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3 HOUR LUCID DREAM Deluxe! Easy Instant Lucid Dreaming Music :LUCID SLEEP |Binaural Beats Meditation

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Caution! This is a powerful deep theta EASY LUCID DREAMING MUSIC with powerful theta binaural beats stimulation and epic theta realms ambient style sound design By Theta Realms Brainwave Sound Journeys. This is a 2 Hour 40 min Meditation sound journey that is powerful in stimulating lucid dreaming and deep inner awareness experiences for your exploration - Meditation is a wonderful sensation and your experience will be unique every time you listen to this track....New experiences are what brings so much value to these type of tracks and of course this is attributed to the sound design that perfectly works with brainwave entrainment. And also the unique brainwave settings contained within. New Deep Theta meditation from theta realms. You know what to expect....a deep atmo lucid dream inducing brainwave sound journey for your meditation and lucid dreaming needs. This deep meditation soundtrack series is a powerful tool for theta brainwave induction, brainwave synchronization, deep meditation, powerful relaxation, lucid dreaming, out of body perception, stress release, deep sleep ,vivid dreams, Lucid dreaming, body healing, Powerful stress reducer, Astral Travel, Guardian angel meditation,theta induction, Lucid dream method,deep relaxation, deep meditation, spiritual communication, 528 healing frequency, easy lucid dreams and the unknown sound healing properties that result from brainwave sound journeys created with care and a powerful intention to create a mass effect of consciousness development, awareness and self actualization of dreams and creative thought forms through the use of brainwave sound journeys. Just lay down and relax and let theta realms sound journeys guide you into a deep theta state where your personal inner journey is revealed to you through your deep and later waking states. ===================================================== Theta Realms brainwave sound journeys are powerful sound tools for people seeking to relax and explore deep mind states in meditative inner awareness sessions - Theta Realms Brainwave Sound Journeys achieves this by combining custom music with time tested and explored brainwave frequencies. EXPLORE YOUR THETA REALMS AND MAY YOUR DREAMS BE MET WITH YOUR HEARTS DESIRES AND FORMULATE INTO REALITY SO THAT YOU MAY LIVE YOUR LIFE TO BE THANKFUL OF EVERY MOMENT AND GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR JOURNEY - i TAKE THIS UPLOAD AS A CHANCE TO SHARE MY HEART AND SOUL WITH YOU AND HOPE THAT MY WORK CAN BRING YOU RELAXATION , BALANCE AND INNER EXPLORATION OF YOUR INNER SELF AND IMAGINATION. MR.THETA! Journey well - Theta Realms 2016 (c)
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Muaaz Kasker (1 day ago)
Fell asleep to this in the afternoon for 2 hours, went to sleep at night 6 hours later, then I had the most realistic lucid dream and I had my first experience of sleep paralysis, something else, honestly, so good
love and kisses (2 days ago)
Is this true?? Tell you honestly tomorrow..
Its a natural stimulating experience...no two people have the same results...use it as a tool not a means to an end
I_Am_Jade (9 days ago)
If my body such as hands and legs fall asleep in the process am I doing it right?
Thats a sign that the vibration is effective and you are able to tune into the rhythm. Its a grear hyper relaxing feeling and is a great feature of vibration music
didnt lucid dream but i did get a good sleep, really needed it
carlos diaz (11 days ago)
Lucid dream garantizado jajaja super
aristudio (16 days ago)
is this dangerous?
why? its just sound and rhythms - if you dont like how it makes you feel it might not be for you...its also multi purpose meditation like all of mine are. consider it like a sound massage on your brain...it will relax you and can induce dream states! nothing we dont have a natural ability to do...so not sure how...unless your driving a car...i would not use...or if you dont like how it makes you feel!
Black Tiger (21 days ago)
This track is phenomenal, so great that I had a transmission come to me, the best multiplayer game idea I've ever had, and it's an absolutely fantastic idea. I didn't have to think about anything it all just seems to have came to me. Thank you Theta Realms, God draws us all together for a reason, and I now know but one of the reasons your meditative binaural beats came to me. God bless you brother.
