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Matthew McConaughey winning Best Actor

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Jennifer Lawrence presenting Matthew McConaughey with the Oscar® for Best Actor for his performance in "Dallas Buyers Club" at the 86th Oscars® in 2014.
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mudit srivastava (1 hour ago)
And then we hve bollywood awards🤣🤣🤣
Suhas Mahesh (7 hours ago)
Oh god, not Jennifer Lawrence with her bullshit again.
Drako FromThe503 (8 hours ago)
DiCaprio was suppose to win 💯
David Murray (9 hours ago)
Fuck hes the best
parth (21 hours ago)
True detective
Ishaan Kulkarni (1 day ago)
Jennifer Lawrence is so stupid
Panchal Parth (1 day ago)
The speech was speechless 🤐
Maxim Lovett (2 days ago)
To thank God is the same like thanking Santa Clouse. Both are imaginery characters
Think (2 days ago)
Not underestimating matthew, but I wanted Leo. He's outstanding in The Wolf of Wall Street
Yuan Pancho (2 days ago)
the best oscar speech!
SeekJesusJohn316 (3 days ago)
I didn't know Matthew believed and acknowledged God. Good for him!
Webster Ndhlovu (3 days ago)
Alright alright alright 😂😂😂
Raechel Lyn Frantom (4 days ago)
Jennifer Lawrence either feeling insecure or it's that time of the month. 🙄
Thomas Hansson (4 days ago)
GOD IDIOT Atiest are the best. You are not cristians fuck it ;-)
suneet mehra (4 days ago)
J Law is so differently beautiful and cheerful ❤️💕
stephen persic (5 days ago)
he reminds me of the the late great, Paul Newman, his demeanor , hiss class, and hes damn good looking guy
Terau Pittman (5 days ago)
the only one in White
Mariano Felan (5 days ago)
Mathew seems like he’d be real fun to do drugs with
Absorbing Knowledge (5 days ago)
Can someone cut the first 20 seconds of this video. I have to skip each time I rewatch it 😂😂
Avinash Bahirwad (6 days ago)
Huge to Leo and his speech itself deserves an Oscar. Its damm good speech made me get out of my Bed.
Eli Johnson (6 days ago)
Love how he thanks god in the beginning
cj ume (7 days ago)
Dude is fucking sexy
Mr. Azorian (8 days ago)
Dayum.. it feels like he's using actor's skills always
Umer Hamid (8 days ago)
What a man .
Anastasiya (9 days ago)
I love that he is not afraid to talk about God in a world like this! And that he understands that everything we own is not ours but what God gave to us as a gift! God trusts people like him because he knows that he will glorify God’s name in the midst of his success and won’t forget who gave it to him!
Omnishable and jizz (9 days ago)
I feel that all the people cheering ruined it
Donkey Kong (10 days ago)
stop waving man im getting dizzzy
Elijah Ken (10 days ago)
they should kept the nomination for 2015 so we add another academy award for Interstellar.
Nathan Williams (10 days ago)
Give the lady a break, she’s just lightening the mood
You Know Who I Am (8 days ago)
Nathan Williams that’s because people love McConaughey
Nathan Williams (9 days ago)
You Know Who I Am if it were that bad there would be more dislikes than likes
You Know Who I Am (9 days ago)
Nathan Williams And somehow she killed it instead
hfdkefds (11 days ago)
This man should’ve won it in interstellar! Anyone who has seen the scene when he acts as a heartbroken father is one of the most intense scenes I’ve seen
Connor Webb (4 days ago)
PAVAN KUMAR (8 days ago)
His acting at that situation was very intense and emotional 😥❤️... Interstellar should have won the best film and all the other category awards... what a movie ❤️
Nicholas Queen (9 days ago)
Yup when he's crying watching Murphys videos. Heart breaking
Snoopy Ding (11 days ago)
Andreas Roman (11 days ago)
What a speech. Thank you youtube algorithm I didn't watch this in 2014
Soraya Wyasket (12 days ago)
I like..he's speech
Obaidullah Safi (12 days ago)
Really you are great mak another film
Orbitron (12 days ago)
Speech 100
Lbsnaa Lost (12 days ago)
Deserves another Oscar for the speech
Lbsnaa Lost (12 days ago)
The guy I wish I was...xd
John Henderson (12 days ago)
Just think about it. Matthew fucking McConaughey won an Oscar before Leonardo DiCaprio. At that point, DiCaprio should’ve fired his agent.
American (15 days ago)
I hate Jennifer Lawrence so much
VIBRANIUM (15 days ago)
Even though he’s great Leo should’ve won for Wolf of Wallstreet one of the best performances I’ve seen by an actor.
B. E. O (15 days ago)
Greatest speech in the history of the Oscars
CkbGames (15 days ago)
Interstellar was my favorite movie he was in
Jon Cheshire (15 days ago)
Yeah but who will he play in the MCU???
Abady Joseph (15 days ago)
Alright alright alright
赤井秀樹 (15 days ago)
reactor ?
