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MLB Catches in the Dugout

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Owen Miller (3 months ago)
Cool catches😱😱⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾!!!
Flashy Potato (3 months ago)
If my teammates run away when I'm making a catch like this they're not my teammates anymore
Windows Explorer (3 months ago)
Nice video
sk8swmangos (4 months ago)
Oh come on people. They were obviously defending themselves. Sandwiches was aiming to take out the whole dugout. Play it back #1
shelby stepler (5 months ago)
where’s buster poseys catch when he was playing first
Steve Kapschock (7 months ago)
Mike Moustakas: Dugout Hero
WD (7 months ago)
Moral of the story: Mike Moustakas really likes to make plays in the 3rd base dugout.
Peter Grant (7 months ago)
HOW do u not have the 2 Derek Jeter catches
SalSleeps (7 months ago)
Was that Al Michaels calling a baseball game?
TNT Plumbing (7 months ago)
Ha ha!
storyofcory (8 months ago)
#Amazeballs, no pun intended...
Siddartha Ekalavya (10 months ago)
Popped up.... Popped up..... Popped up..... Popped up.... Popped up.... Popped up....
Jack Van Kirk (11 months ago)
redsox fan360 (1 year ago)
Mayte Tejada (1 year ago)
Aydin (1 year ago)
In my opinion Oakland has one of the most talented teams
The only One (1 year ago)
Love kc go moose
Karen Chavez (1 year ago)
Beltré in the dugout (btw he's on the Rangers now)
The RAM (1 year ago)
At 2:37 it sounded like an earthquake
caitlin spry (1 year ago)
3:37 that is as an amazing slide...
AvyWar 5000 (1 year ago)
That guy on the Royals team did that so much that it was routine
Yale Griffiths (1 year ago)
Mike Moustakas
Paula Bretón0727 (1 year ago)
Fredy Freeman
Gluskinator73 (1 year ago)
No Ike Davis?
why were fans in the dugout
KidCudi1923 (1 year ago)
Talking about the Moustakas catch? That's a separate dugout suite on the other side of the field away from the players.
slimegirls 1 (1 year ago)
i love just love how the players on the oposite team make sure that the player dosent fall and hurt them selves.
Ethan Zapata (1 year ago)
those are awesome catches
Isaiah Baggett (1 year ago)
3:47 - I have never heard a woman announcing baseball - pretty cool ;)
John Fulton (6 months ago)
If it was soccer or something then fine, but no girl has ever played baseball. How can anyone call something they've never played, even in high school or something?
John Fulton (6 months ago)
Michelle Davies it kinda is, yeah. Girls play softball.
Michelle Davies (6 months ago)
John Fulton girls "shouldn't" call baseball? Why exactly? Is baseball for guys only or something?
John Fulton (7 months ago)
Isaiah Baggett not true, guys dont generally call gymnastics or figure skating, girls shouldn't call baseball. I'm not super mad, just saying.
Bears Fury (1 year ago)
What about David ross 2016 World series catch
Patrick Krebs (1 year ago)
this was a nice clip
gaming channel (1 year ago)
go royals
Sadhana Amaratunge (1 year ago)
JoelOnTheJuul (1 year ago)
1:51 "Encarnacion gets ogre"
Queens Kings (1 year ago)
you missed 2 Ike davis over the railing catch with NYM
Louis (1 year ago)
Are the opposing players trying to keep the player from falling, or are they trying to push him away from the ball/take the ball/knock it loose from his glove? 🤔🤔🤔
The_Worst_ One_87 (1 year ago)
Southpaw_33 Gaming they are helping to the player don't fall and lose the ball
ILiekBananas (1 year ago)
I think both.
EmeraldGaming Brayden (1 year ago)
Philip Pyne (1 year ago)
When they fall into the opposing dugout I'm surprised they don't get eaten by the opposing players like a frenzy of piranhas.
Jesusiito24 Arias Cr (1 year ago)
omg puto crack sadoval
Satan (1 year ago)
The only one who's not talking about the catch is the woman. What a cliche!
Shawn Kulzer (6 months ago)
Satan I think she was expecting the announcer to jump in. She is the sideline reporter.