Yousif Abdulraheem (25 days ago)
This beat is scary af i couldnt sleep while listening it.
Scary? Ok well thanks
Jedi Mind (26 days ago)
can you make one with isochronic tones...can't go to sleep with headphones on
All my music is primed to work with out headphones. This is Original theta realms. Before there were others on YouTube i have been doing it good woth or without them. Standard quality
Notaname Financial (27 days ago)
It sounds good but it didn't give me a lucid dream
Notaname Financial (27 days ago)
Oh ok
Ok...its just a tool. Its not a push button solution for all people the same. Its normal to have different results based on individuals. Some people use to sleep...relax...it has other uses. And it is effective for lucid dreams for many people. Music like this is not a magic cure...but a rhythmic stimulation using sound. Thx
Ken (30 days ago)
God what a dream, I was at a bar having a beer when a women came over and asked my name. I told her all of a sudden there were reporters and flash cubes going off all around me like I was some kind of celebrity. They asked me to join them at another table, so I joined them. Next, a beautiful women came over and handed me a phone, on the line was the secretary to the Beach Boys. They wanted me to fly down to god only knows where so they could thank me and be an honored guest at some party. At this point I was starting to freak out as I told her on the phone I was half cut and didn't know what was going on and to call me in a couple of days when I sober up and that when I HANG-UP I was going to make a bolt for the door. Funny thing before I went to sleep I was thinking about how to stop the radiation leaks at the Fukushima plant in Japan, that's when I woke up. I have tried for years to get somebody to listen to my ideas to no avail all I want to do is save the world!!!
Jeff (1 month ago)
Well I fell asleep quicker than usual. I was quite impressed as this is probably the first audible stuff on youtube that actually works on me lol. But I didnt had any dreams.
Jeff (1 month ago)
does it work?
Chinese Symbol (1 month ago)
Some of the comments are bots
Like yours ?
Bri Hughes (1 month ago)
ok ive tried so many other videos like this, and this one worked for me the best!! had the weirdest dreams and the best sleep- when I woke up I could actually remember all the dreams I had 10/10 recommend
Schnauzer God (1 month ago)
I still see your shadow in my room!!!
+Jeff i would like to know also
Jeff (1 month ago)
I dont get this reference, why is everyone saying this
Schnauzer God (1 month ago)
Theta Realms - Binaural Beats Meditation Music LOL 😂
Not mine
random name (1 month ago)
I never had a lucid dream 😖
Six Gage (1 month ago)
This gave me a wet dream 😉
Six Gage (1 month ago)
+Theta Realms - Binaural Beats Meditation Music yes it actually was actually but sorry all late
Was it lucid? Because if not this video must be fake.lol
What do you guys think a worth follow up? i think so https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPzYq3JfZN8&t=2029s
DirtyGlok (1 month ago)
so I’m normally not one to comment. but I listened to this because I couldn’t sleep. I played it and seen it was only 3 hours which was cool because I had class in about 5. so I turn it on and was sleep in less than 5 minutes. I had the greatest dream of my life. it felt more like a spiritual dream rather than lucid dream. it had a plot and all and I can’t believe my brain produced such a dream. that was amazing. I’m not sure how this works but this really really works!
DirtyGlok (1 month ago)
and woke up 1:38:00. I was sleep for an hour and a half and had that great of a dream
Sneak FV (1 month ago)
I’m going in✌🏾😌gn everybody
journey well
Max B A (1 month ago)
This is actually my first time doing something like this & im not gonna lie I was so into it , everytimr I would think of something I would just feel a weigh on my chest . And I knew it but I just didn’t react to it . Probably one of the best feelings I’ve ever experience .
indeed a deep personal relaxing deep meditation using sound....there is nothing like it!
Ethan And Diamonds (1 month ago)
I still see your shadows in my room! I have these lucid dreams where I can’t move a thing thinking of u in my bed...
