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20% OFF Manscaped + Free Shipping code RBT20 at http://bit.ly/2WeXIyG best nfl and college football jerseys dont get triggered lol You can support me by buying my brand new merchandise: https://rbt.merchforall.com/ Important stuff: - 2nd channel: https://www.youtube.com/rbtsports - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/SamuelBrownRBT - Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/SamuelBrownRBT - Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/RBTofficial - OG Merch: https://bit.ly/2wo2VqO Today, I give a top 10 list of the best football uniforms across NFL and College Football For Business Inquires: [email protected] What will you find on RBT's channel? To sum it up, you'll find everything sports related, sports gaming related, sports topics all while being silly, making dumb, funny and comedic videos with some of the craziest off the wall gaming commentary you'll ever find. Many of the games I play are sports related, such as Madden NFL 19, FIFA 19, NBA 2k19, MLB The Show 19, and much more here in the future. We do wild challenges, experiments, series, realistic and unrealistic stuff as well. On Madden Football, we do custom franchises with NFL organizations, we test features within the game, we sometimes play Ultimate Team as well and do pack openings and try to pack the most beast cards in the game while spending a lot of money. Basically anything about football, NFL draft, trades, trade deadline, super bowl, gaming, touchdowns, highlights and more you'll find here. Sometimes, we do highlight reels as well, in a stupid way, which you should probably know. Full games will be uploaded sometime too, pre season, playoffs, championships, you name it. Sometimes, we do montages too with crazy sports glitches from sports games out there. I make videos similar to KayKayEs, AntoDaBoss, YoBoy Pizza, TDBarrett, Zirksee, Not The Expert, QJB, MMG, NTE, VictionaryHD and other madden commentators. It's all about making people laugh. Laughing is one of the things we take for granted in this life, so why not try to make more people laugh by just making videos? Also, I've thought about daily vlogging so you will see vlogs on here from time to time, whether it be a house tour, youtube related videos, sometimes will bring my family members on here as well - my dad, mom, sister, brother, cousins, girlfriend and more. You'll get the most outrageous content on all of youtube that you won't find anywhere else. FFS I'm going to stop now LMAO
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RBT (29 days ago)
20% OFF Manscaped + Free Shipping code RBT20 at http://bit.ly/2WeXIyG
Beast Mode (28 days ago)
ilike trains definitely #31
ilike trains (28 days ago)
Beast Mode (28 days ago)
RBT can you do a vid ranking all 2019-2020 nfl teams
Cameron Ros (29 days ago)
Tbh the Patriots red uniform and color rush are pretty freaking good
Oklahoma yard Goat (29 days ago)
Could you make a video about the 10 uniforms with the most tradition Love the vids
Oscar Clarke (5 days ago)
Jesus fucking christ...the video starts at 3:32
Noah Muhle (18 days ago)
No baby blue chargers uni????????????
Awesome Phoenix (23 days ago)
cardinals black and red alternatives uniforms
Abbeygator Noll (24 days ago)
YESSSSS, Penn states are amazing❤️
Jace Daniels (24 days ago)
Bruh giants lights out black jerseys are sick
Elijah Newton (24 days ago)
Seahawks color rush
CMP_ 18 (24 days ago)
Good vid wish Eagles could fit on here somewhere
dank memes (25 days ago)
what about oregon they have the best in colledge and in the nfl the throwback chicago bears are fire
HABReds19 (26 days ago)
Georgia’s home uniforms are nice because they are traditional
Jimmy the Speedster (26 days ago)
I feel like Oregon, or UCF have some sweet unis
Tommy Murphy (26 days ago)
kremit the hampster (27 days ago)
those army unis be lookin like my 6th grade uniforms tho
Isn't this channel mainly watched by kids...
Christian Brown (27 days ago)
Incoming cowboy fans "WE ARE AMERICA'S TEAM GIVE US #1
Eli Gilbert (27 days ago)
Hey RBT! Really enjoyed the vid bro. You should do a top 10 football uniforms 2. I wanna nominate one. Kentucky's 2018 alternate away uniform. They played in that uniform at the Citrus Bowl vs Penn State.
