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Transgender Lady is Angry That Straight Guys Aren't Interested In Her

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Transgender woman Claire is sad that heterosexual men that she encounters are no longer interested in her when she informs them that she has a penis. Here is the article I was going to read https://pjmedia.com/parenting/2017/03/22/transgender-girl-saddened-and-shocked-that-straight-boys-arent-interested-in-her/ Here is the whole video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDoeUnWpccA
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Text Comments (13035)
Having surgery won’t change anything. A surgical vagina is a poor and ridiculous substitute for the real thing.
Snormann (1 day ago)
So does people who think it is gay to be attracted to a woman-looking trans girl, think that you are straight if you are attracted to a manly person with a deep voice, beard and manly rough skin, who was born a girl but has done everything to look like a man?
Adam is the coolest (4 days ago)
So he’s sad that straight guys don’t want to suck his dick?
NiñaPreciosa (5 days ago)
How come they didn’t know it was a man with them big naked ass Paws 🐾
Shawn (8 days ago)
You guys are bigots. I would totally ram her up the shitter.
PhilOfSilat (12 days ago)
Move on
Loreene C (13 days ago)
Yeah I admit, I don't like being mean/judging people, but as a straight person in real life, would prefer pure female as a companion, that's just biology?
William Reese (14 days ago)
How do you not know there guys
Richard Lamoreaux (15 days ago)
She should just go out and find a nice gay guy.That shouldn't be too hard
Michelle Evans (19 days ago)
honestly its any humans loss who only dates and loves for gender. love isn't based upon gender or looks, love is about two souls connection those who think and feel otherwise is straight up narcissistic and doesn't know about or understand the source of love who may have been misguided by a negative faith in religion or may follow a crowd out of weakness and doesn't follow their own path. whoever loves for gender and looks wouldn't be a positive relationship in this life it is far worse to be negative and judgmental and narcissistic than being born with a female or male spirit. many miss out on meeting or knowing their soul mates in life because of this issue in mankind most become very unhappy overtime and regret the decision they had made when they cross over, even more, when they unite with their soul mates again in the spiritual realm for not excepting them in the physical realm it could destroy the connection from the lesson not being learned in the 3D world. peace love and kindness to all
Skippy (20 days ago)
Brianna Bombshell (21 days ago)
What if she had a sex change?
Hello There mortal (23 days ago)
Tbh straight men reject females all the time trans or not.
Atheist Mocker (25 days ago)
The only way that I can see a trans person getting a guy is if they are gay or queer.
Foxking TV (25 days ago)
"Straight guys can't get ove the fact that you have male parts" sooooo Straight guys can't get over being straight? Ummmm ok
Greg F. (26 days ago)
Were these dudes f’n high, stupid or really desperate? You could tell by his deep voice and flat chest, among other things, that he was a dude. I can spot these trannies from a mile away.
TomJeffersonWasRight (1 month ago)
Not in My berd, never. If she" can fantasize about being a woman, "she" can fantasize that we went to a swank club and had a wild night out. One fantasy would be as real as the other.
ItzStriker (1 month ago)
If you become trans pretty much dating is hard for you
SiriusfromOrion (1 month ago)
It's the voice, you can always hear the Adams Apple ringing in their throat when they talk to you
SiriusfromOrion (1 month ago)
Heterosexual males, bookmark this video, you will need to circulate his photo to the community because once he goes post op, his true gender will be kept secret from his partners, he said as much.
Raqueline Smith (1 month ago)
And this is exactly why I never tell men that I used to be a man. I enjoy the ride until it lasts, then I get rid of them with an excuse and move to the next one. You people all deserve the worst pancreatic cancer. You should writhe in pain, you fucking bastards. It is not our fault if we were born with gender dysphoria. We are trying to make the best out of it. I NEVER actively pick up guys, they just pick me up and they must enjoy sex if they keep coming back. These are all rednecks, homophobic. The more homophobic/transphobic a guy is, the bigger the thrill is. I used to be honest 5 years ago. Not anymore. Honesty is the WORST policy. They deserve to be deceived and used and tossed like a used paper. And, if someday, somehow, my past comes up or someone suspects, someone is gonna get hurt and I fucking guarantee you that someone is not gonna be me.
