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Top 60 Dreams And Meanings

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Tats TopVideos (1 year ago)
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Ghosthunter 0721 i saw a guy on my dream I dont know who he is but he holds my hand with him everytime he smiles the light focused on him
lady L love (1 month ago)
Dreaming about running from a green snake head and then eventually smashing it with two pans oh and the snake was dark green
Napashah Lahat (2 months ago)
Tats TopVideos could you please list these in order or next time do it alphabetically so we can find what we are looking for?
Christinemaneno Mumbua (4 months ago)
Tats TopVideos top
Marie Hickman (7 months ago)
Just wondering if you answer any questions about dreams that were not in your video? I don't want to put my dream out there if someone in the background is just saying WTF is she talking about. They literally scare me and I am paralyzed and feel some type of feeling in my body at the same time. A lot goes on in this dream except last night a couple of words were spoken to me that I don't understand. This is a male ghost BTY. Do you want to hear about it or should I just leave it at that. Thank you i advance.
Period Gurlll (2 days ago)
I had a dream Harley Quinn and joker blew up the train station so I had ran away to some mansion house and that’s when they was in there so then they was there that’s when Harley Quinn had a giant big hammer with blood on it I really wanted to get out of that dream I tried to close my eyes to get out of the dream but it didn’t work I never knew seeing Harley Quinn and joker in real life was scary 😬
ValDerEx (2 days ago)
I once had a dream that I was walking home with my best friend. He's not usually so enthusiastic but seemed happier than usual in my dream. After I heard music playing, I woke up but heard no music after I had awoke. I still haven't told him about it. I also saw an old teacher of mine. She was still as happy as she always was when I remember her as she was in my dream.
ItzCoogieTime q: (2 days ago)
Im evil cus dis is mah 4. Comment on dis vid😂
ItzCoogieTime q: (2 days ago)
Once I dreamed that I had a crush on a guy ive never met in real life lmao And i also have dreams where I can use magic but sometimes it just don't work like I have to focus more and when it works it feels kinda satisfying 😂Or sometimes I try to fly in my dreams but only jump😂😂
ItzCoogieTime q: (2 days ago)
I once had a dream that I could fly and everybody wanted to arrest me but i just flew away all the time😂😂😂 Or I often dreamed that I was in Water and i even breathed heavily in real life when i woke up😂
ItzCoogieTime q: (2 days ago)
Well I often have dreams where somebody chase me but i am slow and tried harder and harder to run away like from zombies or something. And i can't see well in my dreams everything's blurry... Or I once dreamed that I was raped.... OMG😂
I often dream of that I can control the earths movement and also control our solar system, and than when I make a mistake in moving it, I get scolded by big creatures saying I ruined the time zones and need to fix it😅 idk why that means.. someone an idea ?
TR xSh (4 days ago)
Does anyone have a dream like your on you cellphone and you Clicked on the camera and see eyes saying _"i see you"_ over and over again?
Nozie Gobeni (2 days ago)
FatsaliMemo 52 (6 days ago)
Who dreamed about a girl in your age and was very beautiful but you dont lnpw her but you want to lnpw her
Emili Hoenes (7 days ago)
Who else had a dream of being chase or something and your running but your slow but when you run backwards your a lot faster
ItzCoogieTime q: (2 days ago)
Ayu Abdullah (9 days ago)
A few times I dreamt... halfway through the dream, I'm aware that I am dreaming and tried to wake up from my dreams by chanting prayers and close both my eyes tight hoping to open my eyes again to the real world... a few times it only bring me to another scene of a dream and I kept trying to wake up again, chanting prayers, close my eyes tight... It will brings me to another scene of a dream a couple of times until finally I opened my eyes to the real world. I felt very thirsty and exhausted and afraid to resume sleeping. I wonder if someone else ever encounter the same...
