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Hilarious MLB Bloopers Volume 1

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Benjamin Krawetzki (6 days ago)
1:35 "oops, sorry guys."
Oam1801 (9 days ago)
Make "Pitchers laughing at batters". Like this one: https://mediadownloads.mlb.com/mlbam/mp4/2018/08/08/2358462883/1533688863110/asset_2500K.mp4
ねみあさ (1 month ago)
0:41 I'm love it XDDDDD
Schpankme Verimuch (1 month ago)
480P went out in 1990's
Saturnishious (2 months ago)
5:16 XD
kihlos (2 months ago)
0:23 man baseball is beautiful. We have a korean guy and a cuban guy that don't speak each other's language yet they're just having fun.
Brian Lightell (2 months ago)
Wait hold up. You can get a fine for sliding on a trap while raining?? That has to be the dumbest rule ever
Ryan's Adventure & Info (3 months ago)
2:40 "looks like they are getting ready to knock off a bank or something." What!? Bobsled mine.... Idiot commentary.
אריאל גולני (3 months ago)
Sarah Elizabeth (4 months ago)
Do mlb players that get hit by pitch most
John M (4 months ago)
0:29 wtf
Zaphod Traveler (4 months ago)
MLB bloopers > nfl bloopers
CabooseCubsFan 1744 (5 months ago)
First clip is “we want you to have fun at work, but not too much fun”
Benjamin Lanford (5 months ago)
0:06 they look like penguins
Phillip Andrew Gutierrez (5 months ago)
3:36 oh no my glove
Jonathan Kavanagh (5 months ago)
I miss Vinny
runninglo112365 (5 months ago)
1:41 with the audio off, just looks like the pitcher failed and everyone looks mad at him
gsxtr1 (5 months ago)
They fine you for sliding on the tarp/field cover or whatever it is?
Thunder Storms (5 months ago)
The dude sliding into second base at the end was the best slide ever
UenoHarajuku (5 months ago)
I'd love to shower Julia Morales with my seed.
RACHEL02189 (5 months ago)
7:04-Someone maybe getting fired after that
nintendonerdsvideos (6 months ago)
why would the giants close the bullpen on their own fielder
David Portes (6 months ago)
Right now im crying cause my dream was to be a professional baseball player but It could not be because of muy arm
C Miller (6 months ago)
God damn those guys in the first clip sounded so grumpy and miserable.
MEALSONWHEELS (6 months ago)
4:12 two legends
GamingWith Theo (6 months ago)
The last one tho
C Miller (6 months ago)
They get fined for that?... seriously?
M Josephine Fonzo (7 months ago)
Jayden LaTurner (7 months ago)
Nice nice video bubb
nick smith (7 months ago)
Matilda Newman (7 months ago)
Love the last one!
Evan Richards (7 months ago)
luxon4 (7 months ago)
whats so special about 3:06? isnt that just a routine throwing error?
Chyzzle (7 months ago)
1:42 4:04
Samuel Pfister (7 months ago)
NoahPadre (7 months ago)
5:18 it looks like the ump is shooting a finger gun
Heather Christman (7 months ago)
Ha ha
Owen Pratt (7 months ago)
Matt L (7 months ago)
5:19, the ump is god
Kev G (8 months ago)
5:14 had to be the funniest of all. LMAO. 6:10 too
kinkisharyocoasters (8 months ago)
Pathetic Yankees scared of thunder
Alex FNV (8 months ago)
4:04 when you’re trying to sneak around a house and you step on a lego
game shocker 2.0 (8 months ago)
6:44 how they got scared
MonceChart (6 months ago)
RWB Team (8 months ago)
1:21 how dare you that to Big Sexy like that Pujols. Lmao right now
Fernie C (9 months ago)
2:39 What is that in his pocket
Iconic / Rocket League (8 months ago)
Fernie C he’s upside down but the uniform is right side up
brian versansky (9 months ago)
Joe West getting a selfie with the catcher during the All-Star Game?
EvanDoesGaming (9 months ago)
Brandon Freedman (9 months ago)
1:40, 4:11, 5:21 lmao
Taunting Tarheel (9 months ago)
Jumbled up with cake (9 months ago)
Do worst pitchers hitting moments
Dirt Zilla (9 months ago)
Millionaire whiners. Have some class, or does that cost extra?
Zoomscoping (9 months ago)
"Look at all the fine money to be collected by the Rangers." Stfu and let them have some fun.