Ryan Ramos (1 month ago)
That's fucked up though. The surgery will change that? So she is going to let guys fuck him without letting them know. They will be scarred for life. So messed up. If you need to trick someone into sleeping you, that's unhealthy and wrong.
Ryan Ramos (1 month ago)
Definitely doesn't look like man, but sounds like it. Surprised the guys didn't notice that.
eRmaC (1 month ago)
Its so sad that men wont have sex with other men even though the other guy has identified in his head that hes a woman, that makes him a woman so stop being racist.
Duane Watts (1 month ago)
Plumbing matters........DUH.
BabyDoll (1 month ago)
Trans men date trans women problem solved... 😑
Anomaly Filmworks (1 month ago)
"As Tyler Durden so elegantly said..." eloquently.
Delirium Inc. (1 month ago)
But if a strait guy knows about the issue and he's looking for a trans, it is more easy to find love. In public, it's a different thing.
Malone Mantooth (1 month ago)
It is cute but it's still a dude.
Jim Elliott (1 month ago)
This is hardly a SURPRISE, but I do say kudos to her for telling the guys the truth.
Kryssii (1 month ago)
I was ready to come at u bt U were respectful & honestly I think u were easy on her.
Jensen (1 month ago)
She is very much a real woman. Clearly you don't understand what being transgender means. Now, if someone can't deal with her anatomy at the moment, then, move along. I get it. But, do not disrespect a human's identity. It is not yours to decide.
Cheasera Pettit (1 month ago)
Brah you're funny as hell..😂🤣😅
Mr. Robot (1 month ago)
Low voice, highly animated to a point that he is like a "characature" of a girl... it isnt hard to spot that this is a man pretending to be a woman.
HeyGuy4321 (1 month ago)
Once post OP id hit it
Sidious (2 months ago)
If you are born without a pussy no deal.. Its not rocket science
狼Alex (2 months ago)
Sticking the stick in the hole is not the same, when there was a stick *ØwØ*
emil engen (2 months ago)
Blackblooded (2 months ago)
Guess I'll just accept that I'm transphobic. I happen to be attracted to genetic females with a vagina and not a guy in makeup. Funniest thing is, gay guys may not want to date you either. They are attracted to guys, not guys that wanna pretend they are a girl.
Sloth GOONIE (2 months ago)
Cause she's a fucking bloke ffs
Rocket Man (2 months ago)
So this tranny is trolling the beach looking for straight men to trick into a homosexual relationship? Awful.
Tom William (2 months ago)
You can tell she's trans cuz she wearing tranny panties 😂
Blue (2 months ago)
Key words here you idiot... STRAIGHT MEN......and if you keep who you are a secret to get STRAIGHT MEN....to have any form of sexual contact with them....KEEPING SECRETS....then you deserve the beating of your life.. Its no different than rape or some sort of sexual assault...THATS A FACT! Straight men dont want transexuals...they want REAL NATURAL WOMEN...Suck it up bitch..
Grinlathak (2 months ago)
"Straight man" does not mean arborist. We don't want anything to do with a tree trunk.
Kyle Gale (2 months ago)
I wouldn't give them my number in the first place
0:12 *V O R A L C O M B A T T H E M E B E G I N S*
Todd Bernhard (2 months ago)
It's a man, baby!
aaron humphrey (2 months ago)
Whatever a person chooses to be is their decision and free will, but don't get upset if people don't want to be who you want them to be because that's their choice and free will. Stop with the double-standards! WTF!!!!
aaron humphrey (2 months ago)
Love the double-standards! If a married man gets caught hiding that info from his side piece then he's a piece of sh*t and she's allowed to slap the sh*t out of him for keeping it a secret, breaking her heart, and unwittingly having her compromise her morality. (sleeping with married men)? But if a man unwittingly fools around with tranny believing she's a woman then he's suppose to just accept it, not get upset, and be open-minded? Someone please tell me what's wrong our country?
Daya Taya (2 months ago)
I heard that trans girls is a big hoe.
