve buscemi and john malkovich 😊
Taothing Panmeis (21 hours ago)
Юрий Тарасов (21 hours ago)
Where is in the world Jensen Ackles!!!!!!!???
ALpha Omega (21 hours ago)
Morgan freeman! The voice of God
enerzonrhb (1 day ago)
Watch carefully There Will Be Blood and then we'll talk again. Daniel Day-Lewis deserves to be in this list.
Curlieq55 (1 day ago)
How about a second list of just iconic voices from the past? Like Gregory Peck?
Jared Gulley (1 day ago)
Sam Elliot?????
LDNation (1 day ago)
Why is Liam Nelson a honorable mention!
Joe Slater (1 day ago)
If you haven't yet, listen to Alec Guinness reading "The Wasteland". Treat yourself, you won't regret it.
Yo To (1 day ago)
Most iconic character voice Bane (tom hardy)
Dushyant Kumar (1 day ago)
Al pacHino on 10 , he should be on one
ArmyVet Bustah (1 day ago)
David Attonborough should be in this list
robotorch (2 days ago)
John Wayne...
mandellorian (2 days ago)
Brian Blessed....GORDONS ALIVE?!?!?
Dannie Kamete (2 days ago)
Most people do not know who Ralph Ineson is, but in my opinion, he has the deepest, most majestic voice of them all
Joure-Ellex (2 days ago)
My list: Morgan Freeman, Earl Jones and Jeremy Irons
Foggy Bumboo (2 days ago)
Where’s David Attenborough
Kenneth Powers (2 days ago)
You missed out on Bruce Willis (yippee Ky yay motherfucker) Christopher lloyd (roads, where we're going we don't need roads) Mike Myers (stubborn jackass) And last but not least jack Nicholson (heeeres Johnny)
Axel B (2 days ago)
Charles Dance?
Chelsea Chalisha (2 days ago)
Zahri Atan (2 days ago)
Male actors can have some distinctive voices not so much female actresses.
Zahri Atan (2 days ago)
No sir Lawrence Olivier and Marlon Brando?
Toni Kavorkias (2 days ago)
Obvioulsy *God* is #1...
Jakermz123 (3 days ago)
James spader
Abdllh ozbek (3 days ago)
I think Ralph Finnes should be in this list
kathykisslight (3 days ago)
you missed Kiefer Sutherland!
John Martinez (3 days ago)
Jeremy Irons , Liam Neeson , Sylvester Stallone and Alec Baldwin make your top ten list ? None of those guys voices stand out other than Stallone who sounds like he has a cold with a Brooklyn accent when he talks which is no reason to put him on the list. I cannot believe there was not even a honorable mention for Charlton Heston who had a distinct sound and delivery when he spoke. Or how about James Cagney, Jimmy Stewart or Humphrey Bogart, all favorites for voice imitators of male actors.
Jim Mackey (3 days ago)
Aaaaaaaaaa, John Wayne?????????? Probably should call it "most iconic voices in the last 30 years!"
Verónica Siczewski (3 days ago)
I agree on Morgan Freeman, Alan Rickman, Clint Eastwood, JE Jones 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 *HOW COME YOU MISSED KIEFER SUTHERLAND OR HIS DAD?!!!* 😱😱😱
Gitte Løyche (3 days ago)
BungurTube (3 days ago)
Bruce willis
Zaxiez (3 days ago)
david lee (3 days ago)
Stopped watch at No.9......
Steve Lillis (4 days ago)
Patrick mcgooham/daniel davis/jeremy brett.
N- 1 (4 days ago)
I think johnny depp worth to mentioned
Miladyryts (4 days ago)
Lee Pace! He could read a telephone book to me and I'd find it extremely erotic!!!!
Eddie Robles (4 days ago)
Bill knightly should have been on this list
Blanex Hablanca (4 days ago)
Christopher lumbert
jmpetersson (4 days ago)
It's a ridiculous list, mostly based on accents.. And then the constant beeping.. Agree with the top pick apparently
Izz Bizz (4 days ago)
Just saying... John Hurt better be on this... we'd all know their voices ANYWHERE.
Fabiano Alva (4 days ago)
And Laurence Fishburne?
sanchekl76 (4 days ago)
John Malkovich?!?! Should be on this list.
Toni Kavorkias (2 days ago)
☝🏽 this...
anthony hopkins
Prince John (4 days ago)
Where's Marlon Brando??? One of the most imitated voices of all time
Trass El (4 days ago)
If David Attenborough had been an actor he would have ruled this list! Love listening to him <3
Fabrizio Delgado (4 days ago)
James Earl Jones should have been number one!!!
