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Hungary Travel: How Expensive is BUDAPEST?

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In this video I explore Budapest, Hungary and show how much things cost. PLANNING A BUDGET TRAVELING TRIP? "Gabe's Guide to Budget Travel" is a travel guidebook that's packed with practical travel info. Just $10 on Amazon! For more info, CLICK HERE: http://www.amazon.com/Gabes-Guide-Budget-Travel-Tricks/dp/1470155141/ Or feel like reading something else that's fun, adventurous and inspiring? "Following My Thumb" features 26 exciting travel stories from around the world. Also available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Following-My-Thumb-Gabriel-Morris/dp/1846948495/ Support Gabriel's videos on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/gabrieltraveler Follow on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gabrieltraveler Join Gabriel's Facebook travel group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/224985807515334/ Gabriel's travel page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Explore-the-World/226239094115488 Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gabrieltravel Lots more adventure travel at: http://gabrieltraveler.com Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. Filmed with an ICONNTECHS IT Ultra HD 4K Sport Action Camera. Gabriel is a world traveler and travel writer who has been adventuring around the world off and on since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990 when he was 18 years old. He is author of "Following My Thumb", a collection of 26 exciting and hilarious autobiographical travel stories from his worldly wanderings during the 1990s; and has written several other books available on Amazon.com and elsewhere. Thanks a lot for watching and safe journeys! Hungary Travel: How Expensive is BUDAPEST?
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Gabriel Traveler (1 year ago)
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SOYAIB ALI (10 months ago)
Gabriel Traveler hlooooooo
SOYAIB ALI (10 months ago)
Gabriel Traveler hy
ezis azis (12 days ago)
I moved to the US from Hungary after graduating from the university. Best decision of my life. I still visit family there every summer but feel more like a tourist. The only thing I miss is the architecture and the walkability of the cities. Living there is not that great.
Seo Harish (12 days ago)
Hi this is Harish from India I am huge fan of you I watch your videos regularly from past two years.....and my question to you is RU married
Gabriel Traveler (12 days ago)
Great, thanks a lot for watching. No, I'm not married.
zamo8 Lamora (23 days ago)
Love BP been their 60 times.
Gabriel Traveler (23 days ago)
60? Wow, that's a lot.
Any “ chemtrails “ in Budapest?
You developed a European accent in your travels.
Mosante Mosante (1 month ago)
Hungary has beautiful women. Very nice people. I worked with them and were all friendly and trust worthy.
Raven (2 months ago)
Alcohol, drugs and junk food are cheap, because they want the poor people to die.
Panos Jay (2 months ago)
Vodka and ballantines whiskey for only 1,80€? Ok, I am moving to Budapest
C colonel (2 months ago)
My unshaven face and a little of Budapest
Gabriel Traveler (2 months ago)
I showed more of Budapest in my tour of the city: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozaIIgORCCE
Asean Nomad (2 months ago)
Great video Gabriel. Very informative
Lew Evans (2 months ago)
Another good vid.
Lew Evans (2 months ago)
Get your viewers to send you money so you get a decent meal.
Andor Dénes (2 months ago)
I'm from Budapest. It is cheap if you are from US but it's not cheap compared to the salaries.
nobody (2 months ago)
sry man but 1 dollar is 300 ft and 150 ft is 50 cent
Gabriel Traveler (2 months ago)
I'm not sure what you're referring to in the video (show the time stamp for example 5:00 to indicate the time), but exchange rates vary. As of today 1 USD = 282 HUF, so yes, 150 HUF is about 50 cents USD.
ПРИВЕТ YouTube (2 months ago)
If I go to Hungary I will definitely drink some brews!
Tokatt (2 months ago)
Im from Hungary and next time go to the outer city. At the same malls these things are a lot cheaper. 5:19 that was a bit pricey for that.
MONSTER AMV (2 months ago)
Magyar vok xd
k m8 xdd (3 months ago)
But the salary is low too!
frakk85 (3 months ago)
What you ate wasnt pancake 😂 its called kárpáti borzaska and we dip the meat into a mixture of eggs ,salt, and flour then fry it in oil and put some cheese and sour cream on top.
Gabriel Traveler (3 months ago)
I see, thanks.
