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13 BIGGEST Houses

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13 BIGGEST Houses From mansions to palaces to crazy people who got money in ways we don't understand these are the 13 BIGGEST Houses. Antilla is the name of a giant futuristic mansion in Mumbai, India and is the first billion dollar residential home to ever exist. It was commissioned by the world’s fifth richest man Mukesh Ambani, who is the owner of the biggest company in India, Reliance Industries. Mukesh’s 27 story mansion towers above the surrounding apartment high-rises and comes complete with a cinema complex, helipads, a health center, and hanging garden. Hala Ranch is a 95 acre estate just north of Aspen, Colorado in the Rocky mountains. Hala Ranch originally belonged to a Saudi Prince named Bandar bin Sultan before it was purchased by an American hedge fund manager named John Paulson.10 years ago Hala Ranch was the most expensive estate ever listed in the U.S., priced at $135 million dollars in 2006. 135 million seems like a fair price for a 56,000 square foot area that trumps the White House in size. 50 Poplar Hill Drive, in Farmington Connecticut is the address of 50 Cent’s crazy crib. His 51, 567 square foot mansion comes complete with all the amenities any rapper could need: 21 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, an indoor pool, a gym, a basketball court, a green screen studio, a recording studio, and an underground disco room complete with stripper poles. This pimped out mansion is as lavish as they come but has unfortunately cost 50 cent more than a million and has spiraled him into bankruptcy. The Manor, also known as the Spelling Manor named after its previous owners, now belongs to a British heiress named Petra Ecclestone. The Manor is a 56,500 square foot estate in the posh neighborhood of Holmby Hills, California. Previously the most expensive home in America priced at 125, million dollars, it was sold at the low low price of 85 million to the heiress. The Hearst Estate is a huge property that spans several hundred acres and includes a huge ranch and a herd of zebras. The property is actually made up of one main house and several smaller guest houses. Casa Grande, the main house is 65,000 square feet, with the other houses amassing a total of more than 10,000 square feet. This huge house has seen many celebrity guests and has famously been used as a backdrop in the Godfather films. Although originally a residence for the Hearst family, it was registered as a California State Park in 1957 and has been open for tourists to visit since.
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Timothy Foster (12 hours ago)
Live a nice life,heaven on earth
Timothy Foster (12 hours ago)
Monday (15 hours ago)
Get higher quality pics. Too many pixels
312vandal (1 day ago)
Lmfao trump's mansion was sold to a russian...😂😂😂😂
312vandal (1 day ago)
I thought half a dollar was "broke" 😂
Kevin Parrish (2 days ago)
The family that owns the most expensive house ever built doesn't live in it because they fear they will bring bad luck on themselves? Makes me sick.
MICHAEL DAMATO (3 days ago)
I wish nothing but misery, and death, to all that need places like that to live in, how many lives are wasted for that sort of disgusting wealth to exist. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Bin Dardundat (4 days ago)
Antilla is just bizarre, but ide love to tour it
Kiran Kumar (5 days ago)
How much time it takes to clean the house ones???????
William Clauss (6 days ago)
That number 5 on the list of the Pensmore castle is NOT in Montana . It is south of Springfield Missouri. I live 20 miles from it in Branson Missouri.
Nancy Larson (8 days ago)
Why would you need 11 kitchens?
shamna ka (8 days ago)
0:50 the way he pronounced "vasthu shastram" had me laughing😂
imCalebb (10 days ago)
Imagine losing your phone in one of the top 2 houses.
L C (11 days ago)
Chateau Pensmore is south of Springfield, Missouri....not Montana.
jayna reynolds (12 days ago)
You called Donald Trump "notorious". Therefore, I call you a sniveling little cocksucker bitch.
MaryBeth Rowland (12 days ago)
Is the versailles remake in america not in here? Def shoukd ve! Oop there it is!!!
Paul Olone (14 days ago)
And that's why 50 cents is called 50 cents because he spent all of his money on a house and his posse
Rizon (14 days ago)
1% of the population own 50% of the worlds wealth. One day we will come for them.
Global News (15 days ago)
the narrator's voice is so annoying and irritating I could only watch a few minutes
matty mc (16 days ago)
50 just sold that house
wendy w (16 days ago)
An 8 thousand sq ft master bedroom, What!? I’m trying to imagine what that looks like. How far is the master bathroom from the bed cause that could be a problem in the middle of the night.
Raudy Garcia (16 days ago)
Just an observation since I live about 20 minutes from Pensmore Mansion it’s in Missouri not Montana..
Anders Hebekk (16 days ago)
So basically they are all cunts just caring about showing off. Sultans and hedgefund manager this video sums up all that is wrong with the world!
Charles Mc Gonagle (17 days ago)
at least half of these are empty
Your Hero (17 days ago)
I'm just working to pay $500 for my monthly rent. And I'm pretty happy with it ☺️
Axxx Hxxx (18 days ago)
Who gives a shit about your opinion on Donald Trump. Why would you have to add that in unless you are an asshole. You didnt comment on others like that or call them "notorious". Didn't mention all of 50 cent's baby mamas or all the bad things Aaron spelling has done.
