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Magnificent Obsession (1935) - Give My Love

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Karlee Valentino (30 days ago)
I had no idea he was the one who originally starred in the Magnificent Obsession. I only knew the Roc Hutson version. I love Robert Taylor, how did i not know this?! my favorite movie of his is Lady Of The Tropics.
Gobble blake (7 months ago)
They had faces then.
Pam Robson (11 months ago)
When will it be available/ This is much better with Irene and Robert...this could be my favorite Movie of Robert..
karjayk88 (11 months ago)
Very nice!!!!
Lisa Brooks (1 year ago)
Never cared for 1930s couture but Miss Dunne's ability to wear this era's fashion well changed my mind. She is so chic. I think that she is at the height of her beauty here, a little more womanly and about as full-figured as she ever got. This is when women were women--well turned out, well deported and well poised yet mischievous and sassy at the same time. There is no sexier combination and she certainly has great chemistry with Robert Taylor. This role made him a star and he only had Miss Dunne to thank as she requested he co-star with her.
Tiger Ruby (1 year ago)
Does anyone know where I can find this movie? I'm desperate!!!
Laura schnorri (2 years ago)
Wow! I never knew that he was so handsome when he was younger.
Laura schnorri (2 years ago)
+Alexandra S 👍 Yes 👍
Alexandra S (2 years ago)
In my opinion, he was the most handsome man in the industry. and there were TONS of lookers.
SweetnSaltyLife99 (3 years ago)
" Magnificent Obsession (1935) "  ~  ... came for Irene and found Robert.             Starring- Irene Dunne (actually requested Taylor), Robert Taylor ( Chemistry with   Dunne), Charles Butterworth, Betty Furness and Sara Haden etc. respectfully. The casting was great!     Irene & Taylor superb.    I'm glad I watched it.                (-_-)
Martin Del Carpio (3 years ago)
Robert Taylor was very handsome!
MikeMuk1 (3 years ago)
In this version Bob Merrick as portrayed by Robert Taylor is something of a harmless buffoon before he matures. In the 50s version Rock Hudson is a more vicious b**stard. It would have been interesting to see an 80s,'greed is good' era remake starring either Richard Gere or John Travolta both of whom were good at portraying vain, self centred characters.
HepburnLove (5 years ago)
Man, i want to watch this movies So BAD but I searched all morning and I didn't find it anywhere!
John Lennon IsLove (5 years ago)
Yes, this is my first favorite Robert Taylor movie too! :) I'm glad you liked it :)
John Lennon IsLove (5 years ago)
I'm glad you like it :)
Rocío Martinez (5 years ago)
Lovely video!! I love this movie!!
Rena1934 (5 years ago)
nice tribute to one of my favorite movies, thanks
Alyssa Agas (6 years ago)
LOVE THE SONG! The song makes me want to fall inlove . nice vid♥

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