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10 Highest Paid Athletes In The World

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Counting down the top 10 highest paid athletes of 2018. These super star athletes are crazy rich and probably make more money than you'd think! Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTrending Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TopTrending Commentator: http://www.youtube.com/user/BaerTaffy 10 Highest Paid Athletes In The World
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Text Comments (1329)
Silajit Roy (22 hours ago)
Suvra Sarker (1 day ago)
Ronaldo is not richest, an striker whos father is a sultan in Leicester city is richest he has 3 time CR7 so this whole thing is clickbait
shefin mathew (3 days ago)
What about Floyd Mayweather Jr
Dillip Kumar (3 days ago)
Where is virat kohli
AIG ian (6 days ago)
lebron is the greatest athlete in this list
C MU creations (8 days ago)
Nam janardan reddy mundae yenu Ella evru
caleb rosier (12 days ago)
topoyiyo921 (12 days ago)
new to the list canelo alvarez 365mill
Tylerst10 (16 days ago)
Where is Floyd
David Fritz (16 days ago)
i wiil only like my video cause no body else will
David Fritz (16 days ago)
where is drew brees
Sangam Anchan (17 days ago)
Where is virat kholi?? 😕
Kelvin Ogbeide (17 days ago)
Too much millions.....I just want a million and I'm gud
Hung Wei Ng (17 days ago)
Looks like Ronaldo transferred to juventus right?
Francisco Estrada (19 days ago)
Canelo is number #1 now.
Jatin Gaikwad (20 days ago)
Virat kohli kidhar hain be
Craig Eillison (28 days ago)
Obviously Ronaldo is on a different planet, but it's hard to believe a basketball player earns more than Messi.
Swapan Mondal (29 days ago)
Sagar Sharma (1 month ago)
Where is virat kholi
Khesheto Yeptho (1 month ago)
Now in 2018 Ronaldo is not the highest paid he will be in 4th place.
aic 92 (1 month ago)
So we’re just gonna ignore Giancarlo Stanton’s $325 million contract with the Yankees then I guess?
Youtube Account (1 month ago)
I know only 4 of these people.
Aditya Patnaik (1 month ago)
I'm surprised Fernando Alonso was not here
margaret tami (1 month ago)
Thought Messi makes more than cR7
LOK Maye (1 month ago)
tiger woods?
Juan Ragequit (1 month ago)
Michael jordan? that dudes networth is 1.5 Billion
Alex Patron (1 month ago)
Woahhh that massaratti looks like a Ferrari wierd and the Porsche looks like an Audi lol
The Great Knight (1 month ago)
So you guys forgot about Neymar? The most expensive player in the world...
cyneo haokip (1 month ago)
Lionel Messi, I love him
Carlos Sauma (1 month ago)
CR7 Manchester?
Aaron Panjaitan (1 month ago)
John Cena Jk
Hussein Heric (1 month ago)
Yeah Cristiano Ronaldo is the best he's way better than Lionel messi
disco disco (1 month ago)
How about the football player from Brunei
Manav Asrani (1 month ago)
I was here for CR7
Soot (2 months ago)
""Neymar"". how do you not know this man
stratos panikos (2 months ago)
not true..do it after tax
Vanessa Fv (2 months ago)
Ronaldo gives money to schools and money to poor people and dodates them to kids education .he Had a poor childhood he lived in madeira when he was little dont ask how i know this . *not from the internet* u wont get that in the internet one of me family members met him when ronaldo was little.
Rached Ben Ayed (2 months ago)
And in fact he said that Jordan and Kobe are paid higher than LeBron but he didn't show them in the list ...
Rached Ben Ayed (2 months ago)
So Floyd Mayweather got 300 million dollars only from one fight and you don't show him on this list
Marcus Geier (2 months ago)
Lmao don’t add Floyd mayweather
It's about time that athlets got well paid. They put a lot in to there sport. A inspire many.
MurTaza * (2 months ago)
i love ronalo
Leo Jones (2 months ago)
You also didn’t do any boxers
Leo Jones (2 months ago)
Is racing really a sport. I mean your sitting down.
madan rao (2 months ago)
Where s virat in de list
darshan karnawal (2 months ago)
JEON JUNGKOOK (2 months ago)
Ronaldo hay nhất I'm Vietnam
Poison (2 months ago)
says Curry makes 12 million a year and shows 20
Selemon Brahanu (2 months ago)
Messi is the highest earner in the world
Luke Morey (2 months ago)
this is wrong
Gaming guru (2 months ago)
Floyd Mayweather?????
