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product & fashion studio photo session example - see me in action

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product & #fashionphotography studio photo session example - see me in action. this is one sample #photosession for one regular client which renews the entire clothing collection twice a year. It can be classified as #productphotography due to the large number of items but also fashion as we have models cat walking in the studio. Nothing special in terms of studio settings, all 4 lights are being used, 3 on full power and the fill in secondary light is 75% just to give it a bit of depth, as we are focusing on the clothes and not on the models faces. Camera is in manual mode, ISO 100, Shutter speed 1/125, Aperture 16 and we are sign a wireless trigger for the studio lights http://www.FunkiBeat.com http://www.PrimitiveStore.com.au
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Sdrana Production (4 months ago)
What kind of lights are those?
Sdrana Production (4 months ago)
@Academy of Photography thanks where can i buy it?
Academy of Photography (4 months ago)
Strobes 300ws Mettle
Aydin Çelik (1 year ago)
Excellent lesson for beginners, thanks alot
Rashed Islam (1 year ago)
canaldelalfred (1 year ago)
Nice! Thank you very much for this. I was wondering what a photoshoot looks like and you showed me. Thank you again.
فاطمة (1 year ago)
Thank you...can I know whete you put the focus : if it is in the model, where is excatly ?
dorel oloier (1 year ago)
James Kang (1 year ago)
thank you
James Kang (1 year ago)
Same size of studio I have, what about your camera setting and lighting set such as how many watts and what size of softbox? thank you
+James Kang 90x60cm 400ws
Can you suggest a lens between tamron 70 200mm f2.8 di vc usd and 70-200mm f4 or f4 IS
Lawerence Linton (2 years ago)
what type of lense is idel for this type of photography
Lawerence Linton (2 years ago)
Cool Thanks
Academy of Photography (2 years ago)
Lawerence Linton 24-70
Eric Miller (3 years ago)
Seeing that you're in what looks like a small space; what mm lens do you shot at when shooting full body? 35mm?
robotickz (3 years ago)
What are your camera settings? I cant really hear what you said
Academy of Photography (3 years ago)
in studio i go ISO 100, 1/125 and F16
chibogu evanson (3 years ago)
Rohit Sharma (3 years ago)
Hi Sir, Thank you very much for the video. My question is about the light. I clicked some image of cloths for web site but when i show the images to my editor he said it blurred and not smooth I use my new camera Canon SX410IS. I use led bulbs for shoots. Please guide. Regards Rohit
canaldelalfred (1 year ago)
I know it's toooo late but anyway, maybe I can help other people with my answer: When using continous light you need to use ISO of 800 or even 1600 because the light is not as powerful as the ones of speedlights or strobes. I recommend you using a tripod because the speed it not going to be nowhere near 1/250. It's going to be less than that and you need to have the camera on a tripod. Cheers.
Tijuana Jackson (3 years ago)
2:39 " 😂😂😂 "You look alright." 😂😂😂 #weak
rapkabi (3 years ago)
That was really helpful video and looks like a great fun thank you! i am amateur photographer so i was wondering how would you charge the client for these shots by number of pictures? hours you comment would be really helpful.
G Sun (3 years ago)
Thanks for sharing this, great video! How many wardrobe changes can you shoot in 6-8hrs? If they bring hundreds of clothes, can you get then all shot?
Academy of Photography (3 years ago)
+G Sun there are around 200 outfits....
Oziel Fotos (3 years ago)
Brazil a school uses a frame of your video as being in their school. https://www.flickr.com/photos/focus_escola_de_fotografia/18869519234/in/dateposted/
Academy of Photography (3 years ago)
@Oziel Fotos thank you
Rachit Sharma (3 years ago)
Awesome !!!!! Sir i'm a new to the photography..i do some photo sessions..plz. guid me how i can earn while doing product fashion photography? (I'm asking this because i have done course & now want to convert in some money)
Make it With Mehwish (4 years ago)
Amazing video, Great help...i am currently taking pictures at home of cloths on a mannequin...what would be the best settings? iso and appetuer? im trying to acheive maximum 500 pixel and 7mb in size would i need to take Raw Fine and then edit or are there other settings better for this? your help would be greatly appreciated.thanks
Janet Park (4 years ago)
Hi, thank you for your wonderful video. Can you let me know what size umbrellas you are using for the background? Thank you so much for your work!