Comp Wiz2007 (2 months ago)
There is NO AMOUNT of surgery or hormone therapy that can change a male to a female... The Y Chromosome cannot be removed and the moment hormone therapy is stopped the human body continues with it's NATURAL PATH.. Hormone therapy can never remove a Chromosome only TEMPORARILY disrupt (not change) the natural effect it would have. This is FACT and FACTS are FACTS, feelings, emotions and OPINIONS cannot make a FACT any less of a FACT.. What you identify as is IRRELEVANT... Game, Set and Match.
Master Of Darkness (2 months ago)
That "transtesticles" DUDE is repulsive ! 😡
janelle jandreau (2 months ago)
Soften your chin up, too.
soggy Banwarth (2 months ago)
Oh and that aint yogurt that comes out
soggy Banwarth (2 months ago)
Just try it. Its like taste testing ice cream over frozen yogurt. Nope not going to happen" IT"
diogenesny (2 months ago)
The kids in Africa (2 months ago)
Ngl this dude looks good as a girl. So F E L L A S if you ugly like these two guys in the video and someone that looks good but has the voice of a teenage boy, goes up to you asking for your number and shit it’s most likely a trap.
Last Crusade (3 months ago)
She is hot
Ear Juice (3 months ago)
I'd fuck em but then I'd fuck everything.
moises guandique jr (3 months ago)
I agree and I am not gay
Scott thePainter (3 months ago)
chances of getting anal sex went way up LOL
Gavin Payne (3 months ago)
Imagine that getting them draws down and finding out not only is it a man but has a big dick than you 🤢🤢
ArigatoDBD (3 months ago)
uhh find a gay dude?
Christina Demitro (3 months ago)
cut up...Mutilated.....reshaped..... male genitalia...... ............WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THAT!??!!....STRAIGHT MEN ARE SO SILLY!!!!......😟😞😖🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
ILoVe Vivian Tries (3 months ago)
They're better off dating a gay guy
Its a MAM!!!
M66di (3 months ago)
If you don’t tell a straight guy you trans gonna get ya ass killed tf no one want that bullshit
Justin J (3 months ago)
He can't wait to have surgery to fool straight man , he'll be the one trans to get killed cause don't tell his partners he's a man
Livin Gunk (3 months ago)
My buddy identifies as a pizza but they wouldn’t let him be served at the local pizza parlor. Bunch of pizza bigots.
Kristina Süvari (3 months ago)
I sould be super dissapointed (being a straight woman) for all the gay men not attracted to me according to that logic.
Kath C (3 months ago)
Not everyone likes everyone else when it comes to dating so move on.
Kath C (3 months ago)
@Mr. X You just got yourself blocked.
Mr. X (3 months ago)
@Kath C So to become trans I just need to fake my breasts wear Female clothes and call my self trans? Didn't know it was that easy lol.
Kath C (3 months ago)
@Mr. X a crossdresser is not a Transsexual. There are various types of crossdressers none of which have any intention of changing their name and transitioning. Look up and read the Benjamin Scale.
Mr. X (3 months ago)
@Kath C My bad maybe male crossdresser or mental unstable man child thinking he is a girl?
Kath C (3 months ago)
@Mr. X when you used the term trannies you lost all credibility.
Josiah Yanes (3 months ago)
Well put bruh.
mudawott (3 months ago)
I love how shit like this twists the words because its so easy to convince people t hate people they already hate
Monica Hemingway (3 months ago)
You have to disclose to a straight man because it’s considered rape or molestation. Because men are consenting to have sex with an actual woman. Men are attracted to biology. Stop trying to force your glamorized mental illness and fraudulent gender on men in society. 😒
Mr. X (3 months ago)
@Kath C Ah the if you identify me wrong, because I don't look like a male/female I'll kill myself for attention disorder.
