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MADDEN 25 ALL UNIS -Madden Leagues: http://compete4ever.com/about Comments: http://compete4ever.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17796 - SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, LIKE, & COMMENT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2soTyX5K3gQ CLICK TO WATCH: MADDEN 25 BEARS AT PACKERS E3 13 XBOX 360 Compete4ever is a competitive eSports community that expects great competitors to be great people too. If you want to test, sharpen, or improve your game in a fast, fair, fun, and friendly environment, this is the place you want to be. Compete4ever currently features online PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 leagues, tournaments, etc. for Madden NFL Football, and EA NCAA Football, with more games to come in the future. C4's main Madden leagues are Play-Now leagues that follow a 16 game NFL flex-schedule, that use the latest available rosters online; no player trades or anything similar are done. Their schedules are completely open; owners can play any opponents on their schedule at any time in the season. Each season lasts approximately a month long, with the regular season lasting 4 weeks, and the 5th week dedicated to playoffs. In July, we feature 32 team NFL-style NCAA leagues. Monthly tournaments are also held for C4 league members to play in. C4's Football gameplay rules are along the lines of Madden Challenges, and other major Madden tournaments. Random "drafts" (team assignments) are always done for the first season of a game's edition year for all C4 leagues. For all of the other remaining seasons in an edition year we pick teams via NFL-style drafts, with an NBA style lottery to randomize the draft order of owners with the first 12 draft picks. If you join during a season in progress, you will be assigned an available team, with the least amount of games played, whose name comes up the earliest alphabetically (Bears, Bengals, Bills, Broncos, etc.). If there are no teams available, you will have a spot on the waiting list. In order to be on the waiting list, you must be signed up for this league as an owner without a team. Once a team is made available, and it is your turn on the waiting list, you will be assigned that team. A notification will be sent to the new owner as soon as a vacant team is assigned to them. Wait-listers must be prepared to take over any assigned team immediately. You most likely won't get your favorite team when you first join, but you can list that team at the top of your draft list for the following season so you can play with them, or a team close to what you want. Our leagues are also known to reach 100% user vs user schedule completion on a consistent basis. It is absolutely free to start playing in the Compete4ever leagues, and prizes are also awarded. Last year we awarded at least $2,000 in cash and prizes to our winners. To join the Compete4ever leagues, go to: www.compete4ever.com/sign-up -Feel free to invite your friends to do the same! http://www.compete4ever.com/ *LIKE Compete4ever on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/COMPETE4EVER *FOLLOW KOACHK on Twitter at https://twitter.com/K0ACHK *FOLLOW Compete4ever on Twitter at https://twitter.com/COMPETE4EVER *JOIN the Compete4ever community at http://www.compete4ever.com/forum/ *To PLAY in Compete4ever leagues, tournaments, etc. JOIN at http://www.compete4ever.com/sign-up/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - This Sports video will show you: How to see Madden NFL 25 Uniforms How to see Madden 25 Uniforms How to preview Madden NFL 25 Uniforms How to preview Madden 25 Uniforms How to select Madden NFL 25 Uniforms How to select Madden 25 Uniforms - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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Text Comments (54)
Alex H (4 years ago)
Felt like I was at sea world
Stevorama (4 years ago)
butterthatpopcorn (5 years ago)
Redskins Home and Away unit should be changed to Yellow Pants
Ryan Bologna (5 years ago)
they don't have the giants alternate white pants.
ThePrototype07 (5 years ago)
+Ryan Bologna Right on! Yah I have the Xbox One version, but my buddy says it's on PS4 too. 
Ryan Bologna (5 years ago)
+ThePrototype07 good because i didnt get it on the 360.  i waited to get it on the ps4 for my birthday.
ThePrototype07 (5 years ago)
They actually do in the next-gen version!
Jayden Whethers (5 years ago)
That would be terrible...also is there a Riddle 360 helmet in the the game?
Jimmy Bean (5 years ago)
Why is it that some teams have "throwback road", and some don't? Tampa Bay's throwback Roads are awesome, and Dallas' "Dual Star" '94 throwbacks are too. Some teams have random throwbacks, like the Chargers have a '70's throwback. Why? EA sux! Would LOVE to see a 2K NFL game on the market!
JamTop1105 (5 years ago)
YES! The Greatest Uniforms of All Time 2013 are up there.
Big Dawg Dezy (5 years ago)
2:01 panthers Jaguars lookin sweet
Gary Johnson (5 years ago)
The Chargers uniforms are wrong for this year.
SinikkaL (5 years ago)
Should have had that fixed after they fucked up LAST YEAR!
thisusernameshalldo (5 years ago)
They damn well better. They wore them last year and have already worn them this preseason as well.
