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Travel BRUNEI 2012

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Zulfi Ramadhan (1 year ago)
#borneo #proudtobedayak
Rudi Satriawan (1 year ago)
baru liat di youtube aja, udah terasa bhw brunei sangat nyaman...
Fadhlan shiddiq (1 year ago)
السلام عليكم Mas, saya minat sangat dengan Imstrumem melayu ("pas di pesawat", sebelum masuk lagu yanni)di awal tu. Tolong kasih linknya ya mas. Lama dah cari2, masihbja tak ketemu2.
Anne Bernadette (1 year ago)
Dear Ma’am/Sir: KAPUSO MO, JESSICA SOHO is one of GMA-7’s top-rating primetime News and Public Affairs program in the Philippines. It is hosted by one of the country’s most trusted broadcast journalists, Ms. Jessica Soho. The show features socio-cultural stories, current issues, and special events that air here and abroad every Sunday at 7:45 in the evening. For our May 7, 2017 episode, we are currently producing a story documentary about a family in Davao City who are claiming that they are relatives of the Bolkiah Royal Family of Brunei. In line with this, we would like to request from your good office if we could borrow your video vlog posted on your Youtube Channel. We will use these photos and videos as support file for our segment. The segment will be aired locally and internationally with one possible replay, as well as in our plugs, web videos and social media accounts.
Brunei Share (1 year ago)
hai greeting from brunei share channel
Aziz Suhailee (2 years ago)
Great video..
Ritu Rai (2 years ago)
beautiful...place ,,, but who the hell dislike here ... please remove it now
Ali Umar (2 years ago)
Salaam Alaikum. Greetings. I would like to have some information about average price per month for rental of an efficiency apartment any where in Brunei. I would also like to know about dental treatment and average cost for an implant or crown. Please share with me if you may have any information. Thank you and Jazakumullah Khairan [email protected]
Kalam Hussain (1 year ago)
hello bhai salam can i get working visa for brunei
Muslim in (2 years ago)
kangen Brunei... 5tahun di sana sangat berarti. kmpung bunut. I mizzz u...
Joy RS (2 years ago)
We're also 10-15 mins away from parks and mall and in front of us is the water village :)
dear NURFAQ MOVIES we here by apply for permission to download your video from your channel. just for our entertainment channel only. do you agree to allow us to download your video.
nola nasaruddin azar (2 years ago)
saudaraku mnikah ma laki2 brunei skrg mrk di karuniai 3 ank alhmdlh hdp mrk sejahtera....q jg pngn kyk dy tp ga bs 😢😢😢😢
nola nasaruddin azar (2 years ago)
+KHALID NIAZI but dont distrube me ..ok
KHALID NIAZI (2 years ago)
+Rinda Kurnia ,, WhatsApp me please... I am waiting
nola nasaruddin azar (2 years ago)
+KHALID NIAZI owhhh so u think i from where...i come from indonesia u know
KHALID NIAZI (2 years ago)
+Rinda Kurnia ,,, I am from Pakistan.. soon I will be in Brunei
nola nasaruddin azar (2 years ago)
+KHALID NIAZI sorry where u country
Dalia's Ambitions (2 years ago)
This is so inviting. Great job . :)
Yanto Toto (2 years ago)
mau cari kerja ada loker apa yaa ke brunei
MT Milton (2 years ago)
good .........
matt y (2 years ago)
going there in august , looks great
NURFAQ MOVIES (3 years ago)
waalaikumsalam lagu dr kumpulam morham dan yanni
mfadhlan shiddiq (3 years ago)
assalamualaikumm, mas sya mohon, tolong beri tahu music yg dipakai untuk pembukaan nya tu apa juduk kagu nya, plesae ya mas, kasih tau, ku dah lama cari tau tapi tak ketemu juga. sekali lagi mohon kasih tau ya mas, saya sudah terlanjur suka banget.
Taufik Apriliyanto (3 years ago)
hi...just if u want to going to take a private tour,i offer u with my private car and private tour...also i can pick u up from airport and dop to airport,,call me at +6738617012 ( whatsapp ) or email at [email protected],,just save my phone number cause im sure u need it when u visit Brunei,,thanks..
valleykayz (3 years ago)
Nice video bro. Thanks for promoting our country. More details about Brunei http://bruneiborneo.com/2015/03/top-10-things-to-do-in-brunei/
Los Angels (3 years ago)
what a boring place
Patrick Cherif (3 years ago)
+kurdupel80 I don't know where they come from. I just read on internet a lot of blog and post where many english expat are happy to live in Brunei. And many website and blog tell that is wonderful place for live. Anyway, I can't say nothing, because I never been there. I would like get more informations. But was you in Brunei as tourist? 
