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MLB Best Ballboy Catches

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Text Comments (134)
Eddie Martinez (9 days ago)
yo im about to Draft Scotty to my fantasy team
Benjamin Krawetzki (27 days ago)
Scotty should be playing center field.
EverlastingPeace (1 month ago)
Most of these are Scotty
JUSTIN O'DELL (3 months ago)
The A’s ball boy needs a try out
LegiTalbot (6 months ago)
0:43 they play the sportscenter duh nuh nuh
Rhianna Rose (8 months ago)
So the A's have the worst and best ball boy? (I say worst bc in a video about the worst ballboy catches they had the most clips)
Steve Glary (9 months ago)
Excellent Video. Right to the point. No extra crap you normally have to sit through. Good Job.
markwest1987 (9 months ago)
Can someone do “loud foul ball homerun scare” videos?
Steamer 256 (10 months ago)
Scotty is a freaking beast😂
Nyle Bautista (10 months ago)
Make a vid about "Best plays from Scotty" or however you spell the Oakland A's ballboy name. He iz amazing
The Brother's World (10 months ago)
One of them was a girl the pirates on
Marcus Rose (10 months ago)
Scotty is a beast hahaha
James Calderone (10 months ago)
Athletics, Rays, and Twins were like the only teams on here.
Biscuit Plays (10 months ago)
Tampa and Oakland have the best ball boys in the league
Infinite The Hedgehog (10 months ago)
Tampa and Oakland has some good BallBoys
Atul Kumar (10 months ago)
What do they do with the ball? Is it like a gift and play starts with a new ball? Sorry for the late question,finding this game very much interesting and never played this game!
T.J. VLOGS Ty (10 months ago)
Scotty should be in the major leagues
lonely shadow (10 months ago)
Sign Scotty
Tim Scott (10 months ago)
scotty may not hit well but he needs a contract with the glove
Elliot Gamble (11 months ago)
ball boys out here saving lives
JHaroldHT (11 months ago)
Sign Scotty
David Ruiz (11 months ago)
2:32 missed fistbump ;c
jamie goode (11 months ago)
So as a UK guy, thats follow little baseball....that Scotty guy needs field time, hes caught some great balls, made some great catches
Teaghan Finks (11 months ago)
Get Scotty a fucking contract. Kid has skills
Pixel (11 months ago)
get scotty a career man
Jen Jen Jen (7 months ago)
Pixel lol I was gonna write the same thing
urmaker (10 months ago)
That escalated quickly.
jessesam (11 months ago)
get that ballgirl some cock
Nigel DeSanto (11 months ago)
Why r there so many plays by the A's ball boy/girl
Jaded Old Joe (11 months ago)
Ball boy? Seriously, all these dudes look like they're old enough to be failed minor leaguers.
Allaroundgamer1314 • (11 months ago)
The Ray's and A's should play their bat boys
Videomikeh (11 months ago)
That A's kid is a stud. Go Scotty go.
219toChi (11 months ago)
That ball boy for the A's was guilty of steroids
Mike Hawk (11 months ago)
"That's big league"
C. Diddy (11 months ago)
The Reds could use these players
Marc Casteel (11 months ago)
Sing Scotty up
kitchenmaiden81 (11 months ago)
I don't know if they do already, but who thinks that a ballboy or girl should be allowed to keep the ball from their first airborne catch?
anubistiger (11 months ago)
Some of these are not exactly "ball boys" more like "ball men" well into their late 20s!
Jacob Burnett (11 months ago)
God dammit Scotty does it again
Ryan Petras (1 year ago)
Where do these A's get these fucking ball boys? They get top prospects so they can have first dibs on signing them
Squishy (1 year ago)
Scotty is the best ball boy
prodcnote (1 year ago)
2:31 got left hanging..
Skipperz Zesty (1 year ago)
Scotty should be in the MLB
Ravishing Rude (1 year ago)
A's got a better ball boy than they got a roster
Floppy Salmon (1 year ago)
That guy wanted a fist pump from the ball boy but got REJECTED!! 2:31
Nolan Gleason (1 year ago)
the Pittsburgh ball girl is hot
Ryan B (1 year ago)
Someone needs to give Scotty a raise...or a tryout
MoreAwsomness 54389 (1 year ago)
The @s one is good
maninthebox0 (1 year ago)
Scotty should definitely have a cheering section behind the A's bullpen
Bob Adams (1 year ago)
The A's should sign up Scotty..... Maybe they wouldn't have half of the errors.
- (1 year ago)
Nigga Scottie a god
Bryan (1 year ago)
Scotty , jesus man
arruett (1 year ago)
its call boy ball not ball girl look at 2:17 :]
Jacquelyn Smith (1 year ago)
why in the hell do they jump when they don't even need to
Ryan Edwards (1 year ago)
3:35 the guy is right by the KUMON sign and the announcer coincidently said: "Come On!"
bobosynth (1 year ago)
kum on!
reelkena (1 year ago)
If Billy Beane started signing these ball boys we'd have a Moneyball 2 in no time.
caitlin spry (1 year ago)
I want to be ball girl for the Yankees /:
Knut Ove (1 year ago)
Good boy, Scotty.
