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Bon Voyage (Have a safe trip) in Chinese 一路顺风

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Learn how to say the Chinese equivalent of "Bon Voyage" or "Have a safe trip" from you teachers, Fiona and Iona Tian :)
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lao shi Jia (5 months ago)
這個風字的發音 兩位都說成 "fong" , 沒說對。但不能怪主持人, 是一般注音教學積累的疏忽。受閩南母語的潛在影響也是原因。 風、逢、馮、縫、鳳等字,發音都是 feng, 不是fong. 在注音符號是 ㄈㄥ, 不是 ㄈㄨㄥ,中間沒有ㄨ韻。這是注音系統唯一不如拼音系統教學的弱點。注音系統中, ㄨㄥ應讀weng,但空、種、中....則ㄨㄥ讀ong,是注音符號系統的不足。
Adrian Mei (9 months ago)
Except you don't use this when the listener is going to take a plane....
Czech Speare (9 months ago)
xie xie nin :D
Bung Tama (1 year ago)
我是andre 一路顺风
PE Prozent (1 year ago)
the "u" in "shùn" sounds like a "ua" to me
masrisy (1 year ago)
You’re too cute
whatsup02 (1 year ago)
The next presenter is called "Ona"
MandarinBanana (2 years ago)
Every time I wished someone 一路顺风 when they were about to board a plane they immediately said that you don't say this when someone is about to board a plane, because a strong wind could be quite dangerous for the plane. It's better to use 一路平安 if you want to wish someone "bon voyage" and they're going to travel by plane.
noosha sm (3 years ago)
Great! thanks!
Florian (3 years ago)
Could you make a video on the taiwanese language?
Melda Orcan (3 years ago)
一路顺风 and 一路平安。do they have same meanings?
Miamorelaine Lemcyw (2 years ago)
yi lu ping an ??
EXing viovy (3 years ago)
+Melda Orcan Yes! they both mean have a safe trip, but we use 一路顺风 more often and 一路顺风 also means have a nice trip! And for some people, if their friends or families will have a short trip, they use 一路平安, if their friends or families will live in another country, you can wish them 一路顺风before they start journey.
Koala Nemesis (3 years ago)
mei nu
Er-x (3 years ago)
i love u girls
Hogiartha Sutiono (3 years ago)
Hi Fiona and Iona! 你們好! 我是曾福氣! 我是印尼來的。 目前我在臺灣工作。 我想要問你們一個問題。 我有臺灣朋友他常跟我說“辛苦你了”。 我的中文跟他的英文沒有那麽好,他不知道“辛苦你了”用英文怎麽講。 這個成語有什麽意思?謝謝你們!
joyful1980 (3 years ago)
+Hogiartha Sutiono that's a quite common way of thanking another one or being polite to someone when s/he is bothered to help you with something. 辛 and 苦 are actually 2 tastes contain the meaning of spicy and bitter. Chinese people use them together to represent the difficult situations they have gone through, because nobody wants the 'spicy' and 'bitter' feelings in their life. Later on, this word is used when someone spends time and do something for others or for the interests of his or her company though it could be a must-do job. Other wants to show their respect or politeness to you for what you did.
Wilhelm Battlehner (4 years ago)
Considering to join chinese pod again after having been in Jemen for some time without proper Internet your show has convinced that it is about time to restart. Waiting for your offer and conditions.
aabajolatareaa (4 years ago)
I always must to say "祝你。。。"?? Or can I say only "一路顺风"? Thanks people!!
wang zama (2 years ago)
aabajolatareaa just what i wanted to asked
aabajolatareaa (3 years ago)
thank you exing! muchas gracias exing!
EXing viovy (3 years ago)
+aabajolatareaa both are OK!
Niek Jhien (4 years ago)
Thanks for uploading this video. I have always been impressed by the way you explain the materials. But, I got so disappointed knowing that there is no traditional chinese characters anymore in your latest videos. I hope that you can provide both traditional and simplified characters in your video as what you did in mandarin made EZ.  謝謝 :)
Samuel De Carvalho (4 years ago)
Hey hey, I love these chengyu lessons. Is there a good one for the english phrase, 'follow your heart' ? I would be extremely happy to learn how to say that.
EXing viovy (3 years ago)
+Samuel Carvalho I don't think there is the exact same words in Chinese, but I think u can use "随心所欲“ which means do whatever you want or ”跟着感觉走“ which means follow your heart ; )
Mathingon (4 years ago)
Thanks for the upload, I have been really enjoying these videos. I also love the new animation/transition to the Chinese pod logo at the end of the video, it looks great!

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