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Believe in the dream [study/sleep/homework music]

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My channel is not monetized. If you want to help me continue doing the work I do, this is the absolute best way 🙏 🖤 https://www.patreon.com/dreamy2112 _______________________ ● Spotify Playlists : 🖤 https://spoti.fi/2P72v0X _______________________ 👁Art by gemi https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DgIYQ52V4AE4Dl4.jpg gemi https://www.instagram.com/gemi333 https://twitter.com/gemi333 http://gemi333.com/ _______________________ ⭕Tracklist: 00:00 acxle - Faces 03:38 YungRhythm - To The Moon And Back 06:45 enkae - never forget [2.10.2018] 09:17 mell-ø - morning blunts 10:35 ginji - lullaby 12:21 DLJ - Pretend [A Fall Journey Beattape] 14:58 mell-ø - waiting for you 16:30 solus et vanae - essence 18:20 Meister Eder - Meraki 20:43 Baely - Beginnings 22:47 mell-o & neru. - Inhale 24:07 acxle - Masked 27:25 Vynix - Late-night talks ⭕Artist: acxle https://soundcloud.com/acxle/faces YungRhythm https://soundcloud.com/xrhythm/to-the-moon-and-back enkae https://soundcloud.com/enkaebeats/never-forget mell-ø https://soundcloud.com/mellomusicnl ginji https://soundcloud.com/ginjibeats/lullaby DLJ https://soundcloud.com/dljbeats/pretend solus et vanae https://soundcloud.com/solusetvanae/essence-1 Baely https://soundcloud.com/baelyy/beginnings Meister Eder https://soundcloud.com/mstredr/meister-eder-meraki Vynix https://soundcloud.com/vynix15/late-night-talks ______________________________ ❗If you're a owner of any song/picture on this channel and want it removed, just leave a message on my E-Mail and I'll do my best to delete it as soon as possible. :) ✉ [email protected] _______________________________ ✉ Submit your music : https://soundcloud.com/dreamy2112 ✉ Submit art : https://www.instagram.com/dreamy_lofi_sound/?hl=ru00:00 _______________________________ #Dreamy#lofi hip hop#beats to relax/study to
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Text Comments (2226)
rainboh_is_my_name_oh (5 months ago)
*sending virtual hug back*
Power Power (2 days ago)
@Marie Alizoy UwU I am sending u a hug too 💗
Marie Alizoy (3 days ago)
Power Power i’ll send you back ;P
7heory (5 days ago)
@Koopa x test
Poisoned Nightcore (5 days ago)
@Power Power You're welcome! xx
Power Power (5 days ago)
@Poisoned Nightcore waow u r amazing ¤~¤ *I mean thx*
m7md al3waje (3 hours ago)
03:38 i'm sure this is Bayonetta
E.U Thought Police (7 hours ago)
3:38 Oh my is just Lofi fly me to the moon.
Angela Pierce (10 hours ago)
I don't have words to describe the music and that feeling... 🌚💭
Pärk Mylle (15 hours ago)
Perfect video ❤🌌
Flaming Panda (17 hours ago)
This music is godlike this means frank Sinatra is also godlike because fly me to the moon is in this.
Jackson Silva (1 day ago)
Slepping 😴👋📴🌃....................
Victor Josi (1 day ago)
Berenice Fernández (1 day ago)
Qué estilo de música es esté?
Emily Nguyen (1 day ago)
This is probably just me but I don’t like any other jazz music but dreamy like the other ones will start out okay and then they will have something come in and make weird noises and it sounds like just weird
Misteakable (1 day ago)
This video's comment section is balanced as all things should be Thanos: I'm Thanos and I approve this message
Nicolas Angelo (1 day ago)
7:45 vamos comer um yakisoba
John Williams (1 day ago)
0:55 is the wii music😂
Wahmen respector (1 day ago)
the music hit me hard lol {i cried cause i day dreamed too much to it}
Doodle (1 day ago)
Bold for you to assume I sleep or study
enoshy (1 day ago)
love that
kusownik1996 (1 day ago)
39:17 best
Jovan Vaquilar (2 days ago)
Patrícia Puga (2 days ago)
o melhor dos melhores. levo dias a ouvir isto pá
KingKeenan (2 days ago)
This got me vibing <3
QaNobi I (2 days ago)
put ur work on spotify
FlOrEcItA 。。。 (2 days ago)
0:04 fnx ...
