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photo editing in photoshop | smoke bomb

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Text Comments (1212)
R.S YouTube_Bangla (4 hours ago)
awesome video.
Bozkurt (15 hours ago)
vay aminyum
Thinking Spot (1 day ago)
bhai hum to edit karte hai tab to hamse ache se hoti nahi. average pe kitna time lagta hoga ek photo pe??
aliha siddiqui (3 days ago)
looks fake u need more practice
K마린블루 (5 days ago)
Jeffery James (5 days ago)
Cs6 ?
Jessikah Hinkle (6 days ago)
Arjit rana (6 days ago)
aaanaaaa1 (7 days ago)
ماشاء الله مبددددع فن اااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااان
Tal Kohavy (8 days ago)
What were the settings you used on brush number 100?
Miraj Hossan (10 days ago)
plz vai smok png den
Miraj Hossan (10 days ago)
are vai smoke png koi
Irfan khan (12 days ago)
Please edit one pic for me alSoO
Games YT (14 days ago)
Hola hablo en español
Games YT (14 days ago)
Next Mind (15 days ago)
Which version.. can i download Photoshop..
AK design (17 days ago)
Why some this video so popular? U2 have other good videos!
Santosh Lanjewar (18 days ago)
App konsa hai
Vincent AGNES (20 days ago)
Too poor to buy a real one :'D the music killed me btw
Nadim Editz (22 days ago)
nice bro
lol lol (23 days ago)
I think that bombs lid isn't open.
PicsArt Editing Zone (24 days ago)
CAMEJOX (26 days ago)
yo buscaba carbon y encontre diamante , muchas gracias , ya se editar a lo pro I was looking for coal and I found diamond, thank you very much, I will edit it to the pro
Need life pk (28 days ago)
bhai jan yea software download
Prabir Das Official (1 month ago)
Awesome edit
Rishi Patle Patle (1 month ago)
edit my photo
tech z (1 month ago)
Kaha se ho bhai
THE WONDER LUSTER (1 month ago)
Photoshop cc or cs??
Rahul bhankhodiya (1 month ago)
Osam bro
Prince Abrahamz (1 month ago)
I would also like to know how you put the object in his hand
Prince Abrahamz (1 month ago)
That's a great job done, thanks a lot Can you please let me know how you made the white background of the object in his hand disappear? Again, you seemed to be very fast in your actions and so I couldn't follow perfectly, please some of us are beginners and these are very important for us so please next time take that into consideration. If you could even help me personally on this tutorial I would be very grateful
Prince Abrahamz (1 month ago)
+Ronnie Thanks
Ronnie (1 month ago)
Prince Abrahamz (1 month ago)
+Ronnie thanks a lot Please I asked two questions here, can you add the other one? Which one is this please?
Ronnie (1 month ago)
You hold down alt shift and select with the cursor. Then sweep over it with a paint effect similar to a color you sampled.
Dali Ps4 PRO (1 month ago)
Waw nice
EOS1 (1 month ago)
The music makes it unwatchable.
Sojib Hasan (1 month ago)
Wow nice
# # Rahul (1 month ago)
Bhyi picsirt se kaise banega
LML Vlogs (1 month ago)
Nếu tua ngược video thì sao nhỉ ?
خرب عمي
Design Empire (1 month ago)
Looking for some graphics to match your brand? @t
you are best editour
Samuel G (1 month ago)
What is Photoshop name & version
Andy Latte (1 month ago)
How do you made the fingers grip on the can? Imma use it for our exam
theepan thana (1 month ago)
name of software friend
Rinto Indira (1 month ago)
what brush did you used for the hair?
Jenna Brooke (1 month ago)
floop tv (1 month ago)
it just looks too fake
Tiny Teller (1 month ago)
Poramet Poramet (1 month ago)
So cool!!! Thank you. ^^
Eky Asyikin (1 month ago)
Too fast. I cant do 😔
Mike (2 months ago)
Woow !
Car bears (2 months ago)
please give me your license key
nursing college sukma (2 months ago)
bhai photoshop ka link send krna
JuLiAn _73 (2 months ago)
Eres un genio 👏
Jay Jani (2 months ago)
Which brush was that
KIRANJIT MISRA (2 months ago)
like banta hai boss ...........awesome work
technical saad (2 months ago)
Can you eith my photo like this
adjerhore vwede (2 months ago)
sarrusyahrul (2 months ago)
use what edits sister application
MUZAMMIL OFFICIAL (2 months ago)
smok bomb kaha se le
Melanie Palad (2 months ago)
i was quite sad i'm not familiar with other shortcut key and yet he keep on using it without writing what is shortcut key that has been used.
