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MLB Most Embarrassing Moments

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Jack Peters (11 hours ago)
The time where the Indians' fireworks guy shot off the home run fireworks for a Royals home run should definitely be in this compilation. LOL
Dylan Vogel (3 days ago)
8:12 when kick start my Hart scares the shit out of you and the pitcher at the same time
VISAUL (4 days ago)
My most embarrassing moment that happened recently was I was right field and the sun was in my eye, a ball was hit to me I blocked the sun with my glove and angled with the ball once I moved my glove slightly I was blinded, and thought the ball was going to hit me, I was smacking like fuck because I couldn’t see it at all(it fell directly right in front of me)🤦‍♂️ Also I had glasses on, and wasn’t able to get clip on sunglasses yet
mel (4 days ago)
1:58 killed me
Orbis Dux (6 days ago)
4:45 you think the commentator wants a certain team to win?
xXx3OOOv2 (3 days ago)
It's Hawk Harrelson, famous White Sox homer announcer. I can't stand the guy.
toiletman toilet (7 days ago)
Izaiah Salter (8 days ago)
2:51 U mad bro?
Stoned Wolf (12 days ago)
1:50 is maybe the funniest moment in baseball for me. I was bummed out he didn't get the inside the park home run but you can't not laugh at a moment like that
Brocounty 1979 (18 days ago)
3:24- Did he forget he was standing in middle of the field?
Oh God ... Buckner
Finesse 水 Steve (2 months ago)
title should be _compilation of my highschool baseball team_
you don’t need to know (2 months ago)
0:02 I used to do this all the time
Natsfan2309 (3 months ago)
No, I had the most embarrassing moment. We were in the 3rd base dugout and I accidentally ran out to right field with my batting helmet on so I had to run all the way back to the dugout to exchange my helmet for my hat
William Greene (4 months ago)
arod and jeter
Chibi Prussia (6 months ago)
8:14 XD
Benjamin Villarino (6 months ago)
Jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja jajaja
Jacob Smith (6 months ago)
@3:24-25ish whyyy did he pull his pants down though
drums4metal (7 months ago)
got 2 words for this: NYJER MORGAN Other than that, it was greatly hilarious, except for Galarraga, damn you Jim Joyce!!
Jesús M. Soto González (7 months ago)
8:12 Hahahahahahahahahahaha
Anthony Phung (7 months ago)
too EZ
kihlos (8 months ago)
Lmao 1:19 how emberassing
Cookie_monster_ 7707 (8 months ago)
1:53 how I run in my dreams
Sarah Doran (8 months ago)
why do they toss the ball to the crowd?
Jennifer Clark (13 days ago)
Sarah Doran They figure, “Eh, we’ve got plenty of balls, let a lucky fan have a souvenir.” That, and it makes them look cool.
teababe27 (8 months ago)
2:18 - As a Mets fan who watched that game, UUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. 2:34 - And that cheers me up somewhat from the last play. 3:05 - That slide, lol. I figured the Lyons one would be here. Along with the Canseco thing. LOL. That Galaragga thing made me so sad. At least both him and Jim Joyce were gracious. I think I remember hearing about that Prince Fielder fall. LOL at 6:21. I remember watching that "Kickstart my Heart" pitching flub at 8:12 live on TV. Laughed so hard. Especially at the announcers' commentary on it.
Cpt. Obnoxious (8 months ago)
4:41 I laughed so hard I farted.
Doofus McNair (8 months ago)
4:49 homeboy big mad
Chuck Wagon (8 months ago)
Where's Leon Durham's booted ground ball in the '84 playoffs?
Creek da sneak (8 months ago)
8:12 no... no that doesn't happen
Savitar The Go Of Speed (8 months ago)
8:26 *Einstein calculated physics wrong*
Vlog Bros. (9 months ago)
3:25 what you doing man
Rubber Ducky21 (9 months ago)
The one we’re the tigers we’re supposed to have a perfect game isn’t have anything to do with embarrassment
spazvapes (9 months ago)
i had no idea mlb players ran into each other that often. i remember in little league they said to call it. wonder what the confusion is, anyone know?
