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Atlantic Starr - Am I Dreaming (1980)

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Lamont Green (5 hours ago)
Right on, right on. On the black hand side. This is it. Soul power! Can you dig it!
Barb Manning (6 hours ago)
Such memories.....this is music !!!;
Karen Oden (1 day ago)
This song right herevdid it 4 me!!!
Karen Oden (1 day ago)
This song right here did it 4 me !!!
cjsmomom (2 days ago)
My b/f asked me if I wanted him to pinch me so I know that it's real, I laughed so hard and ran... We were together in the 80's and recently got back together (swooning) 😂
Regina Burns (3 days ago)
Ma please relax. .
David Masters (5 days ago)
Makes me cry with pure joy when I hear this song. Total undiluted perfection - Sharon Bryant has the voice of an angel which gives me goosebumps and a warm feeling inside that has not diminished since I first heard her singing When Love Calls on the Radiant LP way back in 1980. Real soul - gorgeous melodies, timeless message and vocals of the highest order. Pure class which I will NEVER get tired of listening to.
Pat Heath (7 days ago)
The 80's and the decades before were the last decades for music that made you feel good. With the exception of a very few, this stuff I hear now is sickening.....
Trisha Didrickson (7 days ago)
When I first found you , called yourself ANGEL KING,so of course I thought of you as a possible hoax I found you with no name & I called you a dreamboat,& a HEARTTHROB, taking a fall for love tends to break through all barriers etc time space&pride I never intended to allow love in my life again for the basic reason I didn't want to ever break another heart . LOVE VISITED. ME & IS STILL PREVALENT IN MY LIFE TODAY6/9/19
Trisha Didrickson (5 days ago)
Still falling wherein love will catch me & my love will continue to live in your heart...i love you baby!!!
Trisha Didrickson (7 days ago)
Trisha Didrickson (7 days ago)
Connie Moore (8 days ago)
Yeah BUT I'm sooo glad that I did have this music 2 grow up 2 or experience in my youth😔I know @what events and⏱periods in my life was happening💯I sure made it possible for mine 2 know the TRUTH🔥🔥🔥
the promise man (9 days ago)
I know I'm not dreaming but I wish in my dreams that this kind of music could come back
Jimmy Harper (13 days ago)
Dionne Warwick Am I Dreaming (feat. Musiq Soulchild) https://youtu.be/ua5mHLQZ-Z8 via @YouTube
George Johnson (15 days ago)
Damn they don't make music like this anymore. I miss all that great music. The Big DM ( Lovelight In Flight). FM 101
Gary Claytor (16 days ago)
Pinch me to see if it's real, because my mind can't decide. My,my,my.
Ms Unusual (22 days ago)
Me when I see something I’ve been looking for and couldn’t find ...great song by the way
Jeff Bunn (22 days ago)
Yes!!!! Thank you!!!! Wonderful song writing indeed. <3 Incredible how the "Market" has destroyed this Art Form.
Pat Gray (23 days ago)
Now this is singing.
Emilleo Hendrix (24 days ago)
I need you to pinch me
Emilleo Hendrix (24 days ago)
I need you to pinch me that is what type of love I got
Ronda Smith (27 days ago)
I was ten years old and fell in love with this song and it's still pretty in its sentiment.
Avis Bey (27 days ago)
I heard someone playing this in their car this morning and I had to hear it again! One of my many favs by Atlantic Starr! Pinch me to see if it’s real cause my mind can’t decide! ♥️ A
Brenda Washington (28 days ago)
This is a awesome song 🤗( only in my youth did we have the BEST music, wow! All about love ❤️!
Bruce Robbins (30 days ago)
Atlantic Starr recorded the best love songs...this song and Always are the best love songs I've heard PERIOD!!!
Tasha M. (1 month ago)
Lamont Green (1 month ago)
Sweet sounds forever.
Classic R&B/Soul Music Coming Soon By Doug Tha Drug & Gio Washington A.K.A Governor
Tenacious One (1 month ago)
D Zackery (1 month ago)
man.....thats all i can say......
sean wimbush (1 month ago)
These songs are so beautiful with fantastic melodies and also taught lessons. That's what made them so special as well.
holyroncg (1 month ago)
Yes sir my friend the good Ole days, where did the time go?
