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MLB Ugliest Uniforms

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Moose Gaming (7 days ago)
This list sucks
billy langan (18 days ago)
I don’t care what anybody says the yellow athletics jerseys are my favorite jerseys in baseball
ABoxOfBroken8Tracks (1 month ago)
Can't understand the 1978-81 Cubs making this list. They're not garish or loud, and about half the teams wore powder blue back then - ???
Sean Bishop (1 month ago)
Some of those are opinions
Randoman35 (1 month ago)
This is horse shit. Most of these are awesome.
Brody Hammerle (1 month ago)
1990 angels jerseys are 🔥
Brockdrummer 97 (1 month ago)
The Astros uniforms were freaking cool
Tiger films (1 month ago)
I kind of agree with the 70s padres with the poop brown lol
Lil Deezy (2 months ago)
This list has some of the best!!! Not worst
screamsoftheundead1 (2 months ago)
I think a better title would be “loudest” uniforms. I can’t think of a better word, but a lot of these aren’t ugly but just really loud & out there. Like a Hawaiian shirt lol
Cameron Allen (2 months ago)
You must really hate the color yellow.
Bryan3934 (2 months ago)
Black Jays uniforms were awful
Danny Edelman (2 months ago)
okay the cubs uniforms are not ugly
Jackson Smith (2 months ago)
Those cubs jerseys are not that baf
brainsareus (2 months ago)
the 69 Athletics unis were kinda cool in their own way
Noe Ortiz (2 months ago)
Most of the jerseys in this vid are clean not ugly bro
Modesto 209 (2 months ago)
I think this guy is just running out of content and is making stupid videos. The Astros 70s are classics. The sox 80s are classics. Like wtf are talking about you stupid fucking idiot. #unsubbed
sansisthebest (3 months ago)
Dude those rays uniforms are fire
Hunter Dakan (3 months ago)
Those colorful jerseys are great man what you mean
DonovanRomita Streams (3 months ago)
The only ones that were actually ugly were the orioles turn ahead the clocks
Stephanie Steelman (3 months ago)
have of these are the best dude
Lucas Barstow (3 months ago)
Don nix (3 months ago)
Cool video , but I think a lot of these are some of the best in MLB history
Turtle Pittman (3 months ago)
I think the Mariners is a great looking uniform
Anteckz (3 months ago)
I really like the turn ahead the clock uniforms
dllanas76 (3 months ago)
The Astros 1970 uniform is the best, dont @ me
Sam Mccormack (3 months ago)
For me the only color pants that look nice are white, grey and black. But some of these teams made it work.
Jose Turrubiartes (3 months ago)
great video and all, but most of these unis are fine, especially the astros 70s uniforms. But I can see why you could think they are ugly and that's all right, it's your opinion.
hushg2000 (3 months ago)
70s cubs are one of the most fuego uniforms ever ... you must be 15yrs old lol Astros?? You’re crazy ... those orange stripe are classic Devil rays?? Oh lawd ... there is a reason that old Devil rays are one of the most expensive jerseys today. I disagree with 75% of your opinion lol
Lil Riv (3 months ago)
75 percent of these r fire
Blue Custard (3 months ago)
no way, the Padres brown and yellow uniforms looked great
H4VK SLYDE (3 months ago)
I like Arizona all grey uniforms
Tammie Hansberger (3 months ago)
the astros 1970s jerseys are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Donavan Sanders (4 months ago)
I like the cubs & d back jerseys
Carter Gosse (4 months ago)
What's wrong with the 1990s rays
Phillip Cole (4 months ago)
boy the astros have the best uniforms
Italian Stallion (4 months ago)
Maybe it's because I'm a dbacks fan but I think our grey unis are killer
xRavenz (4 months ago)
I like the d backs all grey uniform honestly
Francisco Gálañ (4 months ago)
I like the padres jersey
RiZe C0nn (4 months ago)
none of the astros uniforms were ugly.
Adam Bridges (4 months ago)
Nah bro them 1970’s Pirates and Stro’s unis are some classics.
BassManSTS (4 months ago)
I actually liked the 90s "sleeveless" Angels uniforms. Also here's a fun fact about the late 60's A's jerseys shown: Around that era, the single-A Burlington (IA) Bees were affiliated with them, and wore the same sleeveless jerseys, except theirs said "B's" on the front. Only when affiliated with the Athletics between 1963 and 1974, did the Bees ever have anything saying "B's" on their jersey or hat
Joshua Thompson (4 months ago)
D backs uniform r lit
Zeke Kimbrell (4 months ago)
the pirates and mariners jerseys are sick
ItzEze _ (4 months ago)
This video is so wrong
arturalexma (4 months ago)
the only ugly thing over here is your fashion sense...
KEMON (4 months ago)
The orioles all orange and the black and silver one looks good, they're not ugly.
