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25 Amazing Travel Hacks For The Road Warrior | RMRS Style Videos

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Real Men Real Style (8 days ago)
Which travel hack do you wish you had known earlier? http://scottevest.com/rmrs - Click here to check out SCOTTeVEST. Use code RMRS20 to get 20% off your first purchase. Video Summary: Dress well - 0:33 Know the style pyramid - 0:59 Know your restrictions - 1:59 Take your own water bottle - 2:19 Wear clothes with multiple pockets - 2:39 Wear your bulkiest clothing - 3:37 Wear slip on shoes - 3:55 Check in early - 4:16 Have an e-copy of your passport and ID - 4:35 Pack light by taking smaller bags - 4:49 Fold your jackets appropriately - 5:07 Athletic gear - 5:21 Pack a first aid kit - 5:55 Bring calling cards - 6:02 Bring different types of credit cards - 6:26 Call your credit card companies - 6:43 Bring crisp paper bills - 6:49 Clear the room of clutter - 7:04 Make requests ASAP - 7:31 Iron and press everything ASAP - 7:47
Jon Stern (1 day ago)
I'm not normally a fan of you mixing the sponsorship with the content but I have a Scottevest and it is good!
leosedf (9 days ago)
May i also suggest a smart wireless lock? Like the airbolt, i have one and it's pretty cool.
MgrMatti (2 days ago)
Great video. I'd add: (1) When I travel I take with me both the ID and the passport (even if an ID would be enough) and I place the ID in my wallet, while the passport is in my hand luggage (in case my wallet disappeared). (2). Even when I bring checked baggage, I put in my hand baggage anything that I would need for the first day in case the checked luggage did not arrive (one extra pair of underwear, a shirt, toothbrush, phone charger...). (3) It should go without saying that I never put valuable electronics in my checked luggage.
Ahmad Pudding Warrior (3 days ago)
The bills tip is legit . Here in India there is a stain or even a smidge of ink they wont exchange it
Scott Felthousen (4 days ago)
One thing I always do at the hotel room is cover up the peep hole on the inside of the door with the do not disturb hanger or a business card. People can see in almost as easy as you can see out.
Y&S FOOD! (6 days ago)
Awesome video recording! Right here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to come across these kind of content. We create Travel & Food movies too, around the the world, so we are frequently searching inspirations and techniques. Thank You.
joseph burtulato (6 days ago)
I had a teacher in high school who was a jet-set traveler. What he did was made arrangements with where he was staying at and shipped his luggage to where he was staying and shipped his luggage home.
Colin Michell (7 days ago)
I really like that jacket, but it'll be a bit of overkill in Dubai
Colin Gwilliam (7 days ago)
Buy 100%soft cotton masks for your flight. Keeps your throat from drying out and prevents catching germs. I don’t fly without them.
Max M H (7 days ago)
You should do a tutorial on how to iron your clothes
ammar ali (7 days ago)
Love these as I do travel from time to time for work. Thank you, Antonio!!!
aniara64 (8 days ago)
The best tip, when flying long distance, is to wear your compression socks during the flight.
The Hebrew Barrister (8 days ago)
Man, that iron tip is some truth right there. I ruined a dress shirt once by not checking. The iron got some gunk on the shirt that I could not remove.
Tom Green (8 days ago)
Great video, a few of my travel hacks is handi wipes and alcohol wipes. The first thing I do after and maybe even before is wipe down the door handles and the TV remote. These are things housekeeping does not do and EVERYONE touches them. If I do not have a plastic cup I keep in my dop kit I wash the glass ware in extremely HOT water. Otherwise I use bottled water. Hotels are notoriously dirty. Last is a cheap pair of slippers or flipflops. The ones I have are from a high end hotel lightweight and I keep in a plastic bag. They do not clean the floors every often in hotels and the bathrooms are generally not as clean as I like.
akhil raj (8 days ago)
The dressing well is really true The one time i decided to rock a bomber and t shirt with accesories . Boom instant respect with people treating me like im some celebrity.
Tom Faranda (8 days ago)
Iron? A bridge to far...
