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Lil Peep - Awful Things ft. Lil Tracy (Official Video)

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The Official "Awful Things" video, from ‘Come Over When You're Sober (Pt. 1)’ OUT NOW http://lilpeep.lnk.to/sober Produced by Smokesac and IIVI Video Directed by Sus Boy & Nick Koenig, Produced by Daniel Ostroff Director of Photography, C.J. Brion. Story by Olivia Stiglich, Creative Consultant, Graeme Barrett http://twitter.com/lilpeep http://instagram.com/lilpeep http://soundcloud.com/lil_peep http://facebook.com/lilpeepmusic LYRICS Bother me, tell me awful things You know I love it when you do that Helps me get through this without you (X2) Bother me, tell me awful things You know I love it when you move that on me Love it when you do that on me You like attention I find it obvious She makes it obvious for me She feels the tension It’s just the two of us It’s just the two of us tonight Burn me down til I’m nothing but memories I get it girl (I get it girl) I get it girl Burn me down til I’m nothing but memories I get it girl (I get it girl) I’m not the one Bother me, tell me awful things You know I love it when you do that Helps me get through this without you Bother me, tell me awful things You know I love it when you move that on me Love it when you do that on me Don’t you turn your back on me Let your teardrops fall on me Speeding away The city in the rearview Heart racing whenever I’m near you Goth boi jumpin’ off stage Carry me away, carry me away Burn me down til there’s nothing left I would scream your name With my last breath Take off your favorite dress Lay your head on my chest Diamonds rubies and gems You can have all of them Bother me, tell me awful things You know I love it when you do that Helps me get through this without you Bother me, tell me awful things You know I love it when you move that on me Love it when you do that on me
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Text Comments (136235)
Dako (4 minutes ago)
Miss You Peep 😪😢
Matthew (30 minutes ago)
Lil peep😭
Яннна Пляченко (45 minutes ago)
I will love you 4ever,RIP, little Peep❤
Daddy .squints (6 hours ago)
July 21 🙈
ΦιΖ (9 hours ago)
just came here to say that i miss u.
Babic (10 hours ago)
Dont be sad he died, Be glad he was born!
JackRuinsEverything (11 hours ago)
T0ms0n (13 hours ago)
i miss him much (*)
Aarian Khan (13 hours ago)
Narek Hambardzumyan (14 hours ago)
0:04 why he died
Сим Бад (14 hours ago)
Почему у этого клипа меньше просмотров чем у Save That Shit? Мне будто Awful Things еще больше цепляет.
I'm stupid eee
I BUYCANS (16 hours ago)
Dude I am so tired of trying to make my life something that it’s not! And Peep makes me feel like that’s ok.
Topsky Pavel (16 hours ago)
1:05 best part
ً (17 hours ago)
this the first lil peep song i heard before he died 2 weeks after i remember in that it was rainy and i cried most of the night to this song
Los Blogs de Dixer (21 hours ago)
VATOX (21 hours ago)
2:44 A normal day in GTA Online
Cade Taylor (21 hours ago)
Cade Taylor (21 hours ago)
F for respects
karol bochenek (22 hours ago)
Mała Wredotka (23 hours ago)
Mr. Lord (1 day ago)
Drugged idiot
Its Aviate (1 day ago)
This song will always stay in my heart❤
Peyton Brahl (1 day ago)
fuck lil peep he's trash
Peyton Brahl (4 hours ago)
@Advanced because in all of his videos/interviews/leaked videos he was hunky fucking dory and his childhood wasn't bad at all according to him
Advanced (4 hours ago)
@Peyton Brahl who are you to claim that lmao do research before claiming shit
Peyton Brahl (10 hours ago)
@Die Ehrensklavin saying he was depressed when he really wasn't
Peyton Brahl (10 hours ago)
@Advanced he didnt have a mental illness he just said he was depressed for attention
d d (1 day ago)
You got the nerve to have a hot dog and one eye symbolism? Fuck you
Prakasit (1 day ago)
love lilpeep🖤
Moises Huerta (1 day ago)
Eased (1 day ago)
What a beautiful work of art. Song and video this is just amazing.
Gracie Hampton (1 day ago)
the green screen lmao 😂
theblackslcmamba (1 day ago)
Bother me with your awful things
Rannielly Martins (1 day ago)
Quem. Usa. Drogas. É. Broxa.
Oliwia 24 (1 day ago)
I Love this song sm💔💔💔
Camille Vick (1 day ago)
mas era lindo
Maurikisss5 PRO (1 day ago)
Algun espeñol o soy el unico |■~■|
vini 2040 (1 day ago)
(2017 rip peep , 2018 rip xxx)
Dwayne Rowe (1 day ago)
Burn me down till I’m nothing but memories 🔥🔥🔥🤘🏽🤘🏽
ahmed kadry (1 day ago)
The best vibe ever
Thei2ealShoun 7 (1 day ago)
see you in paradise
wade wilson (1 day ago)
You know what: just by looking at this video you can see this kid has emotional issues ok, he needs fkn help even when youre just pretending to set yourself on fire you need help that way of thinking is not healthy. So what happened - instead of helping him, the industry glorified it! Gave him a record deal said "do more of that! Yeah kid fuck yourself up! Its great! Here take some pills! You want coke? Here's a whole pile snort that shit up!" And we all bought into that image and encouraged that whole behavior and fed the machine until it destroyed this poor kid. And now we're all like "oh my god what a tragedy! My heart is broken!" Well you dont get to say that now - you dont get to participate in killing someone and then say what a tragedy it is when he dies. You all supported this behavior, you all supported the record label that put this shit out, and you wanted more and more of it, and now he's dead. Thanks to you. It's supply and demand people - if you didnt buy it, this kid may be alive today. He needed help. Instead he got pushed in the opposite direction and we all aided in his self destruction. We dont get the priviledge to mourn for him now. We should be seeking forgiveness and redemption instead. So next time when you see a person in distress, instead of living vicariously through their pain, realize that theyre just a human being who needs help. And help them in any way that you can.
