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$4.5million diamond bracelet!

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If you follow me on Instagram you'll know I love my watches and jewelry, so I went to visit Peter Marco in Beverly Hills to buy a new bracelet. https://www.petermarco.com/ ----------- FOLLOW: @ProducerMichael: http://www.instagram.com/producermichael @AdamSwords: http://www.instagram.com/adamswords ------------ MUSIC: Kontekst - Buddha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6jK2t3lcRs ------------- Filmed and edited by Adam Swords http://www.adamswords.com
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Text Comments (7122)
nenad mitic (2 hours ago)
ADNAN KHAN (14 hours ago)
Me and my friend have Twin empty bank accounts
Labyu Selp (16 hours ago)
It makes me poorer and poorer while watching this😩.
Evander Holyfield (19 hours ago)
You have twin cars ferraris and etc , i just need 20.000€ to buy an audi a6 2012
Antonio Acevedo (1 day ago)
I was buying that bracelet vicariously.
Eden D (1 day ago)
will be fun that you guys have twin wifes or you also swap wifes lol
Salvatore Governale (1 day ago)
happy video, if anyone owns stock and needs a stock loan again their shares, text me at my NYC number 646-841-5896 i also do business loans in the form of a cash advance and i do equipment loans and inventory loans as well.
Jamal Qasem (1 day ago)
This loser agreed to $15k then went back on his word for $500. Lmao dummy
jabba da hutt (1 day ago)
Those black diamonds r so ugly
Kyle Sumner (2 days ago)
That mans teeth are brighter than my future.
JIMMY MUMMERT (2 days ago)
I'm the one that has a 42 million dollar bracelet on if you do not choose I need to find the damn Ghostbusters since I was just watching
Khalil Ashhab (3 days ago)
“We have twin lambos, ferraris, range rovers and twin watches” The only twin thing i have with best friend is a matching $10 phone case😟😕
larry bertgin (3 days ago)
when talking to a jewelry store owner, he told me there is a 400 percent markup on diamonds when he sold his diamonds, that's why he's so rich, this guy made me sick because he owns a well known store and marks up the product 400 percent when selling in the usa
Jared Guest (3 days ago)
Dude has diamonds on his tee
Bhagawati Karki (3 days ago)
Wow beautiful
maxwell koros (4 days ago)
That black diamond bracelet is dooope... i love it....
Thugpaxkiums Thug (5 days ago)
U r real mfokker show off whit M fokkerr
Tara Tara (6 days ago)
I love black diamond...
casey childs (6 days ago)
I wanna see you go ring shopping. I just bought a London blue topaz with blue diamonds and white diamonds ring, but it had to be resized 😞. I won't see it for another 2 weeks, so I wanna see someone go ring shopping on YouTube to prolong my excitement until my ring gets back from the shop 👍🏼😊
Tenzin Nyendak (6 days ago)
Firming’s future
Anna R (6 days ago)
Very informative, I hope you will be interested. https://youtu.be/TPGCyLWfl98
Robert Andre (7 days ago)
Your card was declined.... Ha got ya you have milis
Robert Andre (7 days ago)
Lol these dudes got it made
Kevin Castaneda (7 days ago)
Those are fucking ugly
bonbonaro bonbonarov (7 days ago)
4.5 mil bracelet ... why ?
akihiro hashimoto (7 days ago)
2.8 percent of people who read this comment is rich
Davide Allegra (5 days ago)
akihiro hashimoto you just found one;)
AngryTroll (8 days ago)
He look like my grand mom!
Simon Whitby Brown (8 days ago)
This man has the most appalling taste.
Christine Osborn (8 days ago)
You’re having a wrist party
Amber Gray (9 days ago)
I like that black diamond bracelet you ended up with. It looks nice and not as bling lol. More classy looking.
NarcoFB Beats (9 days ago)
PlantLifeSeedShop on Etsy... BIG Chains for SMALL Prices
Conlan Nagy (9 days ago)
My niece could make an identical looking bracelet for you $5 for labor!
RhondaG Designs (10 days ago)
Thats all they had, i would have looked around
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Tyler Gay (10 days ago)
That guy reminds me of the twinky in sausage party.
softboxboy (11 days ago)
I like the Opening music in this video, what is this song?
I found a diamond riding my bike awhile back. I thought long and hard about what I was going to do with it, and nothing. There's just no cool way for a man to wear a diamond.
Srinanda Das (11 days ago)
He reminds me of bling bling from Johnny test
Render Elite (11 days ago)
This guy looks like a older version of Roberto firmino
Johanassassin (11 days ago)
My card declined my movie snacks .*.
Blade Boi (11 days ago)
Ikr Haha I just broke my 5mill dollar watch too bad better buy another hahah
join the fist 10 (12 days ago)
It worries me when they go down, like how much profit is he making, and why is he will go down with no problem
NRG ZyLon (14 days ago)
i bought a business and i'm making like 50 million a month i'm going jewelry shopping at Peter Marco tomorrow
Geraldine b (14 days ago)
I don't like the black ones. I prefer the blinky ones
Geraldine b (14 days ago)
HIs teeth look very fake. I wish they would pay for my lawyer. If he has so much disposable income.
Famoz Fam (15 days ago)
Black diamonds aren't shit they just look good
Jebilia Dascalau (15 days ago)
please help me, I need $ 100 to pay my bill. Pleasse. I relay need. I have 5 kids. And i lose my job... pleasse. someone hellp me. I from ungaria. Short code: 23-69-72 Acount number: 04181990
JOSIAH ROCK (15 days ago)
@Jebilia Dascalau i'm rich
Jebilia Dascalau (15 days ago)
@JOSIAH ROCK now 60$
JOSIAH ROCK (15 days ago)
I can help. How much do you need
dova868 (16 days ago)
If these two aint out of the closet, they are certainly in it.