TheGUNdalf (8 days ago)
great vid
Alpha Strength (8 days ago)
Nice video
Nabeel Mirza (8 days ago)
Your tips are always helpful. Thanks once again
Matthias Priester (8 days ago)
I find that Jacket doesn't look good at all. It is way too bulky and makes you look like a huge dork. Those floppy things on the shoulders look sloppy. All in all this is what homeless people look like in my city.
akhil raj (8 days ago)
Very true he looks like your average uncle joe
Spectrum Talents (8 days ago)
Nice presentation
Alexei Cáceres (9 days ago)
Hey Antonio, next time you visit Ukraine would be awesome if you set a meet up or something, I would love to met you and I'm sure you have a good following here :)
grafiek (9 days ago)
You are the real deal
Kyler Nyhagen (9 days ago)
Hey Antonio, Any chance on making a video on how to Iron efficiently? I've just found it appears to take forever, so I always skip out on it and end up wearing the same dress shirts that are "No-Iron" over and over again!
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Hey Kyler - Check this out: https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/shirt-ironing-guide/
Oh noes! Oh noes! (9 days ago)
I end up having to take a laptop and all the addons for travel. Normally I strap them into my carry on since we limited on how many bags we can carry and it too much of a hassle for my briefcase, carry on and any other bags, but any idea on how to carry around all those larger electronics for business to make it easier?
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Oh noes! Good question - I would suggest a weekender bag or carry on bag: https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/packing-tips-travel/
Derron Woodfork (9 days ago)
Great vid Antonio! In your bag discussion, I'd add that European Airlines have smaller carry-on requirements. I traveled on Rynair and Lot Airlines on the way to Ukraine this past year. Привет!
Derron Woodfork (9 days ago)
+Real Men Real Style London Fog that I picked up in a mall. It fit the small 55x40x20 requirements.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Hi Derron - What bag do you use?
Savvy Life Strategies (9 days ago)
Excellent video, Antonio. One point I suggest is, if humanly possible, to carry on versus check baggage. It is the only sure way not to loses your luggage, which is eventually going to happen if you travel frequently.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Good suggestion Savvy Life Strategies. Pack only what you need. I created a checklist here on what to pack for traveling (5-7 days) https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/packing-tips-travel/
R8Prototype (9 days ago)
When I travel I tend to bring extra underwear and socks, if I somehow have to wear the same shirt and pants again because they've lost my luggage or etc that I can at least have clean underwear while it's getting sorted out
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Agreed - don't forget to bring extra clothing in your carry on.
Steven Hankins (9 days ago)
Your amazing videos and style advice helped me land a job at Fossil Watch Company today! Thank you so much! I walked in dressed so sharp that the gentleman giving me the interview asked me where I got my style inspiration. I told him to check out Antonio over at Real Men Real Style and he laughed and told me he watches your videos as well! Once again thank you!
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Wow - Congratulations Steven. Well done! 😁🙂
sinuhe vazquez (9 days ago)
hey Antonio. Question. why you never blink on any of your videos?.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
+Oh noes! Oh noes! 😂
Oh noes! Oh noes! (9 days ago)
It is because he is really a cyborg from the future and was assigned a mission to hunt down Sarah Conner and provide style advice.
Ezra Fisher (9 days ago)
How do you wear a fit bit stylishly?
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
I might have to film a video about this.
ALAPINO (9 days ago)
I used to carry AMEX all the time but over the years found that VISA and MC constituted the overwhelming majority of my transactions abroad. Your tip about letting your financial institution or issuing company know when you travel is SUPER IMPORTANT! I've been locked out of a few cards because it was a card I neglected to inform I was travel to a particular region. It's there to save you from fraud but it's very annoying when it's a false trigger.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Exactly - always be prepared before you leave the country. Taking the necessary precautions would avoid the hassle during the travel.
Cosmin Dumitru (9 days ago)
That empty bottle in the background (2:19) is a Romanian water brand :D
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Good eye Cosmin. 😁
CorpKid (9 days ago)
Rmrs! Goat , so much knowledge ! You inspired me to make my own channel (funny menslifestyle ) subscribe my friends i promise is good https://youtu.be/fODprbP7Bfw
Nola 1977 (9 days ago)
I know you talk about style and success. Just curious though, do you have a recommended reading list? Would love to know. Thanks.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Hi Nola 1977 - Yes! https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/10-books-to-own/
Kutaly L (9 days ago)
Finally! people always laugh when I give the advice to take cloths with lot's of pockets because airlines are counting the bags you're allowed to take.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Riz Kler (9 days ago)
Antonio I always learn something & fun 😂🤘🏼
William Stivelman (9 days ago)
A valedictory video as it confirms much of what I’ve done over the years. Quite complete. The only thing I’d add is that I immediately unpack, put my packing cubes in the dresser and empty ones of a different color to carry used clothing needing a wash, and I set up my bathroom, meds etc as if it were at home so that when I go out and get in late and tired, i know where everything is as I do it the same way each time. Staying at the same chain hotel makes it even easier.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Good point William. Unpack as soon as you get in your hotel room.