Reaper X (1 month ago)
Want tips to go sleep quick?? Well then masterbate, after that you will sleep like a baby lol. 🤨🤔🙄😏😊😌😴😴😴
Marco md (2 months ago)
I could do things i want why tho any help?
Marco md (2 months ago)
Wtf what i moved in my dream
ɴᴀᴜᴘᴀʀɪx (2 months ago)
People that are saying they got sleep paralysis don't do that cause, If someone reads that and does this music to get lucid, they will remember the comment and get a really bad nightmare. So people don't comment bad stuff.
PEOPLE SCARE EASY! and also always like to place their blame outside of themselves...they want to lucid dream...but get upset or mad at a bad dream...a dream is a dream...it can go both ways! often times i offer my thoughts but mostly time wasted as i never hear from these people again. i should consider deleting these comments because your right...most people do not know the power of their own minds...if they go into meditation with the belief that they might have this...they might have it! in this case it is important to remember who is boss in your mind YOU! remember this and nothing will ever scare you in your dreams or meditation! only awake in the human world we have to watch out for...the actions and wrong responses from our fellow humans
Nerdw0rld (2 months ago)
no joke, last night i was listening to this with headphone at my desk and all of a sudden i open my eyes and i was 50 mins into it.
Roderick Hulbert (2 months ago)
It works but it wasn't a good dream I woke up mad. I guess I was caught off guard an went with the dream instead of controling it but I had a strong rememberable dream wow . Are you serious.
YRNG RECORDS (2 months ago)
Nampkozlova (2 months ago)
Every time I realize I’m in the state where my body is asleep and my mind is awake I’m going into sleep paralysis and I hear high pitched scary sounds, lucid dreaming seems hard for me..
Eren Demirkiran (2 months ago)
Hey is it normal that im tering up while thinking about lucid dreaming while listening to this?
Eren Demirkiran (2 months ago)
+Theta Realms - Binaural Beats Meditation Music i dont know. All i remember is that i randomly started tearing up and i wasnt really happy or sad just normal
Not sure...good tears bad?
Galya Todorova (2 months ago)
Thank your for this. I had a crazy dream
IchbinSchalker (2 months ago)
I prefer videos when there is music matching with dynamic images for watching, because I feel that audio together with visual stimulation, work much better.
none of my videos are meant to be watched..
Priscilla Locke (2 months ago)
It worked for me two nights in a row! I realize I'm in a dream so I can control what it's happening! Thanks for doing this!
unoriginal_ (2 months ago)
do we have to close the lights? can we leave a bit of light on? Or does it have to be dark?
unoriginal_ (2 months ago)
Theta Realms - Binaural Beats Meditation Music ok thank u
Whatever way you you feel comfy doing...this is a tool....use it how you see fit😎
Shoukanju 04 (2 months ago)
Now i feel like i was in heaven. I don't want to sleep but my eyes want. 😨
Shoukanju 04 (2 months ago)
I am also scared because i often have a scary dream. I hope my dream would be awesome tonight.
Shoukanju 04 (2 months ago)
I feel kinda scared but i also want to have a lucid dream. Dang it.