•Cosmic Lies• (11 days ago)
Last night I had a dream with my ex gf that I haven't seen in like a month and when I saw her in the dream I ran up and hugged her we hugged for a bit and I really wanted to kiss her but never got the chance. This was the first time I remembered a dream in awhile
Tiny Hansson (12 days ago)
I had a dream about seeing the elephant but this elephant first time was teasing me second time I was hiding and then it have a small little elephant I have under the bush elephant trunk to throw me out and then I wake up I had a dream about I was flying and then there is this young man who are saying that to me that if you don't see my body it doesn't mean my spirit is not working I had a dream about my partner's seeing a lot of people like in the bank everything it happened to my company was taking away and then I saw that it doubled back to me I'm wondering if this is me that I'll get all my company back or is it meaning I should keep praying and be patient I'll be grateful if I could know all this for all the love I have thank you so much
Aquarius Alec (12 days ago)
I sometimes have dreams that I'm an angel but I can't fly and it stresses me out tbh-
[REDACTED] [REDACTED] (13 days ago)
Ah, your voice is so relaxing, sweetheart....
real reality (13 days ago)
Lol everybody’s saying stuff like *oH hAvE yOu EveR hAd ThE dReAm WhEn StAiRs NeVeR eNd* Or... *oH mY dReAmS aRe So CaLm!* But i be here saying... *i HaD a DrEaM tHaT i WaS iN tHe HuNgEr GaMeS!*
cassie arrowood (14 days ago)
i done know what the dream mean i am going to intentionally to lose my best friend to somebody else cant do nothing about it i am married i know i am going to loose my best friend forever it hurts will never be happy i am going to hurt all my life
cassie arrowood (14 days ago)
i had a dream about woman sitting another woman on fire
Briona Kangaroo (16 days ago)
Does anyone have a dream where you’re at school and you forget to put on shoes and you’re barefooted
BatRBX (18 days ago)
Is it just me or you forget logic when you're dreaming you're just stupid.
Christine Musana (20 days ago)
I saw Jesus Christ many times since 12yrs until now when ever I'm sorrowful for my sins and my family I get my visitations
J S (20 days ago)
I had a dream that I was sitting on the floor of my room. I remember staring up at the wall clock in the room. I remember feeling constricted, I couldn’t move. I can only stare at the clock. I remember that it was sooo quiet at first. Too quiet. And then I heard the clock tick. It kept on ticking and ticking. I couldn’t hear anything but the ticks. Then the ticking keep on getting louder and louder. Then at some point,I started screaming repeatedly over and over, but I couldn’t hear my voice. Then I woke up, I remember crying. My brothers were asking me why I was crying. Even I didn’t know why I was crying. I didn’t know why I was crying, I remember feeling intense fear. I also didn’t know why I felt afraid. (I was 13 years old at the time. I’m 14 now) I’m sharing this story because I saw this episode in the amazing world of gumball, mister small had a dream, he was in a really tight room and he couldn’t move. He was screaming and screaming but no sound was coming out. There was a clock near him. I felt disturbed, I remembered my dream. Immediately I started searching on YouTube about the meaning of my dream. I found no answers. There were some meanings that were a little similar to my dream. But it’s not the same. Have anyone of you had this dream? Please tell me
shivani balram (22 days ago)
Zel Torres (24 days ago)
Who here had a dream where u r so fast, everything seems slow?
zohyaan Ansari (25 days ago)
These all have been copied from holy books
Kookiejar (26 days ago)
Anyone had a dream where you are seeking or looking for something but you don’t know what you are looking for, you just know you are looking for it and you have to find that something/someone?
Zero Two (27 days ago)
I had a dream to go with a girl through the streets of my village and I felt very happy but when I turned my head to see her face I could not see her when I looked at her I only saw her smile and she was telling me something, but I can not interpret what she wanted to say did anyone had such a strange dream
Jennie Anderson (27 days ago)
Anyone dreamt that they were stabbed then thrown of a 2 story building no just me 😂
Matt Switch (29 days ago)
I had a dream about sliding down to dark void down i try to climb or grab but it is to smooth i just fell
Windmill (1 month ago)
Is this stuff real?
Windmill (1 month ago)
Like how does my subconscious mind use symbols to tell me something lol
December Christiansen (1 month ago)
Uhm...its 1:02 a.m. i started watching this video at 6:48 p.m. 😅 Ive been writing all this shit down...Thanks for the knowledge
Bibo Massry (1 month ago)
Who dreamed about slender Man?😰😨
Maqueeh Diaz (1 month ago)
thank you for sharing this video of yours.....new subbie here...
Mishack Christ (1 month ago)
Dreaming about the voice of God told me to pray for the woman that they not gave birth
Dr. Google's here (1 month ago)
Has anyone else had a dream about dropping a baby?
