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Goodwill Thrift Haul {Fashion, Accessories, Home Decor + More}

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Oh, man! I found another long awaited wish list item while thrift shopping at goodwill today. Thrifting is my jam! Snapchat: BoredorBananas Periscope: @boredorBananas Instagram: http://bit.ly/1JItt9R FaceBook: http://on.fb.me/1KMusHw Twitter: http://bit.ly/1KN4FMu Blog: http://bit.ly/1SDSw3t Business Inquiries: boredorbananas(at)yahoo(dot)com Popular Videos: DIY Pottery Barn Home Decor {Pottery Barn Dupe} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpKU2... How to: DIY Wood Sign Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJzgs... DIY Cable Spool Clock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCRzg... How to Organize your Closet with a Dollar Tree Craft: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlayS... My Equipment: Vlogging Camera: http://amzn.to/29Gnyqg Editing Software: http://amzn.to/2aigkI4 Referral Links: Ebates: http://bit.ly/1JItV82 Zulily: http://www.zulily.com/invite/boredorb... Links may be affiliated. This is at no extra cost to you but I do earn a small percentage from your purchases. Thanks so much for helping me do what I love! This is not a sponsored video. I occasionally receive products for review. All opinions are my own.
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Text Comments (38)
Connie Powell (10 months ago)
Love the cat. Great haul too.
Bored or Bananas (10 months ago)
Thank you!
Carmen Duran (1 year ago)
Love the bottle and your beautiful - cute - sweet - kitty, tfs.
Carmen Duran (1 year ago)
Love the bottle and your beautiful - cute - sweet - kitty, tfs.
CraftsByPwilli (1 year ago)
Love awesome deals, always on feels like a small victory 😍
Bored or Bananas (1 year ago)
+CraftsByPwilli yes!
Tammie Gainey (1 year ago)
You found some awesome finds! That purse girl, great deal! Thanks for sharing💖
Bored or Bananas (1 year ago)
+Tammie Gainey Thanks, Tammie!
Rosamaria Mendoza (1 year ago)
Well done!!
Ameliakit (1 year ago)
I loved your finds! Especially the coach purse, I do Goodwill haul videos too and I love to see what other people find!! 💖
CraftsByPwilli (1 year ago)
Ameliakit I also love seeing how other people's goodwill finds are compare to mine. I'll check yours out. 😊
Barbara Jenkins (1 year ago)
MeWow!! ❤
Katherine Murphy (1 year ago)
I love these videos of yours but this was too washed out and made it hard to clearly see things. Sunshine is wonderful but too much makes everything so....WHITE
CheapandGreen (1 year ago)
Your kitty is so sweet! What an adorable guy! I love that bottle/vase too!
Sweet Home Alabama (1 year ago)
Pretty kitty cat!😺😻
MsStoneHome (1 year ago)
I love the flowy, floral blouse!
Bored or Bananas (1 year ago)
+MsStoneHome it's adorable!!
Living Even Keeled (1 year ago)
Your cat is so cute! Lots of great stuff for the girls too.
Bored or Bananas (1 year ago)
+Living Even Keeled Thanks!
ThisMomsTale (1 year ago)
nice purse, Otis kitty, hello. Those jeans for your girls are in nice condition, score!
southerncouponista (1 year ago)
Yay, you got the Coach purse! I was wondering if you snagged it after you posted on instagram! I love it, especially the light blue interior!
Bored or Bananas (1 year ago)
+southerncouponista it is perfect. I still love it!
Jamey Fisher (1 year ago)
Nice finds! Love the kitty! Thanks for sharing
Carolyn Maves (1 year ago)
Wonderful haul, so many great buys. The markings on your cat are beautiful.
Bored or Bananas (1 year ago)
+Carolyn Maves Thank you! He is a handsome boy. :)
Goodwill Bunny (1 year ago)
Great scores at Goodwill. Love the jade green vase. So glad to see that your new kitty is fitting in so well. Love your gentle spirit. Everyone wants a mom like you!
Bored or Bananas (1 year ago)
+Goodwill Bunny awe! Thanks so mych!
What a great score on that purse! I think you did fantastic on all of it - the shorts for your older girls look like they are brand new, the new with tags cargo pants for your son, that Arizona Jeans brand top for Josie. You're a thrifting genius! Also, I love Otis! How he walked around then sat behind you and looked at the camera like, "yeah, I was supposed to be here." It looks like he is fitting in, and seems to love you already. I'm so glad you got him!
Bored or Bananas (1 year ago)
+Crystal Bagby Otis is the perfect addition to our family. I noticed he looked right into the camera while editing. I tried to use it as a thumbnail but I was marking horrendous faces through it all. 😂
Bobbi's vsg journey (1 year ago)
Great haul and cute kitty!
Bored or Bananas (1 year ago)
+Bobbi Reid Thank you!
Megan Young (1 year ago)
Do you have the All About The Benjamins wallet by Thirty One? I have that one and LOVE IT. It is very big though. Love that vase you found.
Bored or Bananas (1 year ago)
+Megan Young Yes, I do! You wouldn't think it would be so difficult to find a crossbody big enough, but throw in a tiny budget and you have a challenge. ;)
Prim Farmhouse (1 year ago)
GREAT DEAL on the Coach purse!!
Bored or Bananas (1 year ago)
Prim Farmhouse This isn't the first Coach purse I have found, but this is the first one I couldn't walk away from. ;)
Fran Bullington (1 year ago)
Love the home decor piece you found - gorgeous color. I have never seen coupons for Goodwill in my area (Upstate SC). Where do you find them?
Fran Bullington (1 year ago)
Ahh...that explains it. I donate often (it's amazing what you accumulate over 28 years of living in the same house) but we get very generic tax receipts. :(
Bored or Bananas (1 year ago)
Fran Bullington They are located on the bottom of my donation receipts. :)

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