Kath C (3 months ago)
Psychiatry Diagnostic code 2018 2018 ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code F64.9 https://www.icd10data.com/ICD10CM/Codes/F01-F99/F60-F69/F64-/F64.9
Obi-Wan Kenobi (3 months ago)
I think the men are more upset that they didn't realize that they weren't talking to women (yuck- I would feel really really bad if I found out a person I thought was a woman turned out to be a dude cringe...); straight men don't want anything to do with transgender people period. If you have problem with this sentiment you can take a long walk off a short peer. Speaking from a straight guys perspective who for time was in acting/stage/theater I recall being a hit a lot; I set strong boundaries and was careful not say or do anything that might be misunderstood. I think these transgender people have the wrong the idea- if straight men aren't interested in you who gives a shit?!! Who straight men pursue in relationships is not of your flipping business!! Straight men want to seek out women NOT men... if you're not a real woman don't try to seek a relationship from a straight man... Common sense right? O, perhaps that is asking too much from society these days right? The concept I'm sensing here is that these men/transgender people want straight men to pursue them... Shrugging shoulders while rolling eyes- this is why gay and lesbian ideology/life choice was/is/will always be a mental disease- - if a dude wants another dude to think he's desirable only because now he looks more like a lady there is something fundamentally wrong this picture. And people wonder why "gender confusion" and "sexual identity/orientation" is the leading cause of suicide in the United States- despite this the gay and lesbian agenda's continue to promote there agendas/ideologies like its something good/noble/acceptable- yet despite this it because of these twisted ideologies and mental illness that people most often take there own life.
Daniel J (2 months ago)
Eh I think that homosexuality is fine if it's between two consenting adults and when the relationship is healthy and doesn't just consist of sex. ^^ My friend is a lesbian and she is a completely normal and sweet person who doesn't force her beliefs on others.
Jane lane (3 months ago)
If these guys cannot tell that these two trannies are dude then they have issues. What do the trannies expect? Straight guys do not like dick,. There are some who expect lesbians to like dick also.
N (3 months ago)
Kleenex is king
Lady Slim Sadie (3 months ago)
she's not a man
GV Games (3 months ago)
As a straight man I would NEVER consider a bloke in a dress. Keep your PC BBC lol.
Kath C (3 months ago)
I would think an educated Transsexual feels the same about you.
Unfiltered Truth (3 months ago)
How could these men not be able to tell the difference? I believe they were just being polite so they could get with the real biological woman.
Luis Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Transgender should only date other transgenders.
Sid Thakid (4 months ago)
I wonder how he/she would feel if said guy turned out to be a she/he.
shkunk1 (4 months ago)
Not a lady. Just a confused young man. He/she should try pursuing gay men. I believe this person is most likely gay, but for some reason just can't admit it. JMO I could be wrong.
Adán Montalvo (4 months ago)
Why doesn’t she just date a gay man or a transgender man lol
buskey888 (4 months ago)
it's because your a man not woman
JCordoba1001 (4 months ago)
My thing is, there are guys who like trans women. Why do you want straight men to date you?
Abel Alvarez (4 months ago)
I want to suck clares dick.
Ben Cart Wright (4 months ago)
I feel like it's fake idky though
Starman (4 months ago)
They aren't tricking anyone they probably didn't want to be disrespectful or paid actors
DefyPvtAlpha34 (4 months ago)
What kind of fucked up shit is this
Teta _98 (4 months ago)
Because you are man ??!!!!
Richard Rugg (4 months ago)
If you want to date men, then why not pursue other homosexuals?
Richard Rugg (4 months ago)
"The Crying Game?!?!?"
haley nelson (4 months ago)
Gittem "wheeelll holy shit my love I wonder why not" nigga I was rolling every time he replied with that damn picture 😭 especially 1:03, jeasus crist
Jordan Riser (4 months ago)
Cause that’s not right that’s fucked up
Jordan Riser (4 months ago)
I would beat his ass for not telling me when we first met tbh
Faceless Propagandist (4 months ago)
Would you?
Autumn Skies (4 months ago)
My Name is Earl: She’s a duuuuuuuuude!
Abel Alvarez (4 months ago)
I want to meet clare
Edwin Vardeh (4 months ago)
Straight men like girls only. Period. Respect our decision.
Dr J. Mohammed Einstein (4 months ago)
She is so hot IDGAF about whatevs.

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