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how to impress anybody (portrait photography hacks) photography poses for girls ONETAKE PHOTOGRAPHY

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| ------------------------ONETAKE_PHOTOGRAPHY--------------------------| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | CINEVERSE PRODUCATION | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZuhK1igTyQTaGzryW_rlNg --------------------- rahul sharma producation https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd556GOIE_htehBqWT4-w1w --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gears are used in this video :- for photography- 1) Nikon D5200 2) Lenses used : 50 mm 1.8 85 mm 1.8 for cinematography- 1) Canon 80D 2) lenses used : 50 mm 1.8 35 mm 1.4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song: KSMK X FAL - Together (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music. video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZrMT1LYuiI ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WE ARE MAKING VIDEO RELATED PHOTOGRAPHY If you are interested in to do photoshoot & video_shoot with us contact us at || 9076374046 -- 9920652610 || ONE_TAKE OFFICIAL PAGE https://www.facebook.com/VBHOUSEMINIPRODUCATION/ https://www.instagram.com/onetake_photography/?hl=en
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Text Comments (31)
Ashok Kumar (1 month ago)
Nice photography bro
Rubi Das (2 months ago)
Kya ap mera ek photo shoot karenge plzplzplzplzpzplzplz
Er. Raman mehra (5 months ago)
Bhai Chandigarh kb aa rahe?
Deep Art Studio (6 months ago)
nice kadak photografy ki hai bhaiiiii
Priyanka Chaudhari (6 months ago)
Zoya Shaikh (6 months ago)
lucky shah (6 months ago)
Boys ka kb upload hoga video
Devendra Uranw (6 months ago)
awesome dude//// khaa gayab hogaye the itne din se
Dhälêñdrä Bagh (6 months ago)
Jugnu Photostudio (6 months ago)
photoshop editing tutorial uplod plz
Fabian Vallejos (6 months ago)
So cool we have the same tipe of videos! I hope you like them and you can subscribe 💜😎
Shubham Dahayat (6 months ago)
We want boys photography Poses Vaibhav Bhai Boys K Sath Bhi New type ka content dalo na plz....
atharva padhye (6 months ago)
Gears you are using in this video
jitesh ahir (6 months ago)
How to editing photos
Vlogger Priyanka (6 months ago)
Gameing with Raj (6 months ago)
Awesome video
Ps Editz (6 months ago)
Lens kya Hai 50mm 1.8
Ps Editz (6 months ago)
Kya photoshot karte ho amazing
Ps Editz (6 months ago)
Wa bhai Maan Gaye
Pradnya Pillewar (6 months ago)
After so many days...the video is fantabulous & sexy 😍 as usual...keep it up....the strating background music was annoying ..remaining 👌👌👌❤❤❤
Rahul Sharma Photography (6 months ago)
*Amazing video* *Keep it up* ❤️
Kawsar Ahmed Joy (6 months ago)
Bhai boys ka Video kab daloga
Kawsar Ahmed Joy (6 months ago)
Bhai bohat din bat video dhekno ko mila..
nikhil Kodape (6 months ago)
Jalde video dalo na bhii
Gobinda Hansda (6 months ago)
I really miss you ...... BHAI....
Gobinda Hansda (6 months ago)
Bhai Kitna din bab
kalpesh kathar (6 months ago)
Nice bhai
Akash Mane (6 months ago)
nice bhailog!!!
Rohan Pinjan (6 months ago)
Background sound yetu
Rk Patnaik (6 months ago)
Cs6 use krtw ho ki kon sa sir ji.....Mujhe sikhaoge edit krna

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