Milan De Vos (9 months ago)
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BobbyD (9 months ago)
Jake and Christian (10 months ago)
Don’t worry, Harper is getting good at breaking his bat
Wesley Wenning (10 months ago)
6:20 you’re paying
Rich Souto (10 months ago)
2:22 is the worst 😬😂
lol funny a f. xD
Devon Polk (10 months ago)
I would just like to ask how the Gallaraga play was “embarrassing” it’s embarrassing for the ump if that’s what you’re trying to say...
Colles (10 months ago)
7:20 Minecraft hit sound origin??
Pixelated PEKKA (10 months ago)
It’s funny to watch people fail!
Mr. Cool Gaming (10 months ago)
Does anyone else kinda feel sorry for Bill Buckner
Ian Lee (10 months ago)
3:25 what was he trying to do?
Madison Ozment (10 months ago)
The Milwaukee/Colorado game 😂 Made me cringe
Kinsella Finn (10 months ago)
Why did he take his pants off?
TJ Perkins (11 months ago)
2:28 how did they win did two score a run? It only showed 1 scored a run and they were losing 8-7
John Lang (11 months ago)
Bill Buckner is notorious for making bad plays
EMA WILL RULE DA WORLD (11 months ago)
Hahahahaha Yankees beat the Mets
Kid Mechanic (11 months ago)
3:26 whatcha doin' there guy
Becky Taylor (11 months ago)
Some were funny...but that last one...I'm dead. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Feed The Moose (11 months ago)
the cringe 😫
The Great Delusion Band (11 months ago)
Gomez! Your roid rage is showing!
Natalie Wu (11 months ago)
peace professor execute addition rip effectively normal adult slide where thank.
Flint Ironstag (11 months ago)
1:47 is the worst running i've ever seen
hcombs0104 (11 months ago)
Just one more example of Carlos Gomez's assholery.
ALFREDO SALGADO (11 months ago)
I would have used Embarrassing for a High School team. It's stupid when its a professional team.
Zoe Allen (11 months ago)
Poor kid... he got a ball from the player and then he got it taken away.😭😭😭😂
brendan909 (1 year ago)
4;52 is that a pitch
Jerry Brownell (1 year ago)
Perhaps it should be called dumbest moments.
Tatertots young (1 year ago)
What???????????? 4:34
Dustin Krueger (1 year ago)
4:21 wasn't a embarrassing moment, that was a blown call
Savage - Saint (1 year ago)
Jackson Blondin (1 year ago)
1:43 😂😂😂😂😂 lol
Stepsmia Stepsmia (1 year ago)
2:22 I Fell Bad Fo Him
isabel Ramirez (1 year ago)
50 lolololol
Mozejo77 jojo (1 year ago)
Ibhenriksen (1 year ago)
Ok, no. No! How the hell is Buckner an embarrassing play? The dude was in pain and could barely bend to get the ball.
DinoBrosYT (1 year ago)
And when you fall asleep into your room I creep
Radical Centrist (1 year ago)
JIM JOYCE!!!!!!!!
cadenr06 (1 year ago)
3:05 Is he paralyzed or what
Andrew Nueva (1 year ago)
The one with the 2guys tryna catch the ball was funny asf lmao
mathis hermans (1 year ago)
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Lydia Lake (1 year ago)
I love how the announcer says “off his head” at 3:36😂😂
Bronx Bombers 99 (1 year ago)
These all explain my life
James Robert (1 year ago)
In defense of Bill Buckner he was playing injured and that was a freakish grounder....saddest day of my Red Sox fan Dad's life. Worst of all that Mets team was more toxic than a touring rock band lol.
