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i QUIT my job to travel the world and it was the best decision of my life. Follow your passion and you will be blown away at what you can accomplish. When I quit, I walked away from a job that I had spent 4 years in a school studying to achieve and I also abandoned a life of financial security. I had no idea what the future had in store, but I knew that I had a passion for travel and a love for filmmaking so I decided to take these next few years to whole heartedly pursue this crazy dream of mine. In 8 months, I have seen, done and accomplished more than I have in my entire life. There have been countless sleepless nights, but I'm kept motivated by my desire to be the best at the job I love. This is the power of following your passion. Watch to the end to hear about the Giveaway/Contest Please leave the video a thumbs up, SUBSCRIBE, and if you're feeling inspired, SHARE the video. There is no better way to support us than by sharing our videos with your friends and family :) How our travel journey all started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOI66GB4508 This video was shot in Thailand and the Philippines. Want to see more Thailand? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omojFXTxis0 Want to see more Philippines? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-7RK9cmXis Team Get Lost has now surpassed 100,000 incredibly loving supporters and words cannot describe how important each and everyone of you are to Laura and I. We thank you and we are so glad that we get to make these videos for you. Much love! Christian and Laura Instagram LostLeBlanc SnapChat LostLeBlanc Twitter LostLeBlanc Facebook LostLeBlanc Laura's Insta: LauraReidd Laura's vlog: https://www.youtube.com/c/laurareidd Laura's snap: LauraReidYT Special thanks to @droneheroes & @gotmarked for a couple shots :) Song: Searching For You - Unlike Pluto (Monstercat) New Summits - Vincent Tone Light Em Up (Instrumental) - Epidemic Sounds ---------------------------------------- FAQ: -What camera do you use? All gear is listed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kuq50cVSFbw -What do you use to edit your videos? FCPX I quit my job to travel the world, and it was, the best decision of my life. Follow your passion, and let the rest follow.
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Text Comments (3753)
What's Inside? (2 years ago)
Excellent work! Keep it up!
J Hodge (17 days ago)
Lost LeBlanc I know you ent a life coach but what would u say to someone who wants to travel, but don’t have any significant work experience or qualifications To go back to at nearly 22 but I proper want to get out of England and travel!?
mash made (10 months ago)
how the fvck did he quit when this is work ?! he gives quitting a bad name
Kristina S. (1 year ago)
Yeah, keep being a parasite that lives off other people's labor without giving anything back! The world really needs that!
Gaurav Gupta (2 days ago)
Amazing shots
fech 00 (3 days ago)
well but that just works because other people have to work their ass off to finance you and you basically make money by showing the society that their life is crap compared to yours and thats why thex click your video
Petru B. (3 days ago)
ok, but you can help humanity so much better being a bussiness man that doing vlogging in remote islands;
Patrick Fynn (4 days ago)
Good for you brotha
Carl Hondjera (7 days ago)
Today i quit my job in order to persue a proffesional rugby carear in the UK...im so nervous i hope and pray that i will make it...
Chathura Anuranga (8 days ago)
super <3
Calypso AirFPV (8 days ago)
big whoop. I dont' always enjoy the work but i enjoy working with my coworkers and it's fulfilling. and I still get to travel. i dont' want to travel endlessly that seems and empty life rather than building memories with friends locally and doing sports and hobbies i love at home.
R Lee (8 days ago)
I have herpes and I let a different guy fuck me raw every night. I don’t know what’s wrong with me or why I’m writing this anonymously to people that don’t give a shit
Fuzzy and Freaky yesh (8 days ago)
Han Bulban (8 days ago)
Have to say the quality of your video is one of the best I have ever seen
Veer The viper (9 days ago)
I like your videos! I am a big fan of yours!You are my Icon.I want to travel around the world like you!But dont know how to start! Thank you for entertaining and inspiring people like me! Good Luck!