Zack Navarrete (4 months ago)
I disagree about dbacks
LOGAN BOXX (4 months ago)
The athletics 1969 jerseys are clean🔥
영찬이 (4 months ago)
Phillies are the best
Jivan Scarano (4 months ago)
3:02 who are the Angeles?
Daboss and Daking Vlogs (4 months ago)
The Cubs were actually pretty cool
mega smacky (5 months ago)
The Arizona road uni's aren't just the ugliest in baseball, they're the ugliest in all of sports. Grey, another shade of grey, and very dark red. They look like death. I have to assume whoever designed them has a major issue with depression and suicidal thoughts. The Astro's rainbow uni's were awesome though! I had one in the mid-70's.
wes.mp4 (5 months ago)
The A's uniforms weren't that bad, Id say eye catching
Erich L. Ruehs (5 months ago)
Everyone of these uniforms are so cool. Who wouldn't like to play in any of them. The Padres 1970's are classic as are The Stros!
Maribel Villegas Piedra (5 months ago)
Astros T-shirt are not ugly like you
Redsox Baseball (5 months ago)
Just deleted this video
Hokiemon Productions (5 months ago)
All of these uniforms have character, not not the same old grey designs
scotthitman1 (5 months ago)
The 90's rays uniforms were awesome!
Gaming WithyourboyMatt (5 months ago)
You're mean, all of the teams' uniform is tuff
Dirk Reurslag (5 months ago)
Those Athletics uniforms were fresh af
Zach Luna (5 months ago)
Joshua J (5 months ago)
the astros had the best uniform
SpielerFX (5 months ago)
wait but the diamondback's all grey uniforms are actually pretty fly
Buddy D (5 months ago)
Fuck u those 70's Pirates uniforms r legendary
Darren Healey (5 months ago)
When you highkey love all of these uniforms mentioned in the video.
Patriotic Sports (5 months ago)
Ty Blogs (5 months ago)
The the Tampa Bay Rays was not around in the 70s
Legion, We are many (5 months ago)
Those green and gold A's jersies are fucking classic. I can't agree with most of this list either.
Stephen Meek (5 months ago)
The Rays were not a mlb team in the 70s
Carbine Productions (5 months ago)
Those 83 Sox jerseys are clean as fuck
zach martens (5 months ago)
White Sox 1980’s uniforms? Really bro? Those are classics. Need a reality check
storhet (5 months ago)
90s Stros jerseys are my favorite but buyers beware if you watch the video these opinions are coming from a person with a Mets profile pic
Magicians Corner (5 months ago)
I really like the Angels old uniforms.
cquick 3 (5 months ago)
The red and blue White Sox are awesome
Adrian Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Indiana red is actually nice
Adrian Rodriguez (5 months ago)
Robby Green (5 months ago)
Half of these are good uniforms
Bryce M (5 months ago)
D-Backs gray is beast
SRMkay (5 months ago)
I quite like the '70s and '80s jerseys. Way better than today's boring standard white or gray
mrShapoopy 11 (5 months ago)
Sox 80s is a bullshit one
BJ Stone (5 months ago)
I agreed with you on one jersey. One. Astros 1990's all black and white atrocities. Everything else I completely disagree.
Casimir (5 months ago)
Nigga you ugly, those Astros, cubs and pirates jerseys are beast! Only one I agree with are those awful turn ahead the clock jerseys
Raul Anaya III (5 months ago)
These jerseys are classic and not ugly at all so don't know y u made this and don't know y I'm even here
70's Astros, Devil Rays jersey, grey D Backs are all nice
a s (5 months ago)
I always hated the Rays 1970’s throwbacks. This is coming from a Rays fan. 1. It didn’t make any sense because they didn’t exist in the 70s 2. If they did exist in the 70’s, wouldn’t it make more sense if they would be the Devil Rays since they didn’t change their name until 2008?
Brandon Cox (5 months ago)
1:10 Chuck Finley? *Burn Notice intensifies*
Permayonnaise (5 months ago)
Please, the 90s rays uniform is one of my all-time favorites.
GranTurismo4 (6 months ago)
The pirates jerseys are decent, however the hats are terrible.
David S. (6 months ago)
I love those yellow A's jerseys tho!
Sloth Vlogs (6 months ago)
I like the white sox 90s unis
MaxJB 56 (6 months ago)
Not gonna lie the diamondbacks grey jerseys are awesome
Moss Family (6 months ago)
Love the video but this is just my opinion I think the Rays 90’s uniforms were dope so the 70’s Astros good video though
Dan Graz (6 months ago)
How tf do the rays have “70s throwbacks” when they weren’t even a team then?
ShawdowMaster (6 months ago)
2 brawls from The Rays, Red Sox, Padres, And Braves,
AdamLowDog (6 months ago)
More like mlbs best uniforms
zero the boxer (6 months ago)
Hary cerry holy cow!
jim kelley (6 months ago)
Padres for sure.
Travis Felch (6 months ago)
I can't believe you put the 70s astros on here
Jayson Alicea (6 months ago)
Cubs one isn't really ugly

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