Tim (1 year ago)
2:33 man in the stands got rejected
xXGoatLegend48Xx (1 year ago)
ItsHexed (1 year ago)
Number BB should be retired
caitlin spry (1 year ago)
It's Hexed I thought they could only be 16 or younger, not bout 30
Michael Jordan (1 year ago)
Not all heroes wear capes
Infinite The Hedgehog (10 months ago)
Michael Jordan Like Edna always says: NO CAPES
booom boy (1 year ago)
the twins the rays the As ballboys are better than there teams
Joe Mitchell (1 year ago)
Sally Johnson (1 year ago)
Someone needs to draft Scotty 😂
Jacob H.F. (1 year ago)
Who is the girl @2:00 and how do I marry her?
Jacob H.F. (1 year ago)
Girl at 2:00 made a way better catch.
Ray Wright (1 year ago)
Jacob Tyler but why? The girl at 2:10 is waaaaaaaay better looking
Shayan Patel (1 year ago)
XD the rays must have the best ball boys
Christopher Jones (1 year ago)
At least the A's have one of the best of something
XDFROSTY (1 year ago)
Oakland on fleek
Bdub DeMann (1 year ago)
Alternate title: Scotty's best plays.
Clint Workley (1 year ago)
way to cut the clips off early as the announcers talk about the catches. Thats half reason these catches are so good too, the announcers reactions
Ben Mattison (1 year ago)
If only the A's had players as good as the ballboys.
DJ Deckard Cain (1 year ago)
fuckin Scotty....what a beast!
Socan (1 year ago)
when the ball boys are better then the giants
Matt Devoto (1 year ago)
Do ball stuck in catchers mask For a video idea
Matt Devoto (1 year ago)
Nice job on 5k
Matt Devoto (1 year ago)
Matt Devoto (1 year ago)
The Great Mr. Gabe (1 year ago)
Postseason errors is a good video idea!
ViZu Restart (1 year ago)
how scotty aint playing for the a's at this point? lmao
Sportsfan408 PS4 (1 year ago)
Okland has pretty good ball boys....
Lane Gramiak (1 year ago)
atta kid Scotty
Peter Tang (1 year ago)
Love the little kids that run to them and all they care about is getting the ball
MarloSoBalJr (1 year ago)
Peter Tang Yup. Pisses me off. Not even gonna thank the ballboy for saving them
mrmet5 (1 year ago)
Hey Oakland sign Scotty already
Inspire YT (1 year ago)
this shit clickbait you said ball boy 2:13 is a girl
No Reason (1 year ago)
The ballboy should give it to the person it almost hit, cuz they would have gotten it
No Reason (1 year ago)
Still would have hit them
CHIVA99 (1 year ago)
Nova not necessarily. it could hit someone then bounce back onto the field or fly up a couple rows into some other seats
Javier Flores (1 year ago)
It's bat boy
Baseline Jumpers (1 year ago)
The A's have the best ball boys. They are actually good baseball players and they go all out
Miles Genkin (1 year ago)
This Scotty kid needs himself a contract with his glove
Clutch Jr. Ledesma (1 year ago)
Post notification squad
_ Dylannn11 _ (1 year ago)
This video should be called foul balls
Frank O'Connor (1 year ago)
I'm sure there's a team that could use Scottie's glove at SS...
Meagan Smith (1 year ago)
early bird
John Johnson (1 year ago)
Giant's ball dudes can't do this, mainly because 90% of them are 50+ years old.
John Johnson (1 year ago)
LegoJackson54 lol yeah
Baseline Jumpers (1 year ago)
John Johnson more like 80
Jose Plays (1 year ago)
Ada boy Scottie 😂
bay loves old books (1 year ago)
scotty, man.
Zach WilsonMusic (11 months ago)
Scotty dont give a fuck lol
Matthew Hamilton (1 year ago)
Kid was all over the field. MVP of the video, no doubt.
Nick Gurasich (1 year ago)
scotty is a 🐐
iFSpectrum (1 year ago)
The As should sign scotty
will. evan (1 year ago)
You should do worst bunts
Holly Peterson (1 year ago)
I agree!
D'evils (1 year ago)
Those Rays' ballboys need a raise.
Steamer 256 (10 months ago)
D'evils what about scotty
Carter Furtado (1 year ago)
Do worst bunts complications
Baseball Headquarters (1 year ago)
moral of the video: The Twins, Rays, and A's have the best ballboys lol
MoreAwsomness 54389 (1 year ago)
Baseball Headquarters that's what I said I thing the @s is the besr
M Magargle (1 year ago)
Baseball Headquarters definitely A's
Ogli Maldad (1 year ago)
budguu (1 year ago)
MattTheSausage Dude I live in Minnesota
Baseball Headquarters (1 year ago)
MattTheSausage Dude :) :)
Dog Nation (1 year ago)
What's up with Scotty

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