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SOLO FEMALE VAN LIFE: Heartbroken 💔 The Hardest Part of a Travel Lifestyle

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Text Comments (597)
aaron shefte (5 hours ago)
Is it worth it?
S S (5 hours ago)
If you ever come to the bay area I'd love to hang out. You seem like a sweetheart. I need more of that in my life 😊
alt coin (5 hours ago)
You need to monetize your story and your life. You have a gold mine here if you can tap into it.
Steve Ho (6 hours ago)
Well o told you to come down to southern California. I'm here 😍
Gerald Fawcett (12 hours ago)
Hello from Anchorage, Alaska you’re a beautiful young person
HibachiMachine (14 hours ago)
Wanna hook up I don’t care you live in a van I love being outdoor. Cant stay at home it’s depressing.
Por Veng (19 hours ago)
I totally understand how that feel ! I’m so related to you
Almamater8888 (21 hours ago)
What the word salad. You didn’t have much to say.
Derin C (23 hours ago)
Hey hobo ale. Why don't you van dwellers have van dwelling buddies to make the whole experience better income and everything.
Froy Gzee (1 day ago)
Hi Ahle, My name is Froy and I think that you're an amazing person. I feel what you mean, even though this earth is huge sometimes it can be a small world and it can get a little lonely when not in the presence of loved ones. Just do whatever your heart desires because time on earth is only borrowed... Keep doing what your doing because I love to see that beautiful smile on your sun kissed face 😉
itsBayFreshALLday (1 day ago)
And you may ask yourself, How did I get here.....?? 😎
azulrevolver (1 day ago)
It sounds like you're in a crossroad, you're conflicted cuz you're gonna have to pick a street at some point.
Scott Sano (1 day ago)
John T (1 day ago)
HOBO are u looking for a roommate?
Dan Patch (1 day ago)
life is a roller coaster enjoy the ride
Anthoneck (1 day ago)
Don’t worry Jesus has a Kingdom that we all be with our friends and family together forever! See the movie “ Heaven is Real” the story of Collin , who as a child was brought to heaven during a life and death surgery!!! I have seen glimpses of heaven and my family in heaven and my pets!
Anthoneck (1 day ago)
Hi I offered you my condo, I believe you might be my daughter or even granddaughter I met a Japanese in Seattle at a Ayh Youth hostelLady who I had relation with back after I got out of the navy then I had had had to go back to New York! A little later I read something that made me think what if that beautiful Japanese Lady got pregnant!!!. Back then there was no such a thing as a cellphone and she said she ran away from her husband at the time! Well anyway you remind me of me living in a car also for awhile then saved to get a 20 ft motor home which I also traveled! Any way I’m married to a nice Peruvian Lady she had a retirement home at the time and I went to work for her and we lived together then got married but we are not using the condo and she won’t mind if you want to or need to take a break from your travel! It’s in Fort Lauderdale in Sunrise on a lake ! It has two pools a tennis court within a block of our condo! Which we are going to another trip to Chile then Peru then Ecuador then to Italy so it’s empty ! I trust you and only want to see that you are happy! God bless you always!
Kloyd Arne Peña (1 day ago)
Jack Bottomly (1 day ago)
You are Wonderful ! ! !
Patrick mcclintic (1 day ago)
You are living a dream alot wouldnt take the leap. Beautiful journey your on.
Dwane Yocum (1 day ago)
You're cute.
aunty uber (1 day ago)
This is how an uber driver begins
pimpinaintdeadho (1 day ago)
So, are you chasing something or are you running away?
donna perry (1 day ago)
you have the life most of us wish we had the courage and ambition to create!!