Edward Davis (16 days ago)
His teeth are as white as the diamonds! 😂😂😂
Count Dracula (16 days ago)
This made me throw up in my mouth a little bit
Nice video. Bought a similar bracelet here in limassol, Cyprus for 5 euros a few weeks ago but his bracelet must be better.
Jorge Llerena (16 days ago)
you know he is rich when he pulls the black AMEX lol
月映 (17 days ago)
Lmao 6:18
Will Hawkins (17 days ago)
Your card was declined HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Feny (17 days ago)
Dj Smiles in the house
Cristian Alamo (17 days ago)
I feel like I should be paying to watch this
John O'brien (17 days ago)
If only all my choices were this hard.
MR. DTCWAY (17 days ago)
https://youtu.be/vhn4tiRNmYUhttps://youtu.be/TbYzBVmm34k⬅️⬆️↗️⏯😍 new video alert a
longshaftsas 1987 (18 days ago)
Its the guy of saw aint it
[Lumi] Foodshop (18 days ago)
He even talks like a rich white person😩😩😩
Fakker schmiddi (18 days ago)
Love how u can feel the Friendship between those 2 and Love the Story behind it
TheGem Dropper (19 days ago)
How much for the bracelet? 100k Why? It’s solid gold
Ian Wood (19 days ago)
One day i would love to meet you both just walking casually down the street (Rodeo drive obviously), I would introduce myself and say "Oh I've just bought a $20 million house right next to yours, Fancy a cup a tea". One day maybe, eh. here's hoping. Love the video's guys. cya.
hunter rae (21 days ago)
5:50 that shit was akward...the host of the hunger games guy was like this fucking guy.
Jesse Jenkins (22 days ago)
I love peter marco he is such a classy guy
Endrit (22 days ago)
5:09 that smile 😀
gtr experience (22 days ago)
I have seen some of his videos and researched his net worth which is 60 million. Something doesn't add up with all these expensive purchases in comparison to his net worth. It seems to me he needs a new financial advisor because although I am nowhere near his wealth I may well be in less debt than him loll
Anne Hopwood (23 days ago)
What an arse'ole...
José Ospina (23 days ago)
I felt cool because I have a $1200 gold chain... until I saw this video 😂😂😂😂
Big_K 66-61 (24 days ago)
Did he really say I better not drop it? Why you dont want to shatter the hardest stone on earth you fcking idiot. And it doesnt really matter which one you take id shoot you on site for any of them just saying lol
David Bertram (24 days ago)
Fucking rich people 🤬🤬🤬
Vivek Kapur (25 days ago)
My card declined at Subway today😂
TheWocketship (26 days ago)
Black diamonds are dirt cheap btw
CPA marketingacademy (26 days ago)
There's no scarcity of money in this country.
Jade Granada (27 days ago)
can this man adopt me and get me to school, I'm wishing 😊
ray (27 days ago)
"14?" "14 5"
Kevin Carpenter (27 days ago)
Seems like a nice guy,a lot of rich people have big heads.he seems like a normal man with a lot of money.
sri astutik (28 days ago)
Should anybody want the cheaper one? I make it for you, don’t joke your life, it is seriously serious life. Haha
Thomas Jefferson (28 days ago)
I am hooked on these videos!
Bobby Munoz (28 days ago)
I’ve heard that diamonds are really worthless we were only brainwashed to think they were .. worth a lot of money
Bobby Munoz (28 days ago)
Meanwhile pussy little sound cloud rappers thinking their cool spending 1/4 of this ... they need to step their game up... fuck pump .. he gots nothing on this
Usman Chaudhary (29 days ago)
This store looks like exactly the one in gta v robbery mission
Ryan Phan365 (29 days ago)
I robbed that store in gta
Enuthe Great (29 days ago)
Admin i have 228 carat dimond with GIA report and want sell but i dont know that where i should sell it kindly help me and give me whatsap number to send you all detail of dimonds
Enuthe Great (29 days ago)
Brother if any budy have dimond buyer kindly help me
patrick sedillo (29 days ago)
The jeweler looks like the space dad from megamind
Landen Weaver (29 days ago)
2:53 boy doesn’t your washing machine like that shirt
Mind xTaF -Xbox one (1 month ago)
Roberto firmino 😂😂😂
When the type of paint on the wall costs more than your house
Stephanie Saunders (1 month ago)
Horacio Regalado (25 days ago)
I always come back to this video and still like how he drops 14500$ in 1 street 💯💰
Gems & Jewellery (1 month ago)
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coin paradise (1 month ago)
Chop Man (1 month ago)
Chop Man (1 month ago)
Gooner-KIRK (1 month ago)
that Ray Parlour??
ImStokze (1 month ago)
Does anybody else watching this just get shocked by every word that comes from his mouth. hes just looking for something not to bling bling!!! Like what the fuck!!!! id be lucky if i could afford a cubic stud!! Yet this gezza has diamonds on his fucking shirt like WTF Anyway good for him hes obviously worked hard for it.
yes please (1 month ago)
Max over here flexing 1000 times more than my paycheck in one bracelet
Bud Ree (1 month ago)
His breath is so fresh. I wouldn’t mind if he was all up in my grill if we were talking. Damn Richard Dawson Presley.
Bandit _AG (1 month ago)
That’s a 4.5 million dollar laugh

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