TeggyGoneMad (1 month ago)
I had a dream, that someone found my tortoise that have been gone since 18 of april 2019. guess what happened this morning at 11 pm, i got a call, saying someone found my tortoise. I just had that dream this morning.. I luzid dreams alot, as i meditate before sleep, and i im a nature person.. Now comes the strange things, i had a couple of dreams before, dreaming of something that happened in my or someone els life´s. I always just blocked it off, saying its just a random moment.. But every time, ive see a falcon a black falcon.. sitting and wacthing me, from a distance. As i love animals of all sorts, even insects are loved in my hearth. And love taking photos of them, and this i went for my camara, i just looked away for a second.. and poof he was gone... Im freaking out a bout it.. But im so freaking happy that his back, i had that little boy for 8 years..
Apple Alfonso (1 month ago)
Go to "dream interpretation" over the net ( it's alphabeticalized)..youll find the meaning to almost every dreams..
jocelyn alejandro (1 month ago)
What is the meaning of dreaming a bunch of slippers?
Sunitee (1 month ago)
I dreamt new homes being built psst few days
Mountaindew Girl (1 month ago)
I once had a dream that i was burning in hell and the dream felt so real and so one day my foster mom took me to a counsiler and explained that i was running around screaming at the top of my lungs "help!! Get my out!! It burns it burns!!" And she explained that i had a conversation with her and when she told me to go back to bed i did. I told her that i had a dream that night that i was in hell and i must have been sleepwalking. Can anyone explain that dream ?
Mountaindew Girl (1 month ago)
Thanks Teggy u explained that well 😃
TeggyGoneMad (1 month ago)
do ur self a favor, before you go to sleep, meditate for 30 mins to and hour, it can get you into luzid dreaming, its a state were you are fully aware you are dreaming, and after a while you can control, ur actions in ur dreams.. Though if you going to have a hard busy day, i would said, dont luzid dreams, as you wont get the same rest when you do, but often you learn what its all bout... Though if you dream of hell.. i would think you have a problem in life, or that you know something or did something you know is wrong, and you keeping it to ur self.. if you are religious its ur mind telling you, that you know this is wrong.. cause hell, is were you go, when you lie. If you athiest it, might that you are in conflit with ur believes. But a tip, Always be true to ur self, never lie to ur self.. The spider web, will only become bigger.. and it will give you griefing.. Anyways this is a joy full day for me, so i wish you all the health and a good summer
lgraham715 graham (1 month ago)
What about if you have your own kids in your dream???
I had a dream going to the bathroom... *_it didn't end well_*
Taneeka smith (1 month ago)
Nice video this wht i keep a clear mind and take care
Weird Girl (1 month ago)
So uh what is a meaning When someone hates you? Cause I got this dream tho
Mei ling (1 month ago)
For the missing teeth is so true 😭
jfr films (1 month ago)
who else thought this was kinda creepy
Imani Sparks (1 month ago)
I have been having dreams where I am kidnapped or trapped and I am trying to find a way out of something no matter how hard I try to find a way out I can never find one
raysa grace vlog (1 month ago)
I dreamed cementery?
angel rech (1 month ago)
I always dream about a bamboo tree sometimes it has a lot of bamboo shoots sometimes it is dry no no shoots. And on the bamboo there is a snake. Sometimes the snake just hiding at the bamboo tree, sometimes can ver aggressive and collect all the bamboo shoots and tell me, "this is mine." sometimes I am collecting a lot of bamboo shoots sometimes there's someone else collecting and I will have only something she hadn't collected. Bt last night I saw bamboo but seems like I don't care much about the bamboo shoots anymore. I dream that the snake is hiding there, just chilling and very calm. This snake has a small head but big tummy and someone told me that this snake can eat me. Then I saw tree baby snake and I killed those tree baby snake. Why I always have this bamboo and snake dream everytime
Nabila Hussain (1 month ago)
i had a dream people were being taken into a hole in the sky
Aitch Jay (1 month ago)
I dreamt that I had broken my spine last night 🤔
Laura Shook (1 month ago)
Dream of total stranger?
Corey Brown (1 month ago)
I stopped at 50!!😂😂.." To see jesus" and of course he's some random white dude that looks like one of the Bee Gee's😩 ..im good!!😏👍🏽
Morgan Bennett (1 month ago)
I had that dream other night and it feels like I’m burning my arm off and I’m in pain then I woke up
Pug Life (1 month ago)
Me i had a dream thet had a zombie apocalypes and i survived but my friend,family and my love ones die and i had another dream ive been chase by a kidnapper but when i run so fast i always fall but i didnt get caught
Key Wii (1 month ago)
I had a dream that the character Venom was chasing me and no matter where I moved away to, he was always right behind me
Ryleigh Welch (1 month ago)
What if you were to walk above the ground ... And everything outside surrounding you but a few specific things were seen. Every thing else was bright white faded in and out if that makes sense?#
Twalla Robertson (1 month ago)
This does not relate t ok me as my dreams are much more complicated lmao
TheCrazyTopHatMan (1 month ago)
I dream about robots killing me and I keep running from them. Please help me!
