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Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Quick-Fix

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CATALOG: http://www.autodiagnosticsandpublishing.com/Software_Catalog.html Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Quick-Fix The Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor value is used by the ECM to control the Fuel-Pump rotational speed and injection. It measures the fuel pressure at the injectors. Here are the facts about the fuel-rail-pressure-sensor. 1) The only reason why the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor was developed was to make the Fuel-Pump last longer. 2) Before the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor was developed, the fuel pump was always woking at 100% load. 3) Using the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor, the fuel pump module regulates the pump's rotational speed, according to engine load. 4) The Fuel-Pump module computer sends a Pulse-Width-Modulation signal to the fuel pump. 5) At idle, the need for excess fuel is reduced, so the fuel pump's speed is reduced, with input from the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor. 6) The Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor has 3 wires, the sensor ground, 5 volt reference and the signal wire. 7) The Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor is used on returnless fuel systems. 8) A vacuum hose is used in the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to take engine vacuum into consideration when measuring the fuel pressure. It takes less pressure to flow fuel at high vacuum, idle, than at wide-open-throttle. This vacuum hose often leaks fuel with sensor damaged. 9) To test the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor, disconnect the sensor, jump sensor signal to the 5 volt reference, then jump signal to sensor ground. You shoul see close to 5 volts and zero volts respectively. That proves the sensor wiring. 10) It is possible to test the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor response signal, but such test is 99% of the time unnecessary. This is due to the newer smart vehicle ECMs and the rationality checks done on the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor. Finally, if faced with a Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor code, first test the wiring as mentioned here. Then, make sure the fuel pump can deliver a full charge, by either actuating the fuel pump using a scanner or manually energizing the fuel pump at 100% load. Compare reading at the fuel pressure gauge. A fuel volume gauge may also be needed to do this test. That's it for the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Quick-Fix.
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Text Comments (56)
Badr Basrah (4 months ago)
@ADPTraining  hi where's the placement of the fuel real pressure sensor in GDI machine kia sportage 2014 I can't find it
MIKE GUILAS (5 months ago)
Quick fix or quick test?
305dade8a (6 months ago)
Liked And subscribed
Smackerlacker (9 months ago)
This is the most garbage video ever produced in the former USSR.
Tuna Akdal (10 months ago)
Selamlar, senin konuştuğun İngilizcenin içine sıçayım. Ne boktan bi telafuzun var yahu. Ne söylediğin anlaşılmıyor. Hintliler, Taylandlılar bile daha düzgün İngilizce konuşuyor yahu :) :)
Andrea Maldonado (1 year ago)
2002 Chrysler Sibling has been parked for 3 months it turns on then turns off. What could it be?
Scotty Jones (10 months ago)
juan's Dawon (1 year ago)
Does this sensor replace the mechanical fuel regulator? I have a ranger and it seems that it doesn't have a mechanical fuel regulator. Maybe it has this sensor?
V. Hansen (1 year ago)
Thank you for this. Very clear and concise.
Franco M (2 years ago)
A closed "constant pressure" system is used to reduce gasoline evaporation. Return line systems cooled the injectors & purged air, but heating the fuel causes more fumes. Bad for the environment. Bad for mechanics too!
403 Off Grid RV (2 years ago)
ngk plugs I bought last week didn't fix it. I previously used ngk plugs that I had side gapped to get rid of a check engine light. car drove over 50K in a year and now I had to replace ignition module and fuel pressure regulator. engine kept flooding itself and over pressurizing the system with spark in all cylinders. Now I'm scared to drive the car. Just pulled it out of impound lot and parked on a side street a few miles from home.
Andrei Viga (2 years ago)
if voltage is 4 instead of 5 wiring is good?
maleka58 (2 years ago)
Thanks for posting that info :)
Muhammad Rizwan (2 years ago)
mohammad alshurman (2 years ago)
Why the fuel tank takes to much time to fill
Kayla Hawkins (3 years ago)
Where is the "Quick fix" portion of this video?
Wesley Jackson (3 years ago)
excellent video
Wesley Jackson (3 years ago)
excellent video
Jose Pena (3 years ago)
I have a 2006 Audi a4 2.0 I had this code WHRRE us the sensor located please. thank you
TheOprydream (3 years ago)
i have a duramax diesel with 49thousand miles 07 model engine light stays on what can i do to get it go off
ronada (3 years ago)
my pacifica o4 take 19 liters per 100km any idea pls help me thanks josef
Mahmud Chowdhury (3 years ago)
I've a 08 is350 last week it didn't start so I had to change the fuel pressure sensor. what causes the fuel pressure sensor to go bad? does it have anything to do with fuel gasket? thanks
TheGaming Kids (1 year ago)
Mahmud Chowdhury did the truck start after you replaced the sensor? I have same issue not starting I was wondering if I have the same issue.
