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Matthew McConaughey winning Best Actor

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Jennifer Lawrence presenting Matthew McConaughey with the Oscar® for Best Actor for his performance in "Dallas Buyers Club" at the 86th Oscars® in 2014.
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Duncan Murray (8 hours ago)
I watched this for the first time three days ago and I must’ve watched it a dozen times since then. Words to live by. What a man Matthew McConaughey.
Jared is beautiful.
Carlos Perez (1 day ago)
Only five people clap when he said thank to God.......Sick people who don't grace God for every time they wake up
Bryan Garcia (1 day ago)
jared leto parecía nenita... pero bueno
siva raj (1 day ago)
First 15 seconds are the classic example for why women can't be funny 😁😁
Holly Woollett (2 days ago)
Exactly the kind of life advice I was needing....thankyou and hope you keep winning more awards so we keep getting more speeches 😂
Derogatory Name (2 days ago)
What a beauty
Asif Iqbal (2 days ago)
Love it how he thanked God so humbly. In the present world, especially Hollywood, it's so cool to be an atheist or at least mock God in one way or another to seem cool.
Divyesh Kapgate (2 days ago)
well what a heck of a speech was dat... goosebumps
Bartosz Synowiec (3 days ago)
I still watch that from time to time....it's 2018... alright alright alright.
David Diaz (4 days ago)
Sim Thiam (4 days ago)
A kind hearted man .
MrYouarethecancer (5 days ago)
Jennifer Lawrence is such a fucking cunt
Neil Madhood (5 days ago)
*what's wrong with her*
Rohit Kumar (6 days ago)
Imagine had it been Bollywood award show
Shriraj Reddy (6 days ago)
should got one for Interstellar
trap sam (6 days ago)
This nigga wife bad asl
GeeksDude (6 days ago)
wtf rust god?really?
Lisa Cruz (15 hours ago)
I love this man💙💙 AWESOME Speech 😘
crazzi-j north (7 days ago)
Leave Jennifer alone lol the girl has talent end of
jules renard (7 days ago)
Katie Marie (8 days ago)
I'm here for Matthew going in for a hug from Leo before taking the stage. Whatta man. 💕
obotseng mmereki (8 days ago)
Henrik Finkmann (8 days ago)
1:25 "alright alright alright"😂
The Jew (9 days ago)
Love Mcanoghey, he's a brilliant actor (yes it's spelled wrong), but I feel like Rust Cohle is smarter than he is.
XXIV WonderCh1ld (9 days ago)
Did anyone see Matthew bump his chin onto Leo’s nose xD
SONICE69 (9 days ago)
DNA is one heck of a thing.... Matthew is a very handsome man and when I catch a glance of his mom in the audience, I can appreciate EXACTLY where those genes came from......
Rosario Díaz (9 days ago)
That was a year of so many GREAT movies!!!!
TheSoy1313 (9 days ago)
Fake Hollywood garbage
Per SO (9 days ago)
i remember being sad seeing leo losing an oscar to him but now I think mathew deserved it
lahchili faiz (9 days ago)
The music ?
Pranjal (9 days ago)
The voice says it all ! One of the best speech relates to everyone’s life.
lillith jones (10 days ago)
For me it seemed fake. I mean, he spoke some truths, but with a kinda detached and fake approach. Like "Let's cover things up with some alright alright alright. Just dont get too emo, Matty."
Jim (10 days ago)
cool dude. probably a leftist...I hope he is not
وسام وسام (10 days ago)
وين الترجمه يابقر
Jesse Taylor (11 days ago)
What’s a speech. He’s a stand up man respectful amazing Speech!!!! 💪
Thanh Minh Cao (11 days ago)
failed joke LMAO
I ÂM ŤŜB (11 days ago)
This speech itself deserve an oscar
BenSuzi1980 (11 days ago)
who da fuck is Jennifer Lawrence lol, she looks like the everyday girl^^
Cesar Cruz (11 days ago)
Inspirational! Christ consciousness
Arun Kumar (12 days ago)
Im here after interstellar movie.. He is legend
Ibrahim Altay (12 days ago)
Amazing actor
Varun kumar Niranjan (13 days ago)
Give that man another Oscar for this speech ...hats off
Emmet Stone (13 days ago)
That's woman's hair got caught on the guy's sleeves 0:57-0:59
Just AnAsian (14 days ago)
everytime i listen to mathew mcconaughey i wait for the "alright alright alright"
Werewolffy (14 days ago)
Can this guy be any sexier?!? Seriously he keeps getting better and better 😍
wow! Mathew is a great actor Congratulations !! 👏
name harry (15 days ago)
even jesus hugged him
Suicideinsilence (15 days ago)
that 10 years thing is actually pretty smart
Daniru Jayasuriya (15 days ago)
jennifer lawrence trying to be funny lmaooooo bro
Vineet Sharma (16 days ago)
He should also get it for Interstellar.......