ACZY (1 month ago)
Ever have a dream of finding your first love and then u have to leave her cause your parents wants you to go to another country to study??? I woke up front that and cried 😂
UNICORN CORNELIA (1 month ago)
I always have a strange dream
Gallery_Queen 006 (1 month ago)
4:40 boi I am one of the aliens
Brendan Duffy (1 month ago)
What about fighting, rodents, or rats?!
Sierra Hendrix (2 months ago)
Ok but why does the narrator sound like Harry Potter???
ܔܛܔܔ ܔܛܔ (2 months ago)
I wish they put the list of the 60 dreams
Butterfly Queen (2 months ago)
I dreamed that I was driving to a dead crush, but he ain't dead.
mariam Namwanje (2 months ago)
Thanks A lot
Sammer Cole (2 months ago)
I don't know if you guys believe me but I had this dream that I have superpowers and a nature one like fire, earth, air and water I was very good at this powers except the water one and every time like EVERYTIME I try to practice water but ends up failing I always wakes up at that moment😐😐 Btw I had this dream straight in three days..... Sorry for the wrong grammars
Dwight yazzie (2 months ago)
Banana Juice (2 months ago)
9:42 Almost every dream everything you said was right.:
Mr.Machees (2 months ago)
Umm I had a dream where I was a different kid and his real dad was stealing from his house, his other dad tried to stop him, but the kid said "leave my six string alone, let him" then I woke up
A really cool Purple Hat (2 months ago)
Okay but what about extremely weird and specific dreams. These dreams seem REALLY bland and basic
Me and my friend (1 month ago)
@A really cool Purple Hat well from what you described me I think it means that you had set a goal in the past but it didn't turn out the way you wanted and you had to go through a big life changing transition. At least that's what I think, I am not really a dream reader😂😂😂
@Me and my friend I know. I had a dream about me Climbing a tree, it falling over and somehow teleported me to another universe, what exactly does that supposed to mean??
Me and my friend (1 month ago)
Yeah they always say all those basic dreams like being chased or your teeth falling and it's totally frustrating. They always blame it on our life experiences and information but the truth is that the only dreams I have are too bizarre terrifying and extraordinary to be created by something in my life.
Azima Dyerii (2 months ago)
I need ur help. I dreamed about people were on the line children, men and women, I was in my room sleeping, my door was closed one entered in my room started spaying with a tube like serege then I could not speak for 3minutes after that it disappears. What is the meaning of that dream?
Azima Dyerii (2 months ago)
Hello, thanks for ur help towards dreams
GV Grace Panes (2 months ago)
I dreamed about a boy saving him and his world and he told me to go back to reality because my parents will be worried but he promised that he will see me in near future and I was crying because I want to be with him.... it felt so real...I told him to wait for me but I tried to go back of what I’ve dreamed but I can’t and after I woke up my tears are just falling... till now I felt that it’s real😓😓 but I sometimes see a vision but it’s not really clear
•basic rose• (2 months ago)
what does it mean to have a lady in all black and you cant see her face and shes really nice to you?
Nwosu Queen (2 months ago)
My Mum dreamt of where I ran mad... Was playing around with my own used pad.... People's comments in the dream was "who knows what she did for this kind of her to happen to her" What does this means
shivani balram (2 months ago)
moo_93 * (2 months ago)
I have disaster dreams but it always fun and not scary but it should be
GlazingDonut UwU (2 months ago)
Okay so somebody please help, I just heard my crush was talking behind my back not so long ago and saying stuff with his friend that completely changed him, it really makes me sad cuz he used to like me until his friend changed him.But lately iv been dreaming of him in my dreams of good situations with him and me and him talking and hanging out.. and him saying sorry to me and stuff like that, then I wake up and realise I’m still in the same shitty life situation. What does this dream meaning mean??
CookiePleb Jordan (2 months ago)
Well, shoot. I keep having dreams about a boy I like and a world war 2.
pure garbage (1 month ago)
*I had those sorts of dreams, but I think some of it has do to with living in a militarised society where that conflict is held in high regard*
Street Melodies (1 month ago)
CookiePleb Jordan I had a dream one time I will always remember I was in the snow in the middle of war running from planes dropping bombs everywhere !
