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REAL vs. FAKE diamond tennis chain

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Let's look and talk about some real vs. fake jewelry. This is a little series that I want to start. The first is obviously this video. I made my real vs. fake gold video (most popular) but I want to expand on that. We'll look at pieces individually and see how the fair. @jacojefinejewelry http://www.jacoje.com
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Text Comments (393)
Nikki0820 (10 months ago)
Great video, don't listen to these attention deficit morons.. you didn't talk too much at all.. video explained a lot in a small amount of time.. (And I'm diagnosed A.D.D. so I can say that lol)
David Scharf (3 months ago)
+Matthew Lane if you're not white I'd be surprised.
Matthew Lane (4 months ago)
Mr. Juicyyy who the fuck is u nigga
T R A S H (4 months ago)
Matthew Lane stfu u sound stupid
Matthew Lane (5 months ago)
U cant say anything u want coz u got a.d.d nigga lmao
Huckleberry Matt (6 months ago)
ADD seconded.
nene durano (3 days ago)
It’s supposed to say LG diamonds on it isn’t it ?
Usmaan Ali (7 days ago)
One for 30 and another for 30 000 and they look the same what would you chose? The 30 one is so much better stoopid.
cubic zirconia jewelry manufacturer www.weimanjewelry.com
Gabriel 03:00 (21 days ago)
Man fuck those fake ass motherfuckers selling themselves as real rich .. the real money lies in the real diamonds and bank account,not these fake ass copycats
YG 4hunnid (23 days ago)
I'm gonna 0:40 his face soon if he keeps talking like a dick😂😂😂
Sebastián Rojas (1 month ago)
I have solid silver tennis bracelets for $45. Comment your email and I hit you up!📲
Tutti Bird (1 month ago)
I think we all just have the pressure of having expensive ass diamond jewlery bc of the media showing of rappers jewelry and since we cant afford a 50000$ diamond tennis we just end up going with the fakes
These comments crack me up. Its very affordable to buy REAL jewelry if you save. Solid Cuban links are like 3 grand give or take. Why would you want something thats cheap and turns your skin green?
Muyanzi Reid (1 month ago)
WeGotBeats.com | Hip Hop & Rap Beats On Sale and Download 3 Grand ???? The solid Gold Cuban links on his website are way cheaper.
Jordan Gonzalez vlogs (1 month ago)
Can you review stndrdz tennis chain to ice clique tennis chain to shop gld tennis chain? Please
Google Sobre Mí (2 months ago)
10MM Rope Chain 30 inch in your page $9,400.00 --------> real price -----------> 30$ 14kt gold -.-
killa beatz (2 months ago)
Do a video on moisinite
wavy leo (2 months ago)
*S M A S H S M A S H S M A S H*
JACOJE LYNX (2 months ago)
Mukoro Oweh, Jr. (2 months ago)
Fake or Real they are fashion and identical so what if it wasnt carbonated gems.
vannos ftw (2 months ago)
Can you do a video on the tennis chains from iceclique
Connor Bradley (2 months ago)
Have you brought a chain off cernucci
ZeroynHD Gaming (2 months ago)
What’s the best chain/bracelet under 30$ ?
Arkansas Fishing (2 months ago)
Can you help me to see if. A necklace is real diamomd and gold
Arkansas Fishing (2 months ago)
Lil Tim (3 months ago)
It gemstone Gods fake or real
1FLEX RECORDS (3 months ago)
my diamonds fake as shit boi ion give a fuk who finna drop 30 racks onna baby chain :0
Muyanzi Reid (1 month ago)
ILLGames (3 months ago)
Where is 15ct of SI diamonds 30k ?
Ed Reyn (3 months ago)
Got mine from eBay from Harlembling they use solid 925 silver and I got it tested at mall and it’s legit...payed like $60...I forgot exact link but search Ebay for Harlembling
Charles Kos (1 day ago)
+P I had a look, they are def CZ, at that price but for metal that won't change colours it's probably worth it.
