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MLB Dirtiest Playerss

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Some of the dirty players in teh mlb comment your thoughts Instagram http://instagram.com/sportingvideo Twitter http://twitter.com/sporting_video All clips to mlb http://youtube.com/mlb
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Text Comments (762)
f2a Finito (4 hours ago)
carlos gomez is dirty cuz of a bat flip and cuz mcann is sensitive?
Bob Bikly (4 hours ago)
Carlos Gomez is worse than angle Hernandez
John Hutton (9 hours ago)
The Odor vs Bautista is about Odor being dirty? Bautista is an asshat
Ima Paine-diaz (20 hours ago)
I smell a nasty Odor
shinrips (1 day ago)
I wouldn't mess with Yasiel Puig.  H'e one bad dude, muscle on muscle.
erik camarena (1 day ago)
3:35 doesnt the ump look like john cena
Joe Neri (1 day ago)
I can't blame Odor for being dirty. Who wants a last name like that?
Claude Sledge (1 day ago)
Carlos Gomez is an excellent baseball player. The problem presented here in this video feed is that the"slouches",who are in MLB,don't like the fact that Mr.Gomez makes them look pathetic as"professionals".
Miami Eyes ME (2 days ago)
cubanito al fin ,aqui muy guapos pero alla le besaban el culo al regimen
Miami Eyes ME (2 days ago)
what a horrible professional league !
Rob Brown (2 days ago)
Odor stinks. It had to be said.
KSE2606 (2 days ago)
Machado is, and will always be, a little bitch.
LordofDublin4 (2 days ago)
Very happy my Yanks didn't sign that piece of s _ _ _ Machado. And it's time that sports in general stay away from athletes that behave badly on/off the playing field or court. I would rather my team be competitive but classy.
Destroygary Funky (2 days ago)
Spot on.
javier arreola (2 days ago)
Glad Dodgers got rid of Machado and Puig. They were a distraction to the team with their stupid ego, dirty crap players
Mike J (2 days ago)
baseball players are a bunch of pussies. watch hockey if you want to see real fights
crguti (3 days ago)
The Baseball fights are the gayest fights ever.
captain black (3 days ago)
Odour gets heated at Bautista. Next clipped Odour slides even worse at 2nd base......lol
Eric Stenzel (3 days ago)
Gomez es muerde.
rosie montoya (3 days ago)
How is puig a bad player that’s bs
PewDie Pie (3 days ago)
All of the fights that puig got in with the giants were because of the giants players.
cymanca (3 days ago)
Amazingly what a lot of players today consider “dirty” was how anyone of us over 50 was taught how good, tough baseball was to be played. I don’t know what a Pete Rose, Bob Gibson and Billy Martin would be portrayed by today’s players. Everyone went hard into second base to break up a double play, the batter ahead of you hit one out you better be ready to get your first pitch in your ribs if you weren’t prepared and if your pitcher wouldn’t defend you against the other team’s pitcher being a head hunter you bunted down the first base line hoping to roll that pitcher as he fielded the ball.
donny blondy (3 days ago)
don't mess up kevin Pillars hair please
Nestor Lugo (4 days ago)
Bautista had it coming, Rugy just got fed up lol
Carlos Gomez is a G, get him off this list ya Met's fan.
Steven Jones J.r (5 days ago)
Hes a PUNK not a G!!! I hate the mets btw!!
D T (5 days ago)
I personally think some of these South of the boarder players are gangsters. No I'm not a racist
Ayes (4 days ago)
Because they're from the Caribbean you dumb fuck. Not "south of the border"
Ayes (4 days ago)
Yes, yes you are.
D T (5 days ago)
Gomez needs steroid testing
J H (5 days ago)
If only there was some kind of trend.
J H (5 days ago)
Low IQ
Chris Buechele (5 days ago)
All dirty minorities. And the retards on here defending them are pretty much the same. Scumbags.
Chris Zemer (5 days ago)
Seeing Machado's face makes me cringe
apquickallday (6 days ago)
So every dirty player is latino? Yeah, build that wall!!
PO_BASEBALL * (6 days ago)
Puig IS the dirtiest played in baseball period. He is disrespectful and a show boat
Jason Wynn (6 days ago)
Puig is not dirty mad bum is
Boxcar Bubba (6 days ago)
Machado is a canser to any baseball organization that is stupid enough to sign him to a contract . Just ask his Los Angeles Dodger team mates .