David B (10 days ago)
If any of you have the attention span to read a short story, I highly recommend The Lotus Eater by W. Somerset Maugham. It's available free online. You can be young and poor but you can't be old and poor.
lorysaly (10 days ago)
You can't quit something you've never even started lol. 3months=0 work experience, sorry.
vaish S (11 days ago)
Your life is truly an inspiration!! keep it up.....
Medrian33 (11 days ago)
This video narrative is certainly as appealing as it is western-centric. Did you take a minute to think about how flawed your story might be? Do you actually realize that the only reasons you were able to make this video possible is because (1) You’re mistaking happiness with self-indulgence (2) some people don't do what you do? (3) you are still able to harness your economic primacy (aka spending power) over the one of your new home country. I’m sure as a former business student you’re accustomed with the term dumping, aren’t you? I don’t know if I’ll be here to see it happen but when we consider that the emerging and developing economies are home to +85% of the world’s millennials, you’re highly likely to tell a very different story in your videos in the future. It’s not an exhaustive list but that’s a start.
Stopthegreed (12 days ago)
So you walked away from a job you had fought so hard to achieve? With $5000 ? What were you doing cleaning toilets? I would have walked away too. The thing is there are literally millions of people traveling the world and doing what they want to do.
Gratitude Life (12 days ago)
I love your energy, your hunger for adventure passion for life, the balls, scratch that ! I mean courage to let go of things that don’t serve you . I’m 51 and I’m happy with my work but I can’t travel which I love more. I love to work in Africa. I have a school that I built but I wish this is the only beginning. Currently I’m in school for another 18 months. Longing for a little bit of freedom after long 4 years of constant school with no summer or winter breaks . I used to go to different places in the world, now I feel caged, but that is what I chose and I’m sticking to it. I can take my professional skills and help people in health need anytime anywhere in the world no electricity required, only my brain and hands . I’m proud of you ! Follow your dreams !
Aziz Mohammed (12 days ago)
I quit my job to travel for advanced degrees other than my country.
Great video.
Ravi Gupta (12 days ago)
... But first u need hot gf to pull views
Kar k (13 days ago)
Loooser . get a real job. James well said . this kinda imposters Shud b banned from talking crap .
miguelitoronto (13 days ago)
Yeah!!! I'll quit my middle class life and start being a millionaire!!!🤸🤔😉👉
sali-ahmad loong (13 days ago)
With your beautiful girlfriend and your love of your life🙄 what happened?
Ovidiu Keresztesi (13 days ago)
hey i need some help from you :> i will try to make a video
GJ Onato (14 days ago)
Nice content man! Me too, I quit my job last Nov 2017 and now following my passion doing freelance IT and filming.
Arham Ali (14 days ago)
Very inspiring story. Made my day. Just found you on my trending and couldnt stop subscribing you 😊 best of luck for your future endeavors.
mrwogo goolies (14 days ago)
Edited shite
Tripl3333 (14 days ago)
The ones that quit...always have the best lives and the most beautiful girls. I must be doing....SOMETHING WronG.
Ash Thomas Films (14 days ago)
Just seen this. Thought damn Ive missed by 2 weeks... Then I noticed I was 2 years to late 😅
Bacon & Eggs (13 days ago)
I don't usually subscribe to anything, but mate, that was just awesome... Subbed!
sheikh raihan (15 days ago)
Sounds good Doesnot work. My moto is Working arse off for 10 months and 2 months full holidays.you need balance in your life otherwise you can visit Goa and find lots of Hippies.its for my pov.if your one works out good,weldone mate.
M I D (15 days ago)
He’s making money off YouTube! 🤣🤣🤣
Harish Jeswani (16 days ago)
Theunexpectedgamer (16 days ago)
So ur suggesting everyone to quit there day job and do youtube fulltime?
Dylan Define (18 days ago)
Haha, she has them oval objects all round her 🏠
Gil RG (18 days ago)
Where is Katy????i thought she was your girlfriend! Good luck following your dreams! ✌🏼
Brian Giguere (19 days ago)
she's definitely going to see spongebob on bikini bottom
Micah Gallegos (20 days ago)
Good for you brotha! Keep living the dream!