JoeChristianVEVO (9 days ago)
That jacket nasty
Med Sousane (9 days ago)
Nice , Thanks 👍👍👍👍
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
You're welcome Med Sousane.
Mark Koha (9 days ago)
Great video Antonio. I fly generally twice a week for work and this was super helpful.
Mark Koha (8 days ago)
+Real Men Real Style Between Cleveland and Las Vegas
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Mark - Super! Glad to know the video helped. Where do you usually travel?
one thing is for sure Antonio could never be a greyman ..
yeah they treat animals nicely .. so nicely thats why several were killed over the past couple years ..
Dean Shakes (9 days ago)
CarmonaEnterprises (9 days ago)
I made copies of my IDs and itinerary and placed a copy in each bag including the check in bags and took note of the brand and description of each bag. When our bags were lost on Bogota, Colombia, the agent asked us to provide as much detail to help them ID the lost bags, even mentioned that we have photo copies of our IDs and itineraries if they needed to break the lock to open the bags too verify.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
This is great - it sure does help when you bring copies of your IDs and description of your bags.
George Ballas (9 days ago)
Being a frequent traveler I welcome your tips!
George Ballas (8 days ago)
+Real Men Real Style packing light is the primary goal. Really liked the swim trunks / running shorts hack! Thanks again for the great video.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Happy to hear that. Which hack is the most useful for you?
ChappyHappy (9 days ago)
I used to work as baggage handler. We do read the 'fragile' and 'heavy' tags. But... Fragile pretty much means "I'm too lazy to hand carry it so I'll risk checking it in". Heavy means "I have poor decision making and cant plan ahead so brought too much crap with me". PS. Heavier means harder to lift so chances are it'll get stacked on the bottom of the pile.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Interesting - thanks for letting us know.
Matthew (9 days ago)
its that douchebag from sharktank
DpKris (9 days ago)
Hei bro, I got a feeling like you changed your style of presentation a little bit in this video, seems like a bit more casual, I like it man, and I do travel a lot, good tips Antonio. water bottle was a great tip.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
You guys help with making the videos better. Thanks!
defensebydesign (9 days ago)
I've been using your jacket roll & pack hack since that video came out-- thank you! Lots of other great advice here as well. One additional thought: if you've got a LOT you're traveling with by way of luggage, you might ship it ahead via UPS or FedEx versus dealing with it (even getting lost) in the airport or having that extra to deal with when arriving and getting a rental or Uber.
defensebydesign (9 days ago)
+Real Men Real Style for "me" it has worked fine and going into my local UPS Store and talking to the owner there, some do it to avoid the bag fees the airlines charge as well. You just have it shipped directly to your hotel where they'll hold it for you.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Interesting. How's this working for you? 🤔
Yannis Stamoulis (9 days ago)
I clicked just for the sake of the preview gif... Hilarious!
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
FARAZ SHAIKH (9 days ago)
Your hair line is looking great Sir, Are you using any new product?
Ryan Cascardo (9 days ago)
A good tip I’ve found while traveling is to keep all your go-to, essential items in the outermost pockets of your carryon bag, which have the most accessibility.That way there’s no rummaging through your bag on the plane while people are boarding
Ryan Cascardo (9 days ago)
Don’t get me wrong, Antonio - I liked your way of using a jacket/outerwear as a carryon too
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
That works too Ryan!
Crsh Moxa (9 days ago)
"Don't disturb" sign on the hoodie is way cool 😎 haha ❤💓😍
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Really liking that sign. 😂
qarhsi (9 days ago)
Antonio, you know I'm a fan. And while I think your suit jacket fits you great, I'd say the outer, dark, sponsored jacket (in this video) and your charcoal coat (which you love very much - not showcased here) look bulky. Their shoulder points are not near where your natural shoulders end and they look puffy/boxy. These are just one or two of those things that you might love very much, but may not actually be very flattering. And while that sponsored jacket is functional, it will be heavy to put so many things inside. And you have to rmb where to find what item. Using a stylish bag is so much more convenient in my humble opinion. Cheers.
neo8378 (9 days ago)
Don’t buy anything from this horrible company and worse CEO.... he hates conservatives and even said this about this about advertising his junk on Fox news. “I laugh to myself, and tell them that we primarily advertise on Fox because we find their viewership to be extremely gullible and much easier to sell than other networks," he wrote in part. “I get to tell them they are f***ing idiots while getting rich off them.”