Tom * (3 years ago)
+Patrick Cherif Yes, seriously. British people have miserable weather so anywhere hot no matter where it is, is good enough for them. Were they from Middlesbrough?
Patrick Cherif (3 years ago)
+kurdupel80 seriously? But how expat people spend time? O__O And, what was the "shit" exactly? I have read that people who move in Brunei from England find Brunei very good for quality of life. By the way, I never been, so I ask you ;) Thanks
Tom * (3 years ago)
+Los Angels Trust me! It is. Shit all there. Transit stop for 2 nights and that was the longest 2 nights ever. The best part was flying out.
吳哲銘 (4 years ago)
Nice video. Well done 
0403Miinie (4 years ago)
thanx! i'm going to brunei next month!
We are making an educational video about ASEAN for student or people who is interested in our city, it's meant to enrich learners and help them gain knowledge. The objective of this video is education and therefore is not made for commercial trade or to seek any benefits. We searched for stories about each of the ASEAN countries on the internet, if we found your video interesting or enlightening, we used it or parts of it in our video. Therefore, we would like to ask your permission to allow us to use your videos or parts thereof in order to make this educational video. We are pleased to name you in the credits at the end. In case this video violates your copyrights, please let us know and we will remove it.  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit Sample: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Travel BRUNEI 2012 Uploaded by Fadli Othman
Aminor Rashid (4 years ago)
Great video. Well done +Fadli Othman 
mfadhlan shiddiq (4 years ago)
ini sebenarnya sebagian kecil dari hasil keluarbiasaan dari penerapan sariah islam, cuba kita lihat lh lagi lembaran sejarah islama di bakdad dan andlusia...., walah sudah lama tapi hal itu tidak menjadikan mereka kalah akan arsitektur, YG LEBIH DITEKAN KAN DISIS DARI KEUNIKAN BRUNEI ADALAH KEMAKMURAN RAKYATNYA  : MORAL, KURANGNYA KRIMINALITAS, AMAN, CERDAS, DAN BERBUDI LUHUR......! MUngkin di dunye ni byak tempat yg dari arsitektur tidak klah dari tempat seperti brunei, TAPI APAKAH SEAMAN BRUNEI?, SEMAKMUR BRUNEI? DLL   SLAM DARI FADHLAN INDONESIA RIAU DARI Penggemar HUkum Tuhan...:)
Hush Truth (4 years ago)
The Sultan has imposed Hudud not because of Islam, but because he wants to intimidate us rakyat and perpetuate his authoritarian rule. Sultan yang zalim akan disanggah. The Sultan and his family have plundered Brunei to maintain their lavish lifestyles and opulent palaces. Under Hudud, they will lose their hands. There is no worthy heir to the throne and no democracy in Brunei. Hudud is the beginning of the end of the Sultanate in Brunei. Prophecy: If the Sultan fails to transform Brunei from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy like Malaysia, Brunei will become a republic like Singapore.
cantik nye
Zawir Nawi (4 years ago)
what type of camera did you use and how many GB does it have?
[email protected] (4 years ago)
assalamualaikum ...nice video edit .boleh kasi tahu x soundtrack music yg last sekali tu tajuk ape yw.?
NURFAQ MOVIES (4 years ago)
soundtrack dr kumpulan yanni-tajuk lupe plak..nanti sy cek dan bg tahu pd cik
[email protected] (4 years ago)
+Fadli Othman boleh kasi info x.. ? soundtrack islamic yg last to ape judul tajuk nya? best ler smpai 10x kli ulang video nih nk dgr music tu x jemu 2.(-_-)
NURFAQ MOVIES (4 years ago)
Wslm..trm kaseh
Gema Satria (4 years ago)
This is a nice video, the way you take it just like a pro.. The angle and so on I mean. And this is quite helpful for me and those who are curious what Brunei is like. :) Thanks! Salam dari Indonesia
NURFAQ MOVIES (4 years ago)

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