Zombie Nihiliste (5 days ago)
YOU IDIOTS didn't include Christopher Lee, Michael Caine, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jack Nicholson 😣😣😣😣😣😲😱😤
Neeparr (5 days ago)
Alan Rickman at #7? Disagree. He should be higher up
Rita Maria (5 days ago)
Walken 😍😍😍
The English have the best voices. James Mason. John Geilgood. Jeremy Irons. George Sanders and many more. The americans have some great voices too. Robert Stack. Jason Robards. Robert Mitchum. Kermit.
Eunae Kim (5 days ago)
I thought for sure that James Earl Jones was going to be number one! He is pretty much defined by his voice, at least where acting is concerned!
NotUAgain (5 days ago)
I think honorble mention should be dat Saw i wanna play a game guy
joker7 ford (5 days ago)
What about Harrison Ford??
Zolani Shinya (5 days ago)
James Spader
Robert Vrhovec (5 days ago)
#1 Sam Elliott
example 2844 (5 days ago)
Jibeswar Boro (5 days ago)
Amitabh Bachchan's is much deeper and mesmerising than all these great legends...
black widow (5 days ago)
liam neson is very calming..so good to hear
Bret Armstrong (5 days ago)
Patrick Stewart from Star Trek and American Dad.
Rishi Kalapi (6 days ago)
What's so iconic about Chris Walken's Voi.... Never mind I just heard this in his voice and realized it's epic.
KING TY (6 days ago)
I was hoping a number for Liam Neeson, Tom Hanks, and George Clooney.
Brayo kikenyi (6 days ago)
Morgan Freeman.. Legit
een eenzaam persoon (6 days ago)
Where was michael caine?
Deepak K P (6 days ago)
Jack Nicholson. You missed him
Jamal Joudeh (6 days ago)
Anthony Hopkins and Ralph Fiennes should definitely be on the list
John Martinez (3 days ago)
Nah, who needs more limeys on the list.
Pusta Pustka (6 days ago)
Oh my, who created this list? Ok, you listed famous actors, but I wouldn't recognize Alec Baldwin or Tim Curry without looking at the screen. BTW Samuel L. Jackson should be ON the list. He's voice is really recognizable. AND...... Where's James Gandolfini, Sam Elliott and Lance Reddick with his amazing pronunciation.
Johnny Sticks (6 days ago)
No mention of Nicolas Cage or Sam Elliott one of he most notable voices out there how you mis that!!!
Caleb K (6 days ago)
How could you forget James Spader?!
Ariff Nordin (6 days ago)
how about Dustin Hoftman, Denzel Washington and Hugo Weaving? their voice also iconic.
BTS is everything (6 days ago)
Liam .....he is the best!!!
Ray Bong (6 days ago)
Kiefer Sutherland?
Vasilis Pasalaris (6 days ago)
What about Hugo Weaving?
Chewlisses Velazquez (7 days ago)
Where's jack nicholson?
emanuel costin Neacsu (7 days ago)
Paul Betany
Cracker Jack (7 days ago)
Charleton Heston!🍻
DaHazardous1 (7 days ago)
Joe f'kn Pesci lol
Panji kun (7 days ago)
"Autobots roll out" -Peter Cullen oh come on watch mojo did u forget that?
Adam (7 days ago)
Adam Sandler?
Simukas123 (7 days ago)
Sean Bean ?
Maximus Augustus (7 days ago)
Jim Carrey
Shpinga let (7 days ago)
Kevin Conroy (the Batman) Mark Hamill (the Joker) * sings * Disliiiike.
Kunal Patil (7 days ago)
Where the fuck is Marlon Brando ?
skky muhlac (7 days ago)
Daario Nahaaris (7 days ago)
Ian McKellen, Anthony Hopkins, etc, wtf?!!!
Londoner (7 days ago)
john standing tim. curry hugh grant olivier marlin brando jacob rees mogg
Bern Isawesome (7 days ago)
Yo forgot about deadpool
James Austin (7 days ago)
Whoa Jeremy irons and alan Rickman aren't in the top 3? And Samuel L Jackson is only an honorable mention? Gtfoh!!!
None of Your business (7 days ago)
Welles? Burton? Groucho Marx?
Martin Close (8 days ago)
Mufasa should have been no1 lol
SVTStrikesback (8 days ago)
Lol, I was about to get irritated because I thought Morgan Freeman was an honorable mention.
Kimm 65 (8 days ago)
WatchMojo.com you need to do a version for female actors if you haven't already and start with Maggie Smith.
Jessie Tambay (8 days ago)
Peter Graves
mrtheodo7 (8 days ago)
Alex Rocco No.1
Rodolfo Valiati (8 days ago)
Michael McElhatton, aka Roose Bolton. Charles Dance, aka Tywin Lannister.
R Johnson (8 days ago)
Where is John Malkovich??
Frank Forster (8 days ago)
What?! Not even mentioning Christopher Lee? Gtfoh

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