Kevin Rai (3 months ago)
super cool vlogs man
Gábor Barna (3 months ago)
Budapest is the best city in the europe! I know Because I live here 😂 But you was lucky Because choose cheep flat in the getto area! District 8! 😉 Your restaurat choose was good! Normal price And delicius tasty food! Only the ice cream was bad choose Because that is not good quality And expensive! If you thinking dollár nothing expensive.. But i writed.. I live is hungary I live hungaryan salary.. 😢 belive me.. that not is the best place in hungary whhere you should eat ice cream! 😉 If you come back again ask me where is the best places in hungary 😉 I can show some good experience 😉 SorrY my english I just now learning
Gábor Barna (1 month ago)
Liberty TEFL SorrY for my english 😂 not Perfect.. 🤔 I hope you understood me what I writed 😉 I know the words But I dont Understand the grammar 😂
Gábor Barna (1 month ago)
Liberty TEFL Bp small city here evrithing center 😂 the problem you are dont hungarian.. you can rent maybe just airbnb The problem airbnb biger prize.. And important when.. If you comming autum or winter chep But you comming in the summer.. you will pay bigger prize.. And one question.. size!!!! One flat two flat etc etc One room flat prize/300€-400€/mounth One And half room flat 500€/ mounth Two room flat 6-700 € Air bnb /1 room flat/1000€ Same time same district! But If you going the tourist area you will pay more biger prize! Maybe you need searc one hungarian friend who can help for you rent the flat! This is a good ID 🤔
Liberty TEFL (1 month ago)
Can you rent an apartment for a month? How much for an apartment located in the center??
Gábor Barna (1 month ago)
P Chow you need try : 1 lángos 2.pörkölt 3. Töltött káposzta,3 túró Rudi 4. Málna szörp 5 zsíros kenyér lila hagymával 😉 If you want you can searc here what is the lángos what is the túró Rudi etc etc
Gábor Barna (1 month ago)
P Chow kürtőskalács tipical hungarian sweet food :)) I like that
lf 01 (4 months ago)
Gabe, which country has the most beautiful women?
RATED (4 months ago)
You know your in Eastern Europe when women are wearing ketchup shirts 😂4:11
Eddie Szabatin (4 months ago)
Me and my family go there every year in the summer, to visit family and I’m going on the 6th of July, 7 days
Easy Taiwanese Lessons (4 months ago)
Easy to find backpack job there?
Anti thug Society (4 months ago)
I think its amazing that so much is written in English. WOW
Bradley S (4 months ago)
great video
Gabriel Traveler (4 months ago)
rci30 (5 months ago)
Great video, buddy. Good Work!
keg10609 (5 months ago)
Yeah it's cheap when you come from another country with a better wage.
keg10609 (5 months ago)
The song u played in the beginig i have been obsessed w for weeks now ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Sergio Barrientos (5 months ago)
whats the name of the hostel?
Stelian Nistor (5 months ago)
Budapest is a shity city,plain and simple...or should I say the country as well ☝️
TheFuzzy Beast (11 days ago)
Not depends on the country At All but i agree that Budapest is Highly overrated
Béla Bá (2 months ago)
What a fucking retard xD *your
Stelian Nistor (2 months ago)
Béla Bá and that NOBODY is definitely you ☝️now mind you’re own business and you might look a little smarter.
Béla Bá (2 months ago)
Noone asked for your opinion either in the first place.
Stelian Nistor (2 months ago)
Béla Bá I didn’t ask for your opinion or so I care,still wanna have a conversation?have a nice day
Leslie Suli (5 months ago)
Looks great! I am coming soon
Zulficar hamid (5 months ago)
How cheap is Budapest compared to Berlin?
Mr Travelife (5 months ago)
Best city in Eastern Europe if you travel with friends or even alone. Probably the safest one too, everything is cheap! And yeah girls are beautiful :D and all of them are really simpy
hermit ov (5 months ago)
Great work you are doing by showing all the minute details
The Big Lo (6 months ago)
hey gabe....ever heard of o.z.o.r.a. its a music festival in hungary....anything like that interest you?
Ella Stern (6 months ago)
Public transportation is EXCELLENT - if you are in the city get a day pass good for 24 hrs for ALL modes of transportation within city limits.
