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Slowest Pitches of All Time

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Sporting Videos (1 year ago)
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mjproebstle (7 months ago)
and i appreciate your pitch, it was right down the middle - thank you!
South (8 months ago)
Sporting Videos Q
BlueWarHead 34 (8 months ago)
Sporting Videos the sad thing is that i can only throw 61 but im 9
《Ace》 0 (8 months ago)
Sporting Videos fuck your ass boy
ねみあさ (2 days ago)
where is tadano
Faux Fox (2 months ago)
Nice to know the slowest pitch in 'Slowest Pitches of All Time' is still faster than my fastest pitch.
EpicDoggiez (3 months ago)
See the difference between fast balls and slow balls is, that slow balls aren’t a part of the training. Everyone has no idea what to do...
aidmar11 (4 months ago)
1:37, that's just 2 strikes?
Whip Scorpion (4 months ago)
Another fresh hot steaming stinking bowl of diarrhea from Sporting Videos.
Kevin Crabtree (4 months ago)
many of those didn't look like they were really strikes
Ricky Clifton (4 months ago)
Casey Fossum should be on this list..
blown22 (4 months ago)
Where is Dave "La Lob" LaRoche?
Owen French (4 months ago)
I subscribed
Kerry Smith (4 months ago)
Lol that would have been my fastball speed 🤣🤣🤣
Anthony Phung (4 months ago)
slo mo
rallisoify (4 months ago)
screw darvish
kihlos (4 months ago)
The last guy is a catcher so its even more impressive
Ramon Zayas (5 months ago)
Phil Niekro's knuckleball how fast was it. Probably between 40 and 50 mph.
Bryan Kautz (5 months ago)
LOL, that's my version of what I throw as fastball!!! Don't know why more pitchers don't try this, batters are always expecting 80- 90mph
Tom C (5 months ago)
Americans so dumb, can't even hit it going slow coz the brain is that slow or slower. Haha.
Brad Berry (5 months ago)
Tim Wakefield threw some slow pitches when he was with the Pirates.
Steve M (5 months ago)
Not many of the oldies in there. I remember I think it was Luis Tiant that would throw such a slow curve that it arced probably 20 feet in the air.
Wow, several times they called a pitch the "epheus" pitch. Except for the two thrown to ARod (one he crushed), none of the others were the Epheus. The epheus pitch is a high, slow 12-6 curveball or lob pitch with an arc similar to a slow-pitch softball pitch. Just because it is a slow curve does not make it an epheus. Luis Tiant was one of the last consistent practitioners of the pitch, but a few have added it to their surprise repertoire over the years.
runninglo112365 (5 months ago)
lol at well not even really an lol moment but it's just soo impressive like uhm, at like what i think it was Darvish's it started at the head and came down to just below the knees. at uhm i think like 0:33 just in CASE U WEre wondErin*g*! () lulululalalalelalala la le lul lol lol ok enough lol oh yah and *lol* at the one right after that 1 it says he says "Thats gonna make every *Baseball highlight film" or whatever he said
eddyvideostar (5 months ago)
But, this is what major league pitchers should do more off in a skillful manner. This not only can throw the hitters of their rhythm and cause adjustments, this could also affect their swing, having deleterious affects.
eddyvideostar (5 months ago)
At 1:03 minutes: Nunez screwed himself into the dirt.
wawa Elias (5 months ago)
A-Rod creamed that fucker
turtie11 (5 months ago)
Wtf was 1:40 that was crazy
halleck3 (5 months ago)
Love the pitcher's face at 1:12. He's like... heh heh heh... gotcha, sucker!
Patrick Finnegan (5 months ago)
That first pitch was not even close.
Tim Yac (5 months ago)
First pitch definitely wasn't a strike
Brady Chin (5 months ago)
Dang that Japanese pitcher tho
jet4212006 (6 months ago)
Why would you throw 2 slow pitches in a row and to A-Rod of all people?
Cameron Koers (6 months ago)
queen jada (6 months ago)
Jpan winning v
TrvppyTrey (6 months ago)
Can somebody explain to me how it is hard to hit a ball going that slow I don’t play base ball
Jonah Webster (6 months ago)
still harder than i can throw :(
Marc Morris (6 months ago)
Whaaa? No knuckleballers??? Blasphemy.
GnarBuckle Boards (6 months ago)
The changeup HAS to be one of the most lethal pitches.
MrBackwardsforwards (6 months ago)
lets not overlook that 17-5 ass stomping between min and texas. my goodness
Fred the Hare (6 months ago)
"Yes, it's hard to throw a 62 MPH fastball." It's hard to throw a 25 MPH fastball. I believe 25 MPH is my fastball, I don't play on a team though.
Adam B (6 months ago)
1:22 That’s what you get when you throw two fucking change-ups in a row
Kool Cool (6 months ago)
60s ain't slow
w w (6 months ago)
Agamemnon Butterscotch (6 months ago)
Apparently "all time" means the last 20 years.
Hunter Boyer (7 months ago)
Unless you have a really weak throw modifying your pitch like that is really hard
John Morford (7 months ago)
You're going to make this list and not put in a LaRoche LaLob? Come on...
Jimmy 1011 (7 months ago)
I love baseball ⚾️
Hawk S (7 months ago)
1:10 intended dab.
