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Nike - Dream Crazier

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Show them what crazy dreams can do. #justdoit
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ATA 2012 (9 hours ago)
Ive been called all these things. Im a man. So what?
Fishbait 98 (12 hours ago)
When you choose this video to do a report on how advertisers take advantage of peoples emotions and use it to sell their product
goaliedude32 (1 day ago)
Why are men and women's Olympics segregated? Because women can't perform on the same level as men.
Siddharth Chauhan (1 day ago)
everything else was fine.but that "hijab" phrase defeated the purpose of the video and was just the opposite of what they wanted to convey,,,that women must outrage all the limitations of their life. And midway they say that competing in a hijab is the same as women grabbing same rights as men?????????AND HENCE I DISLIKED THE VIDEO.
Miley Mor (2 days ago)
Yeah but still dont pay women athletes maternity leave... maybe nike should just do it...
Gone Mad (2 days ago)
we prefer to use an Under armour, adidas and else than using this one. This Funny brand needs an apology to Manny pacquiao. Manny is right and we dont wanna buy this product anymore since then..you’re all bastards
alejandro andrade (2 days ago)
Women sports 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂
Shannon Lisle (3 days ago)
This commercial is very important, and I sick of (mostly men) saying that this is all feminist bullshit because there is still sexism in the world and let’s use the United States Women’s Soccer team as an example because they have been getting 40% lees pay as the men’s team even know though just this past Monday they scored more goals in that game than the men’s team scored in the past ten year for a World Cup match. I know most of you will not care for what I have to say but if you are reading this(men) I want you to know that you will never know how it feels to be treated this way.
Join The Journey (4 days ago)
Love this video!
nikon tori (4 days ago)
Why are you using Serena Williams as an example, the biggest poor sport ever.
Ray (3 days ago)
cuz its the one atracts most money from females
TransurLifeawai (4 days ago)
Agenda-driven crap. Who says these things ? More specifically, which 'men' supposedly say such things ? Stop pretending that considerable percentages of people are sexist. The premise of women playing sport is not new, and few people are shocked or angered by seeing amazing female athletes. But Serena and others just wanna blame peoples' dislike for her, on sexism. But the truth is, that many are sick and tired of her attitude and bad sportsmanship on the court. They're also tired of her acting like a victim, when she is the furthest thing from it.
francesco lops (4 days ago)
hope they have not deleted part of the dislikes as some other video ads did. I think Gillette's
francesco lops (4 days ago)
ah, also, if these women will call you pussies, let them think you're crazy. And keep being pussies. It's all a cultural fact, isn't it? Everyone may choose, may one not? Be pussies, as we're taught to aspire to. Become it, even when they one day will start needing a real man. They, and the system, will have looked for it
Lili Assumpção (4 days ago)
Luis Diaz (5 days ago)
Such cringe. Nike doesn't even give a shit about anyone. Just their bottom line. Lip service to an empty cause. Your video applies to what, 1% of the male population who has backwards thinking? It's not 1950 anymore, get real. Men are getting tired of being told we're all sexist, racist, and horny pigs. Don't shove this political bullshit down our throats when you really just care about selling merch. I haven't bought any of your overpriced garbage for decades now, and I'm GLAD I never will again. Scumbags
Too bad for roller derby, the only real sport for female athletes, does not appear in the video. Probably for marketing and audience reasons
Kunce (6 days ago)
It’s also crazy when Naomi apologized for winning the championship when she did nothing wrong. But that’s none of my business, Serena.
Crazy Goblin (6 days ago)
Legit nobody: Nike: cRaZy
Talexia Jones (6 days ago)
Song name anyone !
Jessica Williams-Holt (6 days ago)
love this video! gets me so pumped <3
Ruben Mendoza (6 days ago)
Keiji es un poco lindo
Ruben Mendoza (6 days ago)
baagii baagii (6 days ago)
HAHAHA are you women crazy ?