unoriginal_ (1 month ago)
Meica tbh same... like a few days ago I kept on telling myself to like don’t be afraid but then lik I just overthink and I can’t stop yknow getting scared? So I didn’t do it:(
Meica (1 month ago)
+unoriginal_ jezz i had strong inner fear, and sometimes its uncontrollable
unoriginal_ (2 months ago)
Shoukanju 04 same but if you don’t scary dreams don’t think of scary things cause you’ll most likely have one if you keep on thinking about scary ones
Goldslaya5 (2 months ago)
I still see your shadows in my room
jay jay is awesome (2 months ago)
goldslaya5 yasss
Abi Talent (2 months ago)
very cool and relaxing ..i m trying this now...i hope it will work but i will still try knowing that this cannot work exactly from the first time😁😁❤
Roy Backer (2 months ago)
I want to use this but i am so scared of having a really bad dream
I do my best to share my experience. Plus this is my art so o care. Second people deserve someone to care. Its not easy sometimes as i get personal request. Basically i do my best. Journey well always
Roy Backer (2 months ago)
Theta Realms - Binaural Beats Meditation Music thanks i admire the fact of you reacting to almost everyone
Dreams or bad dreams can simply be suppressed thoughts or feelings if facing them doesnt kill or hurt anyone and my be a way to face them. Thus making all bad dreams go away
Jake the Astronaut (2 months ago)
This sounds like something you'd hear on a airplane at night (during flight of course), but anyway, is this legit, and I'm very scared I'm going to randomly get Earraped
Ice SnowFlake (2 months ago)
Guys, I need help. Are we supposed to lay down, dont move, and keep our mind awake while listening to this or what? Because Iv'e been listening to this, and I keep adjusting my body to be comfortable. I couldn't fall asleep so I just turned it off. Any tips? 😕
Ice SnowFlake (1 month ago)
+unoriginal_ Ok, thank you! Finally someone replied.
unoriginal_ (2 months ago)
Ice SnowFlake well..don’t move so much be in a comfortable position and focus on ur breathing and if u have an urge to itch just ignore it and like just focus and don’t fall asleep
Eric Rodriguez De Jesus (2 months ago)
If wanna lucid dream so I can remember the beauty of the places that I dream modified versions of places I already visited or new places entirely.
Cøugar (2 months ago)
Me gusta le música! 😁
Elle Koopatroopa (2 months ago)
I was only able to lucid dream for a little while. I could fly, but I couldn't control certain things.
Connor Finck (2 months ago)
after listening last night i did not lucid dream, but i dreamed about me watching a plane fall out of the sky and when it crashed, pieces of the plane started flying at me and i woke up. Very strange
i'll be your knight (2 months ago)
my mind is telling me nooo but my body my body is telling yess
arreaga's angel (4 days ago)
I- 💀💀💀
LbRomeo (2 months ago)
i hope i am in my lucid dream for a good couple of days
Paige Daniel (2 months ago)
Jerrel Reyes (2 months ago)
Wtf I started listening to this and I thought this was fake but then about 30 mins later o felt like I was about to pass out or something but it was weird
this is to be enjoyed laying down with eyes closed...not sitting there listening
AlisaBosconovich (3 months ago)
So I laid down flat on my bed trying too induce sleep paralysis and this was the closest I’ve gotten to lucid dreaming. I actually ended up having a dream about laying in my bed trying to have a lucid dream. A few times I woke up, but not sure if I woke up in my dream or IRL but I felt STRONG vibrations. I’m not sure if I induced sleep paralysis IRL or in my dream, the whole thing was so weird
AlisaBosconovich (3 months ago)
So how do I lucid dream the next time I do this? Thanks
Most people dont want sleep paralysis. You felt effect brainwave entrainment and pulsations and simply tuned in to it. And accessing altered states of focus
Jackobot (3 months ago)
Let’s go for this, first time
jeepers (3 months ago)
HoW much do I have to listen to??.
as much as you need...before bed or during sleep
Dom and Stina (3 months ago)
I listened to this and I was literally stuck in a dream inside of a dream. Sounds weird but that’s what happened 😳🤯
Jeff (1 month ago)
Dom and Stina It happened to me many years ago. I was aware that I was stuck in a dream of a dream lol.