Thota Anil (2 months ago)
Currently cury is the richest
venkatesh Balakumar (2 months ago)
Ronaldo also donating more money's for education and development programmes. Why you didn't mention that?
Adit Shah (2 months ago)
Hala Cristiano❤❤
Erik Bakker (2 months ago)
Boy you guys sure know your cars.....
Mia Gio (2 months ago)
Cr7 signed with juventus
Mia Gio (2 months ago)
Wrong he makes much more with all the winnings
AXZ 79 (2 months ago)
where is pacman ,mayweather and neymar
deimdau (3 months ago)
Leena Shah (3 months ago)
Ninja earns more than ronaldo...
GODS CLASH (3 months ago)
Mayweather wherz he😡😡
YANKO (3 months ago)
Mehn i'm broke as fuck
YANKO (3 months ago)
Curry's salary is 37 mil now
Zooi 22 (3 months ago)
Harden has the highest paid contract in NBA and his salary alone is 30m
Zooi 22 (3 months ago)
mcgregor ???
Zed Strickland (3 months ago)
Where's Floyd mayweather
MrJaffagames (3 months ago)
I feel like high payed football players should be more on this list as they have longer careers than American football and other sports ( usually) so more made over the career
The Game Maniac 3D (3 months ago)
#1 johhny sins
Lennox Charles (3 months ago)
Cr7 is the best all the time
i put bleach in my eyes (3 months ago)
Harden v. Curry in fight who wins
i put bleach in my eyes (3 months ago)
If was the goat harden i would get a lot of top
i put bleach in my eyes (3 months ago)
James harden is a god tho
i put bleach in my eyes (3 months ago)
They broke my bogaf
Mr. T Mr. T (3 months ago)
Of course Cristiano he is the best. And all Messi fans shut up. HALA MADRID.
Danan J (3 months ago)
Some crickerters has biggest networth
Tusuzi Prizren (3 months ago)
Biggest pussy in this list is Messi the midget, never helps noone
Athletics (3 months ago)
These people better give a lot to charity, or it’s a waste of money.
Sai Poovarasan.M (3 months ago)
Where is Virat Kohli...
L3TH4L-C043-61X _ (3 months ago)
9:25 Did He Say Maserati On The Ferrari??? XD
Marinara Pineapple (3 months ago)
Ronaldo moved to juventus smhwne
VUXVUX FAN (3 months ago)
Lawyers make up to $100 million every year
Issac Im (3 months ago)
steph doesnt earn 12 mill a year dumbass
Abzinooo Abz (3 months ago)
What about neymar?
the Messi fan (3 months ago)
It's fake
Rocking Bird (3 months ago)
That’s a lie! Rolnado gets paid less than lost of people lies all lies such as Turner has more money as in Justin Turner
JAY DANIELS (3 months ago)
crazy how scientist and teachers should be paid more but rappers and athletes have 100 times more money than a rocket scientist  our values are messed up
Carson Cater (3 months ago)
9:26 that is not a Maserati that’s a Ferrari
MilkTea - Roblox & More (3 months ago)
J.R Graham (3 months ago)
Top people that actully makes sense to be on this list 1.Floyd 'Money' Mayweather 2.CR7 3.King James 4.Connor McGregeor
Isekc TV (3 months ago)
Conor mcgregor
David Conteh (3 months ago)
Cr7 deserves it
MA Jmac (3 months ago)
How bout Floyd
Isabella Palmer (3 months ago)
No Ronaldo da best not Messi 😑
PUBLÎSHËR (3 months ago)
What about mayweaher
Nolann Leclercq (3 months ago)
Leather skill reservation set drink conference originally landscape
will Kelly (3 months ago)
you say ronaldo has a maserati and show a picture of his ferrari, which as far as i know isnt a maserati
steve linton (3 months ago)
Thought the fastest man alive would be on
xdSwerveZz (3 months ago)
Let's be brutally honest formula one shouldn't be classed as a sport and the drivers certainly aren't athletes
Rajat Patel (3 months ago)
Floyd money Mayweather is top 1 highest paid
Mukoro Oweh, Jr. (3 months ago)
Floyd is the highest paid or was haha

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