Brandon Gonzalez (3 years ago)
I have a 2008 mazdaspeed 3 and my code read p0192 for the fuel rail pressure sensor but i can't find the part anywhere online! my car is in limp mode please help?!
PeterJamesSullivan (1 year ago)
scrap yard bud,
Steven Reyes (3 years ago)
I have an 06 Audi A4 3.2L and it won't start it will crank but not start up and if it does it only runs for about 10 seconds the pump is working could it be this sensor ?
ADPTraining (3 years ago)
@Steven Reyes Check your basics: SPARK, FUEL-INJ-PULSE (NOID-Light), Fuel Pressure and last Compression. Then post back or proceed with the diagnostics. http://www.autodiagnosticsandpublishing.com/Automotive_Diagnostic_Repair_Book_Catalog.htm
Steven Reyes (3 years ago)
I have an 06 Audi A4 3.2L and it won't start it will crank but not start up and if it does it only runs for about 10 seconds the pump is working could it be this sensor ?
VW412A (4 years ago)
  Hello Greetings I need your help please, I have a zx2 99 and my fuel trim long climbs to 10% I think that is something the fuel rail injection pressure sensor that put a gauge on the rail and mark idle 30 psi, to connect the multimeter to the sensor gives me a voltage 2.8 volts, disconnecting the vacuum hose rises to 40 psi gauge but the voltage remains unchanged at 2.8 volt this is normal operation of the sensor? and change it 2 times used sensors and they all work the same way or buy a new one or do I do?
Thomas Shue's World (4 years ago)
So how do you bypass the sensor to dive it to a repair shop
Kris Moore (1 year ago)
most cars will default back to a inferred pressure and although it will run like shit it should drive.
PeterJamesSullivan (1 year ago)
hard wire your fuel pump directly to the battery, but with an on and off switch you can use
ADPTraining (4 years ago)
Here are more resources... http://www.autodiagnosticsandpublishing.com/
ADPTraining (4 years ago)
@Thomas Shue You can't, but as a rule with this sensor damaged you can reach a repair shop, but not always.
thunderstruckter666 (5 years ago)
the fuel rail pressure sensor was also made to lower the electrical load on the alternator and help fuel economy. The vaccuum line was put in place for safety in case of rupture of the sensor's diaphragm, instead of a fire you get a rough idle + ultra-bad fuel economy.
Badr Basrah (5 months ago)
@ADPTraining hi where's the placement of the fuel real pressure sensor in GDI machine kia sportage 2014 I can't find it
Kris Moore (1 year ago)
yes and modern ecu's can both make more power, control emissions, and improve mileage with the best possible pressure data to give very precise pw to the injector drives.
Steven gonzalez (2 years ago)
jdi my lips are seal 2017
Steven gonzalez (2 years ago)
01dodge grand caravan map sensor
Steven gonzalez (2 years ago)
map senor
sivaraj palanisamy (5 years ago)
hi, are u saying, the fuel pressure sensor works by sensing the vaccum in fuel rail?. and not the fuel pressure in the line.  
ADPTraining (5 years ago)
That's right, both are considered for the reason I explained before...
sivaraj palanisamy (5 years ago)
Quite didnot understand, FRP is fuel rail pressure sensor, so are u saying FRP sensor calculate fuel rail pressure just by looking at vaccum?.. or it consider both vaccum and fuel raill pressure ?.
ADPTraining (5 years ago)
There is no vacuum in the fuel rail. The FRP sensor is connected to intake vacuum. It takes into account the intake vacuum. The fuel delivery changes depending on the vacuum condition, as stated in the video.
STEVE ROB REVIEWS (5 years ago)
ADPTraining (5 years ago)
The TL is fine. In fact, it is in a few of my books as a kind of safe procedure since you're using the bulb filament as a resistor. Yes, your method has been approved sir. THanks for posting.
contagiousFX (5 years ago)
@ADPTraining you are approving the test light method i suggested. :)
contagiousFX (5 years ago)
you and i think alike
ADPTraining (5 years ago)
@Steve Rob Now you're talking. Yes, the ECM shuts power to the 5 volt reference and resets afterwards. Also, you bright a good point and one that can BENEFIT a lot of folks, in almost all cases, the vehicle communications network goes down when the 5 volt reference is shorted. YES, IMPORTANT and I use capital to alert people to read this post. So, when faced with a No-Communications symptom, also check the 5 volt reference at different sensors. Doesn't take long. If shorted, then look for the shorted sensor and disconnect it. You'll have the COMM network back to life right away.
STEVE ROB REVIEWS (5 years ago)
heavily protected 5v reference wire I agree and so far I have not damaged an ecm yet but I have shorted the reference wire and lost all communication until regulator re-booted.  I guess I don't want to burn up a lot of time if I can avoid it.  Both ways work. Cheers !! 
True Zero Emissions (5 years ago)

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