Iron Will (7 days ago)
A woman will never be a man's EQUAL. Were bigger, faster stronger, show more intelligence, and our names are inscribed on very rock of ages from Egypt to Rome, to India, to Australia. But the real reason a woman can never raise above a man is because she seeks to be a man, while men seek to be gods..... And always have since the beginning of time.
Bhupesh Verma (7 days ago)
Could anyone please tell the name of background music of the video
Cap May (7 days ago)
The video doesn't say girls are better are should be better than men. It just tries to give empowerment to women who would love to make their sport their passion and feel like they don't have the same opportunities. It is a matter of equality, and it's not a bad word.
Cap May (7 days ago)
I see so many comments complaining about how it shows a "victim mentality".. How exactly ? It litteraly just shows brillant women working for their dreams. To all of those saying "no men ever said that" I want to say to you, this video litteraly does not mention men at all ! So why are you are you ? All people can be sexist or uncultured or lost. This video is not about those people. From what I am seeing in all the comments, it seems pretty clear who is playing the victim, bringing hate into the conversation, saying they are targeted even though they are not even slightly mentioned, and who is just living. Just living.
Pranam Shetty (7 days ago)
Women getting angry, fighting, boxing is not crazy. It is usual But NIKE defending a women who wears hijab is really crazy
Archie Balachandran (7 days ago)
Woman kicking a person out of their own press conference is .... Impatient
86bomboclat (8 days ago)
This ad is grenade.
jjfromthebigland (8 days ago)
Literally no one thinks a woman excelling in her chosen sport is crazy, you fucking idiots.
Cimony Mahoney (8 days ago)
Watch the “all eyes on us” commercial. Less victim mentality and dwelling on the past.....more athletes just being awesome.
Abdallah Alawieh (8 days ago)
0:22 Lol, even a female referee knows that what they are doing is just stupid.
Efelmo music (8 days ago)
This dramatically fake
Celia Cartoux (9 days ago)
Hello, where can we find this video with french subtitles ? Thank you :)
Idaliz Emmanuelli (9 days ago)
than you so much Nike
Nostrodumbass 8 (9 days ago)
Awww Nike changed their "dream" line and now say "stand together" 😂😂😂 fuck you trolls.
fiyin gambo (10 days ago)
Remind me a lot of Apple's Think Different campaign
Sergio Pacheco (10 days ago)
BadDream 666 (10 days ago)
It is not crazy ,it is amazing
Ramya Chinthapally (11 days ago)
Who is the woman narrating?
God (11 days ago)
*i wanna commit suicide, should i follow nikes slogan?*
God (11 days ago)
*get the fuck back to the kitchen. bring me a beer and suck my dick.*
Blake Boadway (11 days ago)
The only people that say that shit are girls and like 1% of men, if that.... this is retarded so men need to be les masculine and girls need to be more crazy??? What the fuck are we even talking about
Connor Edwards (11 days ago)
Sorry but 9/10 times put a woman up against male in any PHYSICAL sport and the man wins, its not about rights its about science, men are more dominate, have more strength, more testosterone, more bone density , more strategist. Where the issue stands is when people try to enforce that FACTS arnt real.
Sagar Varma (11 days ago)
This commerical boils me - who the hell calls women crazy crazy and crazy where this fake feminist society heading towards? stop playing victim card all crazy!!
Joan Ngumeta (11 days ago)
If a woman has so much testosterone in her she looks manlier than most men, there actually is something wrong with her.
This feminist shit is annoying.
Cani Ilustrado (12 days ago)
Doing add is easy. Allow you sponsored women to get pregnant is not as easy.
