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Top 60 Dreams And Meanings

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Tats TopVideos (7 months ago)
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Marie Hickman (1 day ago)
Just wondering if you answer any questions about dreams that were not in your video? I don't want to put my dream out there if someone in the background is just saying WTF is she talking about. They literally scare me and I am paralyzed and feel some type of feeling in my body at the same time. A lot goes on in this dream except last night a couple of words were spoken to me that I don't understand. This is a male ghost BTY. Do you want to hear about it or should I just leave it at that. Thank you i advance.
Sofia The Gamer (26 days ago)
I had a dream of me in someones body that i don't know and I was going down the slide, and then I was teleported to another school playground. I stopped at an angle and I looked at the people and they had uniforms on and it was just a different playground. And a while after playing there I went down a slide and I was back at my old school but now that I think about it, I was looking at it and it was like watching a video and the next day the same thing happend except that a girl got hurt and took her to the nurses office and then I woke up.
tristan neil olivar (2 months ago)
you dream a beautiful paradise and girl in white inviting you to climb in stairs
Harsha Boolchandani (2 months ago)
If I see the person I hate the most in dreams and almost everyday.... What does it mean
Corri ander (3 months ago)
What does it mean: Two Separate dreams about the same person accidentally slipping and dropping out of the same window but is saved twice, by me.
scarlett pebb (2 hours ago)
I had a dream that I kept waking up in different places with a hanging dead person next to my bed, and getting this feeling like a murderer was after me, i even woke up in a little shop where there were two hanging men by my bed and ran out of the shop, i also woke up at my mothers house and it was the same thing - dead man hanging (i ran) - i remember waking up on a bus and again another hanging dead person, and the killer was there on the bus with me while i was holding this baby, he came to stab the baby but i put my hand out over the baby's stomach and let him stab my hand before i ran like a motherfucker, I remember being in a building and the only escape was out by the verandas where i then climbed down the outside of the building, its the last thing i remember before waking up - can someone tell me what this means???
little Tom (19 hours ago)
Have you ever had a dream where you are running away from something or someone but you come to a locked door and you hear people but cannot talk
little Tom (19 hours ago)
Have you ever had a dream where you have to move but you struggle to even stand up?
Chiro Arcturus (23 hours ago)
I read my dreams spiritually not by mans analytically constructed psychology.
Sheree Hardin (1 day ago)
Explain why I just had a dream about my freaking body lol. I literally travelled inside and met my red blood cells, nerves, lungs...it was wild it was like that anime Cells At Work. They were all humanoid lol. I think I died in it tho it was sad.
Olivia Nelson (3 days ago)
what does your dream mean when you dream about a really cute boy but you dont know his name or if he is real and he is your age
Kisra David (3 days ago)
I dreamt that I was in a hotel room with a girl I don't know and the door was opened, then some other girl in the hallway giving people small stickers with numbers written on it, then I asked her what's that, then she just gave me one and didn't say anything, then a man in the hallway sayed to her what are you doing, don't give people the stickers, take it from them, then people started packing and leaving with a hurry because of a war or civil war starting out side, then the girl looked at me and told me: come on pack up hurry, then I packed with hurry and a little fear because of the look on her face, then I ACTLY took my phone with the charger (😂) and with haste I followed her as we are running then pufff.....I woke up, Then I immediately looked for a dream meanings in YouTube 😅 that was soo weird.
Prince Oluchi (4 days ago)
I dream when I was preaching the word of God. Please help me,,
J. Alain (5 days ago)
Sometimes I have dreams where I’m locked in a house with a killer and I’m hiding trying like not to die then when he finds me and stabs me I wake up
J. Alain (5 days ago)
Anyone had a dream where you had to climb under thorns while in a yellow dress, and go pet the baby ducklings while getting chased by a wolf, then your mom snatched you and hangs you upside by your leg while standing on a glass table while yelling outside at a barbecue? No just me ok 👍🏽
Monica Mayberry (5 days ago)
These some boring dream symbols
Aaliyah H. (5 days ago)
I’m only at 4:00 and I’ve never had any of these dreams :(
Afrah Sarah (5 days ago)
Pls when you dream and someone throw silver cones infront of you what does it means
Anime Girl12 (5 days ago)
Umm I had a dream when I was the predator (alien) and hunting humans like what the hell😂
Margaret Bluestone (5 days ago)
I've had dreams seeing myself in my casket.
Hailie Standridge (6 days ago)
I had a dream that there was lots of cats and the leader cat looked like Hitler and was trying to take over the world
Pineapple 55555 (6 days ago)
Does this mean our minds can tell the future?