Blake (20 days ago)
You only get one lifetime, so live it the way that you want to live it, not the way others want you to live it.
bp (20 days ago)
Great Vlog mate. From Melbourne Australia.
Herakles (22 days ago)
Everyone quitting jobs and making vids full time it’s funny
Bobby Burns (24 days ago)
😂 living cheap and getting laid is a easy life. As a white man you can live this way and have others pay your way. You a bum, which is cool but urs nothing special. Asshole wake up your a beach bum making money to travel and Asia has a great back drop and we all have beautiful gf it’s Asia they are poor . Wake up asshole and do something or not
KING COBRA (24 days ago)
I'm making 40.39 as a union worker but I'm not happy want I'm doing, I really wanted to quit but I have family to feed. Any advice guys? I'm stressed with my job.
Gil Kim (25 days ago)
I live in seoul. and I have many chance to visit south-east asia. but I don't wanna go there again. because that area is not safe and dirty. believe me.
noseaspardillo (26 days ago)
We all want to give up working and dedicate ourselves to the good life, but how is the world maintained then?
Phillip Brewster (28 days ago)
great vid
Satheeshan Surendran (28 days ago)
Hi Christian...nice video...fantastic editing music score....etc. Your effort and hard work is worthwhile...keep it up.
Mbalz 19 (30 days ago)
I needed this 😭❤
alessandro nicoletti (1 month ago)
Amazing stunning beautiful awesome fantastic dope inspirational! Love it thanks bro
Que R (1 month ago)
This is awesome! I’ve decided to do this very soon and I am so excited to live my life as I want!
Brdaley E (1 month ago)
No basically you left one job to pursue another.. still in the same race...
Vai journey (1 month ago)
Awesome 😍
Jumperman 1 (1 month ago)
Sexy girls and exotic destinations. Simple ways to get the views you need. Get a life...........
Raven One (1 month ago)
When i have enough money😁
JPS (1 month ago)
Amazing ❤️
GoodTravel (1 month ago)
The best channel on YouTube
L. aposdif (1 month ago)
Thank god I could travel around Europe quite a bit before the onset of my health problems, I still do whenever I feel calm enough. Best experiences and life achievements ever
L. aposdif (1 month ago)
This makes me suicidal I would do this too if my mental health conditions hadn't hold me back from having a decent job or if I had inherited a considerable amount of money from some of my ancestors.
Troy Franklin (1 month ago)
Parents must be so proud
Ron nono (1 month ago)
high-octane dopaminergic video to make you hate your life so you'll follow my faggoty youtube channel.. y-you're just a hater bro.
Ron nono (1 month ago)
when your life improves you instantly get a gopro melded into your face and grow a penchant for shitty edm.
MrThebeanbag (1 month ago)
You have given me some awesome video tips 👍
MrThebeanbag (1 month ago)
"Thank you"
Danny Brockman (1 month ago)
I wanna live like this🙌🏼💚✨🏝🍁💨
Fleur Tevel (1 month ago)
Amazing video!! I just subscribed to your channel! Really love your content, you're already an inspiration to me. I'm from the Netherlands and decided to make videos on Youtube in English. I lived in London and made a lot of videos. I make a lot of travel videos as well. Love, Fleur
Muhammad Yasir (1 month ago)
Welcome to Pakistan ❤
karyn Henric (1 month ago)
Pet Mot (1 month ago)
Got better idea .. save up money for two properties in your place .rent out and live from it in low cost country like Indonesia Thailand.....south Asia for a year.
Natalie Beaurivage (1 month ago)
I decided to take time off school even though I only had a year left, to travel to South America with my best friend. I'm leaving in about a month and it's my first time doing this, I can't be more scared and excited.