Never Mind (1 day ago)
she have that Filipino accent when she talk in English.....I think if she's a Filipino born or grow up in the US, she can always travel and try a new way of living in a poor but amazingly beautiful tropical paradise like the Philippines....there is not one perfect country on this planet not even the US or Scandinavia :
Mdmchannel (2 days ago)
Showering, cooking and using a toilet are kind of basic needs. Also I like to watch sports on tv.
existextinct (2 days ago)
You remind me of my ex gf
Jesse W (2 days ago)
Hey, thanks for sharing, your honesty is rare. Leaving people you love is never easy...It's not supposed to be easy. But, you seem to handle it well. Sounds like you're able to feel the feelings without dwelling on them. I'm trying to settle down and work a full time job after living in my vehicle off and on during college. Try as I might, I'm finding it hard to live in the moment when each day is mostly like the last.
Jesse W (1 day ago)
Your wisdom is appreciated
Chelsea C (2 days ago)
Happy Birthday.
Anno C (2 days ago)
Awwww 💕 I miss you, Ahle! So good seeing you grow into an inspiring and strong woman! Sending you lots of love!
One day..i will chuck my phone into the ocean and live FREE from all of this so-called reality that we are living in now. There is more for all of us than just a 9to5, parties, all things materialistic etc.. one day i will, we will find out how beautiful this world really is. ^_^
+Hobo Ahle Hahaa. I don't think so! It's the most important thing we can do..to live a normal Life! A life where..the best thing is to meet new ppl, experience the best moments with them..to experience the beauty of all things living on this Earth! Instead of watching the beauty of this world from a screen..to actually live in that moment & remembering what it felt like is a whole lot better than playing it back from a screen!? ^_^ Stoopid obligations! :'(
Hobo Ahle (2 days ago)
you know.... one time I really did that hahha, chucked my phone into the ocean 😂 everyone I was with thought I was insane
bluenetmarketing (3 days ago)
The grass is not always greener. Mostly our own yard is the best place of all..........with maybe one or two trips each year.
Tryst Lee (3 days ago)
Ahle's come so far! <3 n.n The first time I watched this hit me from my memories listening to this blog. - There wasn't even 4000 subscribers yet.
Johnny T (3 days ago)
can we hangout?
David Stamp (3 days ago)
I hear what you're saying and I understand what you're saying I've lived in my truck for 2 and 1/2 years I got an apartment that I've had for almost a year now and I feel like I'm in prison there I drove 55000 miles working my way do temp agencies all across America and seen all kinds of stuff I have been to places where probably humans have not been in a hundred years so beautiful yet when you get to see some friends it's a real joy and it's a real pleasure but when you lay down at night and you're alone and you hear that cold wind whipping outside your vehicle the bitter taste of that loneliness sinks in I do enjoy spending a lot of time alone yet the company The Voice Even sometimes the cooking of another and especially the touch that comes from another even just from Friendship it's a beautiful thing the heart craves it the soul desires it next month at Christmas I'll have to move back into my truck due to finances at my job cutting hours I live in Michigan it's going to be 10 degrees I truly have absolutely no idea where I will wander to I leave that part of my life in the Lord's hands I pray for you that you will always be safe and find happiness and everything you do thank you for sharing these videos I never found these videos while I was by myself in my truck I may have found some comfort from them as I have now thank you for all the wonderful tips I got to stay warm I pray you stay warm and always have plenty to eat
A G (3 days ago)
I somehow ended up here at 4am , but that part when you said about loving them when they are in front of you and knowing they won't always be in front of you and that you're gonna have to say goodbye to them at some point... *ouch*, I thought about my dogs and my parents. It's just a part of it right? its the reason I stay close to home these days, but I know I'm gonna go too at some point and would love to stand where you are standing someday. It's so beautiful and pretty and inspiring. I hope you make it back home for the holidays. Stay safe and happy travels.