Os manopistola (2 months ago)
What is the intro song? 0:00 - 0:08
IHRRS Support (2 months ago)
uff yr superb <3
Shakur Sistah (2 months ago)
What photo editor software are you using?
raxif romli (2 months ago)
Do you actly use mouse or wacom?
GX alphatrax (2 months ago)
whats ur editing software?
U2 Studio (2 months ago)
photoshop cc
osama saleh (2 months ago)
عمل رائع جدا جدا
Akash Kumar (2 months ago)
Plz sand link this bcz I am not download this app
ella'sWeeklyVlogs (2 months ago)
can you edit mine ?? please ill send it on your email pleaseee its my birthday tomorrow can u edit mine ?? just like a photoographer please?
U2 Studio (2 months ago)
contact me in instagram
AMMAR KHAN (2 months ago)
bhai bht hard bht hard love your work simply mai clap kr rha tha jab ap edit kr rhy thy bht hard love it
John Cena (2 months ago)
Awesome buddy 👍
King Ms (2 months ago)
U are the best bro Keep it please you are so clever for adobe photoshop so please don't forget to show us love and upload New Videos about photoshop editing...
SILVER SOUL (2 months ago)
which editing software you use
King Ms (2 months ago)
He is using photoshop cs6 or cc as I think but it would give you a trial days so if you dowload it you have to crash reuse
U2 Studio (2 months ago)
Faizan Tekken (2 months ago)
2nd link not working
AIO TANISHQ (2 months ago)
Which photoshop you use
AIO TANISHQ (2 months ago)
Adobe photoshop
Tapas Barman (2 months ago)
wow. great.
_.theasgerov._ (2 months ago)
you are clever
Sufiyan Sufiyan (2 months ago)
how to download Photoshop in PC
Sufiyan Sufiyan (2 months ago)
Photoshop download kaise kare
ashish kashyap (2 months ago)
thank you boss
Bharat Sharma (2 months ago)
U R great, such a professional editing u have done
MH EDitZ (2 months ago)
AhmedG4mer _Yt (2 months ago)
Name of song please ?
pk editz pradeep (2 months ago)
Why do I create a PP logo? Please do not hesitate to send a video to the video. Please help me when I need help from you, please please see my PP_pradeep product's name as well as the awesome logo, please help me in my number 9934419417
Satyam Gupta (2 months ago)
smoke bomb effect kaha se late HO BHAI
afsana Queeni (2 months ago)
U2 Studio (2 months ago)
afsana Queeni tnk u
Sahil Yadav (2 months ago)
harish kaswan (2 months ago)
bhai es aap ka name to btao
Meda Mehul (2 months ago)
Leptop mai kese dawnlod kare
pk editz pradeep (2 months ago)
But bro how to download smoke bomb for photoshop cc bro plz reply me
saher (2 months ago)
man kya chikaas editing ki hai!!
ONE TECH (2 months ago)
nice video bhai ap bahut ache video banate ho main apka bahut bada fan hu love you bro maine bhi mera new channel open kiya he bss ap muze thoda sa[ort kr dena pleasce my channel name is .....ONE TECH SW AND MY NAME IS SURAJ WANJARE BEST ODFF LUCK BRO
Graphics Channel (2 months ago)
Graphics Channel : Nice edit
ajay renikunta (3 months ago)
very good
U2 Studio (3 months ago)
tnk u bro
shahabudin (3 months ago)
Bilale Chihabe (3 months ago)
I love YOU
U2 Studio (3 months ago)
moiz sheikh (3 months ago)
can you plzz edit my pic as same
Mustafa Mohammed (3 months ago)
Good job!
hsnsc (3 months ago)
Perfect Reality Play (3 months ago)
nice work bro grate
R.Tech.Editor (3 months ago)
Me bi editing video bana ta hu to mere chanle pr ja kr video achi lage to like kr dena pleas
sahil razza (3 months ago)
My one photo edit then iam subscribe your chennal Your whatsapp no

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