Dem0nkez Gaming (3 months ago)
I use this to go to sleep but never have I been able to lucid dream :(
sorry you have no luck..but there can be other elements at play! explore my channel...not all channels on youtube deliver the goods you know...titles...well there are many that do it better....but effective stimulation of dream states! this is the place. But perhaps you need something to free your mind
•LsbnJsis • (3 months ago)
Is this safe? I know I sound like a wuss but this stuff is all very new to me, and I don't wanna do something I'll regret
Meica (1 month ago)
+Theta Realms - Binaural Beats Meditation Music is it safe if we have problem with strong inner fear like me, even my psychologic doctor's was struggle
+•LsbnJsis • it is after only a rhythmic pulse...somehow we have the ability to tune into any rhythm...just this one deals with deep states of focus and for some the feeling is so new it scares them. As for dreams...they can go any way...lol sometimes people blame my music for a bad dream...no one ever in these cases considers that what they saw or felt was their own...and they got a good focused insight using a powerful tool... Its not the music that creates dreams or visions...its the people...they are the magic that can tune into altered states naturally with sound vibration...its in us
•LsbnJsis • (2 months ago)
+Theta Realms - Binaural Beats Meditation Music true very true, ok I'm going in✌️
is life safe? never really is is it...explore without fear and you might grow and learn something. but if you have doubts do not explore...this isnt like drugs you knew...where you have to fear horrid side effects and withdrawals...its just sound
PhantomForce88 (3 months ago)
Play it at .25x% and really hear each wave individually. Whoa. Trippy.
Danny Lafian (1 month ago)
Wayne Leong (1 month ago)
Dude Satan is whispering in my ear 13:50
Kai Kretschmar (2 months ago)
Yeahiii thats my sound xD craazy
McRascal (3 months ago)
PhantomForce88 fucking hell. LOOOOL
UltimateTroll (3 months ago)
i didnt sleep today because i was too focused on the music
Robert Rabago (3 months ago)
Wait do we have to watch too the end
no - watching is a waist of time...lie down and close your eyes and relax
Kimmy Colden (3 months ago)
my mind stays awake for like an hour and i still didnt get any lucid dream, can anyone help me?
Kimmy Colden (3 months ago)
Theta Realms - Binaural Beats Meditation Music yes, i lay down, closed my eyes, get the room as dark as possible, listening to the beats without any outside noise. but i can feel my body become light, my mind stays awake but i still didnt get any lucid dream. do you have any tips?
DID YOU LIE DOWN? did you close your eyes...did you try it how it was meant to be used...before sleep?
Speed o sound Sonic (3 months ago)
I keep almost falling asleep and then I realize I’m almost asleep and then can’t bridge the gap of dream and reality.
it happens...patients and practice
Jayveerh White (3 months ago)
Trying to have my first lucid dream wish me luck 🤞🏾
they often just happen with the right elements! hopefully my sound tools will help you gain what you seek! also remember this is a good meditation on its own...even if no lucid dreams happen..there is much more potential awesomeness
Sky Moon (3 months ago)
Sometimes I feel like my brain try’s to keep me awake or something because as I start to drift my brain somehow makes me open my eyes.. I hate it haha. I’m trying to control that
Daystar (1 month ago)
I wish you luck! ^_~
MajesticRose (4 months ago)
ok im confused, do you listen to this for a certain amout of time and close it and go to sleep, or listen to it and fall asleep to it
why not explore it? there is no real rule...this is a tool! a powerful tool but a tool..use it how you need...you can have it play while you sleep or listen to 30 min before bed and go to sleep
kittastica (4 months ago)
do i just have to listen to this and meditate and i'll have a lucid dream? i dont need to do the wake back to sleep method?
My name is (4 months ago)
Lol, this worked for me, although I had anxiety and a bit scared as it started to work, i had that body reaction where your body jumps to try and wake you up, I had an erotic dream, lol, I was having sex with a woman.. Question, should I be able to control the dream? Cause I didn't have a total say on what was happening. This is my first experience and worked first time. I felt a little strain on my head though, like a headache, and some heavyness in my chest and like I was being sucked from my body, and a reluctance for me to go where it wanted. I'm not an expert, is this all normal? Hope I wasn't having sex with a demon and having my brain scrambled.
Jет кхпg (1 month ago)
Ok lets get this straight, sleep paralysis is only a demonic spiritual attack if you see a demon. If you just feel a heavy feeling on your chest, that is YOUR brain paralyzing YOU to prevent you from doing the things in real life. So in your case, your brain is preventing you from fucking everyone in the real world.