Nshemerirwe Christine (6 days ago)
What does it mean when u dream someone cutting u
Ji to the Min (6 days ago)
I dreamed of someone chasing me then killed me wtf
SUB TO PEWDIEPIE (7 days ago)
Can somebody please explain this dream I had so basically I was a cop in an Alleyway chasing someone and then got shot then a couple years later its late 2018 I have a dream where I walk into my bathroom look in the mirror I see myself as a cop a 1950s or 1940s cop And I have this dream where I'm older and I'm driving with this girl and my friends And a mansion in my dream any suburban-style normal house please explain Ps. I also see that mirror 2 times in my dream
BelleAJB (8 days ago)
When I was little I was scared of Yoda, I had nightmares 😂😂😂
BKYBZ (9 days ago)
I have a LOT of lucid dreams, dreams about my car (usually a red car) not one I drive in real life, being towed or stolen, or I can't remember where I've parked it and can't find it. Sometimes someone has stripped it of parts.What do car dreams mean?
Chanthana (12 hours ago)
Probably deoends on each individual. For me car dreams always related to my job. Every time I dream that I can't locate my car it usually means there's uncertainty about my job or losing job.
Judy Reed (9 days ago)
I've had a few dreams of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ!! I usually always have dreams every night!!
Brandi Mcnair (9 days ago)
I have had the same dream for several months! It hasn't come true and it is extremely detailed! Like I can't dream of anything else!
Karley Brown (11 days ago)
What about a dream about a deceased love one..
Tess M (11 days ago)
I have so many dreams about animals chasing me
Mega gamers 4412 (12 days ago)
Any one have a dream that your slow and cant move and you jump I high
Wess Eluda (14 days ago)
okay straight up.. what I wana ask is, if anyone would help explain cuz have dreamt seeing mi self dead found myself in a place all white everyone wearing white welcoming me.. wired huh....??
Abraham Joseph (15 days ago)
I had a dream I'm crying what is meaning?
Abraham Joseph (15 days ago)
I had a dream I'm playing goo what don't is mean?
Noyon Niskat (15 days ago)
I had a dream ..and that is like ...I saw a girl who loves me so much and she was crying to not to losing me as like a crazy person ...and she was looking pretty much sweet ...and I just hugged her and I also cried too I really wanna know about it ... Please tell me what is the meaning of this ...
Olivia Auguste (15 days ago)
Anyone had a dream where they are running and leaving people behind
Zoey Wood (16 days ago)
idk bout yall but i have pretty sad dreams, last night i had a dream i was something like eleven from stranger things and my brother had the same powers too. me and my brother were in an orphanage and we had to be separated, he was on the second floor and i was on the top floor in a more protected room. in th emiddle of the night i woke up and already knew where my brother was cause they moved his room around so i couldnt find him. i woke him up and he was injured on his leg. we went downstairs and my "father figure" type thing was there. they still were trying to find some kids that left the orphanage so they wrote letters?? idk why. i started crying in my dream because i already knew that the kids that left were already dead so after htey showed me the letter somehow changed into a picture of the missing kids with clouds behind them? after that they all got the message that they were dead. but after that my brother left to go back up to his room cause one of the boys that died were his friends. me and the other ude were there and the conversation turned into something about a mexican woman who had powers but different and they werent strong than mine. then we hear knocking on the door and a little girl from a room next to us goes and gets it. she runs back crying so i go and see and its the some woman we were talking about, i run to go get my brother do he wouldnt die and another one of his friends in the same room. we hid eunder the bed and watch th ehwole thing go down. the mexican lady was making the kids throw up and she shape shifted into a older woman to trick them or something. she just ended up sitting them down so she can get workers for her farm. then she looked in my direction and said, "some people just cant" and thats all i remember, i woke up with tears in my eyes lol.
addison foster (17 days ago)
Has anyone else not had a single one of these dreams? ( Yes I do remember my dreams )
Pinkamena Diane Pie (18 days ago)
So what does being hunted by rusty ghost machines like cars , trucks , large machinery , sunken ships and more disturbingly trains , that will not stop at anything no matter where you hide or how fast you run or how quite you are
Jenny S. (19 days ago)
I have a dream that I saw the Funeral homes
Andrew Shen (20 days ago)
I sort of want a falling dream 🤦‍♂️ (my Brian is messed up)
Nicole Ffion (20 days ago)
Btw I don't believe in jesus I had a dream and I seen Jesus (that's how I would perceive Jesus if i believed in him) and he grabbed me and I tried to break free so yea that's was strange
X Dr Fantasy XXX (20 days ago)
Hello everyone. What does dreams or also called nightmares about whole entire family sush as my mother, father, grandmothers and grandfathers are extremely angry against me, means??? I have dreams "nightmares" about that every night. I wake up in panic and extremely fears. Why are my family angry to me? They just hate me.