Jacquelyne Puff (18 days ago)
It’s amazing to me that people actually live like this when there are so many homeless people in the world, so much poverty. If the lived just a fraction less opulent life styles, war veterans and mentally ill folks could live adequate lives. It wouldn’t take much downsizing.
charlotte c (19 days ago)
Jeese there's people Homeless and struggling because they are poor [mainly due to their governments actions] Meanwhile all the ones with wealth are spending just for greed and power. Sad times. Not surprised Trump was in there, and number 1 Brunei...please what is he hiding really??
new guy (20 days ago)
I just eat ass
Eugene Danker (20 days ago)
Aren't we over the lifestyles of the rich and famous by now? It's 2019, people.
So What? (22 days ago)
Notorious Donald Trump? This channel is butthurt from taking too much dick in the asshole.
Icce Argator (26 days ago)
Just look up Villa Hügel (Essen) for example
BobShlob (28 days ago)
TBH if I had a fuck ton of money I would probably buy a normal house cause I wouldn't use 80% of that shit
Donna McNeill (29 days ago)
I grew up in a town that has a mixture of income levels. We had only one high school, so of course, there was pressure to fit in. I use to wish that I could be like those that lived in the big houses. Now that I'm older, me personally, I'm renting a two-bedroom, and it's not enough space for me, but I don't think I desire anything that large, but I have definitely, outgrown my two-bedroom.
SkylineToTheSeaAndMe (30 days ago)
....."a stable for 200 bitches". You would need all of them just to clean the house and cook meals.
98cebu (30 days ago)
I'm content in my cardboard condo a short walk from the best dumpster diving in the city.
CIA (1 month ago)
Omg Donald Trump sold his house to a Russian guy!? Hurry! Tell CNN!
Rajendrasinh Rana (1 month ago)
you need more survey...
stubones (1 month ago)
Scumbags like Mukesh throw away a billion dollars on a house he won't live in while millions of Indians live in the streets and charities beg European and British tax payers for donations....
Melanie Goyeau (1 month ago)
I have no words.
CyberPunk (1 month ago)
Wooden houses! Worthless
Valentin Pirnau (1 month ago)
What about house of people from Romania that's the biggest with 1100 rooms
Josh Stevenson (1 month ago)
Looool Petra Écclestòne
Nick Digger (1 month ago)
The late 2000's? The late 2000's is still 700-900 years from now. You from the future brah?
Nick Digger (1 month ago)
Had to dislike video too many ads brah
XdreamR (1 month ago)
Nothing beats Dracula's castle in Castlevainia
LE Bear (1 month ago)
Anyone with that much money has to be a crook.
adrian coelho (1 month ago)
Half of them look like shopping malls.
adrian coelho (1 month ago)
Eee-kles-ton. Well when you say it like that we know exactly who your talking about. Her father is something to do with racing....
NavyAirTraffic (1 month ago)
Maison de L'Amitie is no longer there :-(. Current owner demolished it in hopes to split the land and sell multiple parcels. https://www.google.com/maps/place/26%C2%B043'56.6%22N+80%C2%B002'09.0%22W/@26.7320661,-80.0358331,272m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d26.7324!4d-80.035833?hl=en
Jesus Bocanegra (1 month ago)
El conpa llaso
Weng's Man (1 month ago)
I am a capitalist, and I support capitalism, however, I will NEVER....EVER...understand why anyone would ( NEED ) a house like the ones in this video. To me, it seems more like " LOOK AT ME....SEE HOW RICH I AM " I have often said, if I was to win the lottery, I would not buy fancy expensive cars, a huge mansion...etc....I would live in a simple home that was modest in size, like 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths and a 2 car garage. most of my money would be invested and left to my children and loved ones when I pass....no need for a lavish lifestyle.
Joseph Howard (1 month ago)
If 50 cents house is that huge imagine 75 cents house.
Pangloi Phom (1 month ago)
That's so much for an individual
Tristan marsh 214 (1 month ago)
6:29 8,000 square foot master bedroom... my house is 3,200 square feet. I feel broke as fuck now
Gnu4886 (1 month ago)
Jean Ecclesias (1 month ago)
Rich people 0-2 kids Big House 100beds 1,000bath Poor people 1 efficiency closet 9kids, don't be mad, we're here to play temporarily before we die
Peacetwins Smith (1 month ago)
do u have a hairline
Peacetwins Smith (1 month ago)
you r lying
Mercedes Arroyo (1 month ago)
This made me sick lol
Sonic Seven (1 month ago)
A bit rediculess?
Ashish k.c (1 month ago)
My dream house a studio flat and guess what i don't have to spend millions. P.S i reside in 3 bhk govt. Provided quarter for govt. Employees in india.