almostfm (11 months ago)
IIRC, his legs were shot that year, and manager Joe Morgan would usually put Dave Stapleton in for defensive purposes. But he wanted to let Buckner be on the field when the last out was made, so he left him in. Unfortunately, that whole last inning was a cluster for the Sox
Bronx Bombers 99 (1 year ago)
8:12 his pitch when the sound came on😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sam Seven (1 year ago)
4:49 He got so triggered
Drew Dorsey (1 year ago)
Why did it become a thing that pitchers don't catch pop ups? So annoying how they just stand and point at a ball directly at them
Songs Mirth (1 year ago)
I'm not a life long baseball person but I'm trying to appreciate the sport. I like these except for the ones where they accidentally fall down you and you hear that someone's won the pennant! Those poor men. And the ones who are so kind and throw it into the crowd only to find out the game is still going and they can't get the ball back! oh dear. I can't imagine being the one who lost a game because you slip or you throw the ball into the stands too soon. But I would like to see that corked bat. Do they get thrown out for the season? How desperate do you have to be to have one? Can people get to the bats and do that to them without the players knowing? And do players have their own bats that they don't want anyone else to use? Thanks everyone. I"m learning. :) Go Cubbies and Oakland. :) Songsmirth
almostfm (11 months ago)
OK, taking those questions in turn: "Do they get thrown out for the season?" No-the suspension typically lasts 7-10 games. "How desperate do you have to be to have one?" I'm not sure there's one answer to this. Some guys won't do it regardless, and some guys will do it as long as they think they can get away with it. But consider this: The difference between a very good hitter batting .300 and an average hitter batting .250 is one hit in 20 at bats. That's about one hit a week that separates the very good from the average. "Can people get to the bats and do that to them without the players knowing?" Probably not-most players are pretty particular about their bats, and one disappearing for a day or two would be noticed. In Chris Sabo's case (which is the one in the video), he had cracked the bat on the previous pitch. My hunch is that he either had one of his bats corked and didn't realize he was using it, or he grabbed another player's bat. I say that because if you crack a bat, it's almost certainly going to shatter the next time it makes contact, and that would give it's corked status away. "And do players have their own bats that they don't want anyone else to use?" Players will occasionally let a teammate borrow a bat, especially if he's not hitting well. Bats are made in different lengths and weights, and can have a different weight distribution from the handle out to the end, and sometimes swinging a piece of lumber that feels different sometimes helps your swing. Golfers sometimes change putters if they feel they're not putting well with the one they normally use-it's the same thing.
sShaner (1 year ago)
The cringe
Asuka0242 (1 year ago)
Eyyy where's Rueben Rivera?
M. Josephine Fonzo (1 year ago)
RickFortune (1 year ago)
I remember when I was playing over here in Australia I did the exact same thing as Raul Ibanez. I felt like a complete jerk. :)
MICHAEL Rudge (1 year ago)
Communication let me down.......But im still here
OrdoCraftRBLX (1 year ago)
Who came here just to see the moment Steve Lyons pulled down his pants?
6:39 What's so embarrassing about that? He was just practicing his siding.
Justin Barker (1 year ago)
2:35 To be fair to Buckner, he was playing with an injury, that his coach knew about, and couldnt bend all the way down. I don't blame him
Turissss (1 year ago)
3:32 is so hilarious xDDD
John (1 year ago)
lol I can relate to all these outfielders not knowing how many outs there are. It's hard to pay attention out there.
almostfm (11 months ago)
If you play or umpire long enough, you'll forget the count or how many outs there are. It just takes a momentary break in your concentration. I made it to my mid-30s before I did it, in a city league softball game, when I headed down to first, not on ball 3, but ball _2_ . Next pitch was also a ball, and the umpire called "Ball. WAIT--WAIT."
FreddyB 2K4L (1 year ago)
Baseball is so fuckin boring unless your playing it yourself
Don Draper (1 year ago)
2:21 it was at this moment God said, "Fuck the odds, I'm about to defy expectations."
Elijah Herring (1 year ago)
R.I.P. Roy😔
JakeHCBB (1 year ago)
2:54 so bats can die? Hmmm.... makes perfect sense
dimitripeetree420 (1 year ago)
I'm blushing because Milwaukee is in at least like half of these
Kara Nardolillo (1 year ago)
Love your videos
Johnny Scissors (1 year ago)
How the hell do 3 professional baseball players walk straight into each other to catch a pop fly. What is this, three stooges?
Jess DIY_vlogs (1 year ago)
Now the last one was just stupid
Jess DIY_vlogs (1 year ago)
I feel so bad for the ones when the team the wins
maximilian2000 (1 year ago)
6:51 Blaze it.
Matty Narcy (1 year ago)
Skip to 3:15 to see Lyons' Boner. It's too bad there isn't footage of Merkle's Boner.

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