Ellen Set (20 days ago)
i have a dream about 3am that i saw the light come out from sky open and a man wearing white clothes i know ITs JESUS .. but in my dream i know i am still dreaming the same a man from the sky .. i have only say LORDJESUS THANK YOU..
Hampus Haglund (20 days ago)
I have dreams of jealousy. What does this mean?
Hampus Haglund (20 days ago)
+Not Jake Yeah that is weird. I don't get it at all
Not Jake (20 days ago)
Same here, I had a dream about me, my friend my crush, and her friend. We ran up a hill then I helped my crush out and my friend helped her friend out, then we go on a train, and I get off to look at a barn, then it leaves. It is so wired but after I just felt jealous
Princess Cool gal (20 days ago)
I dreamt being chased and forced to belong to a certain kingdom Last nigh I dreamt of my brother dead and I waa not informed then before I was told what happened to him somebody woke me up,someone to interpret for me Others I dream and waking up I can’t recall them 😳
the oh boi guy OH BOi (21 days ago)
*sex dreams mean you want DAT Good stuff*
MysticWolfGacha (22 days ago)
My dreams are wierd... Every dream i dreamed i always dream what happened in real life..
Mixoqa Lamima (25 days ago)
Ok, so I have this one recurring dream, and it shifts alot, but what happens it's a shape of some sort, I can't tell what it is. But it's an absolutely gigantic one, and I can fly in this dream, and this puzzle is like a building, and has doors and pathways, to another layer below it, and that layer either has blades or flames or both, with many ways past that layer, the third layer starts to just mess with time and space however, as I am then put on a timer, and have to figure out another shape, this shape I can scale up and down from infinitely big to infinitely small, not once have I gotten it right, as I attempt to solve it and am then booted out of the whole thing, timer still running, and then a tower or building of some sort comes out from below it, raising the puzzle above the top floor, and I then have to completely an obscene amount of challenges as I attempt to race back to the top, I've also tried scaling the building, to no avail, and I can never get back to it Anyone know what this means?
Jing Perocho (25 days ago)
I dream that its raining then i use my umbrella what does it means
JakeTheWolf (25 days ago)
I've had a dream that i was going on a field trip and we went to a gigantic mansion i missed the bus back to school and i started crying and then saw somebody, (I swear she was very familiar but I don't know) i called out to her and right when I reached her I woke up. Someone Please Help Me I want to understand that dream. I never remember any of my dreams this is the only one I've ever remembered.
JakeTheWolf (24 days ago)
+Robyn Knowles xo xD my comment was still longer Thx BTW
Robyn Knowles xo (24 days ago)
Look up on google:Dream meaning mansion the result for that will come up.Then google dream meaning person the result will come up.Then do the same for bus.And so on.(sorry for long comment)😂
Colin Lacey (26 days ago)
Had a dream I was eating a giant marshmallow, when I woke up the pillow had gone.
Queen OfWeirdness (27 days ago)
Has anyone dreamed of 7 demons 6 are like toddlers and one is older and more ghost like. They proteco you for some reason. I only remember 2 names Max is one of the toddles and then... Not the ghost like demon kid. Anyone recognized this?
Dida Swalleh (28 days ago)
I was dreaming am driving a car. And in my reality I don't know how to drive a car. What's the meaning of that
Dawson Garret (28 days ago)
I'm watching this because for a long time I've been having dreams of striding, gliding, and jumping very high and far. It's usually always when I'm talking to someone or people are around
Sarah (28 days ago)
I always have the same dream that I always miss the bus after school and I find different ways to go home every other dream like go to a friend's house or tell the teachers to call my mom to pick me but every time I ask the teachers I never go home what does it mean???
Dinesh Kumar (29 days ago)
I had a dream of seeing 2 roasters who are peaceful and I am eating rose petals with one of the stranger guym what does it mean?
Mirembe Zainab (29 days ago)
Am listening ok
I had a dream twice, where idk but i kept running out side my house and the grass was Soo tall! And I kept running into the grass where spiders attacked me and the dream always ends at that moment for some reason moment.. 20:46 is spiders by the way
PsychicGamer (1 month ago)
Anyone had a dream where your best friend for more than 9 years tried to stab you to death?