Gatvol Grabouwer (12 days ago)
I do not support nike anymore after this crap
Vinay Nathoo (13 days ago)
First Gillette now Nike....we hate u as much as Gillette....I will now never wear Nike's again...another weak brand with a leftists agenda....woman have too many rights...men had rights for ever u don't see men using sex videos and use real male celebs till they go crazy...and have to put them in the sunken place.....women should have videos of them working in mines or underwater weilding...not only the fun stuff....they must shake the devil's hand under 5 kms below earth or dangerous electric cables...but y'all take our only sport and make it this bullshit..... feminist must destroy all dildos if they hate us so much.....we will Rise up.....h0's!
ddd dks (14 days ago)
extreme femenists are crazy
Aaron Fuentes (14 days ago)
The only reason why Women can't play against men, isn't because they suck, I mean look at the USA football mens team compared to the womens team, its mainly because people will go crazy if a guy tackles a girl or plays rough. The men will have a tougher time coping with how rough they can play on women, not saying women are weak but saying that most people tend to be but hurt on how you treat women in reality so if you do it in a sport, like play rough, then many will be angered and say "oh that's not fair he is twice as big," or something like it. I wouldn't mind a women vs. men football match but they would have to abide to the men's rules due to and applying some changes for women to cope with the change as well. It'll just be unfair no matter what and its a sensitive topic.
Bayan (15 days ago)
No nike no.
Tshepo Seanego (16 days ago)
stratcom students are like huh
El sol :D (16 days ago)
Just do it
Amy Lee (16 days ago)
A weird commercial!! Many female athletics are highly respected in the sports world. What is the message that Nike trying to bring? Don't do anything out of range while it only cares about their own profits.
Pigeon Yoga (17 days ago)
I'm a woman and I'm so angry at these ads. They just cause more sexism. The guys in the comments, because of these stupid ads, are getting mad and start being sexist to women a bit and making jokes. It disturbs the peace. Can we just not target anyone? Not men or women? Can we just mix the genders? I don't care who is stronger! Just let them do their sports! None of this is crazy. Only in like, the 1900s. I would understand this ad then, but not now!
Shahan_K (17 days ago)
Lame and cringy try something more creative next time
Leonardo Eufrasio (17 days ago)
Great commercial, Nike. It would be even better if you did not cut sponsorship of women because they got pregnant.
Ryu (17 days ago)
Stop playing victim. No one is saying this except you insecure B#!^&es
Dillon 49 Drinks Lahey (17 days ago)
So, no one thinks this is crazy anymore, stop reaching this is embarrassing. Child labour is okay tho 👌
ARNEL WILLIM (17 days ago)
this us bullshit when your own company dont even provide maternity leave policy.. please stop deceiving consumers by capitalizing the so called 'feminism' when U R ACTUALLY AGAINST WOMEN.
filsan adde (18 days ago)
Just do it Nike: terms and conditions apply
Black Reaper (19 days ago)
this video constantly deletes dislikes and comments. keep that in mind.
Patricia Cardozo (19 days ago)
dick butt (19 days ago)
what are you even selling?
ruxandra ioana (19 days ago)
Why it got so many dislikes? Wtf
Kunce (20 days ago)
Nike made this commercial so Serena could flex on the haters
Nicolás RW (20 days ago)
M4GEO (21 days ago)
Me: 2 months later, and close to 10 million views, yet only 15K dislikes? YouTube employees: this guy is a conspiracy theorist.
Michael Ma Gill (21 days ago)
Feminism = Cancer
頭枕 (21 days ago)
Nike:just do it ithink about no is just buy it
Vanessa Carneiro (19 days ago)
頭枕 gyoza e eu o que eu
Skizzy Willy (21 days ago)
It's okay men are competing against women now
braapp (22 days ago)
Fuck off NIKE
Storm Trooper93 (22 days ago)
Why not just drop the Female / Male category in the Olympics and just let the best people compete.
이런 광고 만들어쥬셔서 감사함니다😭😭 맨날 여자도 운동할수있고 사람인데 무슨 미친년처럼취급하고 축구는 남자가하는거라고하는데 이광고 나이키광고가 너무좋네요
PowerfulPorpoise (22 days ago)
Nothing crazier than making a Feminist ad
eida thn alhtheia (22 days ago)
Men are better than women -olympic records
Yas (21 days ago)
@eida thn alhtheia I didn't pick that up from the ad but that's pretty stupid. I don't understand why people make this point all the time? Yeah? Women are likely to deal with domestic abuse, and cases of rape and sexual assault. This is isn't a competition. And unlike suicide and war, those crimes are committed by men. Suicide is not a man's issue, it's a human issue and besides, it just emphasizes the point that women are much more mentally stronger.
eida thn alhtheia (21 days ago)
@Yas no,in the video they clearly say "when we want to compete with men we get called crazy".at any sport a male team would crush a womans team.and it is proven.childbirth may be painful but the suicide rates and the war deaths say men suffer the most.
