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Html and Css Tutorial - 17 - How to add background image to html document

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For all my tutorials go to: http://websofttutorials.com/ In this tutorial i will show you How to add background image to html document. and in this tutorial i will show you that how can we repeat background image horizontally and vertically and after that i will show you that how to set background position.
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Text Comments (38)
LightAccel (1 month ago)
nice thanks :)
Im Ice Bear (4 months ago)
Christian Darrall (4 months ago)
why not use background { background-image: url("..//images/background.jpg"); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: 100% 100%;"> }
Inoxent Rayyan (5 months ago)
not working
patil pooja (5 months ago)
Thank u,this helped me a lot in my project.
Zahin Aqtab Sodial (9 months ago)
Thnx dude it was helpful
MOODROLL (9 months ago)
no working ..reply
Game Of Politics (11 months ago)
Thank You.....
Nick 8bp (1 year ago)
not working
Hemali Malam (1 year ago)
how make full size image in the background????
That_one_jeshua (1 year ago)
Its works,but how to reduce size
ashif21 (1 year ago)
Will it work on notepad ++ ?
Arpita Singh (1 year ago)
for those people whose code isn't working: There are different syntax for css, maybe this one isn't supporting. Try others, google them. Because for me, the others weren't working but this one did!
Arslan Khalid (1 year ago)
why is it not working............i have typed the code correctly
Dz Player01 (1 year ago)
Yani Isaac Santos (1 year ago)
Parimal Swamy Goona (2 years ago)
It worked for me, thanks
Amith Kumar (2 years ago)
this did'nt work for me
Allstarnightmare (2 years ago)
Austin Destani (3 months ago)
Amol Impal I input your code and it didn't work for sublime text 3, is it the text editor?
Zahin Aqtab Sodial (9 months ago)
Use the background-size: cover;
Amol Impal (1 year ago)
Just use this code in your css .background { background-image: url(yourimage.jpg); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: cover; }
Lynx TC (2 years ago)
just download an wallpaper that you like for that website.make sure its HD!!then type this code!! background-image:url(' image url here'); background-repeat:no-repeat;
Ashutosh Adarsh (2 years ago)
wow what a fuck lecture.
Jeremy (2 years ago)
your indentation is shit pajeet
memedreamer420 (2 years ago)
eXiG (2 years ago)
I can't even understand you
upshaw destine (2 years ago)
can i just randomly start with the body somewhere on the page
YouTube Rocks (2 years ago)
What What What What .......This smells bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RafiSG (2 years ago)
Actually I found this tutorial to be very helpful, simple and effective. It was simple to follow and quick. Just because he has an accent doesn't mean he A) doesn't know his subject and B) isn't a good teacher. Thank you :)
Dr Clef (3 years ago)
It never works goddammit
dune it (3 years ago)
Without doing the tags for styling in Css this probably won't work. don't forget to add the <style> closing and opening CSS
해아침 (3 years ago)
its not working... ughhh
TryTrueSolutions (3 years ago)
Good for learner....thanks
Lemons (3 years ago)
Confusing. VERY confusing.
king play (3 years ago)
Very good!!!Easy the best tutorial for CSS Background on own HTML file =D
abigael gicana (4 years ago)
Shy Technology (4 years ago)
thank you

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