Darla Lee (1 month ago)
I always dream in color. ...
Binnenste Buiten (1 month ago)
I remember dreaming about my uncle. I was sad and walking around outside in a very buzzy place. Then I stopped walking cause I saw my uncle maybe 10 meters away from me.He just stood there and looked at me with a soft smile on his face and I also stopped walking. At that moment I started walking towards him but even when I walked I couldnt get any closer. He stayed 10 meters away from me. While walking towards him my front teeth fell out. I stopped walking and started crying with the teeth in my hand looking at him. Then he waved at me en turned around and walked away. I woke up and 2 days later he died from a car accident. He was my favorit uncle and I guess he said goodbye to me trough a dream...
Judian George Wani (1 month ago)
What about sky tower and flying on your wings
Gift Mugwagwa (1 month ago)
I dreamt of a crocodile with a broken egg
Monty De (1 month ago)
Last night I had a dream that i was in a tall building and was trying to escape an evil witch and he sent a boy to kill me and my sister before this happened me and my sister were picking a rid that were animals a iguana dragon thing a pig and a buffalo slash bull and they had magic powers. Edit : sorry for the bad grammar I was forgetting the dream and needed to wright it down I need help lol
What if I dream something but up until now I can still remember a part of it (it's been months)
Karen Campbell Combs (1 month ago)
What does it mean when u dream about ur mom who passed away and the one side of her face looks rotted off. We were very close. She was my best friend.
Plushy Unicorn (1 month ago)
This music bruh... and the echo ughhhh
Zabedar Ali (1 month ago)
Dream about a frog in the house meaning
Shantanu Sardar (1 month ago)
You have a very good voice
xHayleePlayz (1 month ago)
I had a dream of my book I was reading ;-;
lashaa Wiley (1 month ago)
May Villacastin (1 month ago)
Im dreaming of the mother of ex. Shes already dead long ago. I havdnt mdt her. I dream shes begging me to go back with his son.. What is the meaning of this dream. Please help me
Sk8tr (1 month ago)
Can you explain this dream please? I had one dream when i was 11 or so I dreamed about some abandoned place with colorful walls well actually that place wasn't abandoned it was a school. Ye I forgot to say it was summer time. Next I see some workers coming and they said;" hey kid can you go away this place is under construction" I went away and then I saw some old guy with beard and yeah he was also wearing glasses. So he was entering the building..And then alarm woke me up. I didn't think anything about that dream until... my mom said that we are moving to Austria I was really mad because I loved the town where I lived But I had no choices. My mom was going to show me new school where I will be going next year.. You ready for this? It was the same school with colorful walls from dream and plus it was under construction. I just stood there staring at that building and thinking about the dream that I had a year ago.... My mom told me to go So we went inside to appy for that school and who do I see? My director! Old ,bearded and he was wearing glasses too! I just stared at him thinking "*how?*"
f.u. _ (1 month ago)
Wut If the snake is the protector in your dream?
genius Man Boong boong (1 month ago)
Dreamt of bts 2 times, i don't know when is the first time i see bts in my dream but in second time i see them last night in my dream. I see them in a big mall I've dream too last time, i think they're are practicing? It was like all the people don't noticed them and i am the only one who notice bts. Yesterday I wish that 'even only in dream i wish i see yoongi or bts' and pooff i dream about them. And the thing i always wish for is to be notice by bts even in social media. I remembered in my dreams that I commented in there twitter pic that 'im so happy, I used to see you now bts!' Then they reply but i dont know the exact word, i only remembered they ask me where am i, then all the people commented and all the people noticed them in the mall,. Im so happy when i woke up because in reality i will never see them in person even in their concert because i dont have money to buy tickets😅.
Darryl Telfer (1 month ago)
I dream i am flying like an angel very often.
grace34 (1 month ago)
idk this is kind of weird, but I found your voice is really relaxing
friskilla moon (1 month ago)
Right now I'm at the start of the video but what if you have a dream of being in a cartoon like scooby doo
Dollie Dawson (1 month ago)
Midas Paulzer (1 month ago)
Lol I had a dream I was playing quidditch
Ayee Paris (1 month ago)
I had a dream last night that my crush was talking to another girl and I realized it was my friend and they said they were dating, and once she told my I broke down, I couldn’t breath, I woke up crying and felt tears roll down my face
Tapio Susi (1 month ago)
i had very vivid dream about having a threesome with two hot filipina chicks. Right before waking, i started noticing seasame seeds all over their skin. What did that mean?