Grahame Stroud (6 months ago)
Innercity apartments. Close to metro. Close to everything. Little more than hostal price but well worth it. Was just there and loved it. Plenty of sexy woman all around the country
Roshan Mehte (6 months ago)
How much I understood you through your videos you are amazing person it will be amazing to meet you
Roshan Mehte (6 months ago)
Thanks dude you are really good person
Necati Agha (7 months ago)
Vaughn Blaylock (7 months ago)
My first trip to Europe ever. And frankly, I don't care if I never go anywhere else. I just want to go back to Budapest. It's been eighteen months and I miss it every single day.
Nick Nayersina (7 months ago)
great video man!! I put out a budapest video too! I miss it so much
Jj Chen (7 months ago)
Attila would be proud
beschuitfluiter (7 months ago)
Went there three times for the 7 day long Sziget festival. Lovely city
Dudás Luca (7 months ago)
😂😂350 forint more then a dollar (not is 1 dollar exactly)
Marton Baksa (7 months ago)
As of March 2018 350HUF —> single ticket. 1USD —> 254 HUF Gelért is amazing btw!
kvnmcinturff1 (7 months ago)
When I lived in Budapest the exchange rate was 100 HUF per dollar.
Carlos Carazo (8 months ago)
Hey Gabriel, I am visiting Budapest in April and I was wondering what is the best way to get the local currency, I was just planning to withdraw some money from my debit card in an ATM, what do you think? I've done that in some other places and have not had a problem.
Carlos Carazo (7 months ago)
Awesome! That's what I needed to know, great video BTW, extremely helpful!
Gabriel Traveler (8 months ago)
Yes, using your debit card at an ATM is the best way. Just make sure to contact your bank and inform them of the countries you are going to because otherwise your card might not work. And also make sure you have some cash on you in a major currency such as a few hundred US dollars, euros, British pounds, etc. in case you have any problems withdrawing money and as emergency cash.
Lilla Bódis (8 months ago)
Pacsi a magyaroknak! ❤✋
ПРИВЕТ YouTube (2 months ago)
Lilla Gunnarsen I'm not from there but I admire Mayar.
Dixie Normous (8 months ago)
7:22 dem titties
Julian Smithe (8 months ago)
The hungarian language is real hard to understand and even learn the basics.
Matty Wanders (8 months ago)
Cool video! I'm a planning a trip for the fall. This video was helpful. Thanks and safe travels! ☺
Swami Vrashtacharya (8 months ago)
wow some classy women around there
Patrik Taczman (8 months ago)
Those things that you tried actually much cheaper. Those was tourist traps :/
Kākāpō (8 months ago)
if you have a hungarian paycheck (hope i said it right) everything is expensive.
Gabriel Traveler (8 months ago)
Yeah I get what you're saying.
x1 Borzi (8 months ago)
Thank you for the vid, it was useful. When my friends come from America, I will have to tell them not to wear sleeveless tops outside. Women can do it, but men should not. It is considered as male underwear in Hungary, so the boys should put on something with sleeves. Thank you, I haven't thought of it yet.
Boglárka Takács (9 months ago)
Usually, everything costs less outside of the mall... normally ice creams cost 250Ft
Paula Ify (9 months ago)
I lived there for four years, in Szeged and Debrecen, these two cities are even cheaper than Budapest. I miss Hungary, I'm currently in Ireland and it's crazy expensive over here.
Bernd Klüver (9 months ago)
Dear Gabriel. Budapest is definitely not cheap. If you come as a visitor from the US with a salary of 4000$ it might be cheap. If you live there and you only earn 800$ for the same job the world looks different. Am i right ?
TheFuzzy Beast (11 days ago)
+Gøran Greggor The problem is that nowdays the minimum wage is around 491$, yet a MEDIUM category apartment's rent starts around 30 000Ft=105$ + overheads which is (if you want to live the fullest) costs another 30 000 and i still did not count bail that you need to pay in the very first time you move in (only for the first month, fortunately) to be prepared if the owner's stuff gets ruined, ect. so they pay the reparation from that(lso a Lot of trickings are here or people can't pay their bills after a while so the bail will cover you for a few more months), soo yeaah that can be even around double the amount of what you need to pay for the rent and overheads..often 120 000Ft or more, soo you start up with around 180 000Ft minus=632$ oh wait, oop's i died So you need to get a low category apartment or just rent a room aand yeh, this was a Higher category of "minimum wage"..and there people who get 110 000Ft/month or even lower, ect.
