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MLB Funny "We Don't See That Everyday" Moments ᴴᴰ

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Text Comments (58)
John (1 day ago)
Love it when you steal from other youtube channels
Dill Hole (8 days ago)
Kyle Daunais (8 days ago)
How do u only have 46 thousand subs🤔
Barnacle Loaf (8 days ago)
First home run montage
Rafoza Macedo (9 days ago)
Picher playing other position
World Gamer (9 days ago)
Video idea:rare injury’s
Ben There Done That (10 days ago)
do best of the worst that be funny
David Pavai (11 days ago)
Keep going strong man love you videos. You should do a best cardinals comp I need it rn.
harryRS729 (11 days ago)
Do a vid where it’s “Tropicana Terrors” and it’s Tropicana field doing what it does best. Screwing people over
Justin Teal (11 days ago)
0:33 He just watches it go by as if it's normal. Haha Great vid btw!
Allie Day (11 days ago)
1:38 kills me 😂
brodie yenawine (11 days ago)
Ball boy plays
brodie yenawine (11 days ago)
Out of stadium home runs
Wafflegazm (11 days ago)
I see so many repeated clips on this channel. Is baseball that uninteresting, that you have to repeat clips 3 times to make a video?
BMiller2 (11 days ago)
Fat guys stealing bases
Jenn Flores (11 days ago)
I like the video
Drew Erickson (11 days ago)
Why didn't you put Brian Dozier's bunt hr
E K (11 days ago)
mlb players mad at fans
TrueSportsMan Kesler (11 days ago)
3:19 anyone hear the Oof from the annocer
Hunter Fuller (12 days ago)
Do broken bat home runs
Kaela Colleen (12 days ago)
I don't think you understand how happy I am that that Bregman walk off is in this. Seeing that real time was a freaking trip lol
K Winterpants (12 days ago)
The last one tho 😂
James Paulaski (12 days ago)
Longest game that each MLB team has played
Calem LePage (12 days ago)
Benintendi stealing second while the Yankees pitcher wasn’t paying attention and Mookie playing second base should be on here
burt2481 (12 days ago)
you cut the clips too short
DLawson 63648 (12 days ago)
Why does everyone treat Colon like a fuckin puppy? Is it because he’s a fatass and everyone feels bad for him?
T Bone Card Collector (12 days ago)
do top free agent highlights plz
Dalton Outlaw (12 days ago)
I clicked on this video when it had 666 views.
BR ballin2018bo Y (12 days ago)
Yay pirates
Thomas Varnell (12 days ago)
Bartolo hitting a home run but on loop for 1 hour
Huntin Bros (12 days ago)
Jase Tall (12 days ago)
MLB worst slides
Icee Blood (12 days ago)
Walk off walks
Joey 298 (12 days ago)
Do stuck in thr wall
Dawson Mickley-Vevo (12 days ago)
Mlb best and funny catcher moments
Joey 298 (12 days ago)
Do tusing the glove
Joey 298 (12 days ago)
Do dumest walk offs
Joey 298 (12 days ago)
Do first homeruns
cadenr06 (12 days ago)
2:21 Turn on captions Stop it, stop it all
Crispin Shipp (12 days ago)
longest game for each team
Max Johnson (12 days ago)
slow people stealing or little guuys hitting homeruns
E Money#14 (11 days ago)
Max Johnson Altuve would steal the show for little guys hitting Homers
Stephen Gossman (12 days ago)
Slow players hitting triples
Itz TristanPlayz (12 days ago)
Austin cart (12 days ago)
bartolo has done it!
Joey 298 (12 days ago)
Do funniest stelling fans food plz
Sam Epps (12 days ago)
What did bartolo do that was impossible?
Tristan MacLeod (11 days ago)
hit a homer. it's just a meme because he's old and fat and a really fun guy to be around though. the rangers clubhouse must be a fun place with him and Beltre there all the time
Pepsi Royale (12 days ago)
You had one job. (5-0 to 9-5 giving up the lead)
David Rice (12 days ago)
Do most embarrassing base running fails
BEN PLAYSS (12 days ago)
do mlb bloopers
Matt Saunders (12 days ago)
Football kid (12 days ago)
DatSavage 21 (12 days ago)
Mr Baseball (12 days ago)
DatSavage 21 (12 days ago)
Mr Baseball yeah so no winner we tie 😀
Mr Baseball (12 days ago)
It was a tie
DatSavage 21 (12 days ago)
MrBaseball280 2018 I was

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