P (2 months ago)
Ed Reyn just saw their website I assumed it was just CZs but if you’re foreal ima go buy one
God (3 months ago)
That smash thing was gay as fuck
mary sunshine (4 months ago)
I've liked rocks of varying colors and opacities that catch the eye, but when I hear people say shit like "oh he can't afford that, it's fake", I think to myself, "how sad is it to wear jewelry for other people to judge you on or to judge another persons worth by a fuck'n rock. That right there is just plain foolish. You are worth the most valuable to yourself. The rocks, clothes, hair, shoes, car, house is to sustain you. If you have cash then great, if you don't you are still gonna NEVER kill yourself over a GD rock unless ppl lose their minds.
. RetroWizdom. (4 months ago)
just buy one of .925 silver with lab diamonds same quality as a real one for alot less
Bad God (3 months ago)
not really have you seen vs1 diamonds they sparkle ?
Max Morales (4 months ago)
The latch on the chain broke can u help me Please?
killa beatz (4 months ago)
A fake tennis chain is better as long as you say it’s cz and not real diamond
N.B.A (4 months ago)
How much is that tool ?
marvin polanco (4 months ago)
Usvaldo Alvarez (4 months ago)
shut up quit alking about your self you get your Chain at Dollar General
JACOJE LYNX (4 months ago)
Someone has obviously shopped there
Vincent Henderson Jr (4 months ago)
I'm looking to buy a tennis chain for my class tag pendant I'm ordering. But, I'm afraid I may order something fake. Any help would be greatful.
Carlos Acosta (5 months ago)
How much do u charge to fix jewelry
Grind all day (5 months ago)
What site has the best quality cheap cz silver mens bracelet
Sebastián Rojas (1 month ago)
I have bracelets for $45. Solid silver bro!
Ian Lyle (5 months ago)
Your video was good but your tennis chains are wayyyyy overpriced for si diamonds there are jewelers that could do that bracelet for 10k
JACOJE LYNX (5 months ago)
Buyers beware
Austin Burcham04 (5 months ago)
Every ones shit is fake so no likes😂😂 jk bro
Michael Nsbdh (5 months ago)
Are these real chains that you are sponsored by
z 3 (6 months ago)
you're an idiot if your savin up 30,000 dollars for a necklace that loses value as soon as you buy it just cop some nice cz's and dont cap like they're real
JACOJE LYNX (6 months ago)
People have different standards
Allmighty Jacob (6 months ago)
˝i just bought it for the video, gonna throw it away later˝ what an asshole, give it to me or sth lol
Mrssea Sea (6 months ago)
why make a video comparison, and not even show the comparison.....unless you are comparing your nostrils? common at least show to clasps or something.......come on man.....
Bronson Luks (2 months ago)
JACOJE LYNX I swear to god it’s weird how many people didn’t actually watch the video but commenting how trash it is 😂 they all bought fake diamonds lmao
JACOJE LYNX (6 months ago)
There’s plenty other informative videos to watch if you don’t like mine.. oh wait there’s not. Enjoy
I WAY TRAN (6 months ago)
I don’t got no armoire face or none of that tea none of that jewelry but I do have diamond chain and they are real sure smash that like button scary
Dimakos ToMouni (6 months ago)
Where i can find real lab diamond chain ?
Thad Dempsey (6 months ago)
Comparing a chain and bracelet as far as flipping doesn’t work. The links are completely different
Jayici HD (6 months ago)
He looks like a human burrito
Leonardo cook (7 months ago)
Nice video and all but you look like a white cholo lmfao
JACOJE LYNX (7 months ago)
Lol I’ll take that as a compliment
daokta latham (7 months ago)
I see patron in the back ground 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Julian Lopez (7 months ago)
Is a CZ stone cross necklace worth 100$ the cross is only cuz and the chain is 18k vermeil
rocco mane (6 months ago)
Julian Lopez lmfaooo hell na you can get that fake stuff waaayyyy cheaper
Bigboi Boogie (7 months ago)
don't throw it away send me that shit I'll wear it lol I can't afford that real shit I ain't got that kind of money bro
David Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Lmao I’m sayin
Co Bee (7 months ago)
If you guys want to purchase real gold chains for 50% off on an item then use this discount code‼️💯 “DWAYNE933” on https://www.shopgoldsupply.com?rfsn=1625172.fa846&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=1625172.fa846
nohitter34 (7 months ago)
Can you do a video about Saint Midas Jewelry?