Die Ehrensklavin (20 hours ago)
Skate_deluxe lo (1 day ago)
R. I. P. legend elijah gustav ahr❤💜
ROCKBOX (1 day ago)
peep and x... why?
Introducez (1 day ago)
R I P < 3
Sanselpro 8000 (1 day ago)
Nicolás Villate (1 day ago)
Hola I love you Lil peep:3 Soy de Colombia.
Łøȿt (2 days ago)
overdue taxes (2 days ago)
Заебал когда новые треки?
Текста Песен когда в гробу перевернешься
PEW PEW (2 days ago)
Sad AMV :'v (2 days ago)
The good Charlotte version is better
Denis (2 days ago)
0:25 drugs are bad why the xanax exists😥
chakhinia galbraith (2 days ago)
I know you f****** for me coming over here sleeping with us a f****** with us and f****** up or apply finish it you're that demon always focused up every f****** night who disrespected and take her f****** money while I'm tired of that s*** you not going to f****** just like f***** her up I'm not going to let that happen to me I'm tired of the b******* and I hate you and I'm never going to f****** change y'all are just people and nothing else but why the f*** are you groping me I told that b**** to get the f*** on my face and tell that b**** to get out my f****** body I don't know why the fuk she's attached to me and get these f****** phone is up your ass off for me get your f****** friends off of me
Diana Elijah Ar (2 days ago)
my little PIP
UndyingAnivia (2 days ago)
drugs ruin lives
Vero González (2 days ago)
Soy la única que habla español aquí🔥🙌❤️
kevin Mendoza (2 days ago)
Eduardo Ray (2 days ago)
Bro :"(
Jennifer Jung (2 days ago)
He's such cutie
Ktech 36 (2 days ago)
XMONTANA (2 days ago)
Lil peep inspired me a lot to start making my own music thank you peep i love you so much
Ryan Lopez (2 days ago)
TRN all in (2 days ago)
hi july 2019
chakhinia galbraith (2 days ago)
Wasn't talking about get your newest friend the form of Menthol for me get your f****** foreigners
chakhinia galbraith (2 days ago)
She fucking ip my so as you
chakhinia galbraith (2 days ago)
Go get the f*** off my head and then go get your b**** too
Я плачу
UWUTrunks (2 days ago)
Fluffy *
UWUTrunks (2 days ago)
I love this song fully :)
Diamond Nicks (2 days ago)
Ser7 nunni (2 days ago)
я здесь
Minda Llanes (2 days ago)
Try 1.25x
Dakota Estes (3 days ago)
Peep should of quit the drugs
10 seconds of life (3 days ago)
2:12 can . i loved you love you ‘ll love you
sandika parwataa (3 days ago)
Alessandro Mejia (3 days ago)
Damn I remember I was here @900k,1 million and 6 million also 10million
Мы все проебали,челик нахуя ты погиб🙁
DED (3 days ago)
check THIS DUDE OUT https://youtu.be/5WOzFnHkNss
Tayteen (3 days ago)
miss you i hope ur up there...
LOST MORTO (3 days ago)
battle tv (3 days ago)
where she got that dress from lol #lovelilpeep
moralim bozuk (3 days ago)
reltih h (3 days ago)
V:: emm el vídeo la verdad es una puta mierda xd no se es mi opinión es muy idiota v: pos me esta empezado a gustar lil Pepa pero qsy v: alta mierda sjjss
KAL!N [HB] (3 days ago)
rip young legend Miss u more than anything 💔
?????????????? (3 days ago)
0:24 crazy how he died from them 😔
Avian Springer (3 days ago)
Love you brother. No more pain.. no more sadness. 💙 when you have time look down and see the legacy you created! You will see the hearts and minds of all you touched! 🌍🎵💙 rest beautifully. You will never be forgotten...
Mya Reyes (3 days ago)
'take off your favorite dress' 'lay your head on my chest' 'diamonds, rubies, and gems' 'you can have all of them' rip baby.
scarlett bomber (3 days ago)
te extraño gusssssssssssss 😭
hrbercrhz (3 days ago)
this video is almost 2 years old
Astro Vlogs (3 days ago)
Why are there so many dislikes this is peeps best song
Josethevroski (4 days ago)
People always comment “are y’all still listening to peep in 2019”like if you are a true fan you know that you will always listen to peep
· vxbes · (4 days ago)
Why lil peep died?
n0x1 1love (4 days ago)
Если честно здесь он какой-то гандон а не школьник
Kay Carlson (4 days ago)
First comment of 2019 aaaaa
Advanced (19 hours ago)
Doubt it lol
POBIJ IH SVE (4 days ago)
Miss you Peep, never forgotten!
Alivia General (4 days ago)
This song cheers me up wen I'm sad idk why but rip lil peep ur fans love u<3<3<3
iDontGotAnyDrip (2 days ago)
Uno reverse
Marcio Herick (4 days ago)
To com depressão me ajudem pfvr 😭😭
Magnani (4 days ago)
Qual foi

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