Park You (15 days ago)
I have watched this clip before I haven't watched any of his films and I was like this man is really smth and I dun enjoy this at all.But after I get the chance to watch interstellar,I come back here again and believe me my reactions are totally opposite from Before.This man is really talented. His acting in that movie is so natural,so brilliant and I couldn't appreciate him enough for one of the best movie I have watched my life.
Aditya Acharya (16 days ago)
He is high
Aidan VanZile (16 days ago)
I would kill for his voice
Reyna A (17 days ago)
He deserved this Oscar
Sahil Mambilly (17 days ago)
what a guy!
thelaurels13 (17 days ago)
His mother’s face. Now she is one proud momma, and so she should be.
Late Night In Paris (18 days ago)
Imran Ashraf (18 days ago)
The main is an entertainer, right down to the last bone is his body
Yang Lamanilao (19 days ago)
This is the right and best Oscar speech, thanking GOD first. Youre awesome Matthew!
draven c (20 days ago)
God bless you
draven c (20 days ago)
Peace and love to you brother
noha imam (20 days ago)
the best speech ever
sayfonix (20 days ago)
Best oscar speech ever
Rajdeep Lakhani (20 days ago)
Haven't seen any of these movie but what a tremendous speech man,chasing whom I never gonna be👍it's no one but yourself..wow man that sums up the day
Jack Cody (20 days ago)
Ugh I fuckin hate Jennifer laurence 😁 anyone else??? 😁
Lions Redemption (21 days ago)
Being a man is wrong in liberal America
JustARandomDude (21 days ago)
Funny how Matthew also stars in The Wolf of Wall Street.
genelyn suan (21 days ago)
All hail to you Matt
Jennifer Evans (21 days ago)
I think jennifer was just very very nervous and she Fucked up but in the end is Not her fault
VoPurple (22 days ago)
Alright alright
Dr. Drake Ramoray (23 days ago)
00:57 you know you have done something great if jesus applauds you
HrglassHealer (24 days ago)
The presenter is a dick! I forgot her name....so there you go....
Runner legend (24 days ago)
Matthew McConaughey is a Weirdo! Seems to be a nice guy though.
Munna Faruq Ahmed (25 days ago)
Did he get another Oscar for his speech?
All those dislikes are for Jennifer Lawrence
Jamaican MeCrazy (25 days ago)
Alright, Alright; Alright
Mr. Turkey (25 days ago)
Thats the thing about them high school girls
Claudia Paredes (26 days ago)
C'mon ! Another oscar for that speech only !
Ella Sebok (26 days ago)
Chabot (27 days ago)
look at that pretty lady with the beard 1:52
gadget00 (27 days ago)
Chiwetel Ejiofor had this robbed; it was his night. But well, it was a hard decision I guess
Kyle Rafa (27 days ago)
One of the best moments and speech in Oscar History
Chris Bigman (27 days ago)
Should of been for interstellar
Diyan Dimov (28 days ago)
Little bit more coco
Diego Pisfil (2 days ago)
Best Actor should have been: Tom Hanks (Captain Phillips) Bruce Dern (Nebraska) Chris Hemsworth (Rush) Joaquin Phoenix (Her) Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club)
Steven Parno (28 days ago)
Arlright alright alright
Aman Shrestha (28 days ago)
He's speech in Harvard is inspiring too
Helen James (28 days ago)
Best speech of all time
Ananthu Blogs&vlogs (29 days ago)
one of my favorite actor.........
Bald Bird Barry (29 days ago)
Isn't that the weirdo in the Lincoln commercials? Thought I recognized him from something.
Mosa Aghbaria (29 days ago)
Chiwetel Ejiofor was robbed
Leo Beardmore-Gray (29 days ago)
Man like Jesus at 0:59
Sasha Milan (1 month ago)
I love this Guy
KittyKat (1 month ago)
What is the music when he was called?
Riaan Kt (1 month ago)
Matthew McConaughey, I think, has got to be the greatest actor I will have ever witnessed in my lifetime.
Fear One (1 month ago)
Why people hate jeniffer?
Ricky Coles (1 month ago)
The best Oscar speech EVER
Pacmanhits Pac (1 month ago)
Only disliking cause Jeniffer Lawrence thinks she has humor
JonezBB (1 month ago)
I remember when this category was actually stacked.
Robert Clements (1 month ago)
They don't get much cooler than this fucking guy!
daniel joshua (1 month ago)
This guy's voice is all I want. Deep as Pacific.
Lucho Alejandro (1 month ago)
Si soy Brad Pitt no voy al Oscar... If I'm Brad Pitt, I'm not going to the Oscar ...
adolf fuhrer (1 month ago)
He deserved another Oscar for that speech
Paloma Topete (1 month ago)
Pastor Matthew McConaughey
Kevin Ramsar (1 month ago)
You never hear Hollywood stars( like Matthew McConaughey) speak about their wealth or their Fame or there status as a Hollywood star People might want to become a Hollywood star that makes millions Because 1 million dollars is a fortune right And the people that do become Hollywood stars that make millions It's like their Fame and Millions means nothing to them I mean Matthew McConaughey said he's thankful to God.
Salman Memehood (1 month ago)
McConaughey's wife is prettier than Jennifer Lawrence

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