Yas (22 days ago)
Yeah? Because of biological differences? They're making the point that women work just as hard as men. We push our bodies to the max just like men do. It's just that we unfortunately were not born with superior strength, but a lot of women can be stronger than men so that's something. Ain't no man can deal with the pain of childbirth.
Sammi Graham (22 days ago)
Nike: *releases Dream Crazy with mostly men featured and a man narrating No One: Nike: *releases Dream Crazier with all women featured and a woman narrating Everyone: OmG tHe ChIlD lAbOr HuRrRr
Tinah Bee (23 days ago)
If women want to be able to get maternity leave, health care and their full pay during pregnancy Nike: Don't do it
Elizabeth Smith (20 days ago)
Tinah Bee exactly ...Nike your actions don’t suit your words
Roberto Perez (23 days ago)
NIKE IS PURE SHIT 💩💩💩💩💩💩👎👎👎👎
v vivek (23 days ago)
I love crazy
Dave M (24 days ago)
Nike is really pissing me off.
veazy v (24 days ago)
This is the dumbest commercial. Makes no sense. 😂
hj P (25 days ago)
Noemí Ruiz (25 days ago)
Laura Villalobos (25 days ago)
ShadoWolf43 (26 days ago)
okay Nike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYvhKDHsWRE - Now thats the real truth about what you think about empowering women. Practice what you preach.
Just crazy 💓 and just do it 🔥
Samurai_ Adil (26 days ago)
Emilia Matti (27 days ago)
My school is so sexist. Every boy in my grade thinks that girls can't do anything. They think we're weak and not smart. My school got new basketball uniforms for the boys last year. The school board refused to give us new uniforms. We have had these uniforms for over 40 years and the school logo on the front isn't even correct anymore. We had a 3-month fight against the school board just to get new field hockey uniforms. You could barely even see the numbers on the back. The boys think that girls shouldn't have equal rights. One boy even pushes girls into walls and lockers and gives them mean names. This video is what we need!
Pigeon Yoga (17 days ago)
That's so sad... You should show this to your school! Maybe boys are stronger but that doesn't mean girls can't play.
Trump 2020 (27 days ago)
One time in middle school I planted my female teammate in the ground during football practice, biggest hit I ever had hahaha stick to volleyball .
X-treme (27 days ago)
Well no one says it's crazy so you're the one technically saying it stop lying, It's crazy that you have to lie.. I mean what's wrong with being physical, who would call a physical woman crazy or who has? Unless there is a story behind it or the person has a problem with the person etc.
Starigniter Wanders (28 days ago)
I'm glad Federer signed with Uniqlo.
Half Filipino Quiggy (28 days ago)
(Unpopular opinion): Since nobody ever said that women were crazy for these “crazy” actions, I would argue that Serena Williams indirectly accused all women and herself of being crazy, as she was the first to bring it up. 🤷‍♂️
Marwan Ghoneim (28 days ago)
Feminists becomed funny nowadays 😂😂 they are too stupid they can’t understand that we support women as they do and there no need of becoming a feminist to support women and the equal pay they are talking about will never happen because men are better than women in sports so they get more salary if women need more money equal pay you have to work hard to get your salary higher thats it , it is as simple as that .
Idk Anymore (28 days ago)
*So inspirational* 💜
Julia Mucha (28 days ago)
We gonna ignore pregnancy, okay
amit shloman (29 days ago)
Very good
amit shloman (29 days ago)
amit shloman (29 days ago)

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