Javi C (9 days ago)
Make a video on Tavel item to be kept in bag
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
I thought I already did? https://www.realmenrealstyle.com/packing-tips-travel/ 😁
Nola 1977 (9 days ago)
Great video, I'm really glad you mentioned about bills in a foreign country. I'm traveling back to Peru and they are very strict on this. Even with their own currency they are strict. Keep up the great work!
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Exactly - it really helps and avoids the stress of having to look for an ATM or exchanging your bills to the local currency.
AllAboutGuitar (9 days ago)
How to carry musical instruments? Especially in cabin area.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
What do you use? I would suggest pack it in a hard case and add fragile stickers to it.
Chan Tak Zee (9 days ago)
Is this jacket from the guy at Shark Tank that tries to patent jacket pockets so nobody can add pockets to their jackets ?
Chan Tak Zee (9 days ago)
+Michael Chan I forgot,it's a youtube video where Aaron Marino debut his Alpha M. products.
Michael Chan (9 days ago)
Chan Tak Zee lol. What season was that?
Qibilii (9 days ago)
I will dress smart next time I fly, I hope they upgrade me to first class.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
You'll never know...dressing sharp has its perks,
Good tip about calling your credit card company to let them know you are going outside the country.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Very useful and it saves time for you to call them after they've blocked your card.
G. Menjivar (9 days ago)
I used to call my American express before I travel overseas and let them know. The last time I called... Amex just told me that I don't need to call them before traveling.
Richard Hughes (9 days ago)
Also let the card company know any countries you have an extended layover in. Leaving Moscow to Helsinki I could not eat on the layover. Card would not work and no cash.
Tristan 2000 (9 days ago)
could you make a turtleneck video some time? i would like to start wearing them but should i get a heavier knit one? what matherials? what colours do you advice? thank you
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
I'll add that to my list. Check out this video by GQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKq1_2UQqag
georgecarra (9 days ago)
include an empty water bottle in your carry on = great tip ! emailing yourself a copy of your passport = I'd would never have thought of doing this. Question : Should I exchange my money before I leave or at my destination ?
Kutaly L (8 days ago)
You're welcome
georgecarra (8 days ago)
+Kutaly L I really appreciate your advice Kutaly L. Thanks !!
Kutaly L (8 days ago)
Exchange money before you travel. You don't want to take unnecessary risks in places that you haven't been before.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Mohammad Kayyal (9 days ago)
One other advise, read about the country which you will travel to. 😉
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Grim Reaper (9 days ago)
When I arrive in my room, I hang my structured wool pieces (if any), shirts and pants in my bathroom. I run the shower on maximum heat to steam the wrinkles out. For stubborn wrinkles I’ll iron after. This allows you to multitask and saves time.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Great travel hack here Grim Reaper! 👍
Franklin Muiruri (9 days ago)
Thanks for the content Antonio. Guys kindly support my youtube channel and subscribe. Thanks is advance❤💗
Franklin Muiruri (9 days ago)
+Real Men Real Style Thank you ☺
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Thanks for tuning in Franklin! 😁🙏
karan narayan (9 days ago)
Can they deliver this jacket in INDIA
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Hi Karan - Yes, they ship internationally. Check out the delivery time here: https://www.scottevest.com/faq.shtml
Demetrios Levi (9 days ago)
I never travel, but this will definitely come in handy for February ;) great video as always, Antonio!
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Sounds good! Love this plan Demetrios.
Didn't expect this on your channel, but amazing video Antonio!
+Real Men Real Style not yet, but I will!
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
I'm glad you enjoyed it Fernando. Have you tried these hacks?
Prince Modi (9 days ago)
Greetings Antonio!
Prince Modi (9 days ago)
+Real Men Real Style Yes I did, and it was helpful for me as I will be traveling soon.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Greetings Prince - Did you like the video?
Akumtong Timchen (9 days ago)
Great vid antonio
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Hey Akumtong - thanks for tuning in. 😁
Bangpaulxu (9 days ago)
Always a pleasure to get back from work and see you upload a video! Travel hacks are perfect for me as I travel on business 180 days out of the year.
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
This comment is gold. 🙏😁
Cash Robinson (9 days ago)
Best fall casual clothes on a budget?
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Hey Cash - I might have to make a video about this. 😁
Meninfluencer (9 days ago)
I’m thinking about going to Egypt so thanks for this video! :)
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Happy to hear that! Have fun in Egypt.
Michael Akowuah (9 days ago)
This video got me from fortnite
Real Men Real Style (9 days ago)
Anirudh PM (9 days ago)

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