Patrick Duryea (27 days ago)
Hold up last video RBT gets upset about teams with one color uniforms and now puts Penn State at #2
Turtle Ty (27 days ago)
Packers are the BEST
Night Stalker (27 days ago)
TCU??? They have they best shit ever
Logical Damian (27 days ago)
If the Memphis Express ain't on here you are wrong
BenDaSwagbot (27 days ago)
Would have taken Browns and panthers out and put Michigan and Notre dame but that’s just me
Paul Skoro (27 days ago)
No Oregon Ducks?
Seth Boyardee (27 days ago)
Chargers??? Cardinals??? You are psycho of u dont put these in your top 10 or even top 5
Moneyman Marcus (27 days ago)
Cowboys should not be here and Penn state but the broncos color rush should be #1
KevinJimenez56 (28 days ago)
Texas all white ?
Miles McCue (28 days ago)
Dude I’m a penn state fan but even I was kinda surprised to see them at #2 lol
boba_fatty 12 (28 days ago)
Highkey confused he said he likes simple uniforms but in his last vid of the worst ones he bashed certain uniforms for being to simple? What's going on here
GearHeadGaming (28 days ago)
Video starts at 3:32
Big_Wiz 70 (28 days ago)
1. Buffalo Bills color rush or white on white uniform both are easily the best.
King Kiz (28 days ago)
Orange crush
Jared Wasert (28 days ago)
Seahawks home? Where is it
Cole Rigler (28 days ago)
Can somebody please respond to this comment Is there Dublin shamrock merchandise
LuL Flames (28 days ago)
Samuel r u a bandwagon of penn state
Graham Bailey (28 days ago)
Ut smocky gray
Dietrich Heath (28 days ago)
You forgot the Ohio states back in black uniforms
xxgamerxx 123 (28 days ago)
Buccaneers uniforms
Louis Ozimac (28 days ago)
I like that u put penn state that’s my favorite college
Jordan Wright (28 days ago)
Dude u need to remake this.... the Seattle Seahawks have the best uniform of all in football like for real...
Blue Turtle (28 days ago)
I feel like you missed out with the UCF 2018 space game and military appreciation game uniforms
Andrew Ajose-Nixon (28 days ago)
What about Oregon
Rajan Foster (28 days ago)
I’m sorry, no Oregon Uniforms??????!!!!!
Remi coaker’s Life (28 days ago)
Do top 10 color rush uniforms
lukas hill (28 days ago)
Just imagine a girl watching that add
lukas hill (28 days ago)
Lirterly all NFL Jersey are white and another coler
IGotShottys (28 days ago)
Oh that Promo tho
thatboy dre (28 days ago)
I hope Rutgers is there
Aidan Patel (28 days ago)
You’re amazing.
Aidan Patel (28 days ago)
RJ Mahoney (28 days ago)
Patriots red throwback unis?
Enoch DaGoat (28 days ago)
49er throwback that's they released this year was probaly the best uniforms I've ever seen. The all white ones
binksta23 (28 days ago)
Good choice for #1 but how ya gunna leave out any of the Oregon uniforms?? and the cowboys uniforms are trash just like the team
Itslav (28 days ago)
Where is Oregon?????
deonta holmes (28 days ago)
Brown jerseys ugly .
Grady Traweek (28 days ago)
Oregon uniforms look good too they should’ve been on the list
Solar xVapor (28 days ago)
So no Duck? Smh you left the best team in CFB
Zacary Ramey (28 days ago)
Eagles color rush
Gray Gamer (28 days ago)
Louisville’s all red is fire 🔥
Landon Givens (28 days ago)
Where are the new TCU unis
Cathy Peters (28 days ago)
Lol the duck
Yung Chung (28 days ago)
Iowa Blackout unis??