Research Fivehundred (7 days ago)
That's exactly how you push back a pitcher. He can blame a bad release on his hands to the ball. A batter can blame his hands to the bat when he let's go mid swing at the pitcher. Although not sportsman like, it will work. They have Bill's to pay and low level stardom to keep. A bat slip is what may need to happen in order to balance the game.
Chairman Meow (7 days ago)
Carlos Gomez is a psychopath lol
Ernest Bigot (7 days ago)
I see a pattern.
mark anderson (7 days ago)
gomez is a total ass that should be banned from baseball
Mark Edwards (7 days ago)
Some players don't like getting embarrassed.
Peter Bloom (7 days ago)
I didn't see Puig do anything dirty. Apparently he doesn't take any shit, though!
Andrew Zerangue (6 days ago)
jose urenea is the dirty one
fit4ya1975 (7 days ago)
Every player who clears the bench should be fined $250,000, all they are doing is starting a fight at that point. Very unprofessional. They are overpaid as it is.
caleb dickson (6 days ago)
fit4ya1975 but it’s exiting. It’s part of the game. Like hockey
richro65 (8 days ago)
Despite all of these dirty tactics, these players never get any kind of significant punishment and teams line up to pay these players big money
Icy Vert (8 days ago)
Lmfaoooo Manny Machado owns real estate in everyone’s head 😂😭
AW (8 days ago)
Gomez with that skull shape and rage... You know he's on the juice.
AlphaDeltaXray (8 days ago)
Manny Machado: MLB's biggest punk ass bitch
AlphaDeltaXray (8 days ago)
In that first one, the Brewers had their asses handed to them lmao
Scott Grudziadz (4 days ago)
guedt53726 jsufhfb (8 days ago)
If machado my teammate i d and this sounds very bad but i wouldnt stick up fo r the prick because its p a infully obvious what a dick he is
guedt53726 jsufhfb (8 days ago)
Gomez and machado must be related both assholes
Joey Jamison (8 days ago)
A fight is the most excitement that Orioles fans have seen all year.
Bradley Coulter (7 days ago)
Ain't that right lol fuck the O's
winter ramos (9 days ago)
Seems to me The Gomez Family are trouble
Dom Onaindia (9 days ago)
All Mexican weird
Diddy Kong (9 days ago)
Manny Machado shut yo big ear monkey head ass dirty player cheap shot Thomas the Train lookin head ass up
jeff roberts (9 days ago)
1st part about machado true harper biggest crybaby period
Chris Barras (9 days ago)
Gomez is a cancer
George Ramirez (9 days ago)
Marichal, Gibson, would've had a field day with puig!
Rex Sexson (9 days ago)
In teh mlb?
GORDO EINSTEIN (9 days ago)
Gary Andrews (9 days ago)
Funny all the incidents that are shown all involve hispanic players, maybe the narrative should be changed to the dirtiest hispanic players and troublemakers.
Fabian Gomez-Coriano (9 days ago)
I hate machado with a flaming passion
Icy Vert (8 days ago)
lmaoooo Machado owns real estate in your head 😭😭
romdre 81 (9 days ago)
I'm a Yankee fan I know most everybody hates the yanks but I would of hated the yanks if we would of picked up machado the guy is a trash bag
illustrate100 (9 days ago)
What’s so bad about watching your home run?
Ernest Bigot (7 days ago)
It's traditionally a sign of disrespect to the pitcher.
Bill Moore (10 days ago)
Guys like that need counseling
Amauris Martinez (10 days ago)
funny how you focus in latin players you forgot about pete rose and chase utley i wonder why and who can't forget roger clements but they are not latin
Flock of Slagels (9 days ago)
Well they aren't playing in DR or Puerto Rico. Time to learn professionalism. Bunch on baby boys
Randall Weber (10 days ago)
After watching Machado following his trade to the Dodgers I definitely get the impression he’s not going to missed by Dodger teammates. He’s only on the field for himself and his dirty plays on field only solidifies who he is as a person.
Icy Vert (8 days ago)
Machado owns your team
MajesticWill21 FAMZ (10 days ago)
Lemme know how Puig is dirty?