Jason Bryant (9 months ago)
this is awesome. great video.
Sporting Videos (9 months ago)
Thank you
Ryan Fitzgerald (9 months ago)
So dumb that sliding on the tarp during a rain delay is a fine obviously the guys don’t care but still dumb
Thought the same thing. I've worked in bars and clubs where pro athletes partied. Drinking, smoking, etc. Not to mention far worse behavior than that 😂😂
Dog Eyes Gaming (6 months ago)
They are just having fun
you are a moron (8 months ago)
Everyone dreams of sliding on a rain delay. Id pay 10k to slide if I was making big league minimum even it goes to charity anyway.
IsacQB Prduction (8 months ago)
Ryan Fitzgerald I understand that teams want to protect investments but if they only knew half of the shit these players did on off days and during the off-season, would sliding on a tarp be that big of a deal? Lol.
André Finatto Donassolo (9 months ago)
Do losing with the game-winning/go-ahead run in scoring position
Thomas Agnew (9 months ago)
This is a ripoff I've seen these clips under different YouTube channel names
Ryan Donovan (9 months ago)
Since the original material belongs to MLB, it's not really a "ripoff" unless it's the same clips in the same order
XeroWon (9 months ago)
Thomas Agnew you must be brand new to YouTube, so welcome!
your_night_mare1 (9 months ago)
How much was the fine for them diving on the cover in the outfield 😂
Rakkety tam (9 months ago)
Rizzo is such a clown
Allie Day (9 months ago)
3:25 “the glove...oh no, my glove” 😂 definitely do pt. 2
billybobjo-nah (5 months ago)
u gave him the idea for part 2
MonceChart (6 months ago)
it's dat boi (6 months ago)
Allie Day your comment was in the next part lucky
RemigiOG (9 months ago)
Gomez is such a fkn goober. Dude is the window licker on the short bus of the MLB.
SkaLz_ Exhauzt (9 months ago)
No hitter last outs
baseballdude13000 (9 months ago)
Do right handed hitters going oppo into the San Francisco bay (or the river behind PNC Park)
Shadow Zaron (9 months ago)
I can never get tired of seeing the moo XD scared the hell out of everyone
# Guiltless (9 months ago)
Tyler Nee (9 months ago)
Stealing form 1st to 3rd on one pitch
Uvidu Vipul (9 months ago)
Do good players missing easy plays
Uvidu Vipul (9 months ago)
Do best Giancarlo Stanton plays
Big Baseball (9 months ago)
Steve Ofloy (8 months ago)
Tony Conigliaro
Adam P (8 months ago)
Ryan Messmer (9 months ago)
Ryan Messmer (9 months ago)
Maybe there are replays this time
Snap Pie (9 months ago)
0:32 can’t the runner go to 3rd on that?? Always wondered when I see this clip
CabooseCubsFan 1744 (5 months ago)
Snap Pie there’s a certain path the runner has to follow, he went out of the path and is called out
Trick Shot Trio (9 months ago)
15th comment wooooo hooo lol
E K (9 months ago)
3:05 best one of these. I mean who swings and misses on a pitchout? Then the catcher throws the pitchout into center field The ortiz one is good too Also 5:51
baseballdude13000 (9 months ago)
If it's a hit-and-run, the batter has to swing no matter where the pitch is. Even if he'll never reach it, the swing right in front of the catcher can provide just enough distraction for the runner to be safe.
E K (9 months ago)
Do Sandoval Swinging and missing at a pitch that hit him in volume 2
Cole _ (9 months ago)
Nice vid bro
Sporting Videos (9 months ago)
clubsamwitch guy (9 months ago)
Lol 4:34 😂
speedstick89 (3 months ago)
He is trying SOOOOO hard to stay composed lol
Cool vids (9 months ago)
So funny😂😂
GGBOI GAMING (9 months ago)
U should do best Plays made by pitchers
Mc Goonie (9 months ago)
Do a video on outfielders losing the ball
Cristo Fernandez (9 months ago)
JASON SIMONS (9 months ago)
And nice job with everything.
Sporting Videos (9 months ago)
JASON SIMONS thank you
All Sports Highlights (9 months ago)
😄😄 nice video
JASON SIMONS (9 months ago)
Huh so this is what it feels like to be one of the first to comment.
New York Dog Boy (9 months ago)
V Bry (9 months ago)
Hi!!:-) 😂⚾️🏆❤️

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