charlie brownau (3 days ago)
Most women refuse to adapt to independent living Its in FEMALE DNA to treat men as an RESOURCE and MONEY provider and hold sexual power over men
Wesa Zazoo (4 days ago)
I've lost my dearest cousin to alcohol recently and one thing I would hear her say while she was beyond drunk...she would say brother we need to travel maybe go fishing or something where I can put my feet in the water. I spoke to her about 7 hours before she passed away. We planned to go fishing the day she passed away...I didnt hear from her and I guess she was beyond intoxicated to where she ended up in the hospital. A few hours later she would pass, and at the time of her passing I was away fishing. I had the best day fishing just thinking about her and what I was going to do to help her enjoy a day of fishing when we got the chance! When I got home maybe 15 min before midnight I got the call at 12:02 am telling me she passed away! RIP Ashley Marie Yazzie 6/3/17 LIVE People
Hobo Ahle (2 days ago)
Saiko (4 days ago)
Sound like life to me.
Dave Amer (4 days ago)
The amount of people who are super hardcore plugged into the matrix is disturbing.
tskjesusfreak (4 days ago)
What you need is an actual community. Like church or something.
Michel de Dálnok (2 days ago)
It reminds me of: "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." At the end of the day that is what counts.
chanonx1 (4 days ago)
You are a bit sensitive and that's nothing wrong with that
Bear8Photo (4 days ago)
This is why I’ve settled down in AZ for a bit... been in Flagstaff since like April. The wanderlust gets tiring after a while, and sometimes it’s good to stop and stay put for a while.
Bon Vivant (4 days ago)
she is cute too :)
Demon Highwayman (4 days ago)
Wow you have spent way too much time thinking about this ! Something tells me you might be feeling lonely, yes ?
Alex Stuehmer (5 days ago)
Nice personality.
Pak Busu (5 days ago)
this girl is aptly named "Van Solo" ; )
Renegade Show (5 days ago)
I live on a boat and it is much the same here, although the difference I think it is much easier to get people to come stay on the boat with me! I suspect that is much harder doing the van life thing!
john epperson (5 days ago)
I'ts a feeling of anxiety when you leave after visiting a friend or family member (when you live far away) cause you never know when or IF you will ever see them again. It's really scary and gets worst as we age. We're not immortal, just passersby in time. 😢😞😢😞
Ryan Caudillo (5 days ago)
Too repetitive, did not know where you were going to. Started one topic and never finishing.
craig lee (5 days ago)
Beautiful and sweet soul:)
Tim Hassett (5 days ago)
Haha you're beautiful and silly. Brief loves that live forever. Dharma Bum living like a wild emotion. You make me feel free
J.A. Tony Clark (5 days ago)
J.A. Tony Clark (5 days ago)
You might be a good friend. Try me. I'm no Transient.
Renée Lynn (5 days ago)
I understand where you are coming from and what you are feeling is completely normal (regardless of your living situation). I have lived in 4 cities and have made friends in each city...so I feel the same way about them all. I’m unable to constantly visit them, so I may only see them every couple or few years. Despite these feelings, I agree...you cherish these moments with those close to you. ☺️
Snowy23 (5 days ago)
You're not bad looking, plus you're Asian, you'll find someone. Mitsu Lancer? Cool, that's my 2nd favorite after the Mitsubishi GTO
PJAICSG (5 days ago)
Thank you for sharing your feelings about that subject. It is hard when you’re traveling, because you’re obviously going to meet some amazing people along the way! And it is sad, because you will have to say goodbye eventually. But we all have our own adventures that we are on and our own lives to live so it’s just a part of it, but the memories made with them are such a blessing to look back on. And when you do get to see them again it’s soooo good! Keep the people you love in your heart and they’ll never be far away, safe travels!
Covington Halltown (6 days ago)
I've been homeless since 2009, the days of the recession. I'm still homeless but I drive a truck now. Being homeless while making a good income is a beautiful thing.