My name is (2 months ago)
+Elle Koopatroopa I won't be doing this ever again lol..
Elle Koopatroopa (2 months ago)
+My name is sleep paralysis is a demonic attack. I always got them all the time. I just would ask Jesus for help and then I would get up.
My name is (3 months ago)
I had bad sleep for 1 week after doing this, I couldn't sleep, kept waking up sweating every few minutes, with crazy dreams, it was terrible.
Speed o sound Sonic (3 months ago)
My name is Sleep paralysis?
StrongandWomanly (4 months ago)
I don't suppose anyone will buy me a pair of sleepphones?
Sam Goodman (4 months ago)
Day 1: no dreams
Jonthecool YT (4 months ago)
Can you make one for men that makes theme have lucid dreams but there female in theme with a mindset and personality
Neion (4 months ago)
Nice. Love this one
The Rob TV (4 months ago)
I've had 3 lucids with this.
GUYS UNDER THE CITY (4 months ago)
This is prob so fake .
beyondtheshiteu (4 months ago)
GUYS UNDER THE CITY yeah, so fake that I smacked you in my dream. believe it or not, but you'll miss everything if you think it's fake
Certainly fake...
Ameliasays (4 months ago)
Im going in❤️Wish me luck x. 1 day:Nothing happens😂 2 day:Got a good night sleep🧠 3:Had a weird dream bout fortnite👋 4:I almost controlled my dream but woke up☹️ 5:Had a lucid dream❤️!!! Would recommend Having a sleep journal by you and writing your dreams so you remember and also every hour point at something and say out loud what u want to change it to as in:A ball or A cake 🍰 Then when u dream try do that and then it might change to what u imagine🧘🏼‍♂️
jay jay is awesome (2 months ago)
Ameliasays did you get a victory royale?
beyondtheshiteu (4 months ago)
please keep updating c:
Sour Apple (4 months ago)
Omg wtf wtf wtf this actually works omg !!!!!!
its a good meditation:)
dino6976 (4 months ago)
Sometimes I feel like I forget to breathe...and don't know how long it's been since my last breath.
WILL2 TRILL (4 months ago)
Does this only work at night ?
MOSTLY YES - but can be used as a day time meditation for releasing stress...and healing - many applications
Vortex gamer (4 months ago)
Welp, it made me *yawn* RIP 2 hours of doing nothing
oh no 2 whole hours?
Austin Willis (4 months ago)
Am I the only one who struggles to get to this point in my sleep?
EM-B! (5 months ago)
Love it! MS . EM-B! Says!.... xoxo xx 🖤
The Rob TV (5 months ago)
Had a lucid from this. thanks
Potato Tomato (5 months ago)
Nothing happened.
Potato Tomato (5 months ago)
OK, I’m going to try this and tomorrow I will comment how this went...🤔
Potato Tomato (2 months ago)
Didn’t work for shit 😑
Roy Backer (2 months ago)
the Riddler Reyna and how did it go haha
Panzer VII Löwe (5 months ago)
I lose sense of bodily self. I don't remember where my arms are, but I can't fall alseep.
Andy Anime (5 months ago)
Is there a download to this?
Who Dis (5 months ago)
So how does this work? Like while I’m hearing this do I try to sleep until I get into the lucid dream? Someone explain please I’m clueless :/
beyondtheshiteu (4 months ago)
If you want a really good dream you should: - meditate (optional, but always helpful) - plan what you'll do in the dream - put this on with earbuds/headphones - cover your eyes with a light t-shirt or a sleeping mask ( to make sure no light passes through, but you don't have to if you're sure it's dark enough) -STAY STILL, DO NOT ITCH OR ROLL OVER, relax your body - close your eyes and focus on a certain part (even though you'll only see darkness, but it's important!) - sometime later you are going to see some lights or colors, but do not focus on them only the one point - when you think you have passed to the dream, do a reality check ( finger through palm, counting fingers, holding your nose, checking surroundings, try to float etc.) - don't ask your dream to show something scary!! you can ask questions, but like something cute or happy, positive things y'know - try not to get TOO excited, you'll most likely to wake up - do something uncommon, like what you can't do in real life - enjoy - when you wake up, try to write everything down you remember. This will make you lucid dream more often -try it often
it is just a brainwave meditation...gets you into a theta state and when enjoyed before sleep can have potential lucid dreaming experiences later in the night or even while in meditation. still know that the person is the most important part so experiences differ from person to person. do not watch the video...lie down and relax and explore.