James Dutra (1 month ago)
Hey, "Atlantic Star", One of my favorite singing groups of all time. A beautiful blend of voices, harmony, and love. Brings back so many wonderful memories of the past, that I wish I could bring back. No music today even comes close to the heart & soul of this song, and how "Atlantic Star", put it all together for us to cherish and enjoy forever. Yes, I'm an "Oldie But Goodie", who misses the love songs of this era and the era's going way back to the late 1950's. "Just An Old Man Wishing For Younger Days". Blessings Everyone, Jimmy D.
Fred Mac (1 month ago)
Yes Shirley Butler still am
Miriam Rosa (1 month ago)
(+) heavently Jesus God blessed and protect my son soul Robert g Marcus c Sam d Sam d Sam d Sam r Sam r Sam r Miriamr ludina r Maria m George m and the rest of my family members in the name of Jesus Christ amen thank you (+)
Bernadette Haskins (1 month ago)
2019 who listenin
BunnyBee11 (1 month ago)
When being in love was nothing to be ashamed of....I weep for these loveless generations.
BIG C Bartee (1 month ago)
Tearing up RIGHT NOW, thinking about my college sweetheart, Susan. T’was her favorite song......mine too. Boy I tell you, I MISS HER.😘❤️
Ken M. (1 month ago)
My favorite Atlantic Starr song and Sharon Bryant one the most underrated singers.
Mike Jones (1 month ago)
There will always be a reason to make too this song 40yrs in still sound good make you just wanna Hey do that with rappers og in 40yrs
Fred Mac (1 month ago)
Thats a good question. Am I dreaming after listening to beautiful music, like this then listen to the garbage thats being pump into the radio on rotation everyday.smh
Shirley Butler (1 month ago)
OMG I agree with you all the way on those comments TRUE DAT!No skool like ode skool music timeless indeed! This beautiful classic is in its own class of its own do you agree Fred? MEMORIES WOW!!!Still listenin how about May 07 2019
munimack (1 month ago)
Goodness and Gracious...
Talaya Gales (1 month ago)
Sango Life without God is Nothing!!! 👀👀🔥🔥🔥
Terrence Brogdon (1 month ago)
Craig Allen (1 month ago)
Forest Rabbi (1 month ago)
Incredible !
Monik Jackson (1 month ago)
Old School fo Life❤👍
Shirley Butler (1 month ago)
OMG I'm with you all the way on those comments TRUE DAT!!I'm will always have ode skool music in my blood 4EVER!! This what true talent sounds like AMEN! Still listenin how about April 23 2019
Miro Mosely (1 month ago)
this ones for the lovers too,and i'm to to be a 70's baby too fo ' sho'
Ms Unusual (1 month ago)
If I ever get married I would love for this to be my wedding song !
WAYNE BELL (1 month ago)
Is their an episode of Unsung for this group. If not there should be. The Lewis Brothers are Outstanding song writers and the first two female lead singers Sharon Bryant and Barbara Weathers were amazing also.
Helen Jackson (1 month ago)
Am I Dreaming. Listening in 2019.
Kelly Alston (2 months ago)
I love this song. I could listen to it everyday never its old.
Barton Jones (2 months ago)
It's real 11years Jones
Secret Garden (2 months ago)
she held that note going out.......
june moore (2 months ago)
an all time favorite of mine. this song is ageless.
swipedahogg (2 months ago)
Theresa Mullins (2 months ago)
Ebony Taggart (2 months ago)
I remember when xscape and Keith sweat remade this song back In '96 they did they thang this song is everything
Cassino Campbell (2 months ago)
Nominate this song on soul95.com slowjam top 10 countdown [email protected]
William Jennings Sr (2 months ago)
Sounds just as good now as it did back in the day!! The arrangements and vocals are spot on!
Gwen Coles (2 months ago)
This is most beautiful song in the world 🌎🔥🔥I love tins song still in 2019 are you still listening to this too ?
Bruce Robbins (2 months ago)
Listening right now😍
Crissy Smalls88 (2 months ago)
Ain't nobody out here taking there time and singing a heart felt love song no more
Stephanie Stevens (2 months ago)
Love this song The future generations don't know what they're missing.44 years old and can't listen to this crap out hear.
Malisa Lewis (2 months ago)
🎧🙌🏽🎶 good ass music right here!