Kloyd Arne Peña (5 days ago)
i'm in love with you...and i hope i can mend your broken heart...if it's achin' bad...hurry up and call me quick...!!! 😘😉🙂🤔😗🤗👍👌
Noah Valenzuela (6 days ago)
Stay Strong💪🏼❤️dont think about other people saying as long as youre happy of what you are doing then keep it going
Noah Valenzuela (6 days ago)
You inspired me and many people that watch youre video and your a strong beautiful god woman❤️
Luxicon Photography (6 days ago)
I love this whole vlog so much. My best friend lives in another country so I get the limited time together thing and not knowing when you'll get to see each other again. It's so hard but it is such a cool thing to have that person that you can have such a close relationship with even though you don't see each other hardly at all. I'm getting ready to start living in a van and wander and I'm so excited but also terrified about what i'll leave behind. It's very bittersweet feelings.
Lobsang Nyima (6 days ago)
i pray for you in your wanserlustian state everyday ...
CreativeExperiments (6 days ago)
That feeling means you truly enjoyed the moments rather than taking it for granted. Rather be sad than not realize how special the moment is.
High Seas Drifter (6 days ago)
Know how that goes. Try sailing around on a boat where most you meet are couples.
Joji Joj (6 days ago)
You’re like Moana, you have a force that drives you, where you feel “you have to go”. I understand you, I have that feeling too, maybe not the same level, but I feel it. It’s the feeling of exploration, for me, wanderlust, the world is so big! And there’s so much to learn!
Zach Zach (5 days ago)
I think traveling is awesome but I have found most people who have "wanderlust" are very sensitive people OR weak minded people who are really bad at handling confrontation and would rather "explore" than master their current environment and issues. I have found in my experience they usually experience the most intense wanderlust when things around them are getting more difficult or ditto for their inner world. My sister her husband and all their friends are like this, I find a similar trend among "travelers" whenever I meet them. Like our Mom has mental health issues, and while she was healing and I was trying to pull our family back together my sister suddenly had "wanderlust" after age 21, her husband has "wanderlust" whenever his semi dysfunctional family tries to get together to make some memories. Or whenever the political climate changes, and they are stressed about the future they and all their friends are suddenly so solid and brave on the road. Similar circumstances when I have dug into similar folks they have brought around. But Christmas time, their birthday, or the family reunion where our rich uncle is their to grovel at they somehow someway find themselves able to stay home for 3 months. Until things get too real, or too "boring" (not all about them) Out into their shitty trailer they go, because like money is evil man. Until they need some
Fab M (6 days ago)
Do you have room for one more? 🤔
Hiromi 8o8 (6 days ago)
I totally feel where you're coming from. I grew up in Hawaii, & moved to Cali 10 yrs ago. Whenever I meet up with my parents or friends I'm always super excited, but sad at the same time, since I know our time together is limited. It's weird...the leading up to seeing them is almost better since I have that to look forward to. Of course when the time comes to Meetup it's totally awesome, but also real heartbreaking once we say goodbye. It's comforting knowing I'm not the only one who feels this way.
X Girl (6 days ago)
you are gorgeous...get out of the van life...we need you here...
David Irthum (6 days ago)
Yes. I was a travel LPN before getting married. After I got married I traveled only within a two hour drive.
Terry I (6 days ago)
Superfoods ? You look so !
Yup1 What (6 days ago)
Would you like some company ?
Areya S. (6 days ago)
This was very interesting, Ahle. It's funny because one of the main reasons why I am planning to move into a car is because I currently DON'T see my friends and family (even if they live close by) because I am constantly working and never have the time or the money to see them. But if I live in my car, it's literally just a matter of driving to them, and I won't be working as much. Time and money won't be the giant obstacles that they once were and I honestly can't wait for that day to come. So for me it will definitely be an improvement in terms of developing relationships. But you've raised an interesting point there and I will probably experience that heartbreak as well. However, I would rather feel the heartbreak of leaving a good friend who I finally got to see than the soul-crushing regret of never seeing them at all just because I'm too busy paying bills.