DatNigga Jeezus (7 months ago)
I didn't realize how much I hated that smash smash smash till today
JACOJE LYNX (7 months ago)
Why though?
tonystark19631 (8 months ago)
Hi Jaco, can you tell us any rules of thumb regarding what's a good price to pay versus the melt price of the gold? Example, if I see a common 14kt gold rope and it weighs 30gm, I can calculate the gold content, but what's a good price to pay for that?
WilliamCarrOfficial (3 months ago)
tonystark19631 700
Jordyn Ingram (8 months ago)
what is the highest price and the lowset price for a lab diamond Tennis chain?
Joseph Belmont (8 months ago)
You needa learn how to dress bud
JACOJE LYNX (8 months ago)
Thanks bud
David Roldan (8 months ago)
This guy is hard to look at but like he knows his shit lol
Tré Jenkins (8 months ago)
Like your work bro vids very educational. If i wanna get started where do i start
TheKid Shorty Gs (8 months ago)
@jaco email me plz Brotha !! [email protected]
Jarvis Malone (8 months ago)
Nigga wash yo face once in a while.
702prodigy (8 months ago)
ill stick to stainless steel
Henry Arnold (8 months ago)
fuck you
Andrew Jackson LaRance (8 months ago)
8,000 for a Miami Cuban 12mm bam boi
Correct (8 months ago)
I enjoyed this video and learned... why is everyone hating
JACOJE LYNX (8 months ago)
Thank you!
alfred vara (9 months ago)
If bull shit was a brass band this guy would be a symphony
alfred vara (9 months ago)
All minerals from thr earth are real diamonds are a scam. Brain washed public. Thanks DeBeers there going into the lab business here in the US. Diamonds are a bad investment
Alex Thao (9 months ago)
Dude, Wired earbuds and a gold chain is soo fucking annoying
HeartBreak Cherry (9 months ago)
I disliked because my diamonds fake
YK Stummy459 (1 month ago)
Diego Barralez exactly I have a 3mm 14kt gold rope chain, the pendant is a cross with cz on it but idgaf cuz my chain real
Diego Barralez (2 months ago)
+Kiraly Utolso i wear 14k gold and my pendant is 14k gold but i got lab diamonds on it kuz im like. Aslong as my neck aint green throw some fake diamonds om that shit
Diego Barralez (3 months ago)
I was gonna say the same lol
JACOJE LYNX (9 months ago)
Lol love the honesty
Keon Bell (9 months ago)
Shut up you talk too much
JACOJE LYNX (9 months ago)
No shit, what do you want me to not say anything?
Turtle Sauce (10 months ago)
i aint got any diamonds (yet) but i smash smashed anyways xD
Sterling Smith (10 months ago)
First off cz stones arent fake diamonds. Their crystals dude. Diamonds and crystals are 2 separate things
Cole Douglass (5 months ago)
Your retarded though they use cz stones to mimic diomands
Thomas Tommy (10 months ago)
Cool video thanks for sharing. Whats the name of the factory that makes gold jewelry?