Serene (2 days ago)
now this is jazz
Hello, je laisse rarement des commentaires, mais franchement là j'était obligé, ta vidéo est vraiment top, merci pour ton travail :)
Luisa Martin (3 days ago)
Love it
Michael Holland (3 days ago)
seems pretty monetized to me lmfao
This will be a good meme!
Monkey Luffy (3 days ago)
studying and research material for my master degree... dateline so soon, stress. Working, family, study. Not easy but keep fighting. I am not the first out there, and will not be the last. All the best wishes to all.
Trentongold55 Gold55 (3 days ago)
Hey dreamy your montized now Congrats, btw keep ads on your video add 1 like every 5 to 10 minutes for these long videos, nobody wants to see you going bankrupt do we
Bio Warfare (3 days ago)
study/sleep. Press X to Doubt.
Illi from Gaia (3 days ago)
25:00 can fix the volume plz? its way to loud :/
Bottomof Uranus (3 days ago)
Am I the only one loving the dialogues under the beat? @Dreamy could you kindly let me know where are they from?
I'm sorry but it is currently 11:04pm and im tired and this doesn't help my mood at all
Xiaoxue Lin (4 days ago)
Does anybody know what is the name of the song starting on 46:28? All the music sounds super great, but that particular rhythm is also really familiar! Really wanted to know where the song came from, like the anime, or which artist...
3:54 is relly my favourite song:) . Hwo is still learning till now hand up . ;)
Bp Grande (4 days ago)
Hey, to everyone in the comment section, thank you. I was feeling bad but now I feel much better. I love how youtube have a good side.
まりこ (5 days ago)
Sometimes I wish I wasn't born as an introvert. I'd probably be much more happier
niaz gamer (5 days ago)
just saying how i see it but i don't have a dream never had one its kinda a sad life when i think about nothing has inspired me to do something. and because of this i have a hard time fighting for something and it sucks but i have to deal with the way i have chosen to live my life. and i think its too late to start now
Isaac Tovar (5 days ago)
3:39 I see you sneaked Fly me to the moon there, well played sir!
Expired Love (5 days ago)
*Stay positive.* *Don't harm yourself.* *It's okay to love yourself* *It's okay to love* *It's okay to smile.* *It's okay to be happy* *It's okay to hug* *It's okay to cry* Always stay positive. Suicide isn't the answer. Love the gender you would like. You are loved and you should know that. Believe in yourself and the negativity will go away. <3
experimental memes (2 days ago)
@Expired Love thx
Expired Love (2 days ago)
@experimental memes It's alright.
experimental memes (2 days ago)
@Expired Love sorry
experimental memes (2 days ago)
@Expired Love i know
Expired Love (2 days ago)
@experimental memes I'm confuzzled cause your reply isn't related to my comment what so ever.
Whatnameshouldichoose (5 days ago)
*Accepting Virtual Hug*
Anyla Scruggs (6 days ago)
ariweather (6 days ago)
roses are red violets are blue why does the girl in the thumbnail have the same hairstyle that I do?
Greg Walker (6 days ago)
Love this work
Laura Mello (6 days ago)
Thank you for this video! I was always listening the same lofi songs and I was getting bored, but this is a new one that I really enjoyed.
Sofia Kei (6 days ago)
Helps me calm down lol
Tapion Games (6 days ago)
Thats the pefekt sound to write my Light Novel. Thanks for the upload
O0O0O0f (6 days ago)
This music is so nice and relaxing thank you and keep up the good music ☺️👍😁
Fishie (6 days ago)
Does this soundtrack have any words? I havent gone thru the whole thing but if anyone has can u tel me?