Elliott Strong (28 days ago)
RBT: the Cowboys have the most traditional uniforms The Green Bay Packers: Reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally now
CDotSaka (28 days ago)
No Oregon
Gaming Oasis (28 days ago)
My favorite is the Ohio State black jersey they wore against Nebraska in 2018 Then probably Army, Dolphins color rush, UCF Galaxy, and then maybe the Stanford or Seahawks jerseys (don't hurt me)
Natty Bo (28 days ago)
As an massive Army fan I had to pause this and compose myself when Navy was named as #4 but when Army was #1 I immediately dropped a like. Also you should probably could’ve put in any of Arizona St’s uniforms.
Jack (28 days ago)
The new Jets ones should be here
Parker Bolach (28 days ago)
Michigan literally wins the beast college uniforms ever year ur high
Parker Bolach (28 days ago)
Gaming Oasis Ohio?
Gaming Oasis (28 days ago)
Gates Cook (28 days ago)
uhh where are the titans
Wilgens Previlon (28 days ago)
This list was worse than the other one yu made
Desource Benoit (28 days ago)
You left out Oregon
BDJ Productions (28 days ago)
What about Oregan
BDJ Productions (28 days ago)
Rutgers Black unis are sick
SavvyOverSwag (28 days ago)
I do not like the Cowboys uniform. I think it's boring and the home uniform pants are a weird green-silver color. They don't match the color scheme. The Thanksgiving uniform though...those are awesome.
Rubber15 Fest (28 days ago)
Why did u change your profile picture. U sad it would be permanent
Brandon Bors (28 days ago)
No University of Maryland??
InsaneAllstarrr (28 days ago)
So you love the browns uniforms. But hate the new Jets uniforms? Dawg what
Magma Beast (28 days ago)
Why didn’t I see the Patriots? What did they do to you? Their uniforms are amazing!
Magma Beast (26 days ago)
M S (28 days ago)
Camden Patel (28 days ago)
Everyone dies in endgame
Tellaz (28 days ago)
The chargers old powder blue unis deserve a spot. Watching LT with his dark visor in those unis where insane. Also the falcons black unis and white unis with red on the shoulder pads back in 05 with Mike Vick also deserve a spot
Joel Soos (28 days ago)
Seahawks Color Rush?
I7fridays (28 days ago)
Wow I thought that Bama would be on here since it is traditional and I saw Penn St. so but not mad at all. 8/10
qk sjf (28 days ago)
clemson broooo
My Name Is Jeff (28 days ago)
Dawson Walz (28 days ago)
The chargers powder blue uniforms should have been here
mcq12678 (28 days ago)
Panthers color rush> I’m a giants fan lol
antonio davis (28 days ago)
How you gon forget Oregon smh 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
R3AP3RZZ ISHHERE (28 days ago)
Bruv chargers powder blue jerseys are dope
OskartheSlayer (28 days ago)
Gus Brown (28 days ago)
Oklahoma state
Thurman Gibson (28 days ago)
OSU black out uniforms
Brody Bolander (28 days ago)
Hey I found a Iowa hawkeye
N8dog 07 (28 days ago)
Rank the old jersey
RMT-Gaming (28 days ago)
The Browns unis are ugly. Color Rush is eh, Regulars are 😷
whodgepodge87 (28 days ago)
Virginia tech Limestone Uni’s are the best
PiZZa Gaming (28 days ago)
I think RBT was HIGH or something because most of these teams didn’t deserve do be on this list. Like come one, how does penn state make it to number 2. Wait never mind, I forgot you were HIGH.
C-Bo ___ (28 days ago)
I love allll of Oregon’s uniforms.
javier kusar (28 days ago)
Ohio State Buckeyes University alternate?
Lucas 7519 (28 days ago)
Penn state white out should be a wonder of the world
Daniel Leydet (28 days ago)
Honestly the Navy Blue Angels uniforms are the best in my opinion #BeatArmy
T Hill (28 days ago)
Where my titians
Donovan Odum (28 days ago)
The Florida State black garnet and gold is #1

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