YoungRe3hunnid (10 months ago)
Fake one with a custo pendant youll be fine just dont be that douche saying you dropped stacks 😂😂
MrSlidthunder (10 months ago)
How tf you comparing fake w/ real diamonds when you can’t even afford a decent camera lmao
slick (4 months ago)
cuz he's buying high quality jewelery instead of a camera
JACOJE LYNX (10 months ago)
Lmao lmao lmao
caleb Sechler (10 months ago)
Mitchell Angelucci (10 months ago)
This was a horrible video
JACOJE LYNX (10 months ago)
Thanks for watching anyways
Jr Surround (11 months ago)
I would lowkey wear that fake diamond tennis chain
Joseph Stevens (2 months ago)
Me also 😂😂😂
Mike Hawk (5 months ago)
Jr Surround facts
Calderon Liwaka Cortez (11 months ago)
You talk to much bro
JACOJE LYNX (11 months ago)
You’re welcome
Justin Hillman (11 months ago)
Hey i wanted to invest in real jewelry and this is a incredible video thank you for giving me alot of headsup
Just Me (11 months ago)
Is Amazon jewelry and they diamonds his day real or fake or would you buy from Amazon jewelry and diamonds
Deshawn Fox (11 months ago)
Deshawn Fox (11 months ago)
Fuck this shit🖕🖕🖕🖕😤😤😤😤😤😈😈😈👿👿👿👿👿👿
jacob hanun (11 months ago)
Who would spend over a thousand on a bracelet
westlyq ruiz (11 months ago)
Never wear fake it's embarrassing save your money up then buy real you'll feel better afterwards TRUST ME.
Nick D (26 days ago)
its not embarrasing if it looks real
austin brown (11 months ago)
A lot of talking w/ out facts
AAM A (1 year ago)
There’s cheaper than 30 there’s a tennis chain for 4$
Shadow_Wolf07 Gaming (1 year ago)
No one is ever going to smash smash smash you
JACOJE LYNX (1 year ago)
Mariah Cãrey (1 year ago)
i have chain 6mm :) look so good
Joey and Chevy (1 year ago)
Can I have a gold rope chain
Devintheman 14 (1 year ago)
Also the shorter the tennis necklace, the less likely it will flip
ruben martinez (1 year ago)
I got a question if i buy a reall silver necklace but it's gold plated when the gold plating fades away does the silver still look nice or does it turn into a ugly color or will the silver keep it's silver shiny color
Oper8tion Diamon8tion (9 months ago)
Itll be gray. If you get silver, wear it as silver. The plating process takes the luster from silver.
JACOJE LYNX (1 year ago)
it'll be dull
Pedro Segura (1 year ago)
I dont trust any web for jewelry i need my own eyes and tools to identify gold or diamond just my perspective.
Alexgaming 45 vlogs (1 year ago)
how short is this nigga that he has to look up at the camera
JACOJE LYNX (1 year ago)
JXSVS (1 year ago)
garbage video talked the whole time..super waste of time
Bronson Luks (2 months ago)
How you supposed to know the difference if you don’t listen dummy and there’s a side by side around 3:50 I swear all the 13 year olds hatin harddd 😂
JACOJE LYNX (1 year ago)
Oh I’m sorry, next time I won’t talk in my videos. Nice silence will do the job
Chris D (1 year ago)
You go on a bit to much,just get to the point.
Zombie Prodigy (1 year ago)
All the sellers on Ebay will fuck you if you dont know anything about jewelry. I contacted like 20 of those "lab diamond" people, and they all admitted they lied and the stones are simulated...
JACOJE LYNX (1 year ago)
jval733 (1 year ago)
So there very expensive but flimsy, so your saying the diamond chain breaks easy ?
Chris Jason (1 year ago)
We all come here for the "smash, smash, smash, SMAAAASHH"
Chirag Bhakta (1 year ago)
if i ever see this kid im gonna rip is 12 k gold off his neck lol, get 22k, youll feel better about yourself, and no hollow links, do solid if you have the money
JACOJE LYNX (1 year ago)
You won’t do nothing
TheRealCarlos \ (1 year ago)
I wouldn't pay 30K for a fucking rock even if I had the money
Jack Garforth-Booth (1 year ago)
Tbh his shit is fake
Justin Geno (1 year ago)
ugly ass
Drugrixh Silva (1 year ago)
I like classy stuff. Choker type. Thin, no diamonds, and real gold.
Jassiel Quintana (8 months ago)
david northern who gives a fuck that shit is 🔥
david northern (8 months ago)
Choker isn't classy, all the gay emo rappers Rollin with those now

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