Daniel Adshead (1 month ago)
Good on you mate 😀👍
Citizen of Corona (1 month ago)
What's with these videos of people who "travel" only going to these exotic locations that are part of a cruise ship excursion? It's one thing to get out of your job if you don't like it even if you don't have anything else lined up, but I imagine countries like Thailand and the Philippines are full of American expats who are jumping off cliffs into water holes and swimming in aquamarine water while the people who are natives there are peeing in a hole in the ground. I never see anyone who talks about "traveling the world" going to remote, unexplored areas or places where you risk getting yourself killed.
TangyLid (1 month ago)
How about let's meet in 30 years when we are in our 50s. I'll have a retirement portfolio and rental properties for income..you on the other hand will be broke overseas and working still.
You ll have diabetes and heart failure and also bald. He will look young, with a full head of hair smoking a joint on your grave 7 years after you die. Your money will go to your people and they will just splurge and buy stupid shit.
DVSM (1 month ago)
Even if it would be like that, what I highly doubt, he would also have amazing and wonderful memories. You would be old, would have just worked your entire life to get a little bit of money. And you never know how times can change. In 30 years your retirement portfolio and your rental properties are maybe worth nothing. Or you die before you will be 50....
Sven Kovačević (1 month ago)
So if you've quitted your job, where did you get the money for all that traveling??
Raheel (1 month ago)
You could talk a lot less about how you started ... and stick the view......
INVESTMENTS (2 months ago)
How girlfriends do you have mr playa
Giuseppe rimauro (2 months ago)
well done.enjoy your life!!!
Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf (2 months ago)
I knew this kid in high school. His parents are rich as fuck. The whole trip was probably funded by daddy.
SZ Photogram (2 months ago)
Great motivational video.Love from Bangladesh.🇧🇩
Expat Paradise (2 months ago)
Nice work. I am counting down the days...
Mick C On Drums (2 months ago)
I totally get the message here, i am in my 60s and worked for 50 years without being unemployed, i am comfortable, not rich but I don’t owe a penny, yes i guess i wasted an awful lot of my life towing the corporate line , yes sir no sir and all of that, i feel for the young of today , we were born into a black and white world and had to graduate into colour, the young of today start in colour and have nowhere to graduate into, they will mostly become quickly disillusioned and for that reason they have my sympathy, great vlog though !
Polyglot Hyunjung (2 months ago)
Thumbs up. 👍🏻
Guido Verona (2 months ago)
Um Bills? You know soap shampoo gas...FOOD? Toothpaste? Roof? Bed?
Pablo cardoso (2 months ago)
We are born to eat and shit. I'm quitting and will travel. I'm gonna follow my gut. Who's with me???
Japes Fornyay (2 months ago)
Canadian I'm thinking eh
Natasha Banky (2 months ago)
Awesome video :) Nice soundtrack too :)
Szabolcs Nagy (2 months ago)
Great. And how do you finance all this...????
Mustafa (2 months ago)
Redefine success and blablablablablabla boring shit. Show more hinds and stfu
Luke Gudgad (2 months ago)
Just wanted to ask what's the status between you and laura now? @laurareid @LostLeBlanc
Michael Camelo (2 months ago)
Quiting is not an option carry on
Langylang (2 months ago)
If I had a dollar for every vid like this.
zay carter (2 months ago)
So many excuses in the comments....
Kevin Capretti (2 months ago)
one day... one day...
Alexander Field (2 months ago)
amazing 😍😍😍
Anastasia Rose (2 months ago)
love you and this video
Roof Top Mind (2 months ago)
You have changed your girl friend?
Claudia A (2 months ago)
Love! Since last year ive been wanting to do something like this. At the end of the day dont have partner and crime and its scary enough to leave everything behind but a woman traveling alone.. its more terrifyingthen leaving my job.
Finalman26 THA BULLZ (2 months ago)
u werent lazy and didnt want to work did you??
Aji Selly (2 months ago)
Same here
Edgar Mendoza (2 months ago)
Great footage ..dam
Jason Porter (2 months ago)
Well done! We will be starting are journey into a new life in SE Asia with teaching English to help support are new life’s.

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