Michelle Carlson (4 years ago)
What kind of lights do you recommend for the background? Size, wattage, brand, soft box vs umbrella?
AcesHigh (4 years ago)
Really nice video you've help me alot in my photography always the best channel to turn too great tips. Im Having quite a small setup. my concern too is 1/125 is a great speed to freeze motion so when you said about playing with aperture. At which aperture do i need to start off? to roughly get it right. im have 2 softbox with 150watt continuous light , a 42" umbrella and a 80cm Octagon softbox. Is it possible for me to do a similar setup?
AcesHigh (4 years ago)
noted thank you so much! will definitely try out.
Academy of Photography (4 years ago)
in studio it won't matter much as there will be plenty of light. i always use 1/125. start with that and try to go faster or slower and see where that takes you
Academy of Photography (4 years ago)
Tmaxtt (4 years ago)
Thank you for posting this. I have the same type of shoot coming up so this has helped with my confidence
Academy of Photography (4 years ago)
Academy of Photography (4 years ago)
product & fashion studio photo session example - see me in action
Zonneveld maria (4 years ago)
Rodney Purnell (5 years ago)
Great video! My concern is the spill of light from overexposed backdrop onto the model in some of the photos. Do you ever attempt to physically block the light spill?
Academy of Photography (5 years ago)
Rodney it is not an issue. do not worry about it did you try?
Merrick Cousley (5 years ago)
Love your tutorials, thanks so much for posting! Just curious, since you don't want any ambient light in, is there a particular reason for choosing 1/125 instead of the safer sync speed of 1/200 or 1/250 to give that little extra action comfort? Thanks a lot.  
Merrick Cousley (5 years ago)
Oh ok! Appreciate it.
Academy of Photography (5 years ago)
Merrick my camera with the lens does not do 1/200 but 1/250 1/250 will have a delay in triggering the lights(cheap triggers) and I get sometimes the black picture. 1/125 is the best choice to freeze the action. 
mnash3 (5 years ago)
I enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing. My only recommendation is that if you ask the taller lady to hold her chin up more. A number of her photos are with the chin tucked in and back and head looking down. Some photos like that are cool, but it just felt like the majority were that pose or it could be just the way the video was edited. In either case, thanks for sharing.
Adrian Culda (5 years ago)
Imi cer scuze de deranj, Cristian esti roman?
Academy of Photography (5 years ago)
da. please english. the channel is public. thank you cheers
hafeez003 (5 years ago)
Thanks for the new video; what size are your softboxes?
Academy of Photography (5 years ago)
one is 90x120 cm and the small one is 80x60 cm
Dennis Song (5 years ago)
Great fun studio session ! I'm actually about to buy my first studio set and you've made a perfect video for me. Where did u get softbox on the left the screen b*ling? and what size? What size is your backdrop? Thank you !
Academy of Photography (5 years ago)
soft boxes and background - ebay!
Willy Van-Vracem (5 years ago)
Hello Christian....I really like your simple, fresh and down-to-earth approach on all your videos.....thanks and greetings from Buenos Aires....!!!!
paparazzina1 (5 years ago)
VideoStudio360 (5 years ago)
Looks like a hard work to me, but knowing how to have some fun, it's half the battle.
Academy of Photography (5 years ago)
that is right! :)
Joe Shannon (5 years ago)
how many watts is your main light
Joe Shannon (5 years ago)
ok thanks
Academy of Photography (5 years ago)
300 watts
Joe Shannon (5 years ago)
I have a small studio also...how many watts are your back lights and what brand you use for your strobes monolights
Joe Shannon (5 years ago)
thanks so much for your professional advice, thank you 
Academy of Photography (5 years ago)
all lights are mettle - 300 Watts each. more than enough for a small studio
Mace Berrin (5 years ago)
Great photo Sessions! See the results on our websites: www.FunkiBeat.com and www.PrimitiveStore.com.au 

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