Donald Berry (2 months ago)
Hey ; I just was had a big Crush with this Panama babe I,I was 22 years old , She was 42, old boy I had a good time with her Down town , at the Radio Hall in New York. I all keep a stupid for me and her.
marsha baum (2 months ago)
Love it
kymberly taylor (2 months ago)
2019 and I'm still jamming to every word🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤
QualityChildcare1 (2 months ago)
TheNex_ ChapCC (2 months ago)
2019 💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚓
Loretta De Herrera (2 months ago)
Still a bitter sweet memory..emotional ...💘 💘 💘...
Loretta De Herrera (2 months ago)
Was an illusion..
Zeke (2 months ago)
Damn this song is almost 40 yrs old … I was in the 9th grade ...
sadie Williams (2 months ago)
Love it! 2019
Shirley Butler (2 months ago)
OMG Please don't leave me out how about March 23 2019 This beautiful classic is in its own class of its own do you agree Sadie?
Bernadette Haskins (2 months ago)
2019 am I dreamin
Bernadette Haskins (2 months ago)
@Shirley Butler yes I agree alllll day long. Luv dis kind of music
Shirley Butler (2 months ago)
OMG This beautiful classic just moves your soul in the right direction do you agree Bernadette? This is what true talent sound like AMEN! ! Still Listening How About March 23 2019 MEMORIES WOW! !
Frances Rush (2 months ago)
Classic Atlantic Starr! My Jam here! Played the grooves off of this Album! Am I dreaming. . . The instruments are fire! Much Love!
kieth miller (2 months ago)
Howard Gamble (2 months ago)
Great baby
Fred Thomas (2 months ago)
Swaying back and forth ummmmm
Drewdown At Play (2 months ago)
Shirley Butler (2 months ago)
OMG When real music speaks for itself timeless indeed 4SURE A trip down memory lane good old days 4REAL! ! March 23 2019
Russ Boyes (2 months ago)
HOLLA IF YA HEAR ME!!! @ :32 Seconds the skins come in so smooth. This whole tune is nothing short of genius. We KNEW when this was new that it would never die! Feel me? And we were right! This and many others like it have stood the test of time. To no avail, many attempts have been made to strip the purity from old school magic, and failed. I don't need to be pinched to reassure me that it's no dream that my soul is still moved by this gem at 57 years old, and in 2019!
AL Clarke (2 months ago)
I heard talk of Angles but never thought I'll have one to call mine 🤩🎶🎙
Angela L Kennedy (2 months ago)
Back in day and still today this is the Jam! 🎼🎤
mr.24HRS Wynn (2 months ago)
Real Tunes🎶🎶🎶 4 your HeaDTop😎🎶🎶🎶🎶
Joe L (3 months ago)
To bad the skinny jeans generation hijacked the music industry.They replaced good music which many of us grew up with and gave bullshit which they call music.Thanks a lot assholes.
Tina Dee (3 months ago)
This is Trisha DIDRICKSON , I love you baaabeee, Juan LONDONDO arias!!!
Tina Dee (3 months ago)
Am I dreaming ? Yes about too wake up & smell the coffee... I’ve been living in a dream since 12/6/17
marc brown (3 months ago)
Still listening in 2019....oh the memories
Bianca Vasquez (3 months ago)
I'm 54 boy do I remember the old skool jams. This song takes me back to my first crush
Marcus Reeves (3 months ago)
Platinum Elite (3 months ago)
This is pure joy and love....If you can't feel this you never been in love!!!!
malik shaheed (3 months ago)
talk 2 me
Byrd Trevar (3 months ago)
A. Ali (3 months ago)
Want this to be the main song at the wedding, and to really feel it so deep a tear of joy forms up and drops on my clean tuxedo. 👌🏾 #TrueLove
Tina Dee (3 months ago)
When your heart rules your mind cannot decide...
Tina Dee (3 months ago)
It turns out I’ve been living in a dream...
Tina Dee (3 months ago)
I thought I found an ‘ANGEL’ to CALL MY OWN...
Loretta De Herrera (3 months ago)
💘...still valid..💘...
Gary Shields (3 months ago)
Growing up in Norfolk VA out Roberts Park in King Tim on the basketball court those were good days
Mika Smith (3 months ago)
My first love in the 70s we danced the nite away to this song.
Eros Delorenzi (3 months ago)
Lovely and beautifully made..!!.
Poena Gowaseb (3 months ago)
So priveledge to be part of the 80's where music was compose in poetic form and the instruments were handplayed and not computerized,what a lovely song from Atlantic Starr.
Jeff Jackson (3 months ago)
Late night sitting on the porch b more style loving the very thought of her

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