JachLovlifeNyc (1 month ago)
My house! https://youtu.be/kCHcaHfKTrM
gryffindor ravenclaw (1 month ago)
heiress is pronounced like airess
Joan Holliman (1 month ago)
What is it the Bible says? It is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get to Heaven.... something like that.
Chris Hollandsworth (1 month ago)
What is up with the video quality?? Looks like shit
Chris Done (1 month ago)
Number 5 is the front for tunnels built for the illuminati which jessy Ventura made a programme on .
Vladimir Rasplicka (1 month ago)
luckily, I have no idea how big 1000 square feed actually is
Wanda Vaisvilas (2 months ago)
Would be a great place for homeless people
Craig Cason (2 months ago)
Jacob Hankinson (2 months ago)
My house is 10 acres and I thought it was big XD
Derek Busey (2 months ago)
ewww what if you had roaches lol
Namispond Jamispond (2 months ago)
These people clearly have no spirituality and no soul.
Namispond Jamispond (2 months ago)
G webster (2 months ago)
Yeah no, there's nothing wrong with this world.
Sean McSeanson (2 months ago)
I didn’t see the Erdogan palace in here
Lisa Johnson (2 months ago)
Too big for me .... I’m fine with 2 bedrooms , 2 full baths and a half bath...
FRAGRANCE FOREVER (2 months ago)
The current value of Mukesh Ambani's house is dollar 2 billion
Paula Haney (2 months ago)
Thai should shelter the homeless
Black Pearl (2 months ago)
Mukesh ambani house antilla worth 1 billion dollar one of world's most expensive house
Uncle Bubba (2 months ago)
My new home is only 6,800 square feet. It was marketed as a mansion and for all intents and purposes it is. It's also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It's not even in the same league with these places! 💲💲💲
JOE DOE (2 months ago)
Some of the rich people just buy/built these house and never get the chance to use,or see the whole house! I worked as a waiter on weekends,for few of the richest people,and once I asked one of them where is the prayer room,because I have to take some food over,and he told me that is on the other side of the house,but never set foot in it..... but if I get lost,I should always follow the outside light of the road that is illuminated day and night with blue lights,and that takes me either to the garage or back to the house!At least the Jewish guy was a good tipper!
Chromy (2 months ago)
South of Springfield MISSOURI is where the pensmore is bud. u lookin for a tilly?
Josh Coorey (2 months ago)
4 bedroom house no mortgage and a happy missus - who needs 500 million square metres.
Harry. B. Renner. jr. (2 months ago)
These people should be penalized when they die from the entry of heaven because they already had heaven on earth.
Rose Petunia (2 months ago)
I wouldn't wanna live in a tower house because I am scared of heights... ;-;
Rebecca Sowell (2 months ago)
Yes capitalism is great.Thats why we are the greatest country in the world. MY only prob with most millionaires is they support illegal immigrants over americans.. Zuckerberg and dezero are prime examples.plus Pelosi whose state is the shittiest.Homeless shitting on the sidewalks and she does nothing to fix this. Lots of homeless are mentally ill.Or if not they are after living lifestyle..it's hard on these ppl. Yet many are scum.manipulators and users. Don't know if there will ever b a solution. But i enjoy these luxury videos..tho I would not want that big a house and responsibility.nice to observe tho. True
Jack M (2 months ago)
with all that wasted wealth, why cant they help the world be a better place to live. clean the Ocean, clean up trash , feed poor people, get people off the streets in the cold. I think all them rich houses looks ugly. i would like MAID. NICE SINGLE HOUSE with some trees. looking at all this makes me sick for some reason . hey hard work you deserve nice things . but all of these
Eric Pippen (2 months ago)
Number 4 is south of Springfield Missouri. They had to tear it down and rebuild it because the contractor did NOT use the right materials in construction to cut corners and make more money off the project
斗皮皮 (2 months ago)
this 1080p = 144p
Manko Kennewick (2 months ago)
I'd rather have a modest house and alot of land
Manko Kennewick (2 months ago)
50 cent is that fucking rich?!
L.O.B. (2 months ago)
Put some effort in getting decent pictures. Jesus.
Aamin Bidixo (2 months ago)
ilike num 1 the best ol of you
Sedin Hirkich (2 months ago)
you talk like you have something tasty in your mouth... shit there i said it
Rauh - Straben (2 months ago)
Bill gates house looks like a favela from the outside, 🤣
Trainfreak 1218 (2 months ago)
I Had a big house 7250sqft. But Nothing at all compared to these money eating monsters. Its a status thing for these people. Because I Couldn’t wait for the kids to leave so I could downsize. Now, I have a 3 bedroom bungalow on 50 acres with a detached shop for my drag cars, tractor and trailer. I couldn’t be happier.
Celeste Grace Faith (2 months ago)
Yeah but can you rest at night
Douglas Jackson (2 months ago)
Pensmore Mansion is not in Montana but South of Springfield, Missouri you idiot.

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