Abhigyan Sati sati (17 days ago)
interstailer please upload movie
Matej Zi (17 days ago)
Jennifer Lawrence WTF
Mats Thømt (19 days ago)
Interstellar, how the FUCK didnt Matthew win an oscar for his unreal perfomance?
Vaalhalla (20 days ago)
OMG Matthew.. what a man.. *WHAT A MAN*
Skyler Granados (20 days ago)
Aref ghadimi (20 days ago)
Am i the only one who noticed that he looks like oscar?
Chrissy Dolores (20 days ago)
best speech I can listen to this a million times.
Green Mean Productions (20 days ago)
I like matthew but the wolf of wall street was the shit.
Tallboy Telly (20 days ago)
I still don’t get how Leo didn’t win for this
Colgate Kardashian (21 days ago)
Sexy sexy man!
SweetXtract (21 days ago)
He looks attractive.
jatin shukla (21 days ago)
Alright! Alright! Alright!!!!
Harshal Vaidya (22 days ago)
Is he from Texas??
Chink Slayer (23 days ago)
He suppose to won another Oscars with the interstellar performance what a shame.
Tina Morey (23 days ago)
Alright Matt... Made me proud !💜😇💜😇
Ahmed Aljunaibi (23 days ago)
What a kiss
Greasy Savage (23 days ago)
Mathew McConaughey may be a goof but he turned out to be one incredible actor. Unfortunately the best performance, and still to this date that i've seen by and actor was Leo playing Jordan Belfort.
Youcef OFFICIEL (25 days ago)
Was she serious ehen she said why you laughing ?
xwoodsyx (25 days ago)
That kiss ... such passion !
Marine Shy (25 days ago)
Leonardo deserve it more than anyone
Neil Madhood (26 days ago)
Uffff, Jlaw ruining one of the most beautiful moments in Oscar history
Zane Wong (27 days ago)
I legit expected Jennifer to trip when presenting Matthew with the award
Adena M (27 days ago)
What an amazing man<3
Cherryy Chauhan (27 days ago)
What i came for is 4:20, yeah, alright alright alright
Mallika Kapadia (28 days ago)
Leonardo deserved Oscar not this fool
Viralpanti (28 days ago)
Fool ? Are you retarded bitch.He's father of leo in acting.
Jack Green (29 days ago)
It is egotistical and deluded to thank God for your success. It implies that God saw fit to bless you but not the countless others who suffer. Wake up. - Atheist
capitano moe (29 days ago)
Watching Jennifer is painful
Sarthak Sharma (29 days ago)
Give him another Oscar for this speech
Anni Gowda (30 days ago)
Antonio Navarro (30 days ago)
Syed Barkaat (30 days ago)
I think De Caprio was genuinely happy
Alaa Khassa (1 month ago)
I'm surprised there aren't more comments about Leo...
Konrad Żuk (1 month ago)
Masterpiece show of Matthew McConaughey
soph mendes (1 month ago)
he is so amazing
Gaby Mel (1 month ago)
Fantastic speech!!!! Bravo
MrElculver2424 (1 month ago)
I feel so uncomfortable and awkward watching the first 15 seconds of this video that I might die.
Bira Banor (1 month ago)
Did the nomination presentation was aborted like that live ?
Takeo (1 month ago)
S T A Y!!!
Just Jyn (1 month ago)
kedar p (1 month ago)
He prepared speech before winning..
HAL 9000 (19 days ago)
Who wouldn't?
Justus_ (19 days ago)
So does everyone else?
Nada Tobar (1 month ago)
God damn it , man!! Hate you Lawrence !! You entered Hollywood by mistake I swear
Ajay Sharma (1 month ago)
This speech deserves an oscar itself.
Ajay Sharma (19 days ago)
+Queen My comment on Leo's Oscar winning video. https://imgur.com/a/uUA9Elu Why the fuck you lyin' LMAO 😂
Queen (19 days ago)
I have seen your same comment in leonardo video's too.😂You just want likes
Farhad Obaid (1 month ago)
Jennifer lawrence scene should have been edited. Odd...
Jerry Navarrete (1 month ago)
His mom was super happy and wanted to hug him ... and he hugs Leto and DiCaprio? ... nice speech but actions speak better than words "alright, alright, alright man"
W (1 month ago)
I could be wrong but I think the reason for Jennifer's little strop at the beginning was because Jared Leto was laughing at her. Apparently they don't get along..
Vidyadhar Raju (1 month ago)
Can you believe it? The following year he had come up with #Interstellar
Arab comments (1 month ago)
he deserves an oscar for his speech!
Stephanie (1 month ago)
I hate that woman
ZapKite (1 month ago)
Che rosicata DiCaprio zio can....😂

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