Flock of Slagels (9 days ago)
Licking the bat like it's a dick is pretty dirty
BassSingersUSA (10 days ago)
Gomez is the biggest bitch in baseball. He's only ready to fight when he's got 3 players "holding him back"
Pluto SeriesP (10 days ago)
0:59 I think Gerrit Cole said the f word
Pluto SeriesP (10 days ago)
Andrew Stevens (10 days ago)
He did
hatuxka (10 days ago)
Odor and Machado are the dirty players, the rest is filler.
6uerito (10 days ago)
Carlos Gomez show boating and now he’s a dirty player??
AlphaDeltaXray (8 days ago)
Nah, he's just a punk ass bitch
Mr.Woo Woo (8 days ago)
He's a douchebag!
Mr. Mark (10 days ago)
Over Paid juvenile delinquents, WHY i don't watch baseball...boring, long to the point of absurd ... bullshit.
thegreatdaveo (10 days ago)
Your definition of "dirty" is waaaaaay different than mine. Someone who tries to intentionally injure another player is "dirty". Someone who runs his mouth a bit after hitting a HR is not "dirty", he's just an asshole.
inalavalamp (10 days ago)
I honestly think players shouldn't be frowned upon when watching the ball. It's just a wee celebration. The other team can do it when they hit a homer. Might attract some people to the game.
Stelvis 74 (10 days ago)
All hot headed Hispanics. Gomez & Machado are the two biggest pieces of shit playing.
Rob Corwin (10 days ago)
Both Machado and puig are little bitches
scott Hamilton (10 days ago)
One thing all these guys have in common.... Hmm... Lol
DjWhokidd15 (10 days ago)
I’m so happy Snyder dropped Gomez. Gomez is a piece of shit
Chris p Bacon (10 days ago)
Manny Machado plays hard and is a hot head. Not a good combination but man is he talented
Ten Millimeter (10 days ago)
All you young pitchers out there - When you bean someone you better expect them to come after you so you better throw that ball at their head as hard as you can.
MOONIE GIER (10 days ago)
What a bunch of babies
Diary Productions (11 days ago)
if obama had sons
Regalo 78 Eggy (11 days ago)
I love manny machado
Flock of Slagels (9 days ago)
xpidgeotox (11 days ago)
No Chase Utley?
Rafael Ramirez (11 days ago)
I'd love to see a one on one fight between Carlos Gomez and Manny Machado
Webinator (11 days ago)
Machado deserves the obscurity he will get in SD.
Gangster pinky pie (11 days ago)
yea puig isint dirty hes fuckin dirty
Gangster pinky pie (11 days ago)
ooooooffff i like poop
Ryan Hanson (11 days ago)
Gomez an overpaid woman
Jose Martin (11 days ago)
Dis bumgarner seriously try to start a fight with puig.... dude would’ve gotten his ass kicked
geneva kubicek (11 days ago)
Roughned isn’t a dirty player
Fvck Off (12 days ago)
3 mins in and all these are of non white players. Seriously IU try not to be racist but all these fucking low lifes are pieces of shit scumbags from 3rd world countries. I say bomb them right off the planet.
Fvck Off (12 days ago)
Gomez looks like a stupid dirty puerto rican
googoo gjoob (12 days ago)
Machado is a 2 bit punk.....good riddance....gone to San Diego from whence he'll never be seen or heard from again.
Icy Vert (8 days ago)
cry more lmaooooo
Flock of Slagels (9 days ago)
Big A's fan. After his push move with Donaldson even Orioles fans were apologizing for us. He is an embarrassment
Softballer16 * (12 days ago)
Bautista deserved getting punched in the mouth.
Richard Calisi (12 days ago)
so you look at the ball when u hit it....whats the big deal??
Spybro32 (12 days ago)
The last clip of many charging that wasn’t dirty all the others were and he is a completely dirty player but Ventura was throwing at him in the at bat before then first pitch he threw at him and got him
Jim Halpert (12 days ago)
Baseball players are such little bitches
scott horton (12 days ago)
Gomez must have female hormones wtf wrong with this man lmao
Roberto Leos (12 days ago)
MLB dirtiest playerss? Pendejo; you don't know shit about baseball. You're full of shit and hate against hispanic players. Pendejo.
Ryan Keshet (12 days ago)
Rougned Odor - biggest hypocrite shitstain
LPVP (12 days ago)
All these fuckers have a victim mentality all there lives.

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