Gøran Greggor (2 months ago)
+Peter Gagnon 25% in Croatia. But what's the income tax?
Peter Gagnon (2 months ago)
+Gøran Greggor The VAT in Humgary is 27% , one of the highest in Europe.
Gøran Greggor (4 months ago)
Dorka Gutbrod That's weird, considering that the average salary in Croatia is around 900€ I thought you had higher salaries and a higher living standard for sure. Now considering that your prices really are quite a bit cheaper (lower taxes I guess), the living standard seems to be about the same.
Dorka Gutbrod (6 months ago)
Here earning 800$/ month is above the average...
Hungary (9 months ago)
Go to Kőbánya. Kőbanya its soul of Budapest.
jp tomi (9 months ago)
Love you man
Vïrág channel (9 months ago)
Vannak itt magyarok?😂😂😂💜
Gecko_ (2 months ago)
Nem! Egy se! >:(
Vilag Istene (2 months ago)
TAK Ism. (9 months ago)
tram single ticket is 450Ft is 1.8 $, anyway Budapest is not cheap anymore. you gotta know the Income here is so low.
Frank K (9 months ago)
We rented a nice apartment with A/C during July 2016 for 50 USD a night, It was just a few blocks from the Elizabeth bridge. Bought some nice pastries at the Grand Market. I think they were about a dollar each. Beautiful city and so affordable. Was only there a few days as we were booked on a Danube cruise to Passau, Germany. I really wish we had spent more time in Budapest. Will definitely be going back.
TideTrotter HD (9 months ago)
i tried Halaszle which is a carp soup and it was vile haha will never forget that
TideTrotter HD (9 months ago)
Great video! i have family that are from Hungary and still live there and i have visited multiple times and i absolutely love Budapest! and love to learn Hungarian even though it looks a scary and difficult language to learn but i enjoy it. I have subscribed to you to see more videos, keep em comin!
Babika Potter (9 months ago)
My father was next in line to the throne of Hungary. He died in 1998 and gave the title to me
János Keczán (10 months ago)
Lol is it that cheap lol
Ricsi 2005 (10 months ago)
Im From Hungary. ☺
Jon Harmil (10 months ago)
thanks for sharing.. unless you have been.. check out Lviv, Ukraine, prices are even better!
Kurdish Guy (10 months ago)
WOW nice country very chip price ,in UK just use toilette £1
LandonGendur (10 months ago)
Jeesh. No wonder Hungary is known for alcohol. It's so cheap! Lol. I thought about renting a car when I arrive in 3 days, but those road signs look scary!
d3ne5 1q (10 months ago)
Good video but the video quality sometimes is unfocused and blurry, you should definitely improve that. :)
Vad Disznó (10 months ago)
Tuti CGI ez a videó. Működik a bkk autómata meg még egyetlen részeg sem üvöltözött az aluljáróban :D
Happy Person (1 month ago)
Epic Family Adventure (11 months ago)
This video was helpful for our trip to Budapest. Thanks for posting Gabriel!
Gabriel Traveler (11 months ago)
Great, glad to hear it.
Zita Csarnai (11 months ago)
For a Hungarian student who lives on the countryside like me Budapest is a little bit expensive but tourists usually find it cheap :) It depends
Áhim /HUN\ (11 months ago)
I am Hungary
Levente DotLokos (2 months ago)
k m8 xdd (3 months ago)
Ne írj angolul, ha nem tudsz, mert kínos szituk lehetnek belőle xD
Kristóf Bácskai (5 months ago)
Áhim /HUN\ Jó nagy lehetsz XD
The Szekyman (11 months ago)
My Hungary ! Felirtakoztam ràd , és likolom a videót . Amugy meg Budapesten belűl Érden lakok.