Mert Moralı (5 years ago)
Beyinsiz misin arkadaşım sen sadece forma göstereceksin ya
Mike O'Brien (5 years ago)
No more ncaa after this year:( and paying 500 plus for bew xbox next years madden better be like watching tv. With pregame and postgame options lol
NYG5 (5 years ago)
every football game used to have every fuckin uniform ever worn. it would take them a day to generate all the uniforms for a team, especially if they just use their own teambulder NCAA program. lazy motherfuckers
thephenomenalcrew (5 years ago)
Hope they update the collars. Some teams had the half and half collar and this year every team has solid collars.
ThomasE316 (5 years ago)
they still dont have the throwback giants away jersey
motorheadbanger90 (5 years ago)
once again ea's madden team fails to get the uniform details right...EA cares way more about NCAA than it does madden.
Spazz Out (5 years ago)
So madden doesnt have hte new gloves like ncaa 14?
Joseph hernandez (5 years ago)
Bucs should lose the gold pants
butterthatpopcorn (5 years ago)
I would honestly pay $100 for an NFL 2K14
butterthatpopcorn (5 years ago)
ya jags look like terrible ncaa division 3 schooland bears dont wear orange pants
1georgiafan (5 years ago)
they need to bring back the blue facemasks the colts use to have
Rob Johnson (5 years ago)
theyre changing the pants to blue
JTswag187 (5 years ago)
And on the Panthers all bllack tops its got a blue top
Brandon 3 (5 years ago)
I hate it when they bend over why cant they just stand straight and still
Charlie Keeney (5 years ago)
Where are the saints
Jayson Logan (5 years ago)
Woah, Thanks dude I never Looked at it that way before.
Rick Grimes (5 years ago)
The name should be changed from dolphins to whales
Rick Grimes (5 years ago)
If you don't know what E3 is, then please quit video games
Adam ZarZar (5 years ago)
Yeah I love when the Bears wear their away unis with orange pants. Happens all the time.
mattgb77 (5 years ago)
it even says "alternate all blue" and its the home jersey with orange pants
zack nivans (5 years ago)
the Jaguar faces from the yellow side (sun) into the black part (shade) of the helmet. While Jaguars hunt from the shadows into the sun. The coloration on the helmet is backwards it should fade from black to yellow, so what details am I missing?
Aerone Flores (5 years ago)
lol at you for not even paying attention to details, go search up Jags new uniform and match it with this helmet.
Aerone Flores (5 years ago)
Actually the soundtrack isn't what is being showed here, watch his other videos and notice how he uses the same ones probably directly from Madden 13, so hopefully they have a new one because this is plain boring, Madden 12 is more interesting
Trump 2020 (8 months ago)
Aerone Flores ncaa 13 music I think
Christian Green (5 years ago)
Same horrible soundtrack
Brandon Whiteside (5 years ago)
Man Madden is just terrible plain and simple
Domenik Barfield (5 years ago)
not about to front but I like the all white uniform this year
Michael A. (5 years ago)
they shud hav put music like from madden 12 or 11 and i hope they hav team creator this time
trey rowell (5 years ago)
it's obvious that ncaa is WAAAAAAAYYYY ahead of madden when it comes to equipment . nike gloves, undershirts (1/2 sleeve, 3/4 sleeve), everything -_-. i bet ya'll a penny and a fiddle of gold that the new nike gloves STILL won't be in this year's game. not even for the xbox one and ps4.
buttfumble Shepherd (5 years ago)
why do the numbers on the front look so small
MrMinVik (5 years ago)
why do they have practically the same stuff just different years? The Bucs have All White, Orange Throwback, 2011 Home and Away (which are pretty much the same as regular), and 2011 Orange Throwback which makes no sense for that to be different to the other orange throwback.
neondeion12 (5 years ago)
How in the heck did they not fix the Bears pants this year? They have never worn orange pants only blue. They are also missing the panthers black pants.
Mckenzie Boyd (5 years ago)
@Kyle Patterson no offense but what gamer ask whats e3? please tell me your trolling -_-
dolphinsdewd88 (5 years ago)
Your name says it all, "Haters gonna hate," bro.
Haterz_Gonna Hate (5 years ago)
I absolutely hate the fins new logo
Haterz_Gonna Hate (5 years ago)
Lol wats e3? Funny
Madden 25 looks really good this year. I'm so pumped that Madden 25 is going to allow importing NCAA 14 rosters as draft classes though. I think everyone is happy about that.
compete4ever (5 years ago)
Electronic Entertainment Expo - You can follow them on Twitter at @e3expo
Kyle Patterson (5 years ago)
whats E3?
godc123 (5 years ago)
U could play the demo at e3. The demo of madden 13 could be played at e3 last year and so on. It is too early to release the madden demo to the public that is why u sir jcfranklin do not have it.

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