Catherine Ruddle (1 year ago)
2:56 Wow Russell Martin!!!
Brayan Rodriguez (1 year ago)
wat a fack
TooOhhP (1 year ago)
I'm glad you put the Paul Lo Duca play in there... for some reason that one always stood out to me as a kid
Terry Treger (1 year ago)
It must be incredibly awkward to make the game winning catch in the other team''s dugout.
Rocket League Gamer (2 months ago)
Trevor Gibson (3 months ago)
The Terry Treger is
Highly Disputed Land Agreement yee
Fornite God (1 year ago)
I love baseball
ethan ortiz (1 year ago)
0:25 he fell on his head. I keep thinking that must hurt
Edward DelCid (8 months ago)
ethan ortiz damn
Alyssa (1 year ago)
It's really nice seeing opposite teams try to hold the player going for the ball and prevent them from falling and possible injuring themselves
Shadow Clan (1 year ago)
Alyssa s
XMaster CowX (1 year ago)
Alyssa k
Michael Marino (1 year ago)
Okay mom
Ladrrion Brown (1 year ago)
Alyssa y
Ladrrion Brown (1 year ago)
Alyssa d
Ghostdialoog (1 year ago)
The best thing? Opposing players helping the catcher stay on his feet and not fall and injure himself. I love baseball culture.
Erick Valle (1 month ago)
Ghostdialoog Erick
Courtney Fairchild (8 months ago)
meanwhile in hockey culture if you fall into the other team's bench they beat you up. Baseball players are so much nicer.
Seamus122405 (1 year ago)
lol I don't watch baseball but I agree. I just watch these video's to see the best parts XD
Pablo Ossio (1 year ago)
If u have part 2 can u put the ones with posey, he did it a couple of times
X. Liner (1 year ago)
Sac bunts 😂😂😂
Reid Stewart (1 year ago)
Russel Martin's was the absolute smoothest catch.
Rebecca Salter (1 month ago)
Your profile pic is hilarious
Jack Herald (1 month ago)
Idk I think Lo Duca's was pretty nice
zach martin (1 year ago)
ya it was im a jays fan 2
alexa_is_here :p (1 year ago)
Reid Stewart oooohhh nevermind I found it
alexa_is_here :p (1 year ago)
Reid Stewart the one at 2:05?
Allison Wenzel (1 year ago)
Jason Boyer (1 year ago)
No sf giants ?
Ben Leskey (1 year ago)
No Jeter, or rizzo from this year?
Rachel Bohnenberger (1 year ago)
Jeter didn't go into the dugout, he went into the stands
Ben Leskey (1 year ago)
FusionOfCon I'm talking about a different play
FusionOfCon (1 year ago)
why would jeter be there it would be more likely for the 3rd baseman or the catcher to get the foul.
Ben Leskey (1 year ago)
+Pam Zanco no, the one where he jumped up on the edge and reached over to make the catch
Pam Zanco (1 year ago)
Rizzo is at 4:20.
A dude from Canada (1 year ago)
Hey nice video keep this going
Bekki Schnetzer (1 year ago)
Wacky Sporter u
Brayden Gindl k
EmeraldGaming Brayden (1 year ago)
Wacky Sporter cool
Amy Devlin (1 year ago)
Wacky Sporter yes you are right they should keep it up
Tracy Moten (1 year ago)
Smoke weed every day
X. Liner (1 year ago)
Keller Moten wow dude you're cool.
Puff (1 year ago)
Bryan O5 Karratti (1 year ago)
Joel_VlogZ832 (1 year ago)
xProdigy1994 (1 year ago)
good stuff
ethan ortiz (1 year ago)
I'm 6th
ethan ortiz (1 year ago)
Wow lol
Logan TalleyVlogs (1 year ago)
First comment hey
Leomaris Veras (1 year ago)
good video
Vandyacnp Videos (1 year ago)
Krallux (1 year ago)
+Mr.Baseball Videos Like you can
Vandyacnp Videos (1 year ago)
iiRezzky shut up
Krallux (1 year ago)
Who cares?

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