D BSz (8 months ago)
Érd egyáltalán nem Budapest része omg mit érzel
Arber Aruci (1 year ago)
beautiful Budapest from durres City..... Albania
Aaron Meyler (1 year ago)
Why did you not cover the more important questions like 1. how easy is it to rail the local birds.2 how much is weed and whats the quality like. 3 . is it illegal to stomp on a gypsies head if they try and engage you in conversation. 4 .how do you say big mac in hungarian and 5. do you have to shit in a hole in the public toilets?
Gabriel Traveler (1 year ago)
Great questions. Sounds like you need to go to Budapest and make a video. I'm sure the research would be fun (except stomping on someone's head, don't do that).
walter feaser (1 year ago)
many quaint villages and fantastic scenery, the seat of many  kings is very close and you can easily visit both  in one day-trip from throughout the year. The peak tourist months however July-Budapest on the Danube amazing.Baseball. Al Hrabosky, known as the mad hungarian relief pitcher. didnt know that
Sukhi Kaur (1 year ago)
Nice video
Jonas Go (1 year ago)
Thats cheap! I live in Norway it's super exspensive here!
Gabriel Traveler (1 year ago)
Very true: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAXmQX_mm0c
indica4202 (1 year ago)
4:05 3 sexy women in a row...Budapest here I come
MyFePo :D (7 months ago)
indica4202 4 month old comment.Anyway,around 90% of Hungarian womens are beautiful.The rest are ugly as hell,and have a toxic personality as well.
A man has no name (1 year ago)
I have the same breakfast routine lol. Granola mixed with regular oats, but i add half a pack of frozen berries on top.
florianreichelt (1 year ago)
Awesome video guys! :)
Mir5 (1 year ago)
How are Hungarians toward foreign students? I'm planning to study there. Lovely country...
Zita Csarnai (11 months ago)
AmirAli Tn In the bigger cities they are usually friendly with them, in little cities too but fewer people understand them. For example, in Budapest, where lot of people live, more people speak english, almost in every shop, every restaurant, especially younger generations. While in my town, close to the Romanian border, almost only us, the teenagers speak English 'cause our parents in school had to learn Russian, and they don't feel like learning English because they don't see the point of it. So for foreign students I'd recommend bigger cities because of the easier communication but I've seen foreign students in my school as well and everyone was super friendly with them, however older people couldn't really speak with them :)
Alex Green (1 year ago)
Why is it so cheap? Sorry I'm just now learning about Hungary.
Gabriel Traveler (1 year ago)
Different parts of the world are more expensive than others. Complicated economics. Check out this video for another example of how cheap it can get: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ok9sGor4ig
Albear Nabil (1 year ago)
What's the name of restaurant
Ewerton Almeida (1 year ago)
How it was if you dont talk hungarian? Do you speak hungarian too? I really want to visit Budapest, but o dont have any clue about hungarian language.
Ewerton Almeida (1 year ago)
Gabriel Traveler glad to hear that xD Same here
Gabriel Traveler (1 year ago)
A lot of people there speak English, so it wasn't a problem. I don't speak any Hungarian.
Hunor (1 year ago)
Jesszus ha ez a pali kapna egy magyar fizetest es abbol huzzon ki egy honapot pesten mar rogton nem lenne el ajulva ennyire hogy milyen olcso Budapest
Donill Trumm (1 year ago)
were you staying in the 8th district? I think Corvin is in the 8th
Gabriel Traveler (1 year ago)
I'm not sure, could be. I didn't know Budapest well.
mahmoud raheel (1 year ago)
Thanks after this vedio I'm thinking to immigrate to Budapest for sure😁
Travis Zane (1 year ago)
Awesome video :) i'd love your feedback on my stuff, even if its different than your content. Have a great day!
get paid 01 (1 year ago)
Hungary may be poor but the low cost means that they enjoy a quality of life at par with the best. Very interesting
J K (1 year ago)
What a culinary imbecile! This guy is a perfect example of why Americans get such a bad rep when they travel beyond their own navels: This dude went all the way to Budapest-- one of THE foodie capitals of the world-- for a gyro, smoothie, granola, oats, a beer that he can't be bothered to find out where it's produced, and turkey.
Gabriel Traveler (1 year ago)
So did you learn something about how expensive Budapest is?

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