Richard Uk (6 days ago)
Thats the right Music ! Chemistry-Exam tomorrow ,,,,, YEEET ! Have a nice day/night . 10.6.19 :)
Liam Westman (6 days ago)
whats the song from 33:36 TO 36:37
Wilder Austin lance (7 days ago)
whats the point in life we all die at some point in 100 years no one will remember you unless you're some pop star celebrity in the end, nothing matters life ends we end everything comes to an end whether its happy or not do you remember? childhood everything was so simple and easy yet you always hated it at the time when you couldn't wait to be an adult and have no more math homework do you remember? trying to impress other people if you arent good enough, whats the point? what if people dont like you? what if you are different? what if theres no point at one point we all have to say goodbye to happiness to joy to friends to family to beloved pets or animals or anything say goodbye to all hope when depression takes over everything is numb why cant i feel anything why dont you love me whats wrong with me why do you like me why am i different why am i the same to everyone else why dont i have friends why do people wish death on me why is life so cruel why doesnt anyone have any love in them why are you asking so many questions? does it matter in the end? does anyone matter does life matter im not okay you arent either are you alright? when was the last time someone asked if you were alright take a long think done? does anyone love you do they? no? why? why doesnt anyone like you? am i a fool? are you a fool? are we all fools? life is a fool we are all destroyed mentally physically are you ok? do you need help? i love you.
Liam Westman (6 days ago)
i love u 2
L3møn Guy (7 days ago)
Great for surfing in Cs : Source
Felicity Dyresen (7 days ago)
Dear bird I met you just one day ago When I spotted you through my window To me, you seemed so precious You really left me breathless Dear bird I tend to see you every day It seems like you have planned to stay I really like you, can’t you tell? Your song reminds me of the chime of a bell My dearest, dear bird I love you so much You gather my sympathy right by the bunch I swear, dear bird, I’m being true I wish that I was free, like you Poor bird Someone’s hurt you, and you’re about to die. You make the most of your time by trying to fly. Your pain brings beauty; your feathers skim the air. Do you even know what you’re doing up there? Dear, poor bird, Where have you gone? Did you really hurt that much all along? The world without you is such a bore But now you fly higher than ever before.
aesthetic bean (8 days ago)
Studying to this always helps me ^^ helps me take some of the edge and anxiety related to exams/school away
Jeffrey Soto (8 days ago)
Hoping to accomplish my goals and tell the people who changed my life better or worse I genuinely love you
HadilOffTheReg (8 days ago)
I freaking love this side of youtube ❤️
sleepe_ (8 days ago)
Anyone who comes across this comment, have a good day! If you feel down, US comments will be there for you, feel free to cope. We will send lots of virtual hugs! Love you~ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ
LI MI_ (8 days ago)
Michiru Chan (8 days ago)
3:38 en ese preciso instante la reconocí :"")
Maura Tressler (8 days ago)
This music is so aesthetically pleasing and you can count on me for coming back here everyday :)
Maura Tressler (7 days ago)
@sleepe_ Very :)
sleepe_ (8 days ago)
The music is nice, isn't it? 🙂
little anya (8 days ago)
i just ate too many Nutella , these days i am on diet, and today i dont know why my body feels so 'empty' , maybe is becuz my diet meal isnt correct or appropriate to me ? i am not feeling well. i fall asleep but i am awake after 30 minutes. so now i am goin to study basic electronic, but i cant concentrate, so i search lofi playlist , hope it can help me focus on my study. and i feel lonely, in my little hostel room. i always being alone, in college, when i am eating, when i go to grocery, i am always alone. sometimes it feel good to be alone but sometimes, it feels bad. :(
Lil _naux_ (9 days ago)
I had a bad morning. Music helps me to relax but my free subscription for apple music just ended. I'm preparing for my national examinations this year and TBH, I'm kinda stressed out. This is my first time listening to lofi. It made me feel more relaxed and its very encouraging to see so many positive comments here. To all who are preparing for your examinations, ALL THE BEST! WE CAN DO IT! To everyone here, have a great day ahead. Don't let someone else's 1 minute ruin the rest of your day! Have a great day ahead everyone😊😊
Potato’s Unite (7 days ago)
Lil _naux_ You too! Have a nice day stranger!