Annie Chinguwo (1 month ago)
Please can anyone help .. I keep on dreaming of my.president .talking to him ...sometimes at a bank entrance ..
Kumkum Sharma (1 month ago)
Dreams say a lot about our health. Know here--https://www.medylife.com/blog/health/dreams-and-health-can-dreams-predict-our-health/
Lemon Life (1 month ago)
I dreamed of me and some random people in this parkour race in the sewers (don’t ask). Then out of nowhere I’m running as fast as I could and some overweight guys (no offense) were right in front of me(?). Then I somehow fall into the streets and then there’s a Pac-Man in front of me.My sisters in a cowboy suit(?)and she says,”Don’t move!”And then Pac-Man says,”Well you told me not to move so I’m gonna eat him!”(???) And then Pac-Man came rushing towards me and my sister just looked at me.And I got eaten,not before I woke up.
Lemon Life (1 month ago)
Mariam Saeed (1 month ago)
Wat is the meaning of dreaming that your hair has been cut done...pls someone shd explain to me.
Erlinjim Daniel (1 month ago)
I once had a dream that I saw my body lying on the floor.
malipo ziada (1 month ago)
I like eating in my dreams I don't know y n sometimes I dream that am among devils
Mel 525 (1 month ago)
There was this one time when I had a really weird dream. I woke up ( in the dream ) and it was quiet in the treehouse that I lived in so I went up to the top of the treehouse and saw a giant worm with scary sharp teeth swallowing my mom. I pulled her out of the worms mouth and somehow put a transparent yellow barrier around her so she was safe. I then went downstairs to the front door and for some reason I knew that my dad and brother ( who I really hate in real life ) were dead. I opened the front door of our treehouse and saw a bunch of those giant worms, suddenly, I had a shiny sword and I slashed a giant worm but then it turned into normal sized worms and then they merged together and there was two giant worms in front of me, I cut them down and ran away before they could reform. I ran to Walter baker ( y’know the indoor swimming pool ) and I saw a small wooden hut in Walter baker beside the pool. I walked over to the hut and saw frightened people in bathing suit making potions that were creating the giant worms and they had a potion teacher that obviously messed up. I destroyed the potion bottles with my awesome sword, in other words destroying the generator. I ran back to my treehouse and all the worms were still there and eating people. That’s when I woke up and the dream was over. Can someone please tell me what that dream meant?
Carmen Louw (2 months ago)
Hi,I'm now 39 years old, had a dream when I was 9 where Jesus was carrying me and told me I pray so much,that I should pray for him.. It's been on my mind for a couple of years now & would like 2 know what it means. I've been asking some pastors & prophets but it seems the answer they give me it feels its not the meaning. I also had more as I was growing up. Is there maybe a calling for me or is it like the dream says?I want to obey God 4 whatever He asks of me.
Nixmhii (2 months ago)
*i once dreamt I got shot and the bullet just rolled off my leg, blood trickling, the bullet went through me then out and it felt nice :l*
Kailey b (2 months ago)
Had a dream that that pirate ghost from sponge Bob was talking to me when I was a baby
Kailey b (2 months ago)
What about if someone is driving and they fall out and you have to take the wheel and start driving yourseld
CREATIVE STUFF (2 months ago)
what are phsycologically dreams? anyone tell pleaseee
ブメlハアミナ (2 months ago)
what does a dream mean if I change identity buy accident like I became another me with another family members but I remember my old life and I wanna go back but I can't
Yeet Boy (2 months ago)
What does that dream mean Where I buy really expensive chicken?
Emily Berard (2 months ago)
I had a dream I was in a car with complete strangers, we were driving around in a building that looked dark & abandoned & it was under water... a blue & orange fish then swam around & I watched them for a couple minutes before the blue fish ran into my stomach & bit me... SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS PLEASE!
Vivian Cabaylo (2 months ago)
i had dream that im flying then also climbed in the mountain...and last fews i had dream that my husband die what's the of that...
Daysha Ghany (2 months ago)
I dream I saw black smoke
Rosa R (2 months ago)
Oh and in most of my dreams i see a private fountain that looked beautiful.I was there only me. What does that mean?
Rosa R (2 months ago)
I keep dreaming about my mom having a different personality every time i wake up in my dream. The thing is, im not sure if this is a dream in a dream. I always hug my mom to make sure shes real because her love is felt. Please i need answers!!!
ᏝᎧᏁᏋᏝᎩ (2 months ago)
Pretty sure most of these are “you saw a magpie and remembered it in a dream” and not that complex like cmon

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