Mark JN (7 months ago)
0:10 - 0:12 Anyone else love that Jays jersey?
Subtle B3ast (7 months ago)
Arod crushed the 2nd one thrown. He hit that with all upper body, too. The legs were completely still.
Lex Wildz (7 months ago)
Back Handspring Brook (7 months ago)
I wish I cld pitch 10 mph
Matthew Bradley (7 months ago)
In the days before radar was used...1975 or so, Bill Lee who pitched for the Red Sox had what what he called The Eephus pitch. It was damned slow. That sucker looked like it had an arc over 10 feet. He stopped using it after game 7 of the 1975 World Series against the Cincinnatti Reds. Tony Perez launched one of them over the Green Monster for a 2 run dinger to get Cincy on the board in a 3-0 game.
Tom Voke (7 months ago)
Try Steve Hamilton's 'Folly Floater' :)
80zdude4 (7 months ago)
I remember watching a Red Sox vs Indians game on TV (mid to late '90s). Tim Wakefield (known for his knuckleball) was the Boston pitcher. One of his pitches was 48 mph!
Zachary Devan (7 months ago)
Fool me once...
Kebert Xela (7 months ago)
That Darvish pitch was a ball.
Kebert Xela (7 months ago)
That Kershaw pitch was a strike. It crossed the plate belt high.
Patrick Johnson (7 months ago)
Everyone who says they are throwing 60-70 when they are 9 is a lie. I'm 12 and I can only throw 55 and I am the star pitcher of my team. We are 8-0-1.
Hello People (7 months ago)
These pitches are to slow the umpires aren’t even use to it
Nate Wright (7 months ago)
Non pitchers pitching?
GodronGaming (7 months ago)
its actually a good strategy though that either works or its a home run
Austin Truong (7 months ago)
So slow it actually surprises the batter
Ali A (7 months ago)
1:38 what was that!
Ali A (7 months ago)
It’s funny how almost all of these the players didn’t hit and struck out
MrDUBMACK (7 months ago)
Baseball is just not impressive. Sad when your most entertaining medium is radio.
ImaCoward124 (7 months ago)
What in the hell was he thinking throwing that twice to arod 😂
Vontaze Burfict (7 months ago)
My fastball is only 50mph! Insane how 65 is considered slow!
KKLC 547 (7 months ago)
... speed is 50mph wats slow of it 1st is curve ball bro
Jack Salerno (7 months ago)
1:39 i never knew that you could get out on 2 strikes
Rob Pritzlaff (7 months ago)
What? No Doug Jones who closed for Cleveland/Milwaukee He struck out players with 45 mph change-ups.
RushyG (7 months ago)
1:45 that shouldn't be possible!!! 😮
Glorified Truth (7 months ago)
I agree it's hard to throw a pitch 62 mph. I max out at 40.
Steiny (7 months ago)
Put me on the mound, I bet I can throw slower
Rilee McBride (Student) (7 months ago)
Change upssssss
We in little league be like 65! That’s not slow
ledballone (7 months ago)
ross grimsly rainbow pitch check it out
The guy at 0:58 looks like Thor
The enchanted Gamer (7 months ago)
for me in LL if i had a 64 mph fastball it wood be my fastist lol
Axak (7 months ago)
1:46 that is some voodoo type shit
pickzkickz (7 months ago)
Didn't see one Eephus here...js.
Wisp (8 months ago)
the hitters dont even know what's going on so they just freeze
BroBerry (8 months ago)
Now these are just embarrassing.
thomas descoteaux (8 months ago)
1:15 knees self in face
Jiero761 (8 months ago)
Rodney Bray (8 months ago)
Kershaw's looked like a strike to me.
Choogi Wayne (8 months ago)
Yu Darvish has to be the worst pitcher to ever play
Mark (8 months ago)
And every time I try out my speed on one of those jugs gun cages, I top out at 66 and I'm giving it all I've got. I can't imagine even throwing 85 much less 100.
emericbd dondonilla (8 months ago)
1:04 look hahaha he looks like a ragdoll
leafyutube (8 months ago)
I knew a dude once who threw 5 miles per hour.
Salty_Racoon X (8 months ago)
What you dont understand its hard to make it look like your going to pitch fast but pitch slowly
Terry Hesticles (8 months ago)
senorsoupe (8 months ago)
No Bill Leee? Game 7 of the 1975 World Series, Spaceman Lee pitched one of these to Tony Perez who smoked it over the green monster
Lane (8 months ago)
1:47 He's like "Screw you ball"
Lance Baker (8 months ago)
At 2:45 "That's just a fastball." Huh???
bjdon99 (8 months ago)
Where is the Bill Lee Eephus pitch vs the Reds in the '75 World Series that Tony Perez hit over the green monster? ?
Caged (8 months ago)
You would be unstoppable if you also threw a 100 mph fastball.
richard lindberg (8 months ago)
LazlosPlane (8 months ago)
No vids of Steve Hamilton??? Shame.
Carlos Matos (8 months ago)
57 is my two seam fastball :(
James Bond (8 months ago)
my grandma can pitch that speed
Paul Trigger (8 months ago)
This video just shows how awful umpires really are

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