Bảo Bảo (9 days ago)
Giulia Lucci (9 days ago)
Un secondo di piu no eh?😂
Lissette Figueroa (9 days ago)
Meme Boi (9 days ago)
Im a simple men. I see an anime girl, I click.
Potato’s Unite (7 days ago)
Meme Boi 😂 Thats kinda funny tbh
Humayrah C (9 days ago)
I'm turning 16 soon, I don't really want to - a part of me is scared for the future. I feel like I will miss the youth I have and life will get harder ;(
my grandma always sends me that virtual hug gif omgggg
BiggestTwat OnEarth (9 days ago)
This song is actually perfect for calming sleep and especially studying
Alina shamis Ali (9 days ago)
im in loveee with thisss
Hui Chi Yan (9 days ago)
listening with 2x speed is awesome too HAHAHAHA
Lemon Leaf (9 days ago)
one of the best playlist i have heard
sleepe_ (8 days ago)
Yes, it is beautiful and everybody in the comments is nice, have a nice day today sweetie 🍦🍦
sophia (10 days ago)
hi stranger, hope you're having a great day! love, the person who wrote this comment :)
Diya Haresh (8 days ago)
thx man sending virtual hug XP
Eren Vazquez (10 days ago)
16:30 sounds like it belongs in Animal crossing when it's night time!
fallings FN (10 days ago)
rainboh i received your virtual hug
sleepe_ (8 days ago)
But, can you accept mine? *gives virtual hug*
TACOLOKO San (10 days ago)
I feel like I'm on a Fancy Restaurant when I listen to this while eating(in the first song)
Meme Man (10 days ago)
Everyone is telling their stories here, so I guess that I will too. I'm a 14 year old with a crumbling family life and who has already lost the glory of his past. Like honestly I peaked at five when I was reading books at a fifth grade level and was far above what would be considered normal. That changed quickly however, as I never grew past that point by much. And so now here I am. What most would consider an average Joe, and maybe a little bit ahead of my peers. Most would take this any day, but I can't help but feel like a failure anyway. All of my closest friends are miles ahead of me, and if they find this and somehow know that it's me, them I want them to know something as well. You're all to good for me. And i want to thank them. Thank them for putting up with me and my antics and tangents. For putting up with when i snap sometimes. You guys have really been the last pillar holding me up. Thank you. Now for my family. God i don't what to write about them. So first of all, my parents split up for the first time a few days after my 12th birthday. My dad left because my Mom apparently had some problems. You can imagine how much this confused me, as this was my first time hearing anything about this. He said that she was leaving, but he would first be gone for a week or so while she found a place to stay. That week passes, and my mom leaves. This is when he decides it would be a good time to drop more shit on me. Turns out that he had been having an affair for 3 months BEFORE they split, and he was going to tell mom when she got back to the house. I, thankfully, was not there for that conversation. By now, my mom had become significantly depressed and was barely eating, and my dad had pretty much lost his mind. So he tells her, and they end up agreeing that he will leave the house and go live with her, while me and my Mom live in the house. This does not last long, as it turns out that his runaway bride was also quite fucked in the head, and so he splits for her, but stays away. It stays this way for a while, and I start getting used to life this way. My mom had been getting therapy at this point, and improved greatly. Then my dad decided to come back to try again. This didn't work out, and he still saw my mom as too messed up, and so he left again. And got back with his bitch again. Then it didn't work with her again so he went off on his own. Then back me and mom. This same cycle of him leaving, going to her, leaving her, and coming back then continued for what must have been a year. At this point, I was just fucking done, and figured that it would continue this way until I left the house for college. This was, and still isn't a good mindset. From there, I started to have new messed up ideas about life and people. And I know that they are there too. I know about the demons that haunt me, and yet I feel like i can't do anything about them. The cycle has stopped for now, but I don't know when it will continue again. I feel like I'm waiting for my doom, and yet if I stop waiting then it will surprise me. And so I keep waiting, with my legs hung off the docks to the abyss, and I don't know what to do. But I'm still trying to help myself, even if I can't fix my family and all of it's shit. I'm studying, working hard, and trying to accelerate again like I once did. If I will ever make it to the same level, I don't know, but I do know that I will do my damnedest to get there. Is my mental state still fucked? Yes. But am I getting better? I hope so. God knows I hope so. But, despite my friends' help, I feel alone. So alone.
anonymous games (5 days ago)
theire isn't much I can say thats going to help you either way. I believe in you everyone has his or her bad times we just need to pull true it even if it hurts. So yeah you got this. hope I made your day a little better. Sending Hugs--->
Michael Whaling (10 days ago)
Really digging the Fly Me to the Moon lofi edit, had that on repeat for 2 hours now :) Have a nice day everyone! ~
Green Anon (10 days ago)
What's the song at 39:30?
Box House Gaming (10 days ago)
This is so good, I'm currently trying to make music and lo-fi is one of the genres that really interests me, if there are any tips you have for making it that would be very cool. Great job by the way, this is a very nice mix I rate 11/10, keep up the good work!
Jordon Douglas (10 days ago)
Studying to get into a 6 month coding boot camp called Code School. I really want to become a Software/App Developer. Hope to come back here and tell everyone that I got in.
Jordon Douglas (7 days ago)
@sleepe_ For sure! Thanks!
sleepe_ (8 days ago)
Go for it! We'll be here for you, and take a break sometimes, okay? ☕
Priyanka Bhasin (10 days ago)
If there’s a hand, take it, When there’s a shooting star, make a wish, When you’re in the darkness, light the way, When you can stand strong on your own, help others stand on their feet too.
Potato’s Unite (7 days ago)
That’s a good poet right there! Go and try poetry out, and if you don’t like it try another genres of poetry! Your poem is amazing!
aesthetic bean (8 days ago)
more people should see this
Jo & Nico (10 days ago)
Wow amazing one, i really enjoy listening to this. Keep going thump up!
Ryan Watson (10 days ago)
I've got a flannel to wash my face and when it gets mucky I feel disgraced. Do you like horlicks? Do you like chips? I've got a hundred pairs of lips.
KURO NEKO FUN (11 days ago)
I need hug (つ﹏<)・゚。 (̂ ˃̥̥̥ ˑ̫ ˂̥̥̥ )̂
KURO NEKO FUN (7 days ago)
@sleepe_ thank you ❤️😸
sleepe_ (8 days ago)
*Sending a free virtual hug. Accept?*
S1lverSpo0nCo0n Monty (11 days ago)
Is there a longer version of just the first song playing?
Anny Cristal (11 days ago)
ai vc ta ouvindo esses sons, lendo fanfic e tomando café. Quando do nada " HHMMMM UHHUM IFOOD".... quebra a concentração/clima.
Chloe Bowen (11 days ago)
I love this music for writing
Amazing place to be
SonOfTheEvil (11 days ago)
I can‘t even use words to describe how happy it makes me to see so much positivity and cheerfulness happen in this comment section <3
Marie Lonjon (11 days ago)
i don't know what to do to feel better, even when i study for 3 hours straight i don't feel productive. Isn't sad?
Marie Lonjon (9 days ago)
@Esther Anawalt thanks, i'll try to do that <3. It's kinda easy to do actually, i have no excuses now :)
Esther Anawalt (9 days ago)
When I feel that way it really helps me to go for a run or play soccer. It just overall helps me to feel better about myself. Sometimes taking a break then coming back to something I was doing before helps as well.
asano yamamoto (11 days ago)
really chilling!!
H o p e (11 days ago)
why this don't have any sound?
lofi.tokyo (11 days ago)
How am I supposed to get any work done when I'm crying at every song?
sleepe_ (8 days ago)
No, please don't cry dear! It's okay... don't cry! We will be here for you and so will the music and people that follow you! 😊 So please, have a nice time on earth!
らびあです (11 days ago)
Candace Vaillette (11 days ago)
Like this. I work by myself at night and this is relaxing. Thankyou
Hien Nguyen (12 days ago)
*sending death threats back*
Peachy Chuu (12 days ago)
This reminds me of lazy, rainy Sundays with the one you love. Snuggled up in a blanket, hot chocolate, hearing only the rain, this music, and each others breathing.
sleepe_ (8 days ago)
That would sound like a nice thing to do! 🍒🍒

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