Jj Marsh (5 months ago)
I have been having trouble dreaming in general, after the first time listening to this while I slept gave me the most amazing dream that I still remember. Thanks.
Jет кхпg (1 month ago)
Jj Marsh Same but it happened the day after I listened to it..
TheCoinDiva PR (6 months ago)
I don't think so, this is scary
well i cant control what people feel or think about my music...what else can i really say:) bless
TheCoinDiva PR (6 months ago)
Theta Realms - Brainwave Sound Journeys That's the attitude, accepting my comments make you so Brite like the sunshine. But for me who lives by my self and playing this at 1:30 am it is. 😂😂😂😂😂 It is 4:35 now in Chicago, let me give it a try now. Lol Keep it up. Be bless.😍! Nap time
ok thanks....lol
Ozi OMG (6 months ago)
How long should I listen to it, for having effects?
Ozi OMG (4 months ago)
+beyondtheshiteu Thanks pal, I'll try it to night. Cheers!
beyondtheshiteu (4 months ago)
the whole video idk depends If you want a really good dream you should: - meditate (optional, but always helpful) - plan what you'll do in the dream - put this on with earbuds/headphones - cover your eyes with a light t-shirt or a sleeping mask ( to make sure no light passes through, but you don't have to if you're sure it's dark enough) -STAY STILL, DO NOT ITCH OR ROLL OVER, relax your body - close your eyes and focus on a certain part (even though you'll only see darkness, but it's important!) - sometime later you are going to see some lights or colors, but do not focus on them only the one point - when you think you have passed to the dream, do a reality check ( finger through palm, counting fingers, holding your nose, checking surroundings, try to float etc.) - don't ask your dream to show something scary!! you can ask questions, but like something cute or happy, positive things y'know - try not to get TOO excited, you'll most likely to wake up - do something uncommon, like what you can't do in real life - enjoy - when you wake up, try to write everything down you remember. This will make you lucid dream more often -try it often
abdulla ali (6 months ago)
im doing it tonight , wish me good luck . hope it work ......... any1 there did it by listening to that ?
Joshua Orville (6 months ago)
If I don’t see something fucking interesting or exciting in the next week to give me hope I swear it’s fucking over for me. Wish me luck
Markeon Art (6 months ago)
My gosh... I only listened it for 15 minutes, and i saw in a second a white light and i felt... Really weird I started to panic, and my heart was beating faster I was semi awake but i woke up I was too scared O_O
Mobile Master (6 months ago)
Mark - Flarewave sleep paralysis
Dust Link (6 months ago)
Is this dangerous?
not at all...just might not be for everyone
Moneybag Pbg (6 months ago)
Wish me luck I’m going in lol
Crimson Light (6 months ago)
Wow i love that sound in the beggining sounds like some electric guitar or something
GhoSty Sk8rb00 (6 months ago)
Wow! This totally worked. After no memorable dreams the last couple nights, this helped me fall asleep and lucid dream. I dreamt about having a little pet mouse and then seeing a bathtub full of colorful fish. Now after waking, I'm also feeling well rested, whereas normally I'm still tired. Thank you SO much and keep up the awesome work. I really appreciate this. Subbed and liked!! 👍😴🌠🌛💗
Tiki (7 months ago)
lucid dreams hurt.
beyondtheshiteu (4 months ago)
Tiki ????
christian (7 months ago)
Calum McColl (7 months ago)
thank you so much I've just started listening to your stuff and it's helping me immensely! ! you are a genius 😊 xx

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