Ray Wong (6 days ago)
“Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by every moment that takes your breath away.” I just came back from China being a solo backpacker for 3 weeks, enjoyed every moment with new friends and places. Brought back all good memories. I am shopping for an old van to build a camper van to travel. Ahle - you choose the right path for your own happiness. Proud of you.
craigslistrr O (6 days ago)
Youth babble...the ramblings of the youth, they make no sense.
UltraMonkeySapien (6 days ago)
Tuolume Meadows is almost as gorgeous as you soul. Keep your head up. If you need confirmation that you have a better life than stationary folks, just look around you. You don't get views like that in an apartment
Michael Bravo (6 days ago)
sounds like you need a boyfriend
Bae Violet (7 days ago)
When you were in Colorado did you smoke weed?
Stanton Souza (7 days ago)
EVERYONE.......click the ads...!! <3...
friends in every state what a treat
DH_SIN (7 days ago)
you're gonna get hurt out there girl...you need to go home or something.
Anthony S (7 days ago)
How do you vote if you live in a van?
Mark Osborne (7 days ago)
Love it
spvz29bb (7 days ago)
Is "like" your favorite word? Do you like "you know?" even more? Please organize your thoughts.
TLZ Inc. (7 days ago)
You are living the life us older folk wished we lived... Enjoy it just the way you are enjoying it now. Keep making these personal videos. They are awesome:)
D L. (7 days ago)
I told you that I would be yours but you keep ignoring me so.....
name (7 days ago)
it's called wanderlust
Maria Diaz (7 days ago)
What you feel when you leave pple is separation anxiety. I've had it since I was in elementary school. Even if I know I'll see someone again, I still get a lil anxiety. Xo
EG EG (7 days ago)
just subscribe to your chanal,i am watching you from Denmark ,Europa.Can wait to see your story.I tink is brave to do that
SHADOW LIVING (7 days ago)
It’s amazing that your channel has 100K more subscribers than one of the most popular RVer’s (Nomadic Fanatic) on you tube. Excellent! I enjoy watching your videos. Thanks for sharing.
Mctig Mctiggy (7 days ago)
Get a job hippie.
Have you ever thought about living on a trike a recumbent trike there's a lady friend of mine that I follow on YouTube we've never met her anything she just told me to follow on YouTube and you should look her up and for some reason I can't think of her name of a Channel right now travel by trike, I think it is I'm pretty sure it is. She's in Columbia right now touring and even though I'm not really a international Traveler I would much rather stay in United States or Canada and but I do enjoy her Journeys however they are different my point is if you ever thought about selling your van and getting a recumbent trike you can pick for 2,500 dollars and it truly does offer a completely alternative way of finding America. But you should most definitely if you're an open-minded person and I can see that you are watch a few of her videos and also look up log notching on YouTube well I certainly appreciate your video in your ability to be candid and this is probably one of the best videos I've seen you do they're all good but this one's from the heart God bless you safe travels keep the Supple side down
You nailed it on this the other confusion in the emotion and your storytelling you absolutely nailed every aspect of what it's like I mentioned this to you before from what I remember that I've been through this for many many years almost a couple decades and you get it you know you get it I'm in the process of buying a recumbent trike I'm going to go on the road and my dog at the end of the summer of 2019 so I coincide with your story completely get it I was living it in the moment while you were telling it I thought I would share that with you and others
Ade C (7 days ago)
I think your very over sentimental and meeting then separation is so powerful and wrenching - like me
Mark Burnham (8 days ago)
great video.
Simply Rise (8 days ago)
You're a beautiful person. Wish there are more people like you. God bless you and take care
Padraig Salt (8 days ago)
Your vocabulary is impressive and your speaking style and voice are so natural and pleasant. Enjoyed your video.
Julie Gurley (8 days ago)
You are a lovely person who has great skills at communicating emotions.
Shining Star (8 days ago)
I really enjoyed this and thank you for sharing. Much respect to you for living the life you most enjoy and most fulfills you.

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