MixNix999 X (2 months ago)
Weird I always dream of dying horribly
Stellou AJ (2 months ago)
I dreamed about waves, but almost drowned in them and then got saved.. hum.
HannahLombardo (2 months ago)
Oddly I’ve been having dreams that I have been shot with a gun and almost died, but since obviously my brain hasn’t encountered death, it just repeats. It’s been happening so often that I’m starting to question it. Anyone else?
Sarcastic Animations (2 months ago)
What If someone saves you from drowning?
Stellou AJ (2 months ago)
Yeah what if?? Im wondering too
I had a dream when I saw my self sleeping I also had a dream that my aunt was driving and the car led to heaven and god said no it's not you time yet I get dreams when I fall I wake up and I feel weird.......
Sam Disusa (2 months ago)
Someone who passed came in my dream and the message was she's gonna take someone and after the day past there was news of death in our family I humbly request you please let me know the meaning of my dream. I beg for you to explain all this I am really disturbed by all this things please help me.
Hendrik Petzer (2 months ago)
I dont dream oubout this I get visions of it every second day or so....
Tina S (2 months ago)
Hendrik Petzer b
Meowstix (2 months ago)
Geez all of you people have dreams that make sense, I just woke up from a tsunami hitting a cruise ship very fast, somehow I lived and I was too worried about why Wisteriamoon was put on the ship what's going on help me please
Susan W Uehara (2 months ago)
This sounds like a lot of shit. Maybe because I live in different culture? I’ll keep an open mind. Check next time I remember 🧚🏼‍♂️
a very smug grape (2 months ago)
I had a dream where me and my little brother were playing with hot wheels, and suddenly it was foggy and I could hear him crying. Then when everything cleared, there was a cliff. I don't know why, but I stopped for a moment. I looked back, and there was nothing but a sky. Everything dissapeared except for this cliff in front of me. I walked up to it, and I fell, I remember being super suprised and scared, and I was falling into a pit of fog, but then I woke up in a cold sweat. I was crying too. I don't know why I had that dream, or what it meant, but I think it meant that I was drifting away from my brother, and I could just feel that some way or somehow I needed to reconnect or become close with him again, because we never really had a relationship with each other because we were so distant in a way...
Bryan spencer (2 months ago)
What does a dream mean when a pizza is chasing you and throwing pepper ronies
BLUE FIRE SWORD (2 months ago)
rangana jayakody (2 months ago)
You are in poor diet and it will cause a health problem
RichformO4/Richwheels (3 months ago)
I've been having 9:42, 11:52, 14:31 (plain crash's)
Carlos (3 months ago)
I had a dream where it was my school,but it didnt look anything like my school. In the corner it was a tower, but it was ruins. Like sapienza in hitman. I walked past one of my teachers and told me to say some weird spell in an empty room at the top of the tower (Now that i think about it, how was there a room up there?). So i went to the top of the tower and I said that spell. A garden appeared in the side of the room, and water flowing to the other side. Where the water was flowing, there was this weird statue thing, idk how to explain the room so ill write it in emojis. Carrots and corn is the garden, water is water. Snowman is statue 🥕💧🥕 🌽💧🌽 ⛄️ The statue was made out of stone and i guess you could say it looked like the top of a totem pole. You could ask it whatever you wanted. I shouldve asked for the meaning of life. If i ever see that dream again. I will. Someone please explain to me this dream. I havent seen it in any dream video ive watched.
Moto Moto (3 months ago)
Emotion=emotion has been described=once described brain turns it into images=dream
geoffrey devore (3 months ago)
No mention of ants?
Sam Mongeon (3 months ago)
I was dreamed of a spider and then I killed it
QUEEN BIATCH (3 months ago)
Hello what does it mean , i dream about that i am in a room painted in white whit a lot of different worms(that ive never seen before and i think some of them is never been discover) and they are chasing me and i saw a board with full of different worms(like what i said before ) . I really need exact answer for that thanks
Lois Reed (3 months ago)
I have dreams that I’m a big grey horse and I’m running in joyful abandon I can actually feel the wind whipping at my mane and feel the labored breaths harsh from my lungs, I feel my muscles bunch with each hoof beat and the dirt fly up from under me from the impact So powerful and free . As an aside I’ve never ridden a horse